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118 Nationalism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Are you looking for nationalism essay topics? This is a very complex subject, so you can be misled easily. Read our nationalism essay examples to discover the most fruitful issues.

In your nationalism essay, you might want to focus on its key features or history. Another idea is to talk about the challenges of nationalism, discussing why it is a working idea or not. One more option is to research the history and formation of nationalism in different countries. Whether you are assigned to write an argumentative essay, research paper, or thesis on this topic, our article will be helpful. Here you’ll find everything you might need to write an A+ paper! Nationalism research questions, prompts, and title ideas are collected below. Best nationalism essay examples are also added to inspire you even more.

🏆 Best Nationalism Essay Topics & Examples

  1. Anarchy, Black Nationalism and Feminism
    The site acknowledges that anarchism has been associated with violence and therefore the site is meant to enlighten both anarchists and the public on this misconception.
  2. Adolf Hitler and Nationalism
    The war would also bring the downfall of the old European culture of kings and noblemen and their codes of honor”.[2] However, neither the number of casualties at the battlefields could reflect the actual devastation […]
  3. Influence Of Nationalism And Communism On The Non-Western World
    In countries like Japan, class mantra was the order of the day in the areas that were controlled by communists, the CCP which was the main political party was against agrarian radicalism and hence abandoned […]
  4. Religious hypocrisy in Dublin and Nationalism
    As Benstock argues, the priest is in near state of mind breakdown as he is in the verge of losing the faith that he proclaimed in the church.
  5. Marx’s Anticipation of the Nationalism and Imperialism of the Second Half of the 19th Century
    The process of civilization is nothing other than a typical and complete adoption or duplication of the injurious culture of the west.
  6. GCC Countries: National Identity or Radical Nationalism
    Still going on, the conflict which was further referred to as the ‘Saudi national debate’ has transcended the boundaries of critiquing the political issues in the state and has become the voice of the national […]
  7. Nationalism’s Opposing Meanings
    In this publication, Anderson referred to the constructed nature of culture and the role of print capitalism in nationalism. The Revolution attracted the National Guard, the militia, and a section of the army.
  8. Nationalism as a Political Occurrence
    Anthony Smith recognized five ways of using nationalism: the entire procedure of developing and preserving a nation; a source of sense of belonging and patriotism to the nation; symbolization to the nation; a political orientation […]
  9. Rise and Development of Nationalism in East Asia
    Even though much of the concerns about the alteration of the dressing to have the capacity to erode the culture of the Chinese people concerned what women wore in the ninetieth century, the link between […]
  10. New Nationalism: Origins and Effects
    The movement concentrated on issues relating to history of man and the intrigues of civilization. This brought a new dimension to understanding of social situations and the required procedure for diffusing upheavals in society.
  11. Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire
    The battle of Nicopolis also saw the empire expand into other regions of the European continent but later, other conquests such as the battle of Ankara, the conquest of Constantinople and the invasion of Otranto […]
  12. The Concept and History of Liberal Nationalism
    It can be argued that it is only in the “Age of Renaissance where one can find the emergence of this particular idea, the idea that a group of people came together to form an […]
  13. Has Nationalism been a unifying or divisive force during the 19th and 20th centuries?
    It can therefore be said that colonial rule gave rise to the two forces of unifying nationalism and divisive tribalism and that the appropriate and legitimate framework for decolonization was nationalism, which emanated from the […]
