Computer Science Essay Examples and Topics

Process of Outsourcing Network Security

It is indeed true that determined attacks cannot be protected by firewalls. However, a company’s network is supposed to be provided with a definitive filter in the form of a firewall. It is unfortunate that a number of well known commercial firewalls can still be bypassed by hackers. The vulnerability of companies towards attacks is […]

Globalization Influence on the Computer Technologies

Globalization is the process that has completely changed the ways of how the world may operate in different spheres of life. On the one hand, globalization destroys several barriers that have recently deprived people of numerous opportunities like distant communication, fast exchange of information, and software improvements by the users’ needs. On the other hand, […]

Computer Science: Internet Censorship

Introduction After the development of the internet, it became quite easy for people to access information through technology. As more users started using computers and the internet, the platform became a viable avenue for people to do business, express their opinion, and upload data for public access. This development has led to the development of […]

Computer’s Memory Management

Abstract Memory management is one of the primary responsibilities of the OS, a role that is achieved by the use of the memory management unit (MMU). The MMU is an integral software component of the operating system that resides in the OS’s kernel. The OS manages both types of memory that are categorized into primary […]

The Drawbacks of Computers in Human Lives

Since the invention of computers, they have continued to be a blessing in many ways and more specifically changing the lives of many people. However, in as much as computers have changed the way people live and do things, it must also be emphasized that they are associated with negative effects. This paper, therefore, discusses […]

Computer Science: Threats to Internet Privacy

Introduction Every single individual is entitled to his or her privacy. Even though it may be somehow difficult to precisely define what an individual’s right is, it is, nonetheless, a fundamental human right. Ostensibly, privacy has two different sides. On the one hand, it is concerned with information about individuals that should be kept private […]

Design and Installation of a Computer Network

Establishing a computer network goes a long way in improving the operations of any company irrespective of its size. The ultimate goal while executing such a project is to achieve results in the least time possible and at the lowest possible cost. Below is a list of a project team that will take part in […]

Adobe Corporation Interactive Installation

This paper is aimed at analyzing interactive installation created by Adobe Corporation (2007). In particular, it is necessary to discuss the poetics of this piece and the principles which govern this artwork. Secondly, this essay will explain the embodiment of affordances in this interactive design. Finally, one has to describe the effects produced by these […]

Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of Data During Transmission and Storage

Introduction In this scenario, it’s important to realize that data integrity and confidentiality is achieved by ensuring that only the authorized person(s) gain access to the data and that during transmission, storage and retrieval data originality is maintained. That is to say no alterations can be made whatsoever during these processes. We also know that […]

Improving the Security Levels of Software

Introduction With the modern uncertainty in information and physical safety, even computer programmers who understand the inner technical operations for software admit that there is no single way to eliminate computer security threats. However, software developers struggle so hard to improve the security levels of existing software. As a result, the constant improvement allows more […]

Cryptography, Asymmetric and Symmetric algorithms

Abstract This paper presents a detailed study of asymmetric and symmetric encryption and decryption algorithms by focusing on the operations, the strengths, and weaknesses of the RSA and Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithms. The best characteristics of DES and RSA algorithms can be combined to form a hybrid encryption algorithm to provide the desired properties […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Different Measures used to Protect Operating Systems

Introduction Computer or network operating systems are faced by various security vulnerabilities that can cause a breach of data or loss of important information. These risks usually arise from networks whereby an unwarranted user can access an operating system without the necessary credentials. It becomes important that computer systems apply various security strategies to ensure […]

The Multics Operating System Project

Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) was a time-sharing operating system developed by MIT, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and General Electric Company since 1965 (Saltzer, 1974, pp. 8-24). Multics last known installation was shut in 2000 in Canada. Features Multics had some unique features. Multics had a program that controlled all hardware elements by relying on […]

Computer Security – Information Assurance

Introduction The present epoch of computer technology has come with a number of challenges. One of the challenges is in safeguarding information stored in computer systems. To make sure that only authorised persons have access to the stored information, organizations come up with authentication and authorization procedures, which assign unique login details to each person […]

QR Codes Overview

Ochman (2013) argues that QR codes are being replaced by other applications which are easier to use. These applications come in form of invisible ink and they are more technically superior to QR codes. The past QR codes used to record contact information before directing a web user to a website. New applications have advanced […]

Detection and Prevention of Wireless Intrusion

Abstract This research shows elements of wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. It shows the main areas of wireless intrusion and detection together with advantages and challenges of using a wireless intrusion and detection systems. Overall, the research concludes that a wireless IDS offers many advantages than challenges it may present to users. Wireless local […]

Two Greatest Hacking Systems in the USA

Abstract Computers have been playing a significant role in the daily lives of many people and thus, it is not astounding that unpleasant incidents that involve computer usage have turned out to be widespread issues of litigation. In a broad variety of technological, medical, monetary and other realms, individuals make decisions and execute responses founded […]

Network Securities Management

Nowadays there has been a great advancement in information technology. This has resulted in many people incorporating information technology in their businesses and organizations. The advancement of information technology has enabled the learning institutions, hospitals, businesses as well as government agencies to employ information technology in their day-to-day activities. This has resulted to increased performance […]

The Privacy and Trust for Wireless Network Security

Abstract Wireless sensor networks are limited in resources to accommodate traditional complex security solutions. The limitations and lack of a secure framework for the WSN makes the networks nodes vulnerable to attacks from a hostile network. Attacks such as to DoS attacks, eavesdropping, message tempering, sinkhole, wormhole, and Sybil attacks exploit the security holes in […]

Storytelling about Computers

Introduction Over the years, a number of technological advancements have occurred in various fields, thereby making man’s work easier. In the field of Information Technology, one of the most stunning developments has been the invention of computers (PCs). A computer refers “to a device that can receive some input and process it in order to […]

Information Security: User’s Responsibility

Introduction Many studies indicate that employees, who deal with day-to-day information, are the cause for at least half of the security breaches experienced within a company. In several studies, users are portrayed as being the weakest link in security issues. They can decide to be the security problem or the solution (Spears & Barki, 2010). […]

Explanation of Homomorphic Encryption

Abstract Homomorphic encryption has been created to improve services in cloud computing. The encryption will enable organizations to use cloud computing in analyzing and mining data. Public cloud providers need the intervention of homomorphic encryption to promote security on the access of information. Researchers have suggested that this system has the ability of analyzