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Technology in Education Essay Examples and Topics

Information Technology Impact on Zayed University

The structural dimension of an organization refers to concepts that point to the internal environment of the organization. Organizational culture refers to the dominant practices, such as the modes of communication and the hierarchy of [...]

Internet Replacing Books as Learning Tool

The Internet is an opportunity to save time, find the required information, and use global connections, as well a threat of being isolated, misunderstood, and mislead; therefore, such factors as fashion, the role of parents, [...]

Technology Tools for Classrooms

Richardson provides a number of ideas concerning the application of all of these resources for the purpose of creating the innovative and interactive teaching process and the kind of learning that is connected to the [...]

Blackboard System: User Experience Challenges

Although the technical part of the Blackboard program is designed to be helpful and comfortable for students, its conception might be somewhat misunderstood by the users due to the fact that the system is new [...]

Quality of Social Media in Higher Education

In that way, for the higher educational institutions and their representatives to be able to communicate successfully with the students' many universities and colleges start to create their own campus websites with libraries and helpful [...]

Video Games as Learning Tools

There are at least three major ways to redeem the value of video games in the context of the development of cutting-edge learning tools based on the same format that developers use to provide violent [...]

Administrative and Academic Software

This enhances the campus ecosystem which comprises of the student information system and mainly deals with the integration of departments as well as regulation of the flow of work within the respective departments.

Impact of Technology on the K-12 Education

The major asset of the present research is that the T-test will indicate the students' performance progression. The paired sample T-test is the core of the proposed quantitative research, which is designed to establish if [...]

Types of Learning Environments

In addition, when the information is pre-recorded, it is possible to schedule the class according to the individual needs of a student.

Monitoring Toddlers and Technology

The interactive elements are very engaging for toddlers and the unlimited nature of the video on demand services such as YouTube and Netflix, and game programs can be addictive to the children who have not [...]

Students’ Mobile Learning in Higher Education

The current concept of m-tools as the household strategy for implementing the teaching and learning process is flawed to a significant extent due to the lack of guidance and support from the tutor that it [...]

Tablets Instead of Textbooks

The emergence of tablets is one of the recent inventions in the field of education and it is clear that it is soon replacing textbooks. What are the benefits of using tablets in learning institutions?

E-Books: An Interactive Technology Tool

Since the topic of the lesson is "Domestic Animals," an e-book can provide meaningful and engaging opportunities for the young learners to develop their phonemic awareness and reading skills.

Using Cohesive Devices during the Course of Lectures

While the research objectives are relevant and the answers to questions put by Ali would benefit the investigation of discourse, the author's article incorporates a number of limitations connected with the flow of research as [...]

Video Games and Learning

The paper will also analyze the features of good educational video games and the types of skills that can be developed by the new approach to learning.

Technology Misuse in the Educational Settings

The article "Anticipating the Exception, Not the Rule" by Daniel Becker examines the misuse of technologies in the educational system and provides a brief overview of the most critical cases.

Docebo and Talent Learning Management Systems

The biggest advantage of LMS is the opportunity to prepare substantial resources for educating the employees or students. DoceboLMS is a powerful and extendable SaaS incorporating a function of activating an Enterprise Cloud Solution application [...]

Electronic Instructional Media

In their work, Clark and Mayer formulated six specific principles that are used in e-learning, such as the multimedia principle, the modality principle, the contiguity principle, the redundancy principle, the coherence principle, and the personalization [...]

Computer Assisted Language Learning in L2 Education

Therefore, the outcomes of the research can be viewed as the implications for building a more comprehensive and successful approach to teaching students L2, in general, and helping them acquire the necessary vocabulary, in particular.

Multimedia and Video Presentation in Teaching

According to a report prepared by twenty US universities and compiled by Kaufman and Mohan, the usage of videos in the sphere of education is a widely used practice with a great potential in the [...]

Digital Technologies in Teachers’ Practices

The examination of IWB and web camera application in educational settings aims to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages associated with integrating each technology and identify the potential benefits and positive effects of its application on [...]