  14. Reformation and Rise of Nationalism
    The country was then an already operational state was being ruled by monarchy.”The political and constitutional changes that came in the wake of the French Revolution led to the transfer of sovereignty from the monarchy […]
  15. Nationalism and its Negative Effects in the Modern World
    This is the difference between a nationalism of a nation that interferes with the rights of other nations as it strives to uphold its own objectives and a nationalism that is sensitive to the rights […]
  16. History of Nationalist Ideologies
    The dominance of global politics and values by nationalist ideologies can be traced back to the ninetieth century, from the Romantic concept, “cultural diversity” and the liberal’s argument that political legitimacy is only achieved from […]
  17. Nationalism and Changing Roles
    Nationalism has various effects to the people involved and this paper looks into the effects of nationalism on the roles of the working class, women, and minorities in an effort to achieve political power through […]
  18. Ethnic Nationalism in the Modern World
    Therefore, it still remains that ethnonationalism is a major cause of the plight of minority groups and the increase of refugees in the world today. It was this ethnic mixing that led to the idea […]
  19. Nationalism in World War II
    Another critical “nation-statehood making” is the break of the Soviet Union and the end of cold war between Soviet Union republic and the United States.
  20. Nationalism in Korean Cinema
    In the course of his duty as a police officer, he arrest citizens and in the process tortures one by the name Myongsik in attempt to maintain order in the society that is marred with […]
  21. Restoration and Nationalism
    The main objective of restoration and nationalism was to liberate people from foreign rule and also to create cohesiveness among members of certain ethnic groups. This increased extensive force of nationalism and the empires were […]
  22. History of Black Nationalism
    The black movement passed a message of thinking about the racial identity and the empowerment of the free blacks in the United States.
  23. The role of nationalism and national identities in the UAE
    According to Patrick the UAE has yet to develop the concept of a nation as manifested by the increase in the public debate approaches to guard the national identity through amicably defining who is a […]
  24. Nationalist state in southern Africa
    The country is ranked as the biggest economy in Africa and is the 28th largest economy in the world. In 1820s, the Dutch and the British acquired land in the north and east of South […]
  25. International Entrepreneurship: Competing models of Nationalism
    Ralston Saul, the author of ‘The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World’, as well as Ronkainen Czinkota, Sutton-Brady, and Beal, the authors of ‘International Marketing: Asia Pacific Edition’ come in handy to […]
  26. Australian Nationalism and Middle East Immigrants
    The objective of this essay is to provide an overview of the what Australian nationalism and identity means to the Middle East immigrants in Australia Nationalism and Identity among Middle East Immigrants to Australia According […]
  27. Nationalism does not form a single fraternal community
    Now that a description of the Argentinean historical and political discourse has been given, it is crucial to link this to the divergent occurrence of nationalism in the country.
  28. When the War Comes to an End: Expansion, Panic and Surge of Nationalism
    Leading to a numerous alterations in the sphere of the international relationships between the United States and the rest of the world, the 1812 war heralded a new era in the development of the USA […]
  29. Ethnic Nationalism among People
    The researcher also notes that the conflicts are inevitable in the contemporary globalized world as people witness the differences between the cultures.
  30. The Representation of Irish Nationalism
    In contrast, Joyce’s “The Dead” criticizes the cultural imperialism that threatens the harmony of the Irish and the revival of the Irish language and culture.

