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260 Youth Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for youth essay topics? The field is exciting and worth writing about!

In your paper, you might want to focus on important youth issues, such as study problems, physical development, and mental health. Other options include analysing some sociological aspects of youth, exploring youth crime, and focusing on youth culture. In this article, we’ve gathered best research topics on youth issues: argumentative essay topics about youth, youth culture research topics, etc. We’ve also added excellent youth essay examples to inspire you even more!

🔝 Top 10 Research Topics on Youth Issues

  1. How does one’s youth affect their future?
  2. Youth: rights and limitations
  3. The youth physical development model
  4. Legal drinking age in different countries
  5. Student rights in higher education
  6. Youth mortality: causes and effects
  7. Adolescent obesity: how to prevent?
  8. Young marriages in developing countries
  9. Youth and political participation worldwide
  10. Minimum age for employment in the US: should it be changed?

🏆 Best Youth Essay Examples

  1. Professional Issues For Child And Youth Care Practitioners In School Based Settings
    According to Ungar, the major professional issues in the discipline of child and youth, care practices include the programs models that are in use within the learning setting, the preparation procedures concerning educator’s role, functions […]
  2. How to Reduce the Purchase of counterfeit “knockoffs” by College Age Youth (18-24 years old)
    When the product is finally released into the market, the cost price is inclusive of the expenses that the designer incurred in the course of developing the product.
  3. Hip Hop Influence on Youth: Statistics and Effects
    Hip hop music is also said to perpetuate the rise in criminal activities among the youth. It is therefore recommendable for the youth to shun away from the vice brought about by hip hop music.
  4. School Is Bad for Children: Making Mistakes and Being Wrong
    In school, the child learns that a person does not need to do anything they do not want and they learn to be bored.
  5. A Project on Establishment of Jousing Flats Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centers in Njoro Area to Reduce Prevalence of HIV/AIDS and Provide Nutritional Support Among the Youths Aged Between 16-35 Years
    Therefore the proposed project is aimed at establishing housing to victims and more VCT centers within Njoro area so that the services can be available to a high percentage of the population within the area […]
  6. Youth Crime as a Major Issue in the World
    The relationships that exist in the families of the youths could facilitate the indulgence in criminal activities for example when the parents are involved in crime, when there is poor parental guidance and supervision, in […]
  7. How extensive is the drug problem among American Youth today?
    For the first time in the history of America, the number of new abusers of prescription drugs was at par with that of marijuana users.
  8. The Youth Issues of Burden Tackling
    For the youth, the major challenge to their situation is due to the facts that adolescence is ‘a time of unprecedented curiosity about life and the decoding of its inner workings”.
  9. The Sexual Practices in the Youths
    The mass media is largely to blame for the sexual practices in the youths. To solve the problem, Chapman recommends the establishment of a body to monitor the contribution of media on sexuality.
  10. Social Networks and Youth Empowerment
    The increasing use of the sites has made them good places to train and advertise for various youth programs and activities; ministries of youth have realized the new way of approaching the young and they […]
  11. How Social Network Empowers Youths in the Society
    As it has been revealed, the engagement of youths in poster presentation is one of the most powerful strategies to enhance creativity and development of various communication skills.
  12. Empowering Youth Engagement in Society
    If young people in a given society are not actively involved in important activities in the society they can be destructive and thus negative change in the society. This can be achieved by engaging and […]
  13. Youth Culture under Globalization
    The globalization of the way of living, the impact on customs of the greater than ever association of the globe and its inhabitants, is conceivably nowhere more able to be seen than in the shifting […]
  14. Youth Unemployment in the UK
    Such programmes have led to an increase in the level of people who are self-employed. This has led to rise of people who are self-employed in the UK over the years.
  15. Underlying Causes That Push the Youths Into Crime
    It has also concluded that juveniles who involve themselves in violent crimes should not be tried as adults unless they are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions.
  16. Youth Services: The Review. When Youth Development Theories Prove Right
    According to what the authors claim, the new approach is bound to change teenagers’ perception of the world with the help of the positive thinking and stressing the positive aspects of the children’s behavior rather […]
  17. Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?
    The violence and aggression that stains the youth of today, as a result of these video games, is unquestionably a cancer that ought to be uprooted or at least contained by parents, school leaders, governments […]
  18. Solutions to Effects of Excessive Internet Use on Youth
    The education system and parents have a major role in the effort to reduce excessive use of the internet among the youth.
  19. Analysis of my Community and Youth Programs
    The significant challenge lies in the development of programs that meet the developmental needs of the youth. A third program in California involves improving the quality of education in the state.
