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Countries to Explore for Product

Usually, the most common security feature found in mobile phones is the phone tracing feature in case the instrument has been misplaced, lost or stolen. Another simple security feature is the phone lock code or the pin lock code. Apart from these, the majority of the phone users are not concerned with any security features. […]

Skype: All you Need to Know

What is Skype? The word “Skype” underscores a computer service and software application that permits its users to create videos as well as voice calls to someone else at no cost, by means of the Skype network. Nonetheless, some of its features come at a cost (Hanna, 2012, p.241). A number of features of Skype […]

The Impact of iPad on Children between 2-10 Years

Situation Many children aged between two and ten years spend much of their time watching television. Others spend their time playing with electronic gadgets like iPads, iPods, and others. What many people do not understand is that these gadgets may have adverse effects on children. While many children learn a lot through iPads, the negative […]

Innovations in the Cell Phone Industry and Sustainability

Abstract Environmental sustainability has been receiving corporate attention in the 21st century. Various industries have been employing different measures on how to ensure environmental safety. The cell phone industry has also entered into this noble initiative in a broad dimension. A polluted environment affects all the stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and the entire public. […]

“Interaction” in Human Computer Interaction: iPad’s Design Framework

iPad’s Design Framework The iPad’s entry into the market signaled a new era in Human-Computer interaction. It came with enhancements that have revolutionized how man interacts with computers. The concept of Multi-touch moved touch screen technology many steps forward. Some of the novel interaction features of the iPad, which were not previously in the iphone, […]

The Global Revolution in Mobile

Introduction The global revolution in mobile as well as Internet technology has drastically changed the way we live and operate. Many people in the world today use a mobile phone for different communication purposes. Usually, the mobile phones use one of the many mobile data networks available. Drawing from a study by Gregory (1), most […]

Twitter Discussion Application Programming Interface

Abstract Twitter application programming interface (API) is a publicly available extension of Twitter that allows programmers to incorporate various aspects of the social network into their applications, websites, and software. This literature review examines research about the API and about its usage on a number of problems. The highlighted examples include the usage of the […]

You Cannot Live Without Mobile Phones

While communication technologies have penetrated to the lives of contemporary society, it does not positively contribute to its adequate cultural, psychological and social development. Ladies and gentlemen, today my team plan to prove the affirmative speaker’s argument is not well-grounded because it distorts the current data on negative influence of mobile phone use. My argument […]

My Favourite Mobile Apps

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android gadgets and ipods are gaining popularity and being used in various fields of study. These mobile devices have seen the development of advanced applications that can be used in learning programs to assist learners in and out of classrooms. More apps are expected to be created as mobile […]

Value of Smartphone Security

The rapidly spreading enhanced technology, the use of Smartphone becomes inevitable. They are reliable considering the privacy of information as they contain standard security. The security standards include the use keystroke dynamics, monitoring the time of key holding, the flight time, multiplayer access regulations, priority regarding the application accessibility. All phone security related phones get […]

Learning to Look

Source The chosen advert is a funny one by the Beijing times published in July of 2009. The product being advertised is the Ephone 900 that is an internet mobile device made by the Ephone company- a Chinese mobile phone maker. The advert was also published in a number of magazines and newspapers including the […]

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Abstract Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to the use of packet-switched internet protocol (IP) networks to relay a voice message. VoIP is among the latest modes of communication. As with a majority of the novel technologies, VoIP comes with both opportunities and security challenges. It has a unique architecture compared to the conventional circuit-based […]

Monopolistic Competition of Smart Phones

The number of smart phones devices in the world is set to hit four hundred million by next year. If this is achieved, the rate of growth for this industry will be about twenty per cent. This makes the smart phone industry one of the most lucrative industries today. Recently, a landmark ruling on a […]

Future for mobile handsets in UK

Abstract Mobile handsets are the most interesting technology I have ever seen. Initially, they were only used as gadgets for conversations only. As years went by, more and more companies came up with different utilities for the gadget. Because phone work more or less the same as computers, they have been tailored to do the […]