👍 Good Nationalism Essay Examples

  1. Nationalism and Identity among Middle East Immigrants in Australia
    The enumerators are given required training and sent to the field with specific questions to guide them on the type of information to be collected. The researcher visited libraries and the internet to obtain critical […]
  2. Shinto Religion and Japanese Nationalism
    The kami was the first leader of the Japanese people who contributed to the creation of Japan as a state. They note that the style of dressing and the performance of rituals show that Shinto […]
  3. Nationalism and Its 19th Century History from a Moral and Functional Perspective
    France used nationalism to unite the state against its enemies, and this showed the morality of nationalism. The paper first describes the nature and history of nationalism.
  4. Nationalism and Its 19th Century History
    Although the majority of nations in Europe were established during the 20th century, it is worth to note that the events leading to the creation of these states took place during the 19th century.
  5. The Nationalism and Islam in the Middle East Region
    The discovery of crude oil in the region during the 20th century has changed the fortunes of the region. The issue of the Jewish resettlement in the Middle East has been viewed as central to […]
  6. Nationalism in the Modern-Day World
    He says that in the developed countries of Europe, Asia and the United States of America industrialization and a strong economic base has in particular led to rise of nationalism in them.
  7. German Nationalism and its Effects
    There has been an extensive account of a favorite cultural model in Germany, even prior to the augmentation of the National Socialists and their capitalization on the initiative of the Volksgemeinschaft in the 1930s and […]
  8. Is it possible to imagine nationalism without the nation?
    The historical development of the notion of nationalism streams from the ancient politics that witnessed the dramatic emergence of the French Revolution of 1789 that marked the formation of the first ‘nation-state’.
  9. Nationalism in International Relations
    Given this interplay of international relations and nationalism, this paper examines the view that nationalism has been and continues to be the most significant force in international relations.
  10. Asian Studies: Vietnamese Nationalism
    The decline of the colonial rule in Vietnam gave rise to the development of the nationalist movement in this country. In particular, one should focus on the views of Phan Chu Trinh, Ho Chi Minh, […]
  11. Nationalism as a Problem by Partha Chatterjee
    The second chapter named ‘The Thematic and the problematic’ tries to distinguish between the thematic and the problematic levels of nationalist thought.
  12. Role of Nationalism in Developed Democracies
    Some analysts are of the view that the people include the entire population of the world while others observe that homogeneity is always considered when talking about the people.
  13. Middle Eastern Nationalism in 1914-1950
    Western countries were interested in having the control over the countries in the region as they wanted to have access to their resources and wanted to make sure that the governments will be loyal to […]
  14. Nationalism and Colonialism in Arab Literature
    In brief, the narrative mainly starts as a “love and romance story” that portrays the life of Muhsin, his love with Saniya and state of jealous in his family.
  15. Nationalism and Women in Literary Works
    In Season of Migration to the North, Hosna Bint Mahmoud supports the nationalist activities of the unnamed narrator. She, like the narrator, is opposed to the oppression of women.
  16. Anglo-American Relations, Freedom and Nationalism
    Thus, in his reflection on the nature of the interrelations between two powerful empires, which arose at the end of the 19th century, the writer argues that the striving of the British Empire and the […]
  17. The Ideology of Nationalism: People’s Common Identity
    This is by his sentiment that the study of ethnicity and nationality is in large part the study of politically induced cultural change.
  18. Piano Music, Baroque and Nationalism Influences
    The keyboard music of the Baroque period has exhibited the features characteristic of the other forms of art of the period: the increasingly complex and ornate patterns and the virtuosic and exquisite nature of the […]
  19. Korean Nationalism: Yi Hangno and Ch’oe Ikhyŏn
    In fact, they are quite sharp in their writings; for example, Ch’oe Ikhy n refers to the Japanese as people who “have the face of human beings but the mind of beasts” and repeatedly refers […]
  20. The Concept of Nationalism: Theory, Ideology, and History
    Instances of nationalism provided in the annals of history are the rise of Nazi Germany or the Arab nationalism. Nationalism and national identity is created through this common sense of the nation.
  21. Sports Role in the Imperialism and Nationalism Development
    In that case, it is an indication of certain developments within the nation’s country that promote the ideas of inequality and superiority, such as the ideas of imperialism and nationalism.
  22. Conservatism, Nationalism, Socialism as Ideologies
    From the time of its establishment, the term has been used in the description of a broad range of views about political science.
  23. American Culture and U.S. Nationalism
    I am convinced that the American culture is one of the best cultures in the world. This has seen my appreciation of the American culture.
  24. Ethnicity and Nationalism
    In the chapter, the author lists a number of different approaches to studying the position of women in society. This is a very interesting application and extension of the ideas expressed in Peggy Macintosh’s article […]
  25. New States and Nationalism in International Arena
    Globalization and the current international arena are hostile to all new states and that makes their entrance a nightmare that they wish to overcome.
  26. Nationalist Ideologies’ Rise in the 19th Century
    The growing popularity of nationalist ideologies in the 19th century was as a result of the following factors. Many people were exposed to political knowledge as a result of the spread of nationalist ideologies.
  27. Asian Studies. Christianity, Nationalism, and Chineseness
    The Christianization of Japan was a prerogative of the crown of Portugal, which aimed at establishing a profitable trade and at preaching the Christian faith to the native people.
  28. Proto-Nationalism in Premodern Korea and Since 1780
    Hobsbawm discusses the reasons and the ways of the concept of “national patriotism” becoming a powerful political force within a short time.
  29. Proto-Nationalism in Korea and Other Nations Since 1780
    The reading also touches upon the topic of language and the role it plays in the evolution of proto-nationalism and the promotion of its ideas across the globe. What is the role of proto-nationalism in […]
  30. Nationalism in Premodern Korea and Other Nations
    The first and most important argument, according to the proponents of the theory, is the identity of the language and the related reason for the primary separation of groups of people.