  20. Reasons behind Youth’s Engagement to Drug Abuse in the 21st Century
    Although youths in the 21st century engage in drug abuse due to several factors, it suffices to declare factors such as the rising unemployment status, peer pressure, and their hiked tendency to copy their parents’ […]
  21. Deviance: Social Problems of Youth Gangs
    Youth gangs are usually targets of terror groups that recruit and use them to perpetuate social injustice in the society. Gangs apply violence to ensure that all members in the gang adhere to their rules […]
  22. The Main Cause of Increasing Violent Behavior Among Youths Is Violence in the Media
    Although the question is controversial, it is possible to state that the media promoting violent films, video games, and music is the cause for increasing violent behaviours because the media provokes the young people’s reflection […]
  23. Child Welfare in the Together Youth Shelter
    About the Together Youth Shelter: Stability as the Top Priority Appealing to families in order to address their issues and solve the rates of child negligence in the community is an incredibly challenging task.
  24. Obesity Cases Among Youths
    Overall, the youths of Clark County consume more of refined food and soft drinks as compared to the vegetables and fruits that are important in their health.
  25. Youth Culture and Globalization
    The focus is also on the relations that exist between the youth and the society, as well as the factors that shape youths identity in terms of culture.
  26. Violent Video Games and How They Affect Youth Violence
    However, despite the overwhelming outcry against the youth playing violent video games, there are a number of researchers and advocates who oppose the idea of directly linking the exposure of young adults to violent scenes […]
  27. Child and Youth Care Counselor
    Perhaps one of the things that help the writer to accomplish his mission of reaching to the inner life of the kids is the ability to remember the previously observed nuggets and timely application of […]
  28. Police-Youth Relations and Community policing
    This is because of the long history of the strained relationship between the Canadian youth and the police which has created a very negative perception of the police to the youth.
  29. Police-Youth Relations/Community Policing and Young Offenders
    Aims of the Study The study is aimed at determining the fairness and acceptability of the youth justice system and its effects on the youth-police relations in Canada.
  30. Youth Culture under the Globalization Time
    Most of the images viewed by the young people originate from the West, which evidences the dominance of the American pop culture among the youth in the world.
  31. The Concept of Community Development to the Homeless Youths in Australia
    The nature of the issues and aspirations of the youths To come up with a clear description of the nature of the issues and aspirations of the homeless youths in Australia, an appreciative inquiry process […]
  32. Connection between Child Maltreatment and Youth Violence
    Results: Relative to non-victims, the results of the present study are expected to show a direct link between child maltreatment and youth violence in the presence of other modifying socio-economic factors.
  33. Foods that are being served to our youth in the school systems
    According to the CDC, 20% of schools in the USA offer brand-name fast foods such as McDonalds to the children during the school day.
  34. Youth Culture in the last 20-30 years: New York, London and Tokyo
    Also, pop culture is the short form of popular culture and can be categorized as the values, language, attitudes, music and entertainment of the masses.
  35. Manuel de Falla’s “The Three-Cornered Hat” Dances
    As most of Falla’s works, Three Dancers from the Three-Cornered Hat are filled with a variety of flavors of the Spanish folk music the shuffling dance rhythms, clicking castanets, flamenco melodies, and strumming guitars. A […]
  36. Definition of Alcohol Misuse (Alcohol Abuse and Addiction) in Youth Population Age 18-29
    Analyzing the article of Jiang, it is possible to define the alcohol misuse simply as the excessive consumption of alcohol where a number of the young drinkers is higher than any other group of age […]
  37. The Changing Relationship between the Generations’ Youth Studies Australia
    In regard to the current economy reforms of Australia, the author argues that it does not favour the young generation the way it favoured the older generation.
  38. The National Youth Service Corps Schemes in Nigeria
    Agumagu, Adesope and Njoku note that the core objective of the scheme is to instill in the Nigerian youth “the spirit of selfless service to the community, and emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood […]
  39. New Media and Popular Youth Culture in China
    New media have created a popular youth culture that encourages diversity and development of voices and cultural styles, hence giving the youth the ability to challenge the subversive cultural-political beliefs in the society.
  40. The Weekly Article Analysis on Motivating the Aging and Youthful Workforces
    While giving the example of an aging and special group of the American population born in the period succeeding the World War II which had witnessed an escalating reduction from workplaces, the article noted that […]
  41. Tourism and Leisure for Youth Target Market
    This is imperative as the pages provide a forum for potential tourists to identify a company that deals with the tour and travel activities through pictorial displays. For the youths, tourism or travel activities involve […]
  42. Drug Abuse: Awareness Amongst the Youths
    This project is going to carry out a public awareness campaign with the aim of educating the young people on the hazards related to the vice of drug and substance abuse. The awareness campaign is […]
  43. Youth, Crime, and Violence
    The book has been written in defence of the hip-hop culture due to the accusations pointed at it as being the cause of gun violence in society.
  44. Putting Out the Fires: Will Higher Taxes Reduce the Onset of Youth Smoking?
    According to the article under consideration, increase in price of cigarettes can positively or negatively affect the rate of smoking among the youth.
  45. Archery and Fencing as Youth’s Sports Programs
    As such, the research questions were created based on what the two sports can contribute towards the attainment of the mission set by the youth’s sports program Many youth sports programs, according to Berlin et […]
  46. Influential factors affecting youth’s behaviors towards purchasing a smartphone
    Objectives Understand the background of the smartphone industry Analyze the smartphone market trends and the role played by the youths in this marekts Understand reasons why youths buy smartphones through a survey on 100 people […]
  47. Contrast of Youth Employment Methods between American and other countries
    The Youth Employment and Demonstrations Projects Act was enacted in 1977 by the federal government of the United States to control the high levels of unemployment and related issues that affected American youth.
  48. Program Outcomes in a Non-profit Organization Serving at Risk Youth in an Urban Metropolitan Area
    Purpose of the Study As education is a crucial factor for the quality of the life of an individual and, the quality of the growth of an economy.
  49. How Social Media Network Can Change the Attitude of Australian Youth
    Potential of Social Media Networks The change we want to explore is the role of social media networks in influencing the attitude of Australian youth towards poverty through the Make Poverty History campaign.
  50. Django Paris on Humanizing Research in a Multiethnic Youth Community
    The article starts by stating that, the relationship between teachers and students seems to be oppressive and imposing; thus, it hinders the process of conducting effective research and affects the validity of findings.
  51. Gangsta Rap Music as Social Culture in the Journal of Youth Studies by Alexander Riley
    He is interested in the hip hop culture especially in the subgenre of gangsta rap and the audiences it has in the White youth communities.
  52. HIV and AIDS prevention among the youth in Asia
    During this time most of the countries that were affected by the HIV AIDS started to battle the spread of HIV. Education is a vital component in the fight to prevent transmission of HIV and […]
  53. Marketing Sports Drinks: What They Don’t Tell the Youth
    But while the youth drinks to their fulfillment, manufacturing companies do little to tell the youth that more is needed in the pursuit of the ideal body shape than mere sports drinks.
  54. ‘Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Centre’
    Through the system, all people and especially the stakeholders who would be expected to play a significant role in the overall management of the Centre, would be able to access and respond accordingly to the […]
  55. Youth Issues: The State Of Children’s Rights In UAE
    This report will explain the needs for child rights policies as stipulated in the convection of the rights of the child, analyze the UAE laws, policies, and resources as regards to child’s rights and assess […]

👍 Argumentative Essay Topics about Youth

  1. The effect of Social Media on today’s youth
    This theory is useful in the explanation of the impact of media during crisis, and will also be useful in the analysis of the impact of social media on the youth of the UAE.
  2. The Effect of Health and Wellbeing on Australian Youth
    The research explores the way in which the youth of Australia defines the notion of good health and consequent wellbeing, and the effects of this wellbeing on the young people of Australian society.
  3. Youth Antisocial Behaviour: Britain
    That is why the major issues which are discussed in the literature on the topic of reducing youth antisocial behaviour with the help of legislative programmes are associated with the questions of the definition of […]
  4. Youth Arts and the Regulation of Subjectivity
    Background information about the Project The Emerging Communities Media Initiative was started by the ICE to provide young members of the small and emerging communities with training in media-related fields such as editing, writing, program […]
  5. Youth Unemployment in UK and Talent Management Challenges
    The economic recession that began in 2007 continues to affect a great number of U.K.businesses and one of its effects is the decrease in the number of jobs available to young people.
  6. Somerset Rural Youth Project – Quality Assurance
    Given that, the SRYP mainly concerns testing and innovation, the staffs use a variety of strategies to reach out to the Somerset youths and deliver appropriate services.
  7. Somerset Rural Youth Project
    Due to the implementation of the green activities program, the organization has been in a position to preserve the global climate.
  8. Youth Violence: Prevalence and Trends
    Failure to live up to the expectations of the society, parents, teachers, and even peers may lead to feelings of inadequacy. In order to regain this respect and get attention, the adolescents engage in violence.
  9. The Impressions of Emirati Youths on ISIS
    The objectives of this research are; To establish the perceptions of the Emirati youths on the ISIS group To make recommendations and suggestions on how to view and deal with ISIS Importance of studying the […]
  10. Drug Abuse Among the Youth
    Essentially, this case study will allow the evaluation of the prevailing cases of drug abuse among the youth. In this regard, the pain and peer pleasure cannot be persevered to allow an explicit cure of […]
  11. The Role of the Youth Leader
    Most of the youth pastors who have abandoned ministry work often argue that it is too demanding to work in a church environment.
  12. Why Kuwaiti Youth are Reluctant About Using Public Libraries
    Responses will be quantified and analyzed in order to determine the strength of the relationship. This research aims at determining the reasons behind young people’s reluctance to use public libraries in Kuwait.