Phone Manufacturing Industry

Abstract Businesses are affected by macroeconomic factors operating in their environment; the main risk with the external influences is that the company has minimal control over them. Depending with the trend in the market, changes in macro economic factors may have positive or adverse effect on the business. The phone industry has faced negative and […]

Increase in the Use of Mobile Phones and it’s Effects on Young People

Introduction Mobile phones are increasingly becoming an integral constituent of society with young people, in particular, embracing the technology that has come to be associated with a multiplicity of positive and negative consequences (Suss & Waller 2011). Emerging trends from the developed world demonstrate that the youth have the highest levels of mobile phone ownership […]

Effects of the Internet

Introduction The dawn of the internet phenomenon has completely changed the way people conduct their daily activities. The internet allows people to access various forms of information at all times from any location (Serbin 9). The internet presents immeasurable convenience in undertaking activities such as payment of household utility bills. It also enables people to […]

Mobile Computing Technologies

Introduction Mobile computing is a generic term that refers to the various devices that allow users to access information and data from wherever they are. Mobile computing involves the use of mobile devices to display, collect and transfer information (Taniar, 2009). The recent advancement in the information technology has seen a rapid sprout of various […]

Negative Influence of Cell Towers

Prolonged research The negative influence of cell towers is being debated in numerous countries worldwide. The extensive spread of these frightful towers evokes a lot of anxiety in public.1 The anxiety of people results in numerous researches which are being carried out worldwide. It is important to state that many researchers claim that there is […]

Cell Phone Industry in the USA

In order for us to relate well with this subject, it is important to acknowledge both the historical journey and the significance of cell phones in our generation. It is indeed one of the greatest innovations made and one that this current generation cannot fathom doing without. Cell phone industry is indeed one of the […]

Personal Digital Assistant

Introduction The cellular phone technology has evolved tremendously compared to the old phone technology. It is however important to acknowledge the significant role the old cell phone technology has played as it has been the basis for the development of the new technology.In 1886, a Canadian named Reginald Fessenden together with Thomas Edison invented wireless […]

Blackberry Smartphone Consumer Behavior

This report elaborates consumer purchase behavior issue related to Blackberry Smartphone. The report seeks to ascertain the best marketing strategy that can fit the consumer behavior in the Smartphone industry. Store Selection Blackberry Smartphone store Market Segmentation The market for Smartphone should be segmented based upon the individuals’ purchasing power and the age bracket. The […]

Wireless Headphones from H2pro Company

H2pro Company has invented wireless headphones that can work without connection through wires to electronic devices that transmit sound. These headphones will work well with smart phones and other mp3 devices that have applications of Bluetooth. These headphones are waterproof and, therefore, can receive sound impulses even under water. These headphones will be very significant […]

Mobile Computing and Its Future Scope

Introduction Mobile Computing technology can be defined as technology that make it possible for people to access network services wherever they are and at whatever time they want (Helal, 2002). Mobile computing has grown immensely in recent years and it is projected that in the future, mobile computing will control almost all technological activities in […]

Current Event- The Samsung Galaxy S III: One Huge Display and a Whole Lot of Software

Facts about the Article Samsung has launched another fabulous Smartphone namely Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone surpasses its predecessor (Samsung’s Galaxy S II) with bountiful features in the realms of technology and applicability. The advancements noticeable in this gadget will grant it considerable competitive advantages. According to the article, Samsung Galaxy S III is […]

The Comparison of iPhone, Droid, and BlackBerry

Executive Summary The report provides the comparison of three types of smartphones which are iPhone, Droid, and BlackBerry. The comparison is realized with references to the analysis of the smartphones’ basic technical characteristics and applications. The purpose of the smartphones’ critical examination is to choose the most appropriate model among the variants proposed by three […]

