Youth Violence Essay, Research Paper Examples

Youth, Crime, and Violence

Introduction Written by Rodrigo Bascunan and Christian Pearce, the book Enter the Babylon System: Unpacking Gun Culture from Samuel Colt to 50cent is a fiction book that attempts to give an insider view on the situation of gun culture in the American society. The violent gun culture in society has become one of the biggest […]

Juvenile Justice and status offence: enforcement, sentencing and prosecution

Introduction Yearly, youths are arrested allegedly accused of committing status offences such as being incorrigible, truant, running away from home or involving themselves in underage drinking or drug abuse. More worse is that many of the juveniles involve themselves in violent criminal activities such as street gang, rape, robbery burglary and theft. They end up […]

Relationship between child maltreatment and youth violence

Abstract Background: The developmental relationships between child maltreatment, youth violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV) are well documented. However, very few studies document the relationship between child abuse/maltreatment and youth violence as separate entities. In the present study, the relationship between child maltreatment and youth violence is examined in the presence of other modifying socio-economic […]

Juvenile Justice Case Management

Introduction When people who have not attained the age of majority commit crimes, they have to face the criminal justice system for justice to prevail. However, their treatment is somewhat different with that of adult offenders considering the age factor and the fact that some of them may not have the mental capability to perceive […]

Juvenile Justices

Introduction Over the last decade, child abuse and neglect has been on the increase. This fact comes with its challenges and right now juvenile justice system is facing challenges and some unique issues that if not well addressed would plunge this system into crisis in future. It is unfortunate that, this system has not undergone […]

The Main Cause of Increasing Violent Behavior among Youths is Violence in the Media

The rise of violence among young people is observed within the modern society. Many factors can affect the development of the youth’s negative behaviours and attitudes. The extreme rise of violence among young people today is the controversial point. That is why, in their studies, researchers provide different reasons as the factors provoking the young […]

Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence? Argumentative Essay

Over fifty years ago, a nuclear physicist named William Higinbotham sought to better the otherwise rigid and non-interactive science exhibits at the time by adding to the list of activities, his creation of the game ‘Tennis for two’ which was an electronic tennis game with separate controllers. Unaware of his contribution, William Higinotham today is […]