Relationship between Institutionalized Racism and Marxism

Abstract The theory of institutional racism is frequently used in the field of sociology to explain any type of system of inequity that is based on race. The theory explains how race is used to differentiate society, particularly the institutions of government, private enterprises and institutions of higher learning, such as universities and colleges. An […]

Racism in Australia

This essay considers primary texts by Quan Wei, Ouyang Yu and Merlinda Bobis. Further I considered two secondary texts by Ang and Lo. All the texts provide insight on the issue of racism in Australia. The primary texts, which are categorized as being of the multicultural genre, indicate clearly the identity dilemma faced by Asians […]

Racism in Brazil

Introduction Black Brazilians endured slavery conditions while working in the agricultural plantations of the Whites during the 19th century. When their slavery conditions became worse with time, they decided to fight for their rights by embarking on massive demonstrations against the police and the whites, paralyzing public order all over the country. This slavery crisis […]

The Problem of Racism and Injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

In spite of the fact the moral concepts are the basic principles according to which people regulate their lives and interpersonal relationships, these principles are often broken, and any person can experience problems in his or her interacting with the society. Sometimes, people become opposite to the societies with their developed hierarchy and stereotypes because […]

Reducing racism

The aspect of racism in institutions of higher learning is dealt with in its early stages considering that the universities shape the discourse of the society as a major agent of socialization. Perpetuation of racism in these two institutions discussed has consequences. Having received appointment from the Alberta provincial government to reduce racism in Alberta […]

The Anatomy of Scientific Racism: Racialist Responses to Black Athletic Achievement

Introduction Racism has permeated almost each and every sphere of the western society. This includes politics, economic, academic among other spheres. Arts and athletics, or the entertainment and sports spheres of the society have not been spared this racialism. It is against this backdrop that Miller B. Patrick, from Northeastern Illinois University’s Department of History, […]