Blackberry and iPhone Technology Assisted Learning

Introduction The advancements made in communication technologies have availed useful opportunities that can bring revolutionary changes in the education system. Educators have increasingly adopted emerging technologies in order to improve the learning experiences for their students. Technology assisted learning has enabled the creation of interactive, vivid and playful learning environments, which can support virtual discussion, […]

BlackBerry’s Hidden Technologies

Perform Imaging and Profiling Imaging is the process through which a replica of the digital device contents is made. This process makes it possible for analysis to be made on a copy instead of the original therefore protecting the original from changes. The SDK utility which dumps the flash RAM contents into a file is […]

Do Investors Care If Steve Jobs Is Healthy?

The article by Koch, Fenili and Chebula tries to investigate the impact Apple’s founder Steve Jobs health has on the profitability of the company through an analysis and evaluation of stock/share price and market capitalization. Their study is based on conventional event study methods which gives them a platform to focus on major events pertaining […]

New Media Technology

Abstract The use of newly developed media technology such as the internet to organize a mass protest in Egypt was a surprise to most people. This was mainly because such techniques have not been effectively used in such a way. Political movements have for example been conducted through physical rallies and appearances in media such […]

Technological Generations of Mobile Communications

Introduction The distinct life of the mobile communications has taken different phases. This can be traced from the 1G to the most rest 4G. G, 2G, 3G and 4G are a wireless phone or a cellular phone standard way of classification based on generations/ cellular phone evolution. This paper is a critical comparison of all […]

Smartphone as a Communication Sector Revolution

Smartphone’s are the true face of the 21st century digital era. Since their manifestation in the domain of mass communication three years ago, they have revolutionized the communication sector. They allow wireless access to internet, sending emails and retrieval of information on the web. Before showing the positive aspects of the Smartphone, it would be […]

The Effects of UAE’s Government Banning Decision of Blackberry Service

Introduction The decision by the UAE to ban Blackberry services has elicited a heated controversy in recent days. This decision has seen many of the local and foreign newspapers and blogs discuss the repercussions of this stance and the culmination of claims and counterclaims on the issue. The aim of this particular study therefore is […]

Can Cell Phones Close Digital Divide?

Health Issue Cell phones are important gadgets in today’s communication industry. From business environments to office communication, cell phones have made life easier and more comfortable. With the wide application of cell phones, the world has now become a global village. Nevertheless, there are disadvantages associated with the use of mobile phones. For example, it […]

Blackberry Messenger and the Older People

Introduction This paper compares the behavior of old and young people in regard to using blackberry messenger. The writer observes and records multi-tasking habits of six characters used for this study. The six characters comprise of three young people and three old people. The characters form two categories of people; young and old, which incidentally […]

The best phone in the year 2013

Introduction Choosing a perfect phone to satisfy specific needs has turned out to be very difficult in the year 2013 unlike in the past. This is due to the growing technology that has influenced the cell phone industry. There are hundreds of phone models in the market today and players in the industry can affirm […]

The Mobile Phone as an Electronic Wallet

Introduction The initial attempts to make the mobile phone an electronic wallet can be traced to the efforts by Nokia around 1997 (Leavitt 2010). In that year the Company (Nokia) made attempts to allow people purchase soft drinks from vending machines through the use of Short Messaging Services (SMS). Soon after that initial effort another […]

The Go-Phone by AT&T Company

Introduction AT&T’s prepaid mobile phone division is one of the largest in the country and services roughly 20 – 30 million subscribers annually. One of the problems though with utilizing this particular service provider is the fact that “topping up” (the act of adding prepaid phone credits to a phone) is at times an arduous […]

Camera phone debate

Introduction Advancement in technology has brought about revolution in telecommunication industry. This has led to increased use of camera phones and digital cameras in the United States. Estimates show that nearly half of American families have cameras. Moreover, they also show that nearly 40% of the families have camera phones. This shows that people have […]

