Technology in Education Essay Examples and Topics

Educational Technologies

Introduction Background The significance of IT tools as a means to enhance the learning process can hardly be underrated. Modern technologies should be viewed as a powerful tool for information acquisition and transfer; therefore, they can and should be used by teachers. Particularly, the usage of online software as a means of assessing students’ progress […]

Using Technology Tools and Media

Introduction Today, in the 21st century, substantial empirical research has shown that the only way to improve student learning and training is to move away from teacher-centered, standardized paradigm predicated upon time-oriented student progress to the learner-oriented, customized standard predicated upon attainment-based student progress (Aslan & Reigeluth, 2013). Research-based innovations, according to these authors, are […]

Technological Advancement: Intellectual Neutral Element

Introduction Thinking process is a vital element in driving performance in institutions especially in the current environment where change is paramount. The process is driven by diverse factors that hold legal, social, economic and technological implications. These elements influence individuals thinking process and contribute in the formulation of credible course of action. Indeed, individuals thinking […]

Technology Research Proposal

Technology is a subtle tool for enhancing the effectiveness of various societal systems. In education systems, integration of ICT technology may incredibly aid in shifting learning from the teacher-centered to the student-focused one. In this context, integrating ICT technology into learning coupled with teaching calls for school leaders to focus their strategic leadership efforts on […]

Using Smartphones in Learning

Introduction According to Madden (2011), smartphones were introduced into the market in the year 1996, and quickly spread to all parts of the world. This is contrary to other technologies like landline telephones that took longer time before reaching the local and international market. Before the introduction of smartphones into the market, most people including […]

Assistive Technology for High School Students with Dyslexia

Introduction There have been a number of issues influencing the utilization of Assistive Technology (AT) for high school students with dyslexia (Draffan et al., 2007; Bryson, 2013). Changes to Public Law 105-17 (2004) in the United States command that assistive technology be taken into account when planning a Personal Education Plan (PEP) for a student […]

The Education System and Factors of Technology

Introduction The education system is attributed to divergent technological aspects in the world. There are factors of technology that require changes in teaching practices to facilitate efficient and effective learning. Perceptions of students have been evaluated by researchers throughout the world. It has been identified that the students have different capacities in understanding (Simon and […]

Computer Mediated Learning

There are many definitions available that attempt to explain learning processes delivered, enabled or mediated using electronic technology for the explicit purpose of learning. These definitions include such terms as distance learning which may occur even in the absence of electronic technology. Distance learning has for a long time been performed using correspondence (Fee, 2009). […]

Mobile Learning and Its Impact on the Learning Process

Introduction Mobile learning (M-learning) is a learning process that takes place when the learner is not at a particular fixed location. The learning process takes place when the student takes full advantage of different opportunities offered by cell phones and other portable devices. These devices include notebooks, tables, laptops and other handheld digital computers. The […]

Mobile Applications in Learning

Introduction Recent advances in mobile technologies have made handheld devices an integral part in the lives of most people. While the primary use of these mobile devices has been communication and entertainment, the education sector is beginning to make use of mobile technology. Mobile applications enable students to utilize their mobile devices for academic work. […]

Teaching Content through Literature and Technology: Trade Books

Introduction Education of little kids plays an important role in life: the way of how children are able to grasp new material and the principles according to which it is necessary to live influences their future and communication with other people around. In this paper, one of the cultural aspects of children education will be […]

The Integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker Into the Education Programs

Description of tools The integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker into the education programs could be beneficial for enhancing the students’ involvement into the curriculum as well as improving their computer literacy in general. CamStudio is a tool which records all screen and audio activities displayed on the personal computer, creating standard video files […]

Technology and Online Assessments

Abstract The world is embracing the use of technology to improve education at a very fast rate. Employers are now turning to the use of testing software to carry out staff recruitment exercises and for a long time, professional bodies have been using online testing software to test candidates. Online assessment methods are now also […]

Implementing Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in EFL Classrooms

The Internet and modern technologies have changed the nature of learning. Thousands of teachers throughout the world consider computer-aided learning as a kind of dream that will bring only positive outcomes. The implementation of the computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in EFL classrooms can be rather a challenge. Many scientists have conducted researches aiming to investigate […]

Students Learning Disabilities

Introduction Students with various learning disabilities should get best support in order to achieve their educational goals. Teachers and parents should use different strategies in order to empower every disabled learner. One of the common learning disabilities is speech impairment. This kind of disability affects the learner’s ability to read, communicate, interact, talk, and associate […]

Intervention Strategy in Education

Overview Technology has enabled the US educators significantly improve the quality of training and facilitate students’ academic performance. Now, more students can benefit from the use of technology and it is especially true for students with learning disabilities. Inclusive classes and educational strategies are aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for all Americans (Floyd & Judge, […]

Does Blogging Increase the Motivation of Boys in Class

Implementation of the Research Action My interest in this area is to prove the hypothesis of the research that the use of blogging in Design and Technology will increase boys’ motivation, diversify their knowledge, and improve their literacy in school. In this regard, the featured research questions that revolve around the use of blogging as […]

Physical Disabilities and Assistive Technology

Modern classrooms are characterized by learners with diverse learning capabilities. There is no specific method of instruction which can gather for all the learners. Teachers are confronted with a challenge of teaching students with different disabilities. Assistive technology has made it possible for educators to gather for learners with various disabilities. Assistive technology is defined […]

Using Mobile Technologies to Develop New Ways of Teaching and Learning

Maryam’s paper summarizes two articles focusing on mobile learning courses. Using Mobile Technologies to Develop New Ways of Teaching and Learning explores the application of mobile devices in learning (Herrington & Anthony, 2009). Alternatively, Design Principles for Mobile Learning illustrates the results of a new pedagogy project. Generally, the two papers analyze the developments in […]

Internet Use Policy at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Internet use Policy As is the case in other educational institutions, Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) has developed comprehensive Internet use policy with regard to intellectual property rights, monitoring and filtering systems, as well as end user training program related to internet use/abuse. In intellectual property rights, FDU has developed an elaborate policy […]

Technology and Education

In an interesting correlation between technology and university culture, Stephen Marshall presents the notion that it is the very culture within universities that ascribe to a set of strict fundamentals and organizational practices that limits the ability of technology to be sufficiently innovative in implementing new practices and organizational change within institutions of higher learning […]

Addressing Information Technology Access Challenges for Students

Accessibility of Information Technology in Distance Higher Education Upon undertaking the interview, it was evident that person X felt that the greatest challenge facing higher education in the future is laying the groundwork for the provision of distance higher education via information and communication technologies. Indeed, person X was of the view that although online […]

Technology-Enhanced Strategies to Address Students’ Needs

Despite the fact that addressing the specific needs of every single student and attain exemplary performance rates in a group of students is practically impossible, by utilizing the latest technological innovations, one can possibly make the process of learning and training more flexible band, therefore, address the specific needs of students, providing the traditional set […]

Web 2.0: Education

Web 2.0 has led to an increase in leisure classes which has encouraged people to study online during their free time. They are able to do this without fear that their student accounts may be hacked. It has also led to freedom in learning as people are able to learn any topic or subject that […]

The Effectiveness of Using Podcast Lectures

Introduction Traditional learning methods are currently been enhanced or replaced by new e-learning methods. These methods use sophisticated communication equipment to send learning materials to students around the globe. Traditionally, students used to attend lectures and later on practice what they have learnt. However, with the rapid advancement of internet and information technologies, lectures and […]

Webinars in Education

A webinar is a synchronous distance education, synchronized with live instructors. Instant messaging applications like AIM, Skype, Pidgin, BigBlueButton and web conferencing are very useful in conducting webinars. The tutor, while factoring in the knowledge level of the trainees/participants, spearheads the session. This form of learning allows learners and their tutor(s) to interact in a […]

Information and Communication Technologies in Education

Introduction Modern educators focus on finding the most appropriate and effective means to teach students and guarantee the active teaching and learning processes. In this case, the developed information and communication technologies (ICT) provide a lot of possibilities to plan and implement the effective teaching and learning methods and techniques. The sphere of ICT develops […]

Teachers’ attitudes towards the use of technology in teaching and learning

Attitude The availability of technology equipment in schools does not provide assurance that teachers will use them effectively. The teacher is critical in determining how technology is used in a classroom. As a result, teachers must possess the right attitude towards technology and its application in teaching and learning. Yusuf and Balogun noted that scholars […]

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

After the analysis of student course evaluations at Green Valley Community College had demonstrated an unfortunate trend and a slight increase in dropout rates has been observed, the college president decided to integrate technology into classrooms and to create alternatives to lecturing for the purpose of improving the students’ motivation. Using quantitative data-collection procedures, the […]

Using technology in classrooms

Introduction Numerous schools across the country are investing massive sums of money in technology in order to improve learning. While a few institutions have benefited from these programs, research shows that several have not. Technology use in classes also impedes other programs and reduces learning outcomes. The evidence In certain scenarios, technology use in the […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Technology in Education

Numerous advantages accrue to teachers who utilize technology not only in their teaching but also as a tool to interact with students across space and time. One of the significant advantages of using technology is that it enables teachers to design and implement interactive course materials that could be used to enhance learning experiences that […]

Article Review on Technology in Education

New technologies have penetrated into educational practice, and it is becoming a new challenge for both the teachers and the students. In the modern days, technology in education is a growing phenomenon, and schools have reacted quickly to adopt it. New technologies have the significant effect of shaping educational practice. With technology, new forms, ways […]

Unleashing web 2.0 for African learning

Innovation in technology is occurring at a breathtaking rate. Uncomplicated, open source applications and services established on the Internet and meant to boost teaching and learning, now have been made accessible to the general population at a limited or no cost in the least. These online social media applications referred to as Web 2.0 allow […]

Simulation and modeling

Research indicates that computer simulations as opposed to other media like print, video, film or lectures have a claimed primary advantage, which is, increased transfer of learning (Allessi. Trollip1985). Transfer of learning simply means the students having the ability to apply what they have learned during instructions level, to the real performance or a new […]

Integrating Technology into the Classroom Research Method

The research on the impact of technology on the students’ progress requires qualitative approach implementation Historically, the quantitative research method was the primary approach in researching, but in the late 20th century qualitative approach gained popularity among researches (Ary et al., 2009, p.23). Admittedly, qualitative approaches enable researches to implement deeper analysis of the situation […]

The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Students with Special Needs

Introduction Emerging technologies has had a great impact on the society. Within the education sector, students with special needs are the most affected. Before these inventions, it was very difficult to handle children with special needs in classroom. Teachers were not equipped with relevant materials that could aid the learning process. They had to handle […]

The changing role of technology in higher education

Introduction The current technological advancement is more rapid than it has ever been in the world history. Instigating from the industrial revolution to the twentieth century, advancements in technology have been evolutionary. In fact, experts have been asserting that the world is moving from the industrial age of the twentieth century to the information age […]

The usefulness of computer networks for students

Computer network is the interconnection of many resourceful computers through domains which provide users with the possibility to freely share ideas, information and other useful resources. In my class setup, computer network has played a big role in construction of knowledge among my fellow learners. One major role which computer network plays in imparting knowledge […]

The computer-mediated learning module

Methods of Assessment This study develops a computer mediated module in project assessment, utilizing several design techniques to enrich the learning experience. The computer-mediated learning module will be used via a handheld device or through a computer, which will represent content in linear fashion (not very different from how people read online publications). Static processes […]

Welcome Robotic for Abu Dhabi Women College

Introduction In the year 1988, the Abu Dhabi Women College opened its doors as one of the higher colleges of technology. The college was started with the aim of attending to the educational needs of the female students in a country where education was predominated by male student. This college has realized increased growth in […]

The role of diversity in the use of technology by educational organizations

The predominantly used machine in the educational sector is the computer. Various institutions make use of the computer in diversified ways ranging from learning to the administrative functionalities. In relation to learning, computers are variedly used in various levels. The highest levels taught to the students include; the basic introduction to computer lessons, computer packages […]

The Educational Promise of Social Media

Some schools have banned the use of cell phones during school hours to avoid distractions and restrict communications between students and teachers over social media. Thomas, H., Susan, L., & Mary, G. (2010) states that, The American Library Association believes that if students are prohibited from using the social media, it only leaves them without […]

How the technology impact education

It is noted that technology plays a significant role in spheres of life and the field of education is not an exception. Freeman Dyson said, “Technology is a gift from God… it is the mother of civilization, of art and of science” (Koschmann et al, 1994). Technology in education is associated with a number of […]

