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Emergent Technology Essay (Article)

According to Pitkin (137), technology is one of the most significant engines of the modern society. It plays a significant role in shaping the future and the present.

There are critical questions regarding the impact of technological changes to organizations and individuals as well as the exact role of the individuals in managing the impact of the changes. The choices we make regarding the emergence of these technologies have a significant bearing on our success and the journey into the future (Pitkin 137).

Online games are technology based entertainment. Many computer games presently are made up of a virtual environment imitating real life atmosphere as well as scientific and fictional activities.

Playing online games has become a major homework and business across the globe. Many individuals young and old sit like statues before the computers and handsets during work, after school or after work play the online games. Today, it is not strange to see individuals spend the whole day browsing the internet seeking for games (Nejati, Shafaei & Nejati 518).

The increasing recognition and attractiveness of online gaming and the live transmissions of leagues on television and internet streaming has accelerated the development of online soccer games.

The rapid advancements in the online soccer games are greatly attributed to the media broadcast and the prevalence of cable television transmission channels.

Particular internet protocol televisions and web portals are fully devoted to the game competitions. This has attracted several individuals and professional game players to become celebrities and fans (Ivory 223).

The use of web-based games and simulations has raised a lot of concerns due to the impact it has had on the lives of the students and the lives of individuals at home and at the workplace.

The new gaming technology consumes significant amount of time and has potential harmful impacts such as exposing of young minds to unhealthy commercialism, sex and violence (Ivory 223).

Engaging in the online gaming has both psychological and behavioral consequences. The consequences include impact on the moods and one’s psychological state. In the workplace, boredom is disadvantageous to the organization.

When the individuals engage in the online gaming activities for example and loose in a competition, it affects their concentration in the workplace because of the negative and unpleasant emotional states that arises. This moves the employee’s concentration away from the normal duties.

Bored employees produce dissatisfying results which hinders promotion and puts their compensation at risk. The decreased performance may lead to termination of employment or contract (Zhang 172).

Online addictions oblige individuals to engage in the internet games which later progresses and initiate behavior change. Unfavorable addictive behavior in the workplace attracts unpleasant reaction from colleagues and managers.

This is because an individual finds it difficult to operate without having access to the online games. Spending any little time without access to the games leads to anxiety, depression and loneliness. These Problematic tic conditions instigate conflicts and confrontations with employers and colleagues in the workplace (Zhang 172).

In many countries, digital technology such as the internet games industry is regarded as one of the industries where addiction and decadent attitudes emerge.

The online games have particularly affected cultural values and have become a big threat to the youth and the future of the society at large.

It has also largely contributed to the leisure practices by the youth outside the limits of parental control as well as tension and boredom in the learning environments as a result of the restrictions imposed on students regarding the use of the online resources (Human Kinetics 173).

Online games present a possible serious setback on one’s social development and skills. It is possible for individuals to excessively and continually discuss on particular online games whether in the office or in class, thereby giving little consideration to meaningful conversations.

Studies have indicated negative social effects of certain types of online games such as the online soccer or video games. For example playing violent games is a considerable risk factor and gradually causes physical aggression (Human Kinetics 173).


Due to the rapid developments in the computer high-tech and the advancements in technology, millions of individuals and families are linked and especially via the internet. According to Zhang (172), this has led to the speedy growth in the online and video games.

Living in today’s modern society demands that individuals and organizations must accept the trend and the impact of the emerging technology. Everyone must learn to select what is beneficial and discard potentially harmful materials.

Recognizing the unique advantages and disadvantages of particular online games helps individuals to avoid possible harm and negative side effects on their academic work and in workplaces.

Individuals should no longer simply hold on to attitudes and perceptions regarding the impact of technology, instead each person should ensure a proper regulation and sound use as well as effective control of the electronic games so as to ensure minimal side effects of the recreational activities (Zhang 172).

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