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94 Rhetoric Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Rhetorical Analysis of the Article
    Having further introduced the main thesis of the essay and having given some background information, the writer moves smoothly to the body of the piece.
  2. Rhetoric: Oil Arguments
    The US is currently the largest consumer of oil, and the world is likely to catch up over the next few years.
  3. Rhetorical Analysis of the Communist Manifesto
    A famous philologist and linguist Bakhtin described the use of language in its relation to the particular circumstances and he emphasized the process of subject formation: “pre-empts the phenomenological theory of the subject by producing […]
  4. Aspects of Rhetoric and Stereotype Image
    It is clear then, that feminists are found to be of negative stereotypes from the start. The stereotypes in this group are a complete revelation of both positive and negative image.
  5. Rhetorical Situation of a Resume
    The audience for the resume is the employer who has to make a decision whether the writer of the chosen work deserves a chance to take the position offered.
  6. Rhetorical analysis of the essay titled, “The negative effects of wealth in society”
    To this end, I shall focus on a number of aspects including the purpose for writing the essay, the audience, the genre, the appeals, organization of the text, omitted information, evidence included and the style […]
  7. Rhetorical situations in the Experiences and Goals Letter
    The goal of the reader requires that the reader will get the relevant information from the document and finally the context is in relation to the situation that reader expects the document to address.
  8. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Rhetorical Analysis Essay
    He supports his argument in the next paragraph, where he puts it across that they have been governed by a combination of unjust and just law whereby there is a need to separate the two.
  9. Watts, James Washington. Ritual and Rhetoric in Leviticus: From Sacrifice to Scripture
    In the first Chapter of his book Watts introduces the major of the research. The author states that the major idea of the “burnt offerings” depicted in Leviticus is to promote selflessness of sacrifice.
  10. Analyzing The Rhetorical Aspect In Dexter
    The guilt conscience of the audience is washed away with the notion that Dexter is socially right in his actions and he is just doing what the police would be too scared to do.
  11. Angela’s Ashes Rhetorical Devices [Analysis Essay]
    The principal purpose of the deployment of metaphors and figurative language in the work of literature is to emphasize the emotional intensity of the characters’ experiences.
  12. Rhetorical Analysis of Wal-Mart: The Cost of Low Prices
    By focusing on the negative things about Wal-Mart, the producer of the film was able to achieve the intended effect to the viewer based on the Wal-Mart story and staying the course.
  13. Rhetorical criticism of the Titanic
    Jack and Rose develop a friendship They walk round the ship and explore all the hidden areas The people of the high class treat and see the employees and people from the lower societies There […]
  14. Rhetoric in American Politics
    Many people’s political expectations are diminishing owing to this state of affairs and the country appears to be heading in the wrong direction.
  15. Rhetorical Analysis: “The Pack Rat among Us”
    However, the author also claims that the instinct has become a kind of pathology as people now live in the world of ‘wants’ and not in the world of ‘needs’.
  16. Rhetorical Analysis of Patricia Ryan’s Speech “Don’t Insist on English”
    The main idea Patricia Ryan’s wants to deliver to the audience in her speech is that the globalization of English language does not give an opportunity for English-speaking countries to notice the entire knowledge of […]
  17. Rhetorical Analysis
    This is well demonstrated in the web page of the Double Cola Company, a web page that is committed to targeting and attracting the young audience of the high-end economic status.
  18. A Rhetoric Analysis of Barack Obama’s Speech “The Perfect Union”
    In his speech, Obama is very conscious and aware of his audience. The message contained in his speech is that of peace and unity.
  19. Rhetorical Analysis: Chinese Zodiac Movie Poster
    The image chosen accomplishes the intention of the message displayed in the poster. This is a satirical display of the name of the movie.
  20. The Rhetorical Analysis: Nuclear Wastes Challenges
    The question calls readers to take on the subject of debate of nuclear waste by helping to reinforce the magnitude of the problem.
  21. Rhetorical Analysis
    The magazine article “How to have a conversation” by John McDermott is a personal journey by the writer who wanted to investigate whether the art of conversation could be taught in formal settings. However, he […]
  22. Critique and Rhetorical Analysis
    The authors present their arguments in different ways; yet, both of them try to show that people should learn more about the values, customs, and traditions of one another. In this way, the writer attempts […]
  23. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech Analysis. Rhetorical Essay
    In his speech, Jobs demonstrates the virtuous use of the rhetoric appeals in the development and presentation of one of the most persuasive commencement speeches in order to draw the students’ attention to the significant […]
  24. Rhetoric in design
    Kennedy summarily, states that the ethos of a speaker exudes the speaker’s character credibility, logos comprise of the persuasive evidence presented to the audience and then pathos carries with it the emotional appeal that arouses […]
  25. Rhetorical situation and solution to a business
    Research studies have attributed this to failure in the role of the manager of social media companies such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube to protect themselves and their users from infringement of privacy.
