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Phones Essay Examples and Topics

A Survey on Iphone and Blackberry

An internet survey to determine the number of people who liked the iPhone and those who liked BlackBerry was conducted. Participants were asked to name the phone they like most and the reasons.

Mobile Devices: Top 5 Smartwatches for 2015

The Apple Watch is the best example of design and technological excellence. Sony Smartwatch is the best variant for those who like sports.

The New Samsung Razr MZR Features

Open the package containing all the phone's components including the battery, phone covers, and charger. Install the phone battery in the battery socket and ensure that this installation is done correctly.

Mobile Technology Issue in Richtel’s and Stein’s Essays

Richtel, on the other hand, laments that "we are slaves to our devices" and showcases how people are overwhelmed as a result of being connected to "devices and streams of data around the clock".

Geofencing the New Location Based Technology

Since LBSs are dependent on the geographical location of the smartphone, the primary objective is to determine where the user is.

Audio Conferencing for Smart Phones: Project Management

Inasmuch as variety of products exist in the market, a few of the products have the capability of offering audio conferencing services via the smart phones. The aim will be to generate a blueprint that [...]

Environmental Effects of Cell Phones on Society

The amount of EMF generated, measured in watts per meter square, by cell phones is in the range of 0. Many of these materials such as lead, nickel, mercury, and the chemicals are toxic.

Android and Apple’s iOS Platforms Advantages

Despite the overwhelming popularity of Apple's products and lifestyle that the company promotes, it is worth noticing that in 2015 the market share of Apple in the USA has fallen to its lowest point for [...]

Fifth Generation Mobile Networks Technology

The most promising direction in a new generation of mobile networking is the use of millimeter-wave band transmission, which has the potential to fulfill some of the criteria specified above.

Failure Analysis: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The risk of failure of Smartphones is mainly in the memory access violation and mobile phone hardware such as the batteries and the shell [2].

Apple Mobile Handset Improvement: Weather Resistance

The product development process for the Apple i7 mobile handset suits the pull strategy since it fulfills the need for handset functionality and ease of use by customers.

Short Message Service (Center) Technologies

The key objective of the current research is to learn about the peculiarities of the SMS and SMSC technologies and, after that, to be able to evaluate the quality of these services and propose the [...]

Outcomes of the Phone Usage While Driving

To the end of their lives, neither the victims' loved ones nor the driver will be able to cope with the tragedy that resulted. The assertion that driving and texting or talking on the phone [...]

Steering Wheel and Smartphone: A Deadly Combination

Moreover, being distracted by mobile devices can cause harm not only to their owners but also to total strangers who merely happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

International Students and Mobile Services in Australia

At this point, we are going to advance a hypothesis that these customers pay most attention to such criteria as the price of international phone calls, the ease of use, the variety of mobile services, [...]

Wireless Communication and the Trends in This Industry

The new development is also a time and cost saving mechanism for the banks that engage in the finance business due to the fact that integration of the different banking systems reduces costs on messages, [...]

Cell Phones Use in Public: Naturalistic Observation

Using the naturalistic observation, this study aims to provide the discussion of how Americans use cell phones in public places and react to the other people's use of technologies.

Can iPhone Maintain Its Initial Momentum?

The company has produced a high-quality product, understood when the price needs to be lowered and acted so, managed to promote their product so well that people have idolized it, used attractive packaging and right [...]

The Use of Mobile Phones in Modern Society

The paper would discuss the emergence of mobile phones as the only tool for future needs. People can also open accounts through the phone and ask for loans through the same device.

The Old Navy Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing as a promotional technique must have targeted young males due to the feature of the privatized dialogue that most youths seem to embrace.

IPod vs. iPhone: Extended Features and Popularity

It is not a secret that the Apple iPhone is the most recognizable and popular phone on the planet. Even though the iPod has a most of the iPhone functional, Apple had to remove some [...]

Bracelet.3d: Design, Development, Application

Even though the device can replace a phone, iPad, and TV, it is easy to use and carry. 3d, as it has a holographic display that is bigger than a screen of a smartphone and [...]

Texting’s Importance for the Society

Debate on whether texting is good or bad continues to prevail across the world, especially with the extensive growth in the use of mobile telephony in the 21st century.

Mobile Technology in Japan

The popular culture of Japan is known to reflect the issues of the current period as well as creating a linkage to the issues that happened in the past.

Are Cell Phone Dangerous?

