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How to Write a Technology Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

A technology essay is a challenging assignment, and it can be very hard to achieve an A on it. Nevertheless, there are certain small things that you can keep in mind that will help you write an excellent paper on technology.

DO check the instructions carefully to know what is expected of you. Carefully noting each point of the instructions is 50% of the work because it will ensure that you don’t lose marks on accident. Apart from the instructions, make sure to read through the grading rubric. If you have trouble memorizing some bits, highlight and reread them while writing the paper.

DON’T start working on the essay until you’ve gathered enough information. If your subject requires research, choose reliable references, such as peer-reviewed journal articles or books by qualified authors. If your tutor provided a reading list on the subject, you should also check the titles see if any of them are applicable. Sometimes your textbook might give you excellent ideas, so don’t overlook the course material.

DO write down your topic and title before you begin writing. This will help you to keep your essay organized and focused. Choosing what to write about can be a challenge, particularly if you didn’t get a list of preliminary topics from your tutor. Luckily, you can browse the internet for good technology essay topics and select one that draws your attention.

DON’T choose a subject that is way too broad. This is a mistake made by many students that leads them to lose marks for content. When you write on a general subject, such as “modern technology” or “computer history”, it can be hard to demonstrate the required depth and analysis.

DO find ways of narrowing down your subject of interest. This step will help you to write a paper that provides enough detail and offers interesting information that goes beyond Wikipedia content. For example, if you are interested in digital technology, write about a particular device or software. Note how it can benefit users, what are the core technologies involved, and whether or not there are any limitations.

DON’T include irrelevant information or details. The key to writing the best essay is to stay focused on your subject and using points that fit logically together. If you are writing about cell phone technologies, do not spend more than a couple of sentences talking about laptop technologies. If you chose to focus on graphic design, do not consider other digital technologies, and so on.

DO structure your paper well. The key here is to create an outline first so that you could organize your key points in a sequence. In a technology essay, introduction, main body, and conclusion are the three core parts.

To see how other people structure their work, browse examples of technology papers online. In particular, note how they used the first sentence to draw the readers’ attention – this might help you with technology essay hooks.

Based on your observations, make a detailed outline and return to it throughout the writing process to nail the structure of your paper!

Following the advice we provided will help you to create a top-notch essay that will impress your tutor and earn you a high mark. Don’t forget to look around our website to find some useful technology essay titles, sample papers, and more!

Implementing Information Technology Driven Solutions for Supply Chain

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Adoption of M-learning Technology

Executive Summary Current trends in education show that Mobile learning (M learning) has significantly redefined learning processes. However, at the heart of its adoption lie serious concerns about the benefits, limitations, and implications of M learning. This paper explores these concerns by evaluating the issues that surround the adoption of M learning and its potential […]

Provision of Just-In-Time Technology

Purpose of the Request for Proposals The aim of this Request for Proposal is to seek proposals to set up a contract with a qualified organization (School District of Beloit, 2013). In fact, this is to support all areas of ‘Just-in-Time’ (JIT) technology solutions Good Hope Investments (herein referred to as the “Company”). Information about […]

Culture before the Influence by Technology

Various ethnic groups around the world had their unique cultural practices that they identified with. This particular community had unique cultural practices that defined every activity they undertook. Historically this community’s environment was symbolized by natural forests with several indigenous trees that grew naturally on the land. The community highly respected nature so much that […]

Teaching philosophy and the use of technology

Introduction In most educational institutions, teacher should use technology to facilitate learning. They should also act as change agents to enhance adoption of technology in teaching. However, the use of technology by teachers in teaching has been surprisingly low in all over the world (Teo, 2009). Therefore, it is necessary for researchers to determine factors […]

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

After the analysis of student course evaluations at Green Valley Community College had demonstrated an unfortunate trend and a slight increase in dropout rates has been observed, the college president decided to integrate technology into classrooms and to create alternatives to lecturing for the purpose of improving the students’ motivation. Using quantitative data-collection procedures, the […]

Organization Learning and Information Technology Management

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Human Computer Interaction – Heptic Technology in PlayMotion

The traditional PlayMotion era in gaming is over. With the introduction of haptic applications of in gaming, PlayMotion does not constitute the ultimate gaming experience any more. PlayMotion makes it possible for gamers to experience the gaming environment in enhanced ways. It translates their actions into shapes and patterns by applying gesture recognition technology and […]

Using technology in classrooms

Introduction Numerous schools across the country are investing massive sums of money in technology in order to improve learning. While a few institutions have benefited from these programs, research shows that several have not. Technology use in classes also impedes other programs and reduces learning outcomes. The evidence In certain scenarios, technology use in the […]

The aircraft maintenance industry (Technology analysis)

