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Technology Effect Essay Examples and Topics

Electronic Reading Devices, Their Pros and Cons

Such devices may be expensive and unaffordable for some people. Overall, reading on electronic devices offers vast opportunities both for the publisher and for readers of all ages.

Society and Technological Change

Moreover, technology is a cumulative process that stores and transfers its knowledge to the future generations by means of the development.

Science and Aviation Technology Effects on Society

The asteroid collided with the Earth would kill most of the population and leave the rest of the planet uninhabitable. For the survival of our species, it would be safer to have a backup plan [...]

“Progress” an Article by Max Cougar

Max's choice of combining recorded and in-person speech was his way of displaying the difference between the effects of the speech made in person and the one using modern technologies, and, ultimately, proving his main [...]

The Shaping Control of Technology

The role of the office is to ensure every technological work is coordinated in a professional manner and supports the needs of the society.

The “Smart City” Concept

Such end users are the Dubuque authorities that receive valuable data as the decision makers and the responsible citizens of the city as the evaluators of the impact the project has on their life in [...]

Human Societies Evolution and the Role of Innovation

When these two countries are compared specifically in regard to innovation, it is clear that Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates countries have almost the same score in the index of 'Ability of scientists [...]

Technology and Social Organization’ Relationships

According to the proponents of technological determinism, technology influences all aspects of social life. These explanations include the social transformation of technology, the social edifice of technology, and actor-network theory.

Communities and Social Change

Almost every country in the world has contributed to the invention of new technologies and ideas that put them on the same level as the rest of the world.

Technology in Education and Medicine

Also today, courtesy of technology, students with learning disabilities can participate fully in the learning process using assistive learning techniques and programs.

Thomas Friedman on Globalization and Information Technology

Freidman explains that the convergence of technological innovations especially information technology tools such as the internet and the mobile phone, and political occurrences such as the fall of the Berlin wall as well as the [...]

Virtual Reality Technology and Soccer Training

Moreover, the level of interactivity needs to be significant, and the most attention should be devoted to the modeling of situations that are viewed as the most problematic.

Science and Technology Impact on Globalization

Globalization has by now laid down the phase for this epoch through making the world interrelated further and the tools of empowerment available to all."To start with, Globalization refers to the trend toward countries joining [...]

Modern Technology and Its “Smart” Use

Secondly, it is important to create time for physical interaction with family and friends. Overdependence on modern technology is harmful to physical, social, and psychological wellbeing.

Media Piracy and Digital Technologies

Digital technologies lower the reproduction and distribution costs of pirated media content in that they attempt to control the use of digital media by preventing access copying or conversing to other formats by pirates.

Impact of Technological Innovations on Society

Broadcasting the news in English, as is the national language in the US, would have denied people in other countries the chance to understand the occurrence of the event and its effects on other economies.

Technological Advancements and International Relations

In the nineteenth century, most of the international corporations across the world expanded their operations in various countries through the establishment of subsidiaries on the geographical market of their choice.

Technologies in the XXI Century

With the advent of the Internet and the opportunity of remote work, the premises for several changes within the employment landscape were created.

Machine Learning for Improved Management

The theoretical perspectives that will be used in the proposed study will discuss the question of information technologies' impact on the management of professional activities and the world in general.

The Use of Intelligent Systems and E-Tourism Applications

It means that when a web user searches for information in the internet, this intelligent system processes it to determine what the individual needs, and then provide a list of recommendations that will meet the [...]

Augmented Reality in Document Detection

It is these processes that have led to the creation of augmented reality. Hartl et al.also demonstrated the usefulness of augmented reality technology in verifying holograms by saying that the technology's use of multiple reference [...]

Augmented Reality in Public Relations Domain

The rationale behind this suggestion has to do with the fact that the integration of AR into the very philosophy of PR is fully consistent with the most fundamental principles of the human brain's functioning.

“What’s Your Best Innovation Bet?” by Schilling

Therefore, the article holds that the understanding of the evolutionary process of technology and the dynamic needs of customers is critical in designing innovations that would become relevant for a considerable time.

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr, in his article, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" mainly discusses the basis and impact of the way the Internet affects or impacts our reading, reasoning, and writing habits as well as the way [...]

Mobile Data Economics in the 21st Century

Today, mobile devices push the world economy forward in ways, unimaginable in the 20th century: fantastic mobility and simplicity of business operations, startups affordable to anyone, and online-oriented development of the majority of businesses.

Technological Innovation in Law Enforcement

It shows that criminals may use the same methods as police officers and also indicates that the storage of personal information in cyberspace is related to major safety risks.

Technology in Society, Healthcare and Education

However, the research on this topic is extensive and shows the impact of technology to be a positive one. Further research on this and other topics should be considered due to the widespread presence of [...]

“A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink

In his book A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink focuses on a discussion of one of the major changes in the modern society that have occurred under the influence of such professes as industrialization and [...]