  13. Youth Popular Cultures and Music
    In the recent past, the growth and transfer of various types of music, such as rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, and other forms of music entertainment only contributed to the expansion and consolidation of the […]
  14. Does Violence in Video Games Affect Youth?
    Our concern in this paper is to concentrate on the violent video games, the effects to the youths through participation in the violent video games, the counter arguments and finally the remarks or conclusion.
  15. Sexual Health Education: The Issue of Necessity and Effectiveness of Youth Policies
    In spite of the fact the ideas of the Health and Human Relations Education policy developed during the last decades of the twentieth century and the associated education programmes respond to the necessity of the […]
  16. The Youth Unemployment Crisis in Spain
    In order to further identify the root cause of the problem of the high levels of unemployment in Spain, it is necessary to evaluate the evolution of the unemployment among the youth in the country, […]
  17. Rural–urban migration and youth in Bhutan
    This trend is a major public concern to the state and the government has experienced a number of obstacles in tackling the challenge of rural-urban migration.
  18. Handling a Depressed Youth
    This means I will have to come up with properly structured questions in order to establish the real cause and the extent of Manuel’s depression. I will ask his parents and siblings to make him […]
  19. The Main Causes and Effects of Youth Violence
    Access to Guns and the Influence of the Media Shooting is one of the most common forms of youth violence, and guns are the primary weapons of perpetrators.
  20. Youth Issues: Video Games Effects
    Since all video games include the use of computers and technology, kids are in a position to embrace the new high-tech.
  21. Youth Issues: Student Differences
    The Venn diagram below shows the similarities and differences in the development of normal and disabled students.  In physical development, the child with a disability may have problems with motor activity.
  22. Understanding Youth: Consumption, Gender, and Education
    Thus, because young people represent the specific social group, it is important to reflect on such issues typical for the development of the youth as the questions of consumption, gender, and education.
  23. Doctors’, Government and Youth Views
    The objectives of the research, in their turn, concern the identification of the key steps to be taken in order to hold the event, the budget of the performance, the ways for attracting young people […]
  24. Cultural Awareness Among the Arab Youth
    In fact, the course and consequences of political, social and economic transformations currently undulating across the Arab world championed by the Arab youths present an opportunity to understand the cultural values that need to be […]
  25. Youth Unemployment as a Social Issue
    Different factors have led to the high levels of youth unemployment, with the most widely studied of them being the skills that are available to the unemployed youths.
  26. Hip Hop Music as Media Influence on the Youth
    Personally, I love listening to rap music, which many people claim that it has led to the spread of violence among young people.
  27. Amitai Etzioni: Youth Issues in “Working at McDonald’s”
    The article, ‘Working at McDonald’s’ by Amitai Etzioni explores the effect of the McDonald’s on students with reference to their studies. The author is against McDonald’s part-time jobs because they do not help the students […]
  28. “Anthem for Doomed Youth” by Wilfred Owen Literature Analysis
    The events of the past still haunt some of the countries, the relics of the war are still being found in the places of former battlefields, the veterans are being honored and the films about […]
  29. Media and Youth Violence
    First of all, it should be said that such a spread of the influence of media became possible due to the development of digital technologies. With this in mind, it is possible to state the […]
  30. Computer Apps for Productive Endeavors of Youth
    In order to curb addictive and obsessive behavior, it is important to acknowledge the problem, and to recognize the impact of mobile gadgets and apps in the present time.
  31. “Let Teenagers Try Adulthood” by Leon Botstein – Youth Issues
    At the beginning of the article, the author explains the reasons for removing the so-called high school elite because this group does not contribute to the development of students’ personality.
  32. Mobile Youth Outreach Service’ Therapy Plan
    The boy’s parents, peers, and teachers are concerned about his emotional and mental health and require help from the side of a team of professionals who could combine several approaches in order to intervene Alan’s […]
  33. Cyberbullying and Its Impacts on Youths Today
    The use of social media subjects youths to the dangers of cyberbullying. The victims of cyberbullying decline to interact with their colleagues.
  34. Youth Participation in Democracy: China
    The experiment by Wuijun Chen demonstrates China’s level of preparedness for democracy and how the youth can participate in the fight for justice. As such, they create a platform for the pursuance of the same […]
  35. Chinese Youth Sexual Culture
    In the Eastern countries, in Japan, to be more particular, the difficulties of teaching the youth the principles of sexual education stretch to the nth degree, since the tricky issue becomes even more complex when […]
  36. Muslim Youth Redefining Leadership by N. Hussain
    The size of the group labeled as the Futurists, which consists of young, innovative, and open to changes people, has already significantly exceeded the number of Traditionalists, older Muslims strongly dependent on their communities and […]
  37. Korean Pop Music and Youth Identity
    Korean pop music has become a powerful genre that connects many youths to their counterparts in different parts of the world.