Technology and Multiple Intelligence Development: Gardner’s Ideas Put into Practice

Introduction: The Multiple Facets of Intelligence Despite the numerous researches, the mysterious ways of a human brainwork remain a secret for the humankind. However, with the progress which educational theories have made so far, one can expect certain suggestions on intelligence development. With the help of nine types of intelligence discovered by Howard Gardner, one […]

The Virtual Tutoring Owl

Introduction The Virtual Tutoring Owl is a product that has come when it is most needed. The Virtual Tutoring Owl, is founded by, Educational Concepts Inc., located at 2400 Calculus Blvd, Knowledge Rock, MD. Our company has chosen the test marketing area of Prince George County, a growing affluent county in Maryland. However, despite its […]

Technology in Education

Introduction Technology has become essential in education as teachers are finding it more effective to adopt and apply certain technological principles in the learning process. This essay addresses the issue of technology in education by summarizing a scholarly article on the subject and synthesizing the impact of technology in education. Summary of the Article In […]

Learning Process and Incorporating Technology

Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle (322BC); Plato (347BC) as well as Socrates (399BC) contributed the basis for theorizing the learning process (Hammond et al. 2001, p.2). Descartes (1596-1650) reintroduced the Platonic concept of innate knowledge (Hammond et al. 2001, p.3). Descartes scholarly works provided leverage for the behavioral psychologists seeking to understand the genesis of […]

Will Schools Survive the Internet?

Introduction and Background Historically, a lot of events that defined the face of the globe have undergone tremendous changes and alterations. Nobody could have ever imagined that the Roman Empire will collapse (Hormer-Dixon, 2006, p. 2). The ever rising dependence on technology over the past few decades has sparked fresh debates on the necessity of […]

Using Audiovisual Technologies

The traditional and the digital-and-other-emerging audiovisual technologies can augment experiences for different instructional designs, while meeting the needs of diverse learning styles. According to their functions, Lever-Duffy and McDonald (2011, p.288) classify audiovisual technologies into five: display individual static images (or photos); play television programs; display moving images; research support as well as play back […]

The use of innovative technologies for teaching new Spanish vocabulary

Introduction It is difficult to imagine a modern world without innovative technologies and their implementation in various spheres of human life. Education is one of the specific fields where innovative technologies play crucial role in teaching students. Considering the problems of multilingual communities around the world and the necessity to teach students other languages, different […]

Objectives and Assessment: Computer Technology in Education

Behavioral Learning Objectives Instructional Issue: Students have problems with memorizing new Spanish vocabulary and pronouncing new Spanish words. Technology-Based: Multimedia software is going to be used for helping students remember new vocabulary and practice pronunciation. Major Outcome: Voki and Digital Dialect flashcards will help students remember new words by means of constant repeating those and […]

Impact of technology on teaching

Abstract Our growing dependence on technological innovations in our daily lives is unstoppable. Technology has had a positive impact in the education system. In phase one of this project, the teaching and learning problems were identified and presented. Additionally, a brief narrative of the district, instructional profile and student population involved in the study were […]

Social Networking: A Critical Evaluation of its Benefits & Pitfalls to Education from a Cultural Perspective

Introduction The concept of introducing social networking sites as educational instruments in the broad academic landscape has been growing dramatically over the past decade as institutions of learning recognize the potential to utilize the networks as both marketing apparatuses and learning tools (Gilroy, 2010). Indeed, scholars and educational practitioners are in agreement that social networking […]

Technological Play and Touch Technologies among children

The world has changed into a technological world. Most parts of the world have endorsed technology. Approximately 71 percent of children have also endorsed technology significantly (Yelland, 2010). Children access information through technological devices in the form of videos, text and pictures. This aims at equipping them with the needed technological knowledge in the present […]

Preparing teachers to Use the Technologies in the Educational Institutions

Introduction The use of assistive technologies in educational institutions has long been introduced with the advent of globalization and the popularity of the Internet. Technology is having an impact on teaching and learning. Mobile learning, or m-learning, which is conducted with the use of mobile phones or handheld computers like laptops or Personal Digital Assistants […]

Effects of Technology in Education

Introduction Technology has without doubt altered the way we conduct our lives. It has influenced nearly all the aspects of life and changed the way of living. Unquestionably, technology plays a significant role in every field of life. Thanks to technology, people do not have to perform majority of the traditional manual tasks since they […]

