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43 Video Game Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Video Game Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Striving for the Ultimate Knowledge: Eli’s Mission. Video Game
    Owing to the peculiarities of the movie plot, the game can be shaped in a most intriguing way, with a lot of turns of the plot which lead to the most effective denouement.
  2. Game designers have the responsibility to design less video game
    Secondly, the outcome of the video game is unpredictable as compared to movie in which the audience can predict the point at which the story would end thus making the video games more interesting to […]
  3. Video Game Effects
    Given the fact that there is indeed a logically sound rationale to such a suggestion, throughout the course of conducting my study, I remained thoroughly observant of the article’s classification-related suggestions, in regards to the […]
  4. Video Game Industry Analysis
    In 1950, Yamauchi assumed the position of the president in the firm and got on a variety of strategies with the purpose of rationalizing and modernizing the way the firm was controlled.
  5. Twitch.tv and Video Game Streaming Career
    From this point, in spite of the fact that the Twitch.tv platform can be viewed as belonging to the live-streaming industry, the careers of streamers develop according to the traditional principles of the entertainment business.
  6. Sony and Nintendo in the Video Game Industry
    The firm has manufactured several generations of the home console since the 1980s, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in the early 1990s, and the Nintendo 64 that was […]
  7. Video Game Addiction and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    As to me, I was interested in video games when I was a child because this industry was at its beginning and almost every pupil was involved in it.

🎮 Good Research Topics about Video Game

  1. Analysis of the Counter-Strike Video Game Phenomen in Computer Gaming
  2. Comparison of Three Companies in Video Game Industry; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft
  3. Analysis of Free Will in The Stanley Parable Video Game
  4. Analysis of the Effects of Playing a Video Game Used in Computer Science
  5. Analysis of the Characteristics and Player Statistics of Bungie’s Video Game Destiny
  6. Are Video Games Truly a Game or a Reality?
  7. Analysis of the Topic of the Releases in the Video-Game Industry and the Issues of the Violence
  8. Analysis of the Rise of the Video Game Empire in Modern Society
  9. Two Aspects of Creating a Video Game
  10. Analysis of the Third-Person, Console-Based Video Game, The Last of Us
  11. Are Users The Next Entrepreneurs? A Case Study On The Video Game Industry
  12. Combating Video Game Addiction : A Global Problem
  13. Does Playing Video Game Consoles Bring About Plenty of Advantages?
  14. Analysis of the Field Work Project and the Topic of a Video Game Community
  15. Does Video Game Violence Affect Children?
  16. Do Video Games Contribute For Video Game Violence?
  17. Is The Video Game Industry an Oligopoly?
  18. Is Video Game Violence the Cause of Juvenile Delinquency?
  19. Psychological Effects of Video Game Violence on Children
  20. What Is the Defining Business and Economic Characteristics of the Video Game Console Industry?
  21. Why Play Station 4 and the Xbox One Are the Kings of the Next Generation Video Game Console?
  22. What Makes A Video Game Addictive?

🕹️ Interesting Topics to Write about Video Game

  1. Competition Among 3 Main Video Game Companies: Nintendo, Sega, And Sony
  2. Brief Note On Video Gaming And The Video Game Industry
  3. Effects of Television and Video Game Violence on Children and Teenagers
  4. Analysis of the Different Genres of Video Game Systems for Children
  5. Overview of the Process and Career in Video Game Design
  6. Development of the Elder Scrolls Video Game Series
  7. Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Traditionally Masculine Sports: The Inclusion of Women in FIFA 16 Video Game
  8. Cancer: Video Game and Playing Violent Video
  9. Fighting the Online Video Game Wars in China
  10. Government Regulation Of Video Game Violence Is Unconstitutional And Unnecessary
  11. Japanese video game industry
  12. History of the Video Game Industry
  13. Microsoft Xbox Entering the World of Video Game
  14. The Merchant of Video Games: Adapting the Merchant of Venice into an Adventure Game

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