  38. Owning a Gun by Youth in Dangerous Environments
    In spite of the fact that the intended and fatal shootings are discussed as the most critical consequences of using guns in dangerous environments and situations, a young person should risk owning guns because of […]
  39. Youth Cultures and Moral Panic
    The movement emerged in the United States and spread to different corners of the world. These practices led to the establishment of a new culture in different parts of the world.
  40. Perception of Childhood and Youth Through History
    The advent of industrialization led to the employment of many young people. The aristocracy and the bourgeoisies took their children to schools as part of the transition into adulthood.
  41. Social Media Hazards for Youth
    It is necessary to add that increasing the popularity of social media is not the only hazardous trend, as some young people think that dreaming and exercising imagination is useless and should be diminished since […]
  42. Internet Gambling and Its Impact on the Youth
    However, it is necessary to remember that apart from obvious issues with gambling, it is also associated with higher crime rates and it is inevitable that online gambling will fuel an increase of crime rates […]
  43. How Does Obesity Affect African American Youth?
    The effect of obesity in African American children from the age of 5 to 18 years. What are the indirect effects of obesity on African American children?
  44. Culture in “Youth Media”by Bill Osgerby
    One of the issues that are often explored in mass media is the aggression, violence, and depravity of young people. One of the arguments which are expressed by many people is that the subcultures of […]
  45. The Internet Effect on the Youth Participation in Politics
    This research paper will establish the influence of the internet on the political participation among the youths in the United Arab Emirates.
  46. Troubled Children and Youth
    It is important to understand the underlying causes of the youthful problem behavior for selecting the most effective solutions to the problem instead of punishing children who are the victims of the social order themselves.
  47. Youth Culture after Technological Advancement
    This is a culture that has been created by individuals born in the period from the early 80’s to the dawn of the new millennium.
  48. Youth Demonstrating Truant Behavior
    Instead, the evaluative review aims to explore the literature, provide information about the studies and their findings, analyze the discovered literature, and provide a conclusion based on the results of the reviewed studies.
  49. Youth Activities in Kuwait
    It is assumed that the research paper will contribute to the further development of the Kuwaiti youth and society in general.
  50. Kuwaiti Youth Activities and Sociopolitical Role
    The youth account for a significant portion of the Kuwaiti population and in their development, activities, and advancement, they play a significant role in the long-term growth of Kuwait.
  51. Disposable Water Bottle Usage by Youth Population
    In particular, personal observations show that the Facebook newsfeeds of the young audience often feature information bits about the disadvantages of bottled water and advertisements of refillable bottles.
  52. Youth Leadership Development
    However, the exclusion of certain groups of people from the democratic process does not contribute to the flourishment of a system that hinges on the belief that “the operation and ownership of power” are essential […]
  53. Relationship Between Caregivers and Behavior of Youth
    The purpose of the study is to evaluate how youths and caregivers perceive their relationships relative to the occurrence of externalizing and internalizing behaviors.
  54. Youth Misbehavior: School and Community Risk Factors
    The following paper analyzes school- and community-related factors that contribute and sustain adverse behavioral patterns assesses the influence of diversity and multicultural issues that may impact the success of interventions, and explores several possible ways […]
  55. Prevention of Alcohol Consumption Among Youth
    The seriousness of the health problem stems from the fact that alcoholism among the youth has become part of a young and growing culture among many American students who see it as a “part-time activity”.
  56. Obesity Consequences for Youth and Adults
    However, this method is not very accurate, but it gives an indication of the percentage of the risk of an individual being obese.

📌 Simple & Easy Youth Essay Titles

  1. Youth Drug Abuse Among, Education, and Policies
    Although drug abuse encompasses improper use of drugs disregarding the prescriptions of medical practitioners, the principal challenges of drug abuse occasion from abuse of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.
  2. American Youth in Films Since 1980s
    In fact, the producers of films recognized the import of teenage experience as one of the biggest tools of marketing films to young people globally.
  3. Youth’s Aggression and Social Media
    The problem is in the fact that posts and messages in social media that have followed shootings include images, slogans, and texts provoking violence and aggressive behaviors in young people, and more attention should be […]
  4. Morality, Faith, and Dignity in Modern Youth
    The blistering evolution of society combined with the appearance of new opportunities resulted in the significant deterioration of moral and values which determine the nature of human actions.
  5. Pop Cultural Influence on American Youth
    According to Bennett, there is sufficient evidence to state that both criminals actually enjoyed the process not least of all due to the glamorization of mass murders in music and cinematography.
  6. Premarital Sex Attitudes Among Youth and Adults
    The purpose of the report is to find out the similarities and differences in people’s treatment of the issue. 20% of females considered premarital sex the major reason for undesired pregnancy and abortions.