Information Technology and the Way in Which It Has Changed People’s Daily Lives

Living in the era of the informational society is not easy. Because of the reassessment of the economic, political and cultural values within the globalized environment of the XXI century, it has become necessary to adapting towards a completely new set of principles that rule the economics, business, finances and even culture. As a result, […]

Application of Technology in Education

The current generation of young people can access technological tools that are beyond the wildest imagination of their ancestors. The internet is one of the major technological tools that have revolutionized the modern world. People may use the internet for a variety of reasons. Adults use the internet as a means of accessing the World […]

Classroom vers’s Online Tutorials

Introduction The contemporary world has witnessed robust technological innovations, which have significantly transformed most of the socio-economic and political operations. For example, information technology has revolutionized the education sector, and students can today learn comfortably at home without necessarily having to attend school. With the advent of online classes, many stakeholders in education have conducted […]

Development of Technology in Education

The world has changed significantly and development of technology has brought a lot of educators and students. At present, the digital world has a myriad of options to help in the sphere of education. The use of the Second Life can help enhance students’ learning by engaging them in the new experiences and a new […]

Institutional implementation of technology

The interviewee, an instructional technologist, works in a training facility that provides instructions to teachers on how to incorporate technology into their class plans. From the interview it was established that the major forms of technology being put into use are computer systems and networking facilities. The interviewee trains teachers on how to use computer […]

Effects of Technology on Tertiary Education

Introduction One of the perspectives of technological and scientific development that is already transforming education, especially in tertiary level, is growth and advancement in information and communication technology. Technological growth is changing the way of transmitting, storing, accessing, and using information in tertiary institutions (Courts & Tucker 2012). Currently, the growth of tertiary institutions pegs […]

The Impact of Technology on the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics

Introduction The processes of teaching and learning have experienced significant changes in the 21st century due to changes taking place in the society. One of the changes has been with regard to the application of technology in learning. Pierce and Ball (2009) acknowledge that teachers today have an extensive range of sophisticated technology available to […]

Technological Access, Literacy and Fluency

Majority of people in the United States can access technological facilities easily. A slightly smaller number are technologically literate. However, across all ages, social status and professions, most people are not technologically fluent. According to Williams (2003), more than sixty percent of families in the United States have computers with Microsoft applications and internet connections […]

Calculators in education

Benefits of using calculators Calculators are crucial because they enable students to cover the syllabus in time. This is because with the use of calculators it becomes fast to solve mathematics problem in less time and by use of little energy. Students are enabled to solve problems within given time. Students are able to practice […]

Can Educational technologies improve learning?

Introduction Following hefty improvement in production technologies and technological knowhow, personal computers became largely affordable. Many people thought that education could evolve and get enhanced better leading to the emergence of a super smart population. The global society may not have precisely accomplished this. However, technologies that are available to students and teachers have rapidly […]

Technology vs. Humans: Exploring the Benefits of Cursive Writing

Summary The article under analysis is called Handwriting Rediscovered. Its main idea runs that cursive writing reflects personality, a unique record that characterizes authentically human features. The author focuses on the decreased popularity of handwriting because of the advances in technology. More and more students prefer using laptops for printing their notes and essays whereas […]

Third Age Living and Computer Technologies in old Age Learning

Introduction This essay gives an analysis of factors which have contributed to the successful achievement of the Third Age by certain countries as a life phase for their populations. The second segment of the essay synthesizes computer technologies that can be helpful to older adults’ learning. Successful countries in achieving the Third Age Under normal […]

How Technology has had a Major Effect on Education

Introduction As various school districts and teachers have noted, students are able to relate better with technology driven lessons rather than traditional methods of teachings. This is evidenced by numerous studies that compared teaching utilizing traditional means with that of technology utilization. These studies utilized computer programs that turned ordinary lessons into games enabling students […]

ICT in Education

Introduction Information and Communication Technology is among the most indispensable tools that the business world relies on today. Virtually all businesses, in one way or another, rely on technology tools to carry out operations. Other organizations like learning institutions are not left behind technology-wise. ICT is increasingly being employed in contemporary learning institutions to ease […]