💡 Most Interesting Nationalism Topics to Write about

  1. Linguistic Nationalism in Korea Under Japanese Occupation
    The present paper focuses on the review of studies dedicated to the Korean language’s status during Japan’s colonization and discusses how Koreans tried to defend their language and nation’s rights.
  2. Nationalism as a Liberating and Enslaving Force
    Wien acknowledges that this kind of nationalism can be used as a powerful force for supporting the viability and sustainability of a country.
  3. Nationalism as a Liberating and an Enslaving Force
    For instance, nationalism was the underlying ideology behind the American Revolutionary War of 1775, which ultimately led to the independence of the country.
  4. Meiji Nationalism and Its Characteristics
    A key element in Japan Nationalism was the concerted effort by the government to re-invented tradition to rally people behind the cause of modernization. Due to this divine origin, Japanese were expected to entrust the […]
  5. German National Consciousness
    Much was needed to instill a sense of German identity and common political ambition, a feeling of belonging together as one nation, into the populations of the central European states, Protestant and Catholic alike, the […]
  6. Liberalism and Nationalism in Western Civilization
    The concepts of liberalism and nationalism are typically a western construct of rational, reasoning, objective, and analytical traditions which have their origins in the Greek civilization, the world’s first progenitors of city-states and democracies.
  7. The Nature of Modern Chinese Nationalism
    The Chinese people have different opinions on what would form a stronger China as well as the state’s structure, the goal of the Chinese State and the forms of foreign relations that would best fit […]
  8. China’s Rising Nationalism
    The supremacy of pride in Confucianism civilization is present in the nationalists in China. In Chinese nationalism nowadays, Intellectuals contribute significantly and they have become a major dividing force in the politics and ideology of […]
  9. The Relation of Music to Nationalism in the Work of Bedrich Smetana Composer
    This paper discusses and explores the following; the meaning and background of nationalism as a political and cultural force in the nineteenth century particularly in Europe, and the relation of music to nationalism exploring the […]
  10. Nineteenth Century Musical Nationalism: Important Milestones
    A great hero of Italian music and opera, Verdi is put in the front reference when it comes to music discussion, nineteenth century Italy and nationalism.
  11. Nationalism and 19th Century Music
    It was in the wake of the nationalist revolts that rose out of 1848: the intention to demand freedom from the shackles of the Austrian Empire.
  12. The History of Canadian Cultural Nationalism and Anti-Americanism
    This paper analyses the movements and the efforts taken to protect the cultural nationalism in Canada, and providing the idea that the reasons for such actions were not limited to opposing the Americanization, or specifically […]
  13. Nationalism: Theories and Classification
    Expansionist nationalism; this is a form of nationalism that promotes the theory of expansion of a nation’s territories in an attempt to acquire more space or land to accommodate its people
  14. Why Nationalism Is a Gendered Realm
    While the man remains the central figure, the woman, as McClintock puts it, is the ‘boundary’ of what constitutes the nation; women are the mortar that holds the bricks together in the wall, important but […]
  15. Nationalism Definition & Meaning
    There is no permission to target civilians in a war and all possible efforts must be made to avoid the killing of noncombatants.
  16. Pan Asianism, Nationalism and Transnationalism
    Pan Asianism was the sole fuel to this war as Japan wanted to expand its interest in Asia in opposition of the western states.
  17. Nationalism of Southeast Asian Nations
    They authors portray the struggles of average people who strive to prove to themselves and to the rest of the world that they must not be treated as inferior or subhuman.
  18. Arab Masculinity and Nationalism, on the Example of Two Novels
    The novels Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih and Beer in the Snooker Club by Waguih Ghali brightly reveal the story of two male heroes who are in constant search of a […]
  19. Serbian Nationalism Rise Main Factors
    The rising of nationalism at the time when the period of the late 1700s was coming to a close is associated with the multiplication of the thought of well-liked independence.
  20. “China’s New Nationalism” by Peter Hays Gries
    Gries argues that the two countries that matter the most to China are the US and Japan and that the evolving Chinese nationalism is in response to its interaction with these two nations.
  21. Nationalism in the Context of the Japanese
    Nationalism in the context of the Japanese entails a very wide range of ideologies and sentiments that have been adopted by the Japanese people for the past two centuries concerning their native nation, the culture, […]
  22. Features of Nationalism: Types and Stereotypes
    At the base of nationalism is the idea of nation as the supreme authority, which substitutes all other possible sources and guarantors of the highest value.
  23. Nationalism in the Arab Literature
    The novel is focused on the events of the 1919 revolution in Egypt and the role of Arabian youth in it.
  24. Nationalism Versus Capitalism: Compare & Contrast
    According to Marxist philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, the main disadvantage of capitalism is prosperity that seduces workers with the items of comfort and makes them forget their primarily aim of overthrowing the capitalism.
  25. China’s Nationalism: Main Aspects
    The moral fabric of the Chinese people has become jeopardized by the beliefs of the masses and the support of the government.
  26. Stokely Carmichael’s Contribution to Black Nationalism
    The purpose of the Meredith March was to create equal rights for black voters to remove the fear of many black people to cross Mississippi and to fight against racism.
  27. Nationalism in the Postcolonial Viewpoint
    As such, the school of thought also challenges the notion that Western nationalism is the sole form of the phenomenon. This essay will discuss the dangers of nationalism, as seen from the postcolonial perspective, as […]
  28. Nietzsche’s Nihilism and the Rise of Ethnic Nationalism
    It was connected to the attempts of the philosopher to find a way out of the political and cultural crisis in Europe.