Legal Issues of the Multimedia Usage in Classrooms

To avoid any legal issues, the organization should make sure that all employees are aware of major regulations and laws associated with the use of intellectual property. Of course, it is important to remember that [...]

Computer-Assisted English Language Learning

A detailed description of the experiment and its influence on student needs and teacher goals. Identified the basic student needs and teacher goals related to the use of the Internet in EFL.

One-to-One Laptop Program

The head of the school will be convinced that the implementation of the initiative will help to substantially improve education experiences of the students. Communication activities will be conducted with the help of electronic media [...]

E-Learning Theory’s Concepts and Principles

According to this concept, the irrelevant material needs to be removed entirely not to distract a reader from the main content. The main idea of this principle is to introduce key concepts before the start [...]

The Efficacy of Mobile Learning in Saudi Arabia

The concept of mobile learning refers to the educational process occurring through the medium of wireless devices. The research question can be formulated as follows: how effective is mobile learning for improving the academic outcomes [...]

The Influence of Technologies on Education

The impact of technologies on cultural diversity is also dubious as mobilization of people can lead to cooperation, mutual enrichment, and creation of a new collective identity, as well as to conflicts, loss of identity, [...]

Digital Portfolio System Implementation

Also, the educators focus on the organizational issues that were encountered and demonstrate that the engagement of the key stakeholders has ensured the effective and near-universal use of portfolios in the program.

Education Technology Resources

However, it is not recommended to use it with elementary school students due to the complexity of the interface. It is possible to highlight some sections of the paper and leave a comment that will [...]

Videoconferencing Technology in Education

The following paragraph describes the work of Wang, Chen, and Wu, which discusses the role of videoconferencing technologies in multiple educational organizations and societies.

Kurzweil 3000 System: Deployment Proposal

The awareness campaign should be focused on the key features of the product, its advantages over traditional learning methods, and the benefits of its implementation for the learners and, by extension, the improvement in the [...]

Computer Based Learning in Elementary Schools

The main purpose of the research is to consider the background of the chosen sphere, the elementary education, and discuss current business issues in the computer technologies which may be used in the sphere and [...]

Diffusion of Innovations Theory in Education

When it comes to discussing the origins of the theory and the factors that have predetermined its appearance, or, at the very least, played an essential part in the process of theory creation, one must [...]

Online Learning Objectives

With the advent of the internet, online courses have sprouted resulting in the debate on the two options, traditional class setting, and the online class.

The Importance of Virtual Learning Communities

The learning communities enable the instructors and the students to volunteer their questions. The virtual learning communities enable online degree programs to give students autonomy over the learning process.

Technologies Development and Use in Education

The failure of the usage of technologies in the learning process gives rise to several significant problems. The modern sphere of learning is also characterized by adherence to modern tendencies.

Designing and Validating Technological Interventions

Current research as reported by Kennedy & Deshler demonstrates that the gap between the level at which learners with learning disabilities perform and the demands of the learning environment as well as the curriculum that [...]

Online Teaching for the Disabled

The ability of technology to accommodate a disabled person should be considered when selecting and evaluating technological solutions for people with disabilities.

Digital Gaming in the Classroom: Teacher’s View

The authors identified that there was a problem when identifying the learning preference of the K-12 students coupled with how well instructional methods would suit their learning preferences, which was then the problem of the [...]

New Media Technologies for Teachers

The research questions help to explore the overarching query, which is to determine what motivates or limits teachers when they are adopting new technologies and to bring out an understanding of the teacher's use of [...]

Digital Libraries Pros and Cons

Furthermore, the assessment looks into the arguments of scholars, who support the retention of traditional libraries and explain the various benefits of traditional libraries citing the negative aspects of digital platforms in their quest to [...]

The Importance of Media in the Classroom

The theory is developed from the perspective of a teacher and aims at the analysis of the classroom media employment as well as the accommodation of the reviewed sources to the school conditions.