Computers in the classroom

For parents right now, the classroom may already seem fairly alien. When an elementary school student shares their frustration with their Prezi presentation about apartheid, or laments the lameness of their PowerPoint animated transitions, parents know that the world has changed. When a high school student makes a video accompanied by music and special effects, […]

Technological Advances in Education

Abstract Technology has had massive impact on education. The recent technological inventions and innovations have changed the approach taken by various stakeholders in this field. The geographical barrier that existed before has been eliminated completely. In the current society, a British student can undertake his or her junior primary education in Britain, high school in […]

Computer Based Training Verses Instructor Lead Training

Introduction Advancements in information and communication technologies (ICT) have led to the shift from instructor lead training (ILT) to computer based training (CBT). Generally, computer based training involves providing instructions and learning materials with the aid of computers. In the contemporary world, most institutions combine the use of computers and internet technologies to improve the […]

Smart classroom and its effect on student learning

Introduction Technology advancement and application is an inevitable element that has found application in almost all fields of the economy. Technology is associated with both positive and negative effects according to a specific situation and what it is able to achieve. Smart classroom is an advent of technology utilized in learning institutions. It entails the […]

Use of technology as a learning tool

With the enhancement of technology that has been evident in the past years, technology has become an integral part of most of the activities carried out by humans. For instance, technology has become an integral part of business, socializing, and education. In the contemporary world, learning is aided by technology in all levels. As children […]

Computers & Preschool Children: Why they are required in Early Childhood Centers

Today, more than ever before, technology is increasingly documented as a fundamental learning tool for advancing the social, emotional, intellectual and linguistic development of young children. Indeed, the question being asked by educators and parents in the 21st century is no longer about whether and to what scope information and communication technologies (ICTs) should be […]

Impact of Technology on Education

Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, faced the greatest downfall in the history. Hasty steps toward technological advancement cost him thousands of human lives and the world’s indignation and contempt. Nowadays, the story Oppenheimer’s feeble attempt to promote scientific and technological explorations makes discussion about information technology more complicated and challenging. In particular, are […]

Electronic books for Easter Washington University

Introduction The process of sharing information that is useful for education has benefitted a great deal from the trends in technology towards the end of the 20th century. For example, today through the World Wide Web (WWW) thousands of students in different locations are able to attend classes and complete a variety of education programs […]

Hardcopies Versus Softcopies

Introduction Is reading hardcopies such as physical books better than reading soft copies such as electronic materials? Reading experiences enable one to acquire, present or share knowledge in a dignifying and reverential manner, but the chosen reading sources or style provides the counters measures and effects that one must face during the procedure. The source […]

Technology and Writing

Technological advancement has led to great impact on writing. Like in other areas, advancement in technology has influenced the way people write both positively and negatively. Writing emails, chatting using social networking websites and writing short text massages have become day to day activities. Today computer has become the basic tool for writing. Instead of […]

Hunter Institute of TAFE

Project Proposal Project Name: Opening a New Computer Laboratory at Hunter Institute of TAFE. Project description: the main purpose of this project is to open a new computer lab at Hunter Institute of TAFE. The necessity of this project can be explained by the fact that many computers in this organization have become out-of-date and […]

Computer Communication Network in Medical Schools

Computer usage in medical schools is becoming increasingly inevitable as time goes by. The enormous and drastic technological revolution that started in late 20th Century and persisted to contemporary times has affected all learning institutions largely, medical schools included. Majority of researchers agree that computers play major role in medical schools and in future, computer […]

Internet Positive and Negative Impacts on Education

Introduction The computer and the internet were the most significant inventions of the 21st century and these two inventions have changed the way human beings operate. Many aspects of modern life have been influenced by this two inventions and the education sector is one of the fields that have been significantly influenced by computers and […]

Technology help – American become more knowledgeable

Introduction For a considerable period now, the United States has been among the world’s most developed countries. Majority of the industrial machines originate from the U.S. The medical industries developed rapidly due to the creative skills of the American men like Charles Darwin and Francis Galton among others. Regrettably, the rate of creativity, especially amongst […]

“Virtual Students, Digital Classroom” by Neil Postman – Article Review Essay

Neil Postman begins his article by highlighting the “god” status that people have given new technology and in particular computers. The article shows how this new technology gives access to so much information. For this reason, some proponents of technology suggest that in a few decades, classrooms may be rendered redundant. A world where children […]