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Does Racism and Discrimination Still Exist Today? Essay

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Racism is a negative behavior associated with discrimination and prejudice. Human beings discriminate others based on their social backgrounds and biological disparities. Racism and discrimination are detestable practices because they result in social inequality. Discrimination can take different shapes depending on the socio-cultural aspects embraced in a particular society. Some races treat themselves as superior than their counterparts. Racism has always forced societies and communities to fight against one another. This discussion explains why racism and discrimination are still prevalent in our society today.

Racism and Discrimination Still Prevalent Today

Discrimination is one of the biggest challenges affecting many people in every society. Although racism has been widely suppressed, the agreeable fact is that every minority race is unable to achieve its goals in our American society. Many social workers and scholars encourage people to embrace the power of diversity. This effort has reduced the number of cases associated with social discrimination. However, many people have become victims of abuse and prejudice. It is appropriate for every person to analyze how different social groups struggle in order to achieve their goals (Bobo and Fox 21).

The issue of racism threatens the lives of many Americans. The number of unemployed citizens in the United States explains how racial discrimination is prevalent in the country. For instance, “over 16 percent African Americans are unemployed while only less than 9 percent whites do not have jobs” (Lentin 64). Many individuals from different minority races work in inappropriate environments.

According to Bobo and Fox (29), “every male African American in the United States has a higher chance of going to prison”. Statistics indicate that a white male will only have a 6 percent chance of going to jail. Many societies across the globe arrest and prosecute citizens from minority races. This fact explains why racism and discrimination are inseparable in many parts of the globe. Lentin (48) explains how a criminal record makes it impossible for qualified individuals to get good jobs.

Sex discrimination continues to affect the goals and expectations of many women in our society. The wage disparity between women and males continues to exist today. Men will “usually get higher salaries and wages than women” (Bobo and Fox 24). This disparity affects many Hispanic and African American women. Many women encounter numerous challenges such as abuse whenever working with men in different companies. Some female workers are unable to get maternity leaves or compensations during pregnancy. This malpractice always affects these women thus making it impossible for them to achieve their objectives.

Lentin (59) believes that glass ceiling is a major problem in almost every American company. American women cannot get promotions because of prejudice. Sexual abuse and harassment is a common issue in every firm. For instance, several nurses have abandoned their jobs because of harassment and abuse. Most of the culprits go unpunished thus making the behavior a common practice in many companies. This situation explains why every company should be ready to address these behaviors. The approach will deal with the problem of discrimination (Bobo and Fox 45).

Age discrimination is also evident in every society. Senior citizens face numerous abuses. They have also been unable to exercise their rights. Such individuals cannot get quality health services and support. They also encounter numerous abuses from their caregivers and employers. Some companies do not employ older workers because they might not offer the required services. Such companies hire younger individuals who do not possess the required skills. This malpractice makes it impossible for these elderly citizens to take care of themselves (Bobo and Fox 46). Most of these elderly citizens do not have the required medical covers and insurances.

Individuals from minority backgrounds face various challenges whenever looking for public services. The society usually neglects and harasses the disabled whenever they are looking for such public services. Many governments have been working hard to safeguard the rights of such individuals. The agreeable fact “is that new laws are critical towards dealing with this issue of discrimination” (Bobo and Fox 56).

Racism is common when individuals from a particular community decide to avoid their counterparts from another society. These discriminatory practices occur naturally in many societies. Bobo and Fox (75) believe strongly that “different acts of discrimination are executed secretly by public officials and politicians”.

This behavior explains why inequality is one of the major issues affecting different countries across the world. Racism in the United States is illegal. The law prohibits any activity or exercise that will result in discrimination. However, the undeniable fact is that enmity and racism are strong forces in the hearts of many citizens. The law has played a significant role towards reducing these behaviors. Such prejudices have not reduced because many individuals are still unable to achieve their potentials.

Discrimination is also evident in different films and video clips. Such productions portray women negatively. Many films and documentaries focus on the cultural values and practices embraced by different minority races (Bobo and Fox 86). Discrimination and inequality are also common in the American education system. Learners from minority societies fail to get the required resources and materials.

Many people will agree that racism and discrimination are common practices in this country. However, “the Declaration of Independence explains why God created all human beings equal” (Kirzner and Mandell 35). God “endowed every human being with specific rights such as pursuit of happiness, life, and liberty” (Kirzner and Mandell 68). This statement explains why every society must be ready to deal with the issues associated with prejudice and inequality.


In conclusion, it is agreeable that many societies might be unable to eradicate racism completely. Lentin (37) views racism as a continuum that has always affected every society across the globe. Every person should become part of this predicament in order to make our world much better. The government must formulate new strategies in order to address this problem completely. This approach will ensure all societies distribute their resources and opportunities equally.

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