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Technology in Education Essay Examples and Topics

Texting Effects on Students Academic Performance

The use of abbreviation and manipulation of the phonological sounds of words improves the imagination and creativity of students. One of the benefits of texting is that it improves academic performance by promoting the spelling [...]

Laptops of UAE Students: Preferred Brands

It is no doubt that students contribute to a significant market of laptops in the UAE. The study used a survey to identify the brands that were being used by students in different institutions of [...]

The M-Learning Concept

There is a positive correlation between the change in technology and the growth rate of digital libraries. M-learning also referred to as mobile learning is a type of learning that involves the use of personal [...]

IPads and Tablets vs. Books in English Learning

While focusing on the process of learning English, it is important to state that the main reason to use tablets in the educational settings was the increased mobility and the overall flexibility in adapting these [...]

Mobile Learning Plan

To address the challenges and prospects offered by the use of mobile phones in learning, the stakeholders need to address the above issues with urgency.

The Effect of Twitter on College Students

First, they wanted to address the question "what is the effect of encouraging the use of Twitter for purposes relevant to education on student engagement?" Secondly, they wanted to answer the question "what is the [...]

Virtual Learning Environments: Effective Use

Tutors often face the challenge of effective delivery of lessons in the classroom given the diverse categories of students. Learning objects basically refer to blocks of content that can be interlinked to produce a course.

E-Learning: Video, Television and Videoconferencing

Some e-learning methods such as videoconferencing are very effective as learning methods because they engage the learner in active learning, while other e-learning methods such as video or distance learning are not very appropriate learning [...]

How Tablets Changed Everything?

In spite of the fact that tablets allow people not to worry about their mistakes, weaken the analysis of the reading and worsen literacy abilities due to reading text with the help of a screen, [...]

IPad Initiative Among the UAE Students

Cavanaugh et al.develop the article about the iPad initiatives in the educational process in the UAE and present a thoughtful literature review and an informative, descriptive statistical analysis within the frames of which such sessions [...]

Educational Technologies

To be more exact, the teachers' ability to use the designated site and the tools provided by it to create an adequate assessment for the learners of Arabic language will be tested with the help [...]

Using Technology Tools and Media

This discussion demonstrates the fundamental importance of technology in contributing to the paradigm shift that is required to enhance learning and teaching experiences in ESL environments.

Technological Advancement: Intellectual Neutral Element

It is agreeable that technology enables individuals to identify the kind of change that is appropriate and the achievement process. The process allows individuals to establish and develop a clear understanding on what to change, [...]

Technology Research Proposal

In this perspective, this paper proposes a research project seeking to determine the applicability of leadership laws including those postulated by John Maxwell in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership in aiding to [...]

Using Smartphones in Learning

The other purpose of the study is to understand the recent developments that have been made to the smartphones and how people are able to adopt the changes.

Computer Mediated Learning

Among the terms that are often used and erroneously taken to have the same meaning as computer mediated learning is the term computer authored learning.

Mobile Applications in Learning

Mobile applications take into consideration the capabilities of the target devices and the information is therefore presented in a manner that is appropriate for the diverse mobile devices.

Technology and Online Assessments

Educators are faced with a tough challenge to come up with innovative ways that guarantee the success of the education system besides ensuring that they are able to perform to the expectations of the public.

Students Learning Disabilities

This assistive technology uses appropriate symbols and techniques to support the needs of different learners. These technologies will support the needs of many learners.

Intervention Strategy in Education

To ensure that the study is comprehensive and unbiased, data will be collected through completion of tests during the research. Secondary data will be collected in libraries and with the help of numerous online resources.

Physical Disabilities and Assistive Technology

For example, learners with visual impairments can use text-to-speech programs. Learners with physical disabilities can be gathered for with the help of assistive technology devices such as adaptive keyboard and screen reading software for learners [...]

Internet Use Policy at Fairleigh Dickinson University

In discussing the ethical issues, it is imperative to note that personal use of the Internet broadens the ideological divergence between the employer and the worker, which is further polarized by the contrast between economic [...]

Technology and Education

In an interesting correlation between technology and university culture, Stephen Marshall presents the notion that it is the very culture within universities that ascribe to a set of strict fundamentals and organizational practices that limits [...]

Web 2.0: Education

Hence, all that we learn is always available and this leads to the promotion of a lifelong studying and learning as students are able to access more information without the need to buy books.

Webinars in Education

When it is night-time, some participants may be very exhausted and will not have the enthusiasm required to actively participate in the seminar sessions.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

The types of quantitative information that would be helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of the imposed measures include the results of students' standardized tests and statistics data as to the rate of students' dropouts after [...]

Using technology in classrooms

Baylor and Ritchie found that for technology to work well in the classroom, it must be complemented by a series of other activities.

Article Review on Technology in Education

Teachers have employed digital teaching and learning methods to meet the needs of the students; however, a lot of problems that come with the adoption of technology in education.

Unleashing web 2.0 for African learning

In order to attain a higher degree of student perception of learning as well as engage students in the process of learning in Africa, a constructivist approach ought to be put in place.

Simulation and modeling

During the primary stages of learning, high fidelity illustration may confuse a learner due to the speedy representation of the compounded sequence.

The computer-mediated learning module

A runtime data model will be used to encode the information received into a standard format of programming, and a standard metadata will also be used to identify a particular activity in the performance criterion [...]

How the technology impact education

It is noted that technology plays a significant role in spheres of life and the field of education is not an exception. Experts in the field of education have acknowledged that technology is another gift [...]

The Virtual Tutoring Owl

The product since it is a new product will require a lot of marketing and advertising in order to be known by the consumers.

Technology in Education

This essay addresses the issue of technology in education by summarizing a scholarly article on the subject and synthesizing the impact of technology in education.

Learning Process and Incorporating Technology

Kant was among the initial philosophers to recognize the processes of the mind and that the mind was integral of the thinking process and has the capacity to add value to the development of thoughts.

Will Schools Survive the Internet?

The main aim of this paper is to analyze both sides of the argument and establish the validity of the statement, 'With the rise in modern technology, there will be no need for teachers as [...]

Using Audiovisual Technologies

Under the display individual static images function-type, traditional technologies used to support teaching and learning process comprise of overhead and slide projectors, bulletin board and posters; while the digital-and-other-emerging versions of the same comprise of [...]

Impact of Technology on Teaching

The demographics of the Department of Defense Education Activity schools highlight the nature of students and the expected challenges in both teaching and learning.

Effects of Technology in Education

The invention of computers and the Internet technology have brought a major revolution in the education field. This is quite a big development in the field of education and it can all be attributed to [...]

Application of Technology in Education

Therefore, it is vital for educators to use the above spheres of learning in the application of technology in education. However, the spheres of learning are in constant conflict with each other in the lives [...]

Classroom vers’s Online Tutorials

For example, some studies have revealed that many learners are willing to attend the normal class sessions since they are skeptical about the quality of online classes.

Development of Technology in Education

The use of the Second Life can help enhance students' learning by engaging them in the new experiences and a new way of interaction. One of the major benefits of the use of Virtual Worlds [...]

Technological Access, Literacy and Fluency

However, not all members of the community surrounding the University are technologically literate. To improve access to digital technology in Michigan Technological University and the surrounding areas, various measures should be put in place.

Calculators in education

This is because with the use of calculators it becomes fast to solve mathematics problem in less time and by use of little energy. Calculators make students be used to them; this makes the students [...]

Can Educational technologies improve learning?

From this perspective, amid considering various arguments and counter-arguments for and against the roles of educational technologies in the modern society in improving learning in schools, the paper argues that educational technologies can serve to [...]

ICT in Education

This paper explores the importance of the tools of the tools of ICT in education and the roles that these tools have played in making learning better and easier.

Computers in the classroom

Teachers will need to be able to teach kids how to think critically and apply the information that is available to them in solving problems.

Technological Advances in Education

One of the biggest advantages that technology has brought in the field of education is global learning. It is a fact that technology has brought about massive improvement in the field of education.

Use of Technology as a Learning Tool

With the enhancement of technology that has been evident in the past years, technology has become an integral part of most of the activities carried out by humans.

Impact of Technology on Education

The history shows that technological progress and modernity are closely interconnected, arranging a tandem for the development of more sophisticated techniques for the cognition of the surrounding world.