  26. Rhetorical Stance Of Articles
    Jeanne Segal and Melinda Smith on the other hand are of the idea that such an approach requires the dedication of the conflicting parties to end the conflict hence lengthening the period of conflict resolution.
  27. Rhetorical Analysis: Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address
    The major aim of the President was to encourage people to take certain steps. The President’s speech was successful as Roosevelt obtained the necessary support of the Americans.
  28. Rhetoric Situation in Articles
    The effect of the rhetorical question on the audience is examined. In the article, there is a prediction that games are going to be models of our own activity in the future.
  29. Rhetorical Analysis of an Image
    The audience of this cartoon is difficult to define, because it can include every person who is interested in the political, social, and economic life of the country.
  30. Comparing and contrasting Rhetoric: Tabbi and Thomas Friedman
    He points out to the claim that the world is flat, just because it is easier for people to easily interact with each other across the planet, and argues that this is actually contradicting one’s […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Rhetoric

  1. How orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of the ‘War on Terror’
    In addition, the paper will analyze the contribution and impact of the Muslim religion on the war on terror and the effect this will have on the whole world.
  2. Rhetoric as an Art
    Pre-Socratic period was marked with Hellenic rhetoric that shaped the view of philosophers in relation to the connection of the thought and expression.
  3. Social Constructionism and Its Impact on Cultural Identity in a Society Ruled by a Strong Rhetoric of Risk and Health and Safety Regulations
    These include social constructionism, namely the development of this theoretical framework and how it relates to the view of the self using accountability as an example; the rise of the dominant discourse on health and […]
  4. Rhetoric Philosophy and Shapiro’s Criticism on the Dworkin’s Work
    The normative jurisprudence on the other hand is of the argument that laws are for the purposes of containing the society and they are prone to change depending with the time and the circumstances.
  5. Rhetorical Analysis of Ethos in “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”
    While making rhetorical analysis of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, I would like to point out that his memoir is recognized to be one of greatest narratives of the nineteen century in the […]
  6. A Rhetoric Analysis of Economic Discourses in the Climate – Change Debate
    With a view to untangling some of the complexity of climate-change argumentation, the proposed paper presents a rhetoric analysis of the use of economic discourse in the climate-change controversy.
  7. Cultural and Rhetorical Analysis of Presidential Debates
    In order to define cultural underpinnings and issues of the debate, I will focus on the analysis of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in which Barack Obama is invited as a guest.
  8. A proposal for an invitational rhetoric
    In their article, “A proposal for an invitational rhetoric”, Foss and Griffin have discussed on both traditional rhetorical theories and invitational rhetoric; their aim is to offer an understanding of the above approaches.
  9. Rhetorical Effectiveness
    Ethos has been employed in the article in order to convince the audience that the writer is credible. At the beginning of the essay, the author cites the Kaiser Family foundation and then also mentions […]
  10. The Origin of Rhetoric
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze persuasion in The Iliad, analyze whether the notions of logos, pathos and ethos are applicable to the dialogues from Book Nine and if they are, why Phoenix, […]
  11. Rhetoric: “The Morality of Birth Control” by Margaret Sanger
    In her speech, Sanger supports the argument that the American women should have the right to learn more about the birth control because of their responsibility for the personal health and happiness in contrast to […]
  12. Rhetorical Analysis of the Article”Digital Natives and Immigrants” by Nancy Herther
    The assertions of Herther, which explain the use of technology by children and the classification of individuals into clusters such as digital natives, digital explorers, and digital addicts, substantiate the motivation of the author in […]
  13. Political Rhetoric: Barack Obama’s March 18 Speech
    The context of the speech was reassuring white voters that they did not stand a chance to lose anything based on a statement of a renown Black American Pastor. The speech used the pattern of […]
  14. Rhetoric Analysis of The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks
    Even though he does not nullify the assumption of the possibility of inflexibility of sensory areas among the adults, citing this evidence gives an indication of the Sacks’ belief that the blind can see, but […]
  15. Rhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Speech
    In his speech, Barack Obama makes a magnificent attempt to address the issues of racial dishonesty and white privilege that is still observed in America, to describe the “black anger” that is inherent to the […]
  16. Aristotle’s and Plato’s Views on Rhetoric
    One of the points that Plato expresses in this philosophical work is that rhetoric should be viewed primarily as the “artificer of persuasion”. This is one of the similarities that can be distinguished.