  7. A New Weapon Used Against Youth
    One of the most difficult issues connected to youth culture is their lack of consciousness when it comes to the use of modern means of communication and other things that were invented to promote knowledge […]
  8. The Influence of Peer Groups on Youth Crime
    The impact of youth crime on the community is profound, and so is the influence of criminal behavior on the lives of adolescents.
  9. Drug Prevention Among Rural Hawaiian Youth
    The article “An evaluation of the Ho ouna Pono curriculum: A pilot study of culturally grounded substance abuse prevention for rural Hawaiian youth” by Okamoto, Kulis, Helm, Lauricella, and Valdez emphasizes the significance of adopting […]
  10. Youth Gang Prevention Continuum in Society
    The following paper lists the common consequences of joining a gang, suggests the main approaches to addressing the issue, and outlines the laws intended to aid the ordinance.
  11. Child and Youth Care Perspective on Disability
    The origin of ASD is still unclear for the medical society, but it is assumed that the combination of genetic and environmental factors can cause it.
  12. Youth Texting Research Dissemination Strategy
    Speaking of the researchers’ interest in the results of the article under discussion, it is possible to note that they may elaborate on the ideas developed by the author as well as challenge them and […]
  13. Implications of Youth Violence
    According to the fact sheet prepared by World Health Organization, youth violence presents a challenge to the global health and legal organizations because it encompasses a variety of acts that range from verbal abuse to […]
  14. Behavior Change Intervention for Youth in Florida
    The fact young men and women are usually not aware of the consequences such activity may lead to, brings another evidence to the statement that a serious intervention is required to change health behaviors of […]
  15. HIV Prevention in Youth: Public Health Campaign
    Interprofessional collaboration is reported to have a positive impact on HIV prevention, to promote the spread of data, and to support the efforts of the public health professionals in the process of work with the […]
  16. Social Behaviour as a Science: Drug Abuse in Youth
    Thus, the application of social psychology to the phenomenon of youth drug abuse helps to explain how social factors impact the prevalence of and risk for drug abuse.
  17. Youth Suicide Prevention: Health Promotion Plan
    In this paper, a proposed mental health initiative to meet the challenges of at-risk youth is discussed using the PDSA model and related evidence-based strategies based on IHI indicators included. Access to the program will […]
  18. The Real Needs of Homeless Youth in the United States
    Another threat for the homeless youth is sex trafficking the occurrence of which was documented in all the states of the USA.
  19. “Why Youth (Heart) Social Network Sites” by Danah Boyd
    The article discusses why youth love social network sites and the role of networked publics in the lives of teenagers. In that regard, the best solution is to help teenagers use networked publics to form […]
  20. Safe Driving Among American Youth as Health Issue
    It reviews the organization’s perspective on the issue and the strategies it proposes to reduce the risks of car accidents. The paper concentrates on safe driving for young people, summarizing the National Safety Council’s position […]
  21. Youth Sports Role in Character Formation
    When children or adolescents set particular goals in a game, they become more active in other aspects of their lives as these people get used to be initiative and accomplish every tricky mission.”Sports, physical education […]
  22. Youth Sports and Its Role in Character Formation
    Based on that, a survey helping to assess young people’s perceptions of the connection between aspects of character formation and youth sports will be created.
  23. Outdoor Activity Sport Business for Women and Youth
    I consider my investigation is useful and significant in order to resolve the problem of inaccessibility of golf for all people.
  24. National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards
    As a result, the necessary funding to provide the organization’s development and communications support is given to the best projects which can contribute to the changes of situation in the sphere.
  25. Chapters 7-9 of “Youth Media” by Bill Osgerby
    Another example in adopting this fusion happens in Algerian; from these examples, it is justified to conclude that youth play a vital role in adopting and configuring global media to suit the relevance and values […]
  26. Youth Subcultures Causing Moral Panic in Media
    The norm is to compel members of the society to seek newer ideals as presented solutions to the problems identified by the interested parties in the cultural industry.
  27. Child, Youth and Family Intervention
    Physical abuse happens when a physical injury is inflicted on a child when the child is subjected to acts and activities that lead to injuries on the child’s body.
  28. Helping Families in Need: Concepts of Child and Youth Care
    One strategy is explaining the theoretical part of the concept to them since I will encourage them that with time they will settle and adapt to the new environment.
  29. Personal Values Importance in Child and Youth Care
    These three values that are of importance to me fall under the category of values that I acquired as a result of my socialization.
  30. Reducing the Alcohol Abuse Among the Youth
    This paper includes a brief discussion of two possible ways to improve the problem and the justification for the use of one of the options.
  31. Youth and Children Ministry
    What is required is a framework which aids thinking about the task of youth ministry that ensures that Biblical beliefs, values and practices are constantly upheld in our ministry to young people regardless of context.
  32. Alcohol and Youth Perception
    Topic: What is the perception of the youths, who drink alcohol and work within the New York night-time economy, on the state legislative changes to reduce alcohol-related violence in the inner city?