Avoiding Technological Determinism: Aspects and Challenges

For instance, Volti specifically warns the reader that the perspective on the technology that is presented in the chapter "Winners and Losers" may be "a bit negative" and makes sure to mention the positive effects [...]

Digital Labor in Contemporary Asia

Such changes can be seen in the way of living of people nowadays, as well as in the status of development in the majority of the countries.

Science and Innovation in Saudi Arabia Society

The sphere of communication improved with the creation of the telegraph and telephone. The automobile and the airplane entered the lives of the general public, affecting the nature of cities.

Digital Citizenship Definition and Problems

In this connection, the paper is devoted to the proposal of the digital citizenship necessity and its safe implementation including such integral aspects as digital literacy, etiquette, tolerance to other digital citizens, appropriate referencing, and [...]

The Impact of Technological Change on Business

While it is obvious that effective and diverse means of communication have been at the disposal of entrepreneurs for more than a century now, it is undeniable that the development of the informational technology, especially [...]

The Cultural Impact of Technology in Modern Society

The primary purpose of the paper is to analyze two articles, namely Steve Jobs, Romantic Individualism and the Desire for Good Capitalism by Thomas Streeter and If Thoreau were to move to Walden today, Would [...]

The Cultural Impact of Technology

In a third paragraph, the author argues that such things are not regarded as technological innovations now, and the term "technology" is limited to the description of new electronic devices and digital services which have [...]

Cultural Impact of Technology

In the present-day world, the technological advances entailed a significant transformation in the mode of life, and it is possible to say that the new stage of social development is provoked by the growth of [...]

Cultural Impact of Technology on Life

Indeed, much to the credit of the authors and the participants of the conversation, there is a strong tendency for people to view technology as a thing in itself.

A New Weapon Used Against Youth

One of the most difficult issues connected to youth culture is their lack of consciousness when it comes to the use of modern means of communication and other things that were invented to promote knowledge [...]

Autonomous Technology in History and Philosophy

With the increased complexity of technology, the economy became just as complex in turn, which severely limits the participation of a regular, non-specialized, human being in the economic system.

The Uses and Abuses of Technologies and Medias

However, it is apparent that using smartphones is one of the major distractions in class, and it is likely to result in the lowering of the performance levels of the students.

Online Meeting Rooms and Events

The most difficult part of workplace change is not the company's physical environment or technology; employees and their culturally costumed attitudes about how they are managed, the way they should work, and their connection to [...]

Sciences and Technology Role in History

Technology has played a key role in development of such inventions as gunpowder in 13th century, printing development in 15th century, steam engine invention in the 18th century, and development of various factories in the [...]

Cyber Counselling: Experiential Activity

I have to admit, though, that I have been reading the answers repeatedly, and I was not treating them the way a customer would: I was analyzing the techniques my partner had used.

The Model of Bringing Personal Device

Despite the fact, that it can increase the satisfaction from the workplace, the BYOD model contributes to the issues with the support of the personal devices.

Technology and Relationships: Positive and Negative Effects

The research proposal provides an analysis of two topics namely 'the positive effects of using technology to communicate in an organization' and 'the negative impacts of using technology for individual and family communication'.

Ethics in the Technologies and Communications

The American Psychological Association adopted the resolution after a study by the National Institute of confirmed the same results by the Surgeon General. In addition, it has led to a looming sense of isolation from [...]

“IT Doesn’t Matter” an Article by Nicholas Carr

And it is impossible to disagree with Nicholas Carr when he claims that IT experiences the phase of commoditization. For example, it is possible to adopt the proprietary technologies that would provoke the diversification of [...]

Cyber Practice and Stakeholders Value

On the other hand, such stakeholders should consider the idea of human rights and combine the idea of their personal expression freedom with the rights of other people to have personal space and opinions.

How Technology Has Destroyed Jobs in Our World Today?

As pointed out by Rotman, the same technology that is apparently making work easier and helping to increase the level of productivity in business enterprises is responsible for killing jobs and getting rid of humans [...]

ERP Systems Impact in Higher Education

The use of ERP systems facilitates the flow of data within the organizations. This tendency influences the developers and designers of ERP systems too.

Efficient Interaction in Distance Learning Classroom

The problem is that the number of enrolments in the online form of education is augmenting, even as the knowledge regarding the factors that influence the effectiveness of distance education continues to be scarce.

Information Management in Modern Business

However, the problem that needs to be discussed that some essential data is not taken into account most of the time, and it needs to be considered because it is possible to find correlations that [...]

Human Overdependence on Computers

It is through this process that they are able to demonstrate that they can live without the use of computers. There is no going back to the time when people are not too dependent on [...]

Ethics of Ubiquitous Electronic Connection

One of the biggest issues brought out by the ubiquitous electronic connection is the problem of privacy. In the contemporary world, the majority of individuals own mobile devices that connect with the Internet and have [...]