  17. Steve Jobs’ Stanford Speech Rhetorical Strategies
    Speaking of the goals which Steve Jobs pursued when having a public speech in front of the students of the Stanford University, one has to mention that these goals had nothing to do with Jobs’ […]
  18. Rhetoric: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
    I get along well with people and everybody I have come in contact with knows me as a sociable person, but that time, in the fourth grade, I had not sharpened my skills to evaluate […]
  19. Isocrates and Aristotle Views on Rhetorical Devices
    I find it hard to believe that such an accomplished rhetor as yourself, would doubt that the main rules and principles of rhetorical persuasion are universally applicable, and that it is specified by the mean […]
  20. Syllogism and Enthymeme in Aristotle’s Rhetoric
    One of the implications of syllogism to audiences is in regards to the possibility of creating offensive conclusions from an argument’s statements.
  21. Rhetorical Situations: Ethos, Pathos, Logos
    A rhetorical situation is a context that constitutes a given issue, the audience, and the constraints that might make it hard for the speaker to persuade the audience to share his or her viewpoint.
  22. Rhetoric in “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Carr
    An overview of the essay revealed the application of a careful appeal to the reader’s emotions, the establishment of the writer’s credibility, logical presentation of relevant information, and the subtle entreaty using shared experiences.
  23. Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech and Rhetoric
    Obama seems to be talking from a point of experience and his understanding of the challenges he articulates is a proof to his assertion.
  24. The Rhetoric of Violence in Rap
    I believe that the presence of violence and prison as an inevitable outcome of crime is presented in both rap and C&W music but they differ in their depiction of prison life and adjustment to […]
  25. Utilitarianism in Ron Paul’s Rhetoric
    In fact, former Congressman Ron Paul believes that in order to create the most good, the best strategy is to reduce the involvement of big government in the affairs of men.
  26. Rhetorical Figure in “Fond Memories of Home” Poem
    At the moment of loneliness, With the torment of sadness, Memories boil in brain neigh madness, Patient like a princess with calmness, I await the hour home is near, Am caught contemplating curiously of time […]
  27. Salem Cigarettes Ads and Rhetorical Appeals
    The advert is trying to persuade both the male and female of the tender age that it is fashionable to smoke cigarettes.’If one can smoke Salem and look handsome and cool why not me?’ that […]
  28. Rhetoric: Social Issues’ Influences on US Children
    Such an approach does not allow the readers to be 100% sure that this information is true to life and makes the statement rather weak.
  29. Rhetoric in Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”
    It can be argued that the purpose of Walker’s appeals to her audience is to instill a sense of pride and confidence in them.
  30. Rhetoric: Chief Seattle’s Enviromental Statement
    The repetition is used in this speech to emphasize the major themes that Chief Seattle uses to draw the listener’s attention: the sacredness of the earth, the difference between the white man and the Indian, […]

📌 Simple & Easy Rhetoric Essay Titles

  1. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death: Rhetoric Appeals in Patrick Henry
    The use of rhetoric appeals to strengthen the message is a common instrument for many orators, and Patrick Henry is no exception to the rule.
  2. Rhetoric in “12 Angry Men” Film by Sidney Lumet
    In the same manner, he points to the fact that some of the information presented as incriminating the boy is insufficient for establishing the personality of a killer.
  3. Rhetoric in Baldwin’s and Naylor’s Linguistics Articles
    In its turn, this was meant to convince readers that the Naylor’s view of language could be indeed considered perfectly sound.
  4. Rhetoric in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
    Swift does conduct some math to establish the number of miscarriages, deaths, and the number of children born in a year.
  5. Advertising: Rhetoric or Propaganda?
    The shorter video mainly features the executive director of the “Morningside Recovery” company, who might be described as an attractive person, which creates additional appeal in the viewers of the video; the director briefly outlines […]
  6. The Art of Rhetoric
    On the whole, in his books, Aristotle argues that rhetoric can be defined as the ability of a person to choose a technique that can best influence the audience.
  7. Rhetoric: “Cho Seung-Hui’s Killing Rampage” by Tao Lin
    Lin does not find a connection of their suffering to the deceased. Lin argues that it is “due to the automatic acceptance of a pre-existing sort of guideline or suggestion”.
  8. Barbie Product Advertisement: Rhetorical Analysis
    In addition, the ad promotes new Barbie Style which is also a new product and “all owners of the Barbie dolls should have it.
  9. Health Information Privacy Standards: Rhetoric Analysis
    It is easy to understand the purpose of the document, because the USDHHS provided enough information to explain the importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.
  10. Women Suffrage in Carrie Chapman’s Rhetoric
    The paper is a bright example of the in-depth analysis of the problem and a perfect insight into the future of womens participation in the political life of the country.
  11. Rhetoric: Bogna Grygiel-Górniak et al.’s Health Article
    Particularly, Grygiel-Gorniak et al.start the description of the results with the variables that were considered in the study, proceeding to the exploration of the outcomes.