  33. Behavioral Youth Counselor’s Self-Assessment
    As a counselor, I expect to propose therapies and programs that are of value to the patient to overcome all the problems that could arise.
  34. Does Youth Sports Play a Part in Character Formation?
    In order to make an effective decision that will involve the opportunity to improve the current sports education strategy used in the district, it is extremely important to include the following steps: Define the particular […]
  35. National Security Language Initiative for Youth Program
    There are three main reasons why I choose this program: the possibility to learn the host culture and traditions, the necessity to improve my understanding of the Russian ideology, and the opportunity to develop my […]
  36. Youth Crime in Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” Film
    The film uses a triptych storytelling format to highlight the contexts and events in the protagonist’s life, emphasizing potent socio-political and personal themes.
  37. Songs of Delaware County Youth Orchestra Concert
    When listening to this performance in a concert, one is able to appreciate the scenery more. This type of music does not require one to be keen in order to sway in the flow.
  38. Child and Youth Care Professional Issues
    CYC professionals will try to emphasize the fact that the youth are people rather than a problem and search for the means to employ their perspective and interests in the process of improving the situation […]
  39. Career Counseling Program for Disadvantaged Youth
    Moreover, the lack of understanding of why they are doing the things that they are told to do might decrease their motivation and engagement.
  40. Youth Resilience Across Seven South African Sites
    According to Aggarwal and Ranganathan, the study is descriptive – “one that is designed to describe the distribution of one or more variables”. In addition to that, the author pays attention to the practical significance […]
  41. High-Intensity Interval Training Program for Youth
    Thus the goal of the program is to improve body composition and aerobic fitness. The time efficiency of the training program is one of the main demands of the client under discussion.
  42. Parents’ Role in Youth Probation Outcomes
    The research question is, “Does social work with parents of juvenile offenders on probation decrease the youth’s rate of repeat offenses?” Here, social work implies the education on legal questions and communication with the youth […]
  43. Youth Unemployment and Policy Solutions
    The inability to address the problem of unemployment in the given age group may result in the growth of criminal activity, child poverty, and people’s negative perceptions of life.
  44. The First Aid Knowledge of Youth Soccer Coaches
    To establish the interrelationship between the years of work and success in the First Aid Assessment test, a Pearson Product Correlation was used.
  45. Marijuana Legalization and Consumption Among Youth
    The most popular excuse among drug consumers is the instrumental use of the drug. As long as the drug influence is undermined, the number of college students willing to experience the marijuana effects will be […]
  46. How Social Factors Shape Youth Subcultures
    In most cases, a subculture is in opposition to the dominant culture and the members of a subculture belong to a specific category such as the youth who seek recognition through unique behavior that is […]
  47. Smoking and Youth Culture in Germany
    The report also assailed the Federal Government for siding the interest of the cigarette industry instead of the health of the citizens.
  48. Exploring The Concept of Youth Cultures
    Accordingly, the focal concern of this paper has been to accurately comprehend the concept of youth culture and to find out the exact means of finding meaning to the youth identity on the background of […]
  49. Youth Crime. Prejudice: Is It Justified?
    The reason behind the criminal prejudice is of course the variations of cultures in context with the ‘Multicultural environment’. And while the image of the young offender has certainly changed in appearance over the second […]
  50. How Should Youth Combat Negative Moral Influences?
    The greatest protection against what one considers as a negative moral influence is: If the federal laws do not allow certain actions then it is so for the benefit of an individual and the society.
  51. Internet Drawbacks Upon Youth
    Of course this has created ease for us but at the same time have we considered the fact even for a while that what has been our younger generation up to with this new ‘blessing’? […]
  52. The Concept of ‘Youth’ in Relation to Current Policy
    Changes in social trends are one of the triggers for an examination of the causes of policymaking in relation to youth in the present day.
  53. Asian Youth Gangs Analysis
    Like most other forms of gangs, younger children are more easily persuaded to join than the older crowd as most of the time it is the leaders of each gang that are in there twenties […]
  54. Media Portrayal of Youth in Australia
    The portrayal of youth’s participation in society is a critical factor given the significant role of media in shaping the social concept of youth and the capabilities of young people.