Among the first ideas to consider, the one that manifests the use of cell phones as the most logical phenomenon and the key feature of the XXI century is the fact that cellular communications are [...]

Ways to Stop Cell Phones Hacking

Although it is in the view of many that their phones cannot be hacked as they only protect their computers from hacking, mobile phone operators are more predisposed to being hacked since a mobile operator [...]

Smartphones Role in Lifestyles Changes

The fast and quick connectivity of smartphones to the internet provides a wide spectrum of understanding issues that individuals face in their professional and social lives. Creativity and innovation that smartphones facilitate lead to enhanced [...]

Relationship with Cell Phones

Cell phones are people's new relationship because people use them to execute many of their daily activities. They have encouraged multitasking and solitude because people spend a lot of time interacting with information and communication [...]

Mobile Business Intelligence Trends

The use of foresight theory and practices to identify future trends in business processes has allowed firms to adjust their business activities.

Apple’s Interactive and Intelligent Design

Apple can design cameras that can synchronize with the growing online database of personal information and take advantage of wearable technology.

Smartphones for Children: Design and Usage

To reduce the above challenges, the software should follow a design that enables the children to use them conveniently. Additionally, the software needs to have features that match the demand presented by the children.

Countries to Explore for Product

The need of the hour is some security application that can perform mainly the following four functions: The user should be able to remotely delete all the stored data in case of the mobile being [...]

Skype: All you Need to Know

A number of features of Skype comprise Skype to Skype calls, SMS messaging, video calls, immediate messaging, and the capability to forward calls to cell phones of the users when the user is offline.

The Impact of iPad on Children between 2-10 Years

The objective of this program is to bring out the negative effects of using iPads among the children. The program intends to enlighten the parents on the need to limit the number of hours their [...]

The Global Revolution in Mobile

As earlier pointed out, users are currently able to use mobile phones with cameras and a huge amount of memory, and it is possible owing to the existence of 5G technology.

Twitter Discussion Application Programming Interface

Part of the reason for the limited usage is the inadequate amount of documentation and research on the subject of Geo-location using Twitter and mining of online health information using Twitter.

You Cannot Live Without Mobile Phones

Certainly, total refusal to use mobile phone in daily life is impossible, particularly for the representatives of Generation Y and Generation Z.

My Favourite Mobile Apps

Evernote Peek is an educational mobile app that is extremely easy to use; it is available on iPads and for students to access it, they only need to own such devices.

Value of Smartphone Security

The security standards include the use keystroke dynamics, monitoring the time of key holding, the flight time, multiplayer access regulations, priority regarding the application accessibility.

Learning to Look

In the advert, the artist uses the element of space to illustrate the background thus indicating to the viewer the probable setting of the image.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

For a VoIP network to meet the needs of a user, it has to guarantee the quality of service. Since the management of a VoIP system requires implementation of numerous safety procedures, it is hard [...]

Monopolistic Competition of Smart Phones

In the flurry of the responses that followed, there was concern whether the smart phone market was becoming monopolistic. This was a clear indication that the competition in the smart phone market was becoming monopolistic.

Future for mobile handsets in UK

The purpose of the project is to identify the following Mobile Phone Gadgets and their use in the United Kingdom Technological advancement of the mobile phone Gadgets in the U.

Phone Manufacturing Industry

In the next five years, the industry is expected to be affected by macro-economic factors as follows: With increase in population, the industry is likely to have an increased number of people with varying needs [...]

Effects of the Internet

The dawn of the internet phenomenon has completely changed the way people conduct their daily activities. The above statements exemplify and amplify the benefits of the internet revolution.

Mobile Computing Technologies

This wide range of customer requirements underpins the fact that mobile system based users require a high level of availability to access IT and IS systems.

Negative Influence of Cell Towers

However, the vast majority of researchers claim that it is necessary to continue research in this field and at the same time it is important to limit people's exposure to cell towers.

Cell Phone Industry in the USA

Cell phone industry is indeed one of the most developed sector in the modern world considering the fact that, cell phones are currently in use in almost all parts of the world.

Personal Digital Assistant

The power of the processor, the lifespan of the battery and the memory that was required to enhance the PDA performance were not well developed.

Blackberry Smartphone Consumer Behavior

Description of Internal Variables Consumer Personality: the personality of the consumer especially that of the middle class has a significant influence on the purchase decisions. With the brand and the specific outlet in mind, a [...]

Wireless Headphones from H2pro Company

The sales team will also be trained on the usability of the wireless headphones H2pro have produced so that they can be able to explain it to customers.