❓ Nationalism Essay Questions

  1. Was WWI the Result of Tensions Caused by German Nationalism?
  2. Does Taglit Birthright Israel Foster Long-Distance Nationalism?
  3. How Did Nationalism Reveal Itself Through Films During World War II?
  4. Was There Any Such Thing as African Nationalism Before?
  5. What Extent Did the Revolutions of 1848 Support the Ideas of Nationalism and Liberalism?
  6. How Does Nationalism Affects Nations?
  7. Why Did Chinese Nationalism Fail?
  8. How Do Different Political Geographers Study Nationalism?
  9. How Black Nationalism Helped Civil Rights?
  10. How Does Nationalism Solidify a Country?
  11. How Does Globalisation Affect Nationalism?
  12. Why Has Nationalism Become Such a Powerful Force in the Mode?
  13. What Came First Nations or Nationalism?
  14. What Has Nationalism Done to Europe?
  15. How Adolf Hitler Implemented a Distinct Form of Nationalism?
  16. What Explanations Are Offered for the Development of Nationalism?
  17. Does Nationalism Inevitably Breed Rivalry and Conflict?
  18. How Comanches and Nationalism Helped Young United States?
  19. How Strong Was Nationalism in the Second Reich?
  20. Was Nationalism the Most Important Force of Change in Europe up to 1870?
  21. How Nationalism Affected Composer’s Music?
  22. When Does Nationalism Become Ultra Nationalism?
  23. How Did Nationalism Arise in Southeast Asia History?
  24. What Can the Study of Nationalism Contribute to Our Understanding of International Relations?
  25. How Important Has Nationalism Been in Shaping the Modern World?
  26. How Does Radical Nationalism Affects Society?
  27. Can the European Union Be Considered as a Compensator for Serbian Nationalism?
  28. How Does Nationalism Influence Europe During the 20th?
  29. Why Did the Idea of Liberal Nationalism Fail in 19th Century Germany?
  30. How Far Has Nationalism Changed Over the Last Hundred Years?

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