  12. Lipton et al.’s “Smoking Bans” Rhetorical Analysis
    The purpose of the article is to show why smoking bans aim at protecting the public and the children of smokers.
  13. Crest Toothpaste Advertisement’s Rhetorical Analysis
    The purpose of the advertisement is to increase the popularity of the brand’s anti-cavity toothpaste. Throughout the text, Crest Cool Mint Gel is referred to as the product recommended by the majority of professional dentists, […]
  14. Rhetoric of The Declaration of Independence
    Other than appealing to ethics, Jefferson and the founding fathers required the audience to have an emotional attachment to the Declaration of Independence.
  15. Rhetorical Triangle of Infinity Q50 Advertisement
    In advertising, the rhetorical triangle has particular importance because each of the mentioned components is necessary for invoking different types of appeal between the target audience and the presenter of a message.
  16. Mark Edmonson’s Rhetoric in “The Heart of Humanities”
    Mark Edmonson’s The Heart of Humanities: Reading, Writing, Teaching is a collection of works that explore the importance of the three components for those interested in pursuing humanities as a future study field.
  17. Rhetoric & Professional Communication: Advertising
    So, the aim of this essay is to examine the essence of the rhetorical theory, its methods, and the results it gives to its user. White space is the advertising tool discussed in the article; […]
  18. Rhetorical Theory: Ideological Criticism
    These include cultural studies, which of course helps in identifying the changes that take place to the meaning and application of various ideographs. These transitions also lead to changing meaning and application of the ideographs.
  19. Rhetorical Strategies in “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood
    The novel relates the events that happened in the 1930’s and refers to the personal angst of the narrator. Iris had a sister called Laura who killed herself after the Second World War and it […]
  20. Analyzing Visual Rhetoric: Images Analysis
    The gun point is actually in the upper half of the picture and the aim is at the viewer’s eye level.
  21. “Come September” by Arundhati Roy: Rhetorical Analysis
    The author admits that she is going to read her speech out loud and stresses the two reasons for reading: first, she is a writer and she feels more comfortable when she writes and not […]
  22. Phillis Wheatley: Rhetoric Theory in Retrospective
    The term African American engages the issues closely associated with the writings of the Americans and their place in the literary context: What role they have in the literature and what importance they exert in […]
  23. Rhetorical Analysis Assignment
    The subject of the article is to convey us that the mistakes made by Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank resulting crisis and hunger should be forgiven as the person is concern had only noble […]
  24. Rhetoric. Sophocles’ “Oedipus The King”
    Oedipus as a ruler is supposed to solve a problem of the disaster that fell upon his state and thus invites a blind prophet, Tiresias, expecting to clarify the causes of the plague.
  25. Rhetoric. “Oedipus” Play by Sophocles
    In the play, Oedipus sought his own origins because he understands the importance of knowing his own family. The theme of destiny is also important in the play Oedipus.
  26. Rhetoric of Social Movements. The Black Panthers
    It analyzes the forms of public address and popular resistance associated with the social movement, specifies the formal nature of the organization, and gives an analysis of the effectiveness of the official means of public […]
  27. Advertisement Rhetoric Analysis
    Occasionally, the effect a particular advertisement might have on the public is the primary focus of the ad with the product a perceived secondary reference.
  28. Political Rhetoric and Marketing Industry: Communication in Today’s World
    By referring to the idea of the “bourgeois public sphere” of Jurgen Habermas I will try to address the present state of communication in the present moment of history.
  29. Barack Obama: The Rhetoric of Political Words
    Rhetoric is a part of the language. This use is done to achieve some intentions that the speaker, user of rhetoric, has.
  30. Logic Dialectic and Rhetoric: Compare and Contrast
    In addition, the prominent thinker estimated rhetoric in the context of logic, because logic, as well as rhetoric and dialectic, point out the studying of persuasion methods.
  31. Rhetoric. “Is Music Piracy Stealing?” by Moore
    The slogan of the MPAA campaign is originally a statement of the Association that digital copying is the violation of the law equaled with the stealing crime.
  32. Persuasive Techniques and Rhetorical Proofs in Articles
    However, only a profound analysis of the article can throw light on whether the article has credibility or ethical appeal, which is the kind of appeal that the article arouses in the emotions of the […]
  33. Classical and Modern Rhetoric
    On the other hand, modern rhetoric is the contemporary form of rhetoric that exists to reexamine provisions of classical rhetoric providing a more cooperative form of communication between a speaker and his/her audience.
  34. Rhetorical Persuasion – Appeals to Logos, Pathos and Ethos
    In his book “A New History of Classical Rhetoric”, George Kennedy provides us with the insight on the art of persuasion as not only some abstract concept, but also as a very practical instrument of […]

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