Patriotism Essay, Research Paper Examples

Comparison and Contrasting: Country Lovers and Child of the Americas

In every literary works, the author uses his or her life experience and the immediate social, political and spiritual practices to educate or pass a specific message to the society. For instance in her intriguing epic country lovers, Nadine Gordimer focuses on the social prejudices practiced in an environment which harbors mixed races. Through discussing […]

Comparison of Ethnicity and Racism in “Country Lovers” and “The Welcome Table”

Introduction In this analysis, the paper explores literary comparison of two pieces of literature that share thematic similarities yet differentiated in some literary facets. The discussion introduces “Country Lovers”, a story written by Nadine Gordimer and “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker. In spite being written by two different literary authors, both works have devoted […]

Notions of Community and Notions of Self in The Plague and Patriotism

Service to community depends heavily on the individual community member’s notion of self, which is in turn heavily influenced by his culture. This paper explores the differing notions of community exemplified by two very different main characters: Dr. Rieux in Albert Camus’ The Plague, and Lieutenant Shinji Takeyama in Yukio Mishima’s Patriotism. This paper will […]

Mishima’s “Patriotism”

Introduction Written by Yukio Mishima, Patriotism is an allegorical short story describing the circumstances leading to the death of a young man and his newly wed wife. The author employs different elements of literature to underscore different themes. However, use of symbolism/imagery to explore the theme of loyalty stands out conspicuously as developed next. In […]

Effects of Patriotism

Patriotism is the love that one has for his/her country. When America was fighting for independence patriotism was very important because it encouraged Americans to put more efforts in the struggle for independence. America is made up of fifty states; all of these were expected to unite to fight against British rule in America. Some […]