Technology-Based Learning and Learning Outcomes

But even though the stakeholders in the education sector consider technology-based learning as the solution to challenges experienced in traditional learning, the efficacy of technology-based learning continues to be questioned.

Mobile Devices for Learning Improvement

The question that has to be answered in this kind of research is: Can mobile devices improve the way of how students accept and understand the material or is it only an easy way to [...]

Future Trends in Educational Technology

Also, it is important to note that specific changes in the area are associated with the distribution of time for online activities in the teaching-learning process and with determining the nature of proposed assignments.

The EdGlobal Online Community Blog

The site, edGlobal: Sharing Education Ideas Around the World, is an online learning blog for education professionals interested in learning flexible education initiatives through the exchange of teaching ideas across the globe.

Online and Computer-Based Technology Issues

Also, the ability of teachers to adopt the new method of teaching is of great concern due to the adoption of technological change. The introduction of technology in the education sector has led to a [...]

Online Learning and Innovations in Pedagogy

On the other hand, computer-based learning can be understood as a learning environment in which computers are used to mediate between learners and content without necessarily being online.

Tablets vs. Textbooks

A technological change that is being experienced in many schools is the use of tablets to access electronic books. This paper argues that tablets are superior to textbooks in the classroom environment.

Texting Effects on Students Academic Performance

The use of abbreviation and manipulation of the phonological sounds of words improves the imagination and creativity of students. One of the benefits of texting is that it improves academic performance by promoting the spelling [...]

Laptops of UAE Students: Preferred Brands

It is no doubt that students contribute to a significant market of laptops in the UAE. The study used a survey to identify the brands that were being used by students in different institutions of [...]

The M-Learning Concept

There is a positive correlation between the change in technology and the growth rate of digital libraries. M-learning also referred to as mobile learning is a type of learning that involves the use of personal [...]

IPads and Tablets vs. Books in English Learning

While focusing on the process of learning English, it is important to state that the main reason to use tablets in the educational settings was the increased mobility and the overall flexibility in adapting these [...]

Mobile Learning Plan

To address the challenges and prospects offered by the use of mobile phones in learning, the stakeholders need to address the above issues with urgency.

The Effect of Twitter on College Students

First, they wanted to address the question "what is the effect of encouraging the use of Twitter for purposes relevant to education on student engagement?" Secondly, they wanted to answer the question "what is the [...]

Virtual Learning Environments: Effective Use

Tutors often face the challenge of effective delivery of lessons in the classroom given the diverse categories of students. Learning objects basically refer to blocks of content that can be interlinked to produce a course.

E-Learning: Video, Television and Videoconferencing

Some e-learning methods such as videoconferencing are very effective as learning methods because they engage the learner in active learning, while other e-learning methods such as video or distance learning are not very appropriate learning [...]

How Tablets Changed Everything?

In spite of the fact that tablets allow people not to worry about their mistakes, weaken the analysis of the reading and worsen literacy abilities due to reading text with the help of a screen, [...]

IPad Initiative Among the UAE Students

Cavanaugh et al.develop the article about the iPad initiatives in the educational process in the UAE and present a thoughtful literature review and an informative, descriptive statistical analysis within the frames of which such sessions [...]

Educational Technologies

To be more exact, the teachers' ability to use the designated site and the tools provided by it to create an adequate assessment for the learners of Arabic language will be tested with the help [...]

Using Technology Tools and Media

This discussion demonstrates the fundamental importance of technology in contributing to the paradigm shift that is required to enhance learning and teaching experiences in ESL environments.

Technological Advancement: Intellectual Neutral Element

It is agreeable that technology enables individuals to identify the kind of change that is appropriate and the achievement process. The process allows individuals to establish and develop a clear understanding on what to change, [...]

Technology Research Proposal

In this perspective, this paper proposes a research project seeking to determine the applicability of leadership laws including those postulated by John Maxwell in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership in aiding to [...]

Using Smartphones in Learning

The other purpose of the study is to understand the recent developments that have been made to the smartphones and how people are able to adopt the changes.