The aircraft maintenance is about the desires and fulfillment in the industry when there are no errors being reported or realized. The industry always strives at excellence and accuracy technologically to provide safe air transport. This is seen through the ever-improving aircraft technology and the innovations made are better today than the yesterdays. Any mistake […]

Referee VS. Technology

Introduction There is no doubt that mankind is experiencing advancement in technologies like never before and the trend shows that he should expect more. Following this, every field ranging from business, economics, management, judiciary, local government and more importantly sports have tried to embrace these new technologies in one way or the other. One field […]

Information communication technology

Introduction The term ICT, or Information communication technology, refers to communication devices and communication applications. These encompass mobile phones, satellite systems, radio, computers and network hardware, television, etc. ICT is currently among the most important drivers of retail logistics. It has also become an indispensable part of contemporary homes and retail businesses (Kuppusamy and Santhapparaj, […]

The Impact of Radio-Frequency Technology on Retailing and Wholesaling

Technological innovations have altered the business landscapes. Today, for instance, many interactive technologies that rely on Internet platforms have introduced disruptive traditional practices and forced many retailers and wholesalers to review their business practices. Innovative, interactive technologies have provided platforms for new robust business models such as Netflix, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, among others. The […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Technology in Education

Numerous advantages accrue to teachers who utilize technology not only in their teaching but also as a tool to interact with students across space and time. One of the significant advantages of using technology is that it enables teachers to design and implement interactive course materials that could be used to enhance learning experiences that […]

Technology and Children’s Social Skills

Introduction Technology has become a necessity in everyday life and children are so much affected by it. In schools we see desktops, laptops, notebooks, and cell phones used as learning tools, enhancements to teaching methods and, therefore, as catalysts of student learning in general. Some studies found that technology is effective in stimulating the developing […]

Information Technology (IT) Team

Purpose of the Team The team I will be writing on is Information Technology (IT) Team. The purpose of the team is to build a formidable group spirit among the members so that all the set goals and objectives can be achieved with much ease. It is imperative to mention that it takes immense effort, […]

The changing role of technology in higher education

Introduction The current technological advancement is more rapid than it has ever been in the world history. Instigating from the industrial revolution to the twentieth century, advancements in technology have been evolutionary. In fact, experts have been asserting that the world is moving from the industrial age of the twentieth century to the information age […]

Project Management Software and Technology

Several project management software solutions which contain the newest technology were created for operation in businesses or offices management. As allocation of projects operations all over the world, the speed in which they have successfully to communicate is essential. There are many technological improvements which are assisting to create this efficient. Advanced computer-based project management […]

Technology Industrial and Energy Sectors

Introduction Investors look at a world that has numerous opportunities at the moment. These opportunities are in many sectors. However, some sectors are appearing to be taking a sizeable chunk of opportunities. This paper looks at three sectors where such opportunities are immense. They include the energy sector, technology sector and industrial sector. Although others […]

Security as a technology issue in the classroom

Security has always been an issue of great concern for both individuals and organizations. Even before the advent of computer technology, people were highly concerned about their security, and the security of their assets and information related to them. Due to this fact security measures were established to ensure that people, properties and sensitive information […]

Lean Burn Engine Technology

Introduction With the rising desire to attain more miles per gallon of fuel, car manufacturers are now focusing their attention on lean burn engine technologies. On its part, the American government demonstrated its support for lean burn engine technology when it ratified the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In essence, this act qualified cars, trucks, […]

Environmental Science & Technology

Modern world seems impossible without innovative design decisions at the streets. It seems rational to apply architectural ideas to restore old items on the streets, however, not many people think about ecology when they are offered to make a new architectural thing. The idea of a good design varies from person to person. A good […]

Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an important field in science. Biotechnology enables mankind to develop cutting-edge technologies when it comes to drug design. Biotechnology enables the capability to develop pest-resistant and drought-resistant varieties of high-value crops such as corn and rice. One of the most important components of biotechnology is the creation and maintenance of a mechanism that […]

Technology and Multiple Intelligence Development: Gardner’s Ideas Put into Practice

Introduction: The Multiple Facets of Intelligence Despite the numerous researches, the mysterious ways of a human brainwork remain a secret for the humankind. However, with the progress which educational theories have made so far, one can expect certain suggestions on intelligence development. With the help of nine types of intelligence discovered by Howard Gardner, one […]

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

Advancement in technology and communication networks has changed how organizations market goods and services; the sales and marketing department are becoming computerized as a policy to attain competitiveness. The risk facing the globalized world is how to secure corporate and customer information; when using technology to market products and services, companies are able to reach […]

Challenges and Benefits of Workplace Diversity

Introduction Since globalization and multiculturalism have become synonymous aspects of the global market place companies tend to respond to the diverse consumer and cultural demographics to which they sell their products and services to stay relevant. A company that limits itself in terms of diverse employee demographics runs the risk of being unable to understand […]