  55. Youth Professional and National Occupational Standards
    This is a paper is that is discussing the efficiency and appropriateness of a manger and his idea of dealing with the human resources to get the best of the results and to make the […]
  56. Living Environments: Classification for Youth
    By renting a duplex or home, the renter is able to attain a sense of ownership in their living environment and gains the ability to behave more like a homeowner in activities such as caring […]

💡 Youth Culture Research Topics

  1. Work for Youth: “Nickel and Dimed” by Ehrenreich
  2. Youth and Maturity as Stages in Human Life
  3. Modern Technologies and Their Impact on Youth
  4. Homophile Youth Movement Flier
  5. Youth Unemployment in Africa: A Challenge for Public Policy Makers
  6. American Youth: Consumerism and Consumption Issues
  7. Asian and Latino Youths Identity Problems
  8. Two Leadership Experiences That Was Significant to Me as a Leader of a Youth Group
  9. Youth Crime and Punishment
  10. Youth Sports: Negative Effects
  11. Contemporary Issues Facing the Youth
  12. Rachel’s Challenges and It Benefits to the Youth. Columbine School Shooting
  13. Homeless Youths and Health Care Needs
  14. Appropriate Sentence for Violent Youth
  15. Youth Prostitution in America
  16. Unhealthy Lifestyle Among the Singapore Youth
  17. Community Initiative – The Chinese American Youth Forum
  18. Youth Issue: Teen Pregnancy
  19. “The Wife of His Youth” Short Story by Chesnutt
  20. “The Illogic of Youth Driving Culture” by Tilleczek
  21. “Children With a Star: Jewish Youth in Nazi Europe” by Deborah Dwork
  22. Navy’s Child & Youth Programs: Loyal Kids Grant
  23. Youth Wages in Australia and Their Advantages
  24. Philosophy of Youth Ministry and Spirituality
  25. The Golden Age of Youth and Freedom
  26. Youth as Active Participants in Resistance
  27. Employability of Youths in the US
  28. Youth Cultural Consumption and Its Impact on the Economy
  29. Jobless Youth Joining the Military
  30. Youth Culture, Obesity and Moral Panic
  31. Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est” and “Anthem for Doomed Youth”
  32. A Community Development Plan for Youth 15-18 Years in Kenyan Kibera Slum
  33. Deaf Youth: Social Justice Through Media and Activism
  34. Youth & Society Review
  35. Western Pop Culture and Street Fashion of Japanese Youth
  36. Sculpture of Victorious Youth
  37. Critical Analysis of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields
  38. Hardships of African-American Youths in the Singleton’s “Boyz N the Hood”
  39. Family Factors and Youth Suicide
  40. “Friend of My Youth” by Alice Munro
  41. Poor Kids: The Impact of Poverty on Youth
  42. Youth Empowerment in the UAE
  43. Unruly Youth in Urban Environments. Analysis
  44. Parent-Teacher-Youth Mediation Program Analysis
  45. Kids and Youth Homelessness: Facts and Statistics in the United States
  46. Youth-Led NGOs in Brunei Darussalam
  47. Youth-Led Activism and Political Engagement in New Zealand
  48. Social Media Efficiency in Decreasing Youth Alcohol Consumption
  49. Promoting the Importance of Healthy Living in Singapore Youth Community
  50. Communication Final Project: Youth Activism, Social Media, and Political Change Through Children’s Books
  51. Behavior Modification as an Intervention to Enhance School and Training Attendance at Manson Youth Institution
  52. Youth Issues and Adult Society
  53. Family and Community Violence Exposure Among Youth

❓ Research Questions About Youth

  1. What Is the Latest Fad Among the Youth of India?
  2. What Is the Biggest Problem Facing the Youth Today?
  3. What Do Older People Regret About Their Youth?
  4. What Are the Responsibilities of Youth?
  5. What Are General Seminar Topics That Attract Youth?
  6. How Can Conservatives Win Back America’s Youth From Progressives?
  7. What Is So Painful About the Indian Youth Today?
  8. What Are the Youth Problems?
  9. What Do You Think Is the Most Critical Issue Facing the Youth of Today?
  10. What Does the Pakistani Youth Think About the Indian Economy?
  11. What Are the Influences of Media Over the Youth?
  12. What Is the Role of the Youth in Eradication of Corruption?
  13. Why Is Youth Unemployment So High in Europe?
  14. What Are Some Issues Among Youth Today That We Can Discuss?
  15. Should Youth Get Involved in Politics?
  16. What Is the Impact of Cinema on Our Youth?
  17. How Does Poverty Lead to the HIV/Aids Infection Among the Youth?
  18. What Are the Impact of Technology on Youth?
  19. What Are Two Practical Solutions for Each of the Four Youth Risk Behavior?
  20. Does University Really Help Our Youth?
  21. How Does Miley Cyrus’ Actions and Attitudes Affect the Youth of Today?
  22. How Hiphop Has Changed the Youth in Society?
  23. How Much Impact Did Youth Culture Have on Society in the Years 1955-75?
  24. How Violent Video Games Really Affect the Youth?
  25. What Are the Social Causes of Youth Crime?
  26. What Impact Does Internet Have On Today’s Youth?
  27. What Is the Role of Youth in Politics?
  28. What Differences of the Youth Today Are From the Past?
  29. Why Don’t the Youth Nowadays Prefer Farming?
  30. What Are the Causes of the Massive Youth Unemployment in Spain?

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