New Technology and Its Harm to Society

Owing to the huge significance of technology, new technology is constantly being developed and implemented with the aim of improving human life even further.

Robotics’ Sociopolitical and Economic Implications

The foremost benefits of Robotics for individuals can be formulated as follows: The continual development/implementation of the Robotics-related technologies will increase the chances of self-actualization, on the part of the potentially affected individuals.

Mobile Culture: Texting Effects on Teenagers

Given the abilities of smartphones to access the Internet and social media platforms, teenagers have turned their smart devices to tools of socialisation and communication in which texting is the most preferred mode of communication.

Technological Dependence

With rapid technological developments, many people are today concerned with the impact of technology in the life of the modern man.

The Information Technology Revolution

In order to set the stage for these discussions, it is imperative to clarify the meaning of ICT, as well as the meaning of revolutionary change.

The Effects of Wireless Frequency on Health

What are the effects of wireless technologies on health? What are the possible solutions to address the effects of the use of wireless technologies on health?

Technology Use among Children: Ethical Issues

The use of technology has triggered innovations and enhanced the skills of children and adults. Some of the contents in the internet are very dangerous to the children.

How the Internet is Changing Your Brain?

One of the most evident things that can be observed nowadays is that the Internet has a considerable impact on people, the development of relations, the ways of how information is exchanged, etc.

“The Dumbest Generation”

This is proven by the fact that he has gone beyond his limits to investigate the impacts of technology on America's young people.

Technologies: High-Speed Internet Vs the Cable Television

The article discusses two aspects of the merger first, the increase in monopolistic power of Comcast due to the merger and second, government regulation that might control the rise of monopolistic power in high speed [...]

Web-Based Technology Report

By the time Angela travels to Hungary, she has a wealth of knowledge about the local weather, culture, restaurants as well as her expectation with respect to the study-abroad program.

How Technology Changes Society

The study will explore the role of IMS in diminishing road carnage in the UAE. The structure of the family is also impacted upon the demise of the member.

“It’s a Flat World, After All” by Thomas Friedman

Information technology was and has remained critical in the realization of a global virtual village, which is marked by the ease of access to information from all corners of the world and the ability to [...]

Technology in Modern World

Human cloning will lead to singularity in the sense that there will be no difference between the natural process of production and artificial production.

Effects of Technology on Culture

To identify the main players, such as people and devices, that led to the attainment of this condition in the family unit.

Goyder and Technology

This phrase indicates how Goyder perceived technology in the context of its importance, relevancy, and connection to humanity in the current world.

Information Technology and Human Society

It led to the creation of the Internet that enabled computer users in India to communicate to computer users in the United Kingdom, the United States and even as far as New Zealand.

American Calling

The book talks about the technological role of the telephone in the American society. In the second chapter, the author discusses the impacts of the telephone on the American society.

Technology Fails to Deliver Happiness

With the advancements in information technology and the massive use of the internet, communication has become quite effective as people can connect when they are in different countries around the world, at any time.

Emergent Technology

The use of web-based games and simulations has raised a lot of concerns due to the impact it has had on the lives of the students and the lives of individuals at home and at [...]

The Impact of Computers

Morris argues that '...the ever-accelerating progress of technology gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.

The Digital Divide

The invention of the computer and the subsequent birth of the internet have been seen as the most significant advances of the 20th century.

Excess Use of Technology and Motor Development

Research Question The purpose of this research proposal is to ascertain the relationship between the ability of the sense organs to process information and the excessive use of technology.

People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology

This is because it has come to the knowledge of many that human being is prone to errors, and the only way these errors can be eliminated is to engage technology in order to ensure [...]

Technology and Negative Effects

The unfortunate part is that people do not pay attention to the growing concern and continue using the social networks. All of this is impossible to see and feel over the internet or texting.

Technology Help American Become More Knowledgeable

With the extinction of the old creative generation, the US is yet to face the worst of intellectual disability. In addition, due to 'copy pasting' of class work from the internet or fellow students, the [...]

Experiential Computing

Without experiential computing, humans would view the world in a symbolic form; but relating the world with human experience gives a deeper meaning to the relationship because the world is part of life and humans [...]

Where is writing taking us?

The big question of discussion at this particular juncture is evaluation and examination of the impact of the new technologies and how they affect the core purpose of writing. Important to note and mention is [...]

Impact of Technology

Despite the large amount of information that the internet provides to people, research shows that the internet may have a negative effect on the intellectual ability of an individual. The use of technological devices may [...]

The Technology’s Influence on Lives

In this essay, I will demonstrate the influence of technology in our lives first by looking at the current phenomenon of phone addiction and proceed to show its continued significance in the developing field of [...]

Impact of Scientific Discoveries on the World

As a wrap up, therefore, Juan Enriquez envisions the future of the global economy which is characterised by tremendous developments in the scientific and the technological world.
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