History of the Cellular Technology

Current inventions in cellular technology have enhanced wireless communications. Cellular technology has been in existence since the early 1940s. Over time, the technology has evolved into a broad scientific field. Before the 1980s, only the security forces, personal vehicles, and emergency vehicles utilized the technology. During its inception period, most people never imagined that the […]

Blackberry assessment

BB buyers’ decision making process Typically, the buyer decision making process is made up of five stages: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase behavior. Initially, mobile phones could only call and send text messages but with time buyers needed a phone which could offer more salient features, sleek and more […]

Smartphone technology

Technology in the modern society is extremely competitive in the mobile market. There are many upcoming devices from the smart phone manufacturers. A recent review shows that there are upcoming digital devices from the Apple, Samsung and Nokia industries. These phones are designed for business purposes. They assist in quicker prediction of the stock market. […]

Blackberry or iPhone?

The analysis of David Pogue’s review of new model of Blackberry fails to provide a fair assessment because it focuses mainly on negative critique. In particular, the author criticizes the concept, introduction of clicking sounds for the touch screen board, and software design in general. Despite the dominance of negative comments, Pogue still manages to […]

Comparison of Telephone with World Wide Web-Based Responses by Parents and Teens to a Follow-Up Survey after Injury

The study under analysis called Comparison of Telephone with World Wide Web-Based Responses by Parents and Teens to a Follow-Up Survey after Injury explores sociodemographic factors concerning completion of a follow-up survey through online communications and by telephone to define health status and health quality (Rivara et al., 2011). According to the results, information received […]

Loud and Clear Mobile Communications

Introduction Background information of the industry The Australian telecommunication industry is expanding very rapidly given that 99% of the population owns a mobile handset. Over 25 million Australians have subscribed to one of the major mobile phone operators. With the advancement in technology, the industry has seen major changes and new entrants in the industry. […]

Is Using Cell Phone Dangerous?

Overtime, our lives have been tremendously been transformed with the mobile phone technology. We are able to attend to issues at our work place and even at our homes without the need of us appearing there physically. Nowadays, instead of writing long letters to your friends, you can use the mobile Short Message Service (SMS) […]

Banning cell phone use in moving vehicles

Cell-phone use has become more and more popular. In fact, the latest survey has revealed that there are more cell phones than adult population in developed nations like the United States and UK (Heath 62). This survey means that it is not only adults who own cell phones, but also kids. It is true that […]

The iPhones Fourth Generation

Background The iPhone 4 is a smartphone made by the computer software and personal computer maker Apple Inc. It is the fourth generation of the iPhone, having succeeded the iPhone 3GS, the other two previous models are the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 4 has been hailed not only as a breakthrough […]

Comparison: Nokia E73 Mode, Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 Freeform II

Abstract Phones today provide many services as compared to a few years back when they were only used for voice call communications. In the wake of advancing technologies, phones have become very significant in accessing and supplying information and data as well as for communication purposes. In terms durability and more advanced technologies, Nokia phones […]

The iPhone’s Main Features and Productivity

Since the innovation of the flip phones the iphone is the other gadget that has taken tech to the next level. This refers to a type of a Smartphone that was established and is sold by Apple incorporated. It has a variety of internet apart from multimedia applications that set it apart from other gadgets […]

On Becoming a Cell Phone Junkie

Introduction The new millennium has brought about vast changes in lifestyles due to the evolution of information, communication and technology. Innovations in technology have made it possible for more and more people to have access to gadgets which are more affordable and user-friendly. Almost everyone owns a cellular phone. This gadget makes them accessible to […]

The Evolution of the Iphone from Inception to Today’s Iphone4

Introduction IPhone has revolutionized the cell phone technology elevating it to a whole new level. It has set the standards so high that other mobile phone companies have no choice but to upgrade their products in order to survive in the dynamic and ever changing technological age. It utilizes internet protocol to perform its tasks […]