Mobile Computing and Its Future Scope

Mobile communication, mobile hardware and software are the main concepts in mobile computing. The objective of mobile computing is to be able to work from anywhere.

The Comparison of iPhone, Droid, and BlackBerry

The purpose of the report is to compare iPhone, Droid, and BlackBerry in relation to such features as the peculiarities of the operating system, usability, apps and tools, the technical characteristics, and the price of [...]

Blackberry and iPhone Technology Assisted Learning

Despite the above potential negative impacts of mobile assisted learning on the effectiveness of the learning process, progressive research continues to indicate that Blackberry and iPhone technology assisted learning, have a positive impact on the [...]

BlackBerry’s Hidden Technologies

If the device is powered, the investigator should turn the wireless communications off but leave the device on for a number of reasons: To begin with, the BlackBerry device is only completely off is power [...]

Do Investors Care If Steve Jobs Is Healthy?

The article by Koch, Fenili and Chebula tries to investigate the impact Apple's founder Steve Jobs health has on the profitability of the company through an analysis and evaluation of stock/share price and market capitalization.

New Media Technology

Significant technologies as developed with respect to two Egyptian revolutions, one in the year 1952 and the other in the year 2011 are discussed in line with the roles that these communication technologies played in [...]

Technological Generations of Mobile Communications

Thus the use of this technology is dependent on the proximity to power supply. Thus, it is arguable to conclude that the development in the wireless communication cannot be optimum.

Smartphone as a Communication Sector Revolution

The Smartphone has done much to pull the world towards the core of digital database. The youth has exploited this utility to download music and movies from the world over and store it for their [...]

Can Cell Phones Close Digital Divide?

On the other hand, there has been concern as to whether, radiofrequency energy from cell phones pose a cancer risk to cell phone users.

Blackberry Messenger and the Older People

As a more sensitized user of Blackberry messenger, I will use this paper to draw a comparison between my own habits with the Blackberry Messenger and the older people.

The best phone in the year 2013

Despite the stiff competition from other models such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy S4, the HTC-One Smartphone is ranked as one of the best Smartphones in the market.

The Mobile Phone as an Electronic Wallet

Based on this it is possible to conclude that the penetration of mobile phones within the Abu Dhabi area is very widespread given that it is the largest of the emirates.

The Go-Phone by AT&T Company

This then results in a long process of verification where the representative asks the caller to provide some form of verification on the account aside from the pass code which can consist of either the [...]

Camera phone debate

The article goes through the event as taken in the footage. In the end, the article reaches a consensus on the issue by noting that over time, it is upon survivors to decide when to [...]

History of the Cellular Technology

With the developments in the cellular technology, electrical engineering has been affected by the changes and development of this technology. Ever since the introduction of the first mobile phones in the 1980s, electrical engineering experts [...]

Blackberry assessment

Also, Blackberry has cut a market niche as a business device, enabling the company to get hold of the corporate users and distinguishing itself from the rest of the market.[1] Consumer behavior attempts to evaluate [...]

Smartphone Technology

The iPhone 5 is a windows product that has proved to be among the best selling smart phone in the market.

Blackberry or iPhone?

Positive connotation is also presented at the end of the article, when the author refers to specific function and overall design of the device.

Loud and Clear Mobile Communications

Virgin mobile Australia This is the youngest of the other service providers and is ranked fourth in the Australian telecommunication industry.

Is Using Cell Phone Dangerous?

Research has further shown that "the side of the brain that is exposed to the ionizing radiations from the cell phone metabolizes more glucose than other parts that are not exposed to it".

Banning cell phone use in moving vehicles

Of course, some people will disagree and say."Use of cell phones while driving is the same as talking to a passenger in a car".

The iPhones Fourth Generation

It is the fourth generation of the iPhone, having succeeded the iPhone 3GS, the other two previous models are the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone’s Main Features and Productivity

The sophistication of the iPhone is reiterated by Jacko who is of the opinion that the exquisite look of the gadget coupled with the touch screen effectiveness has made many other firms come groping for [...]

On Becoming a Cell Phone Junkie

Although I must admit that cell phones have earned their merits as essential tools of existence in the new millennium, I do not subscribe to the idea that my life should depend on it.

The Evolution of the Iphone from Inception to Today’s Iphone4

However, Apple remains the most credited company for this remarkable innovation of the 21st century since it is the original designer of iphone and creator of the software that gives it the unique feature."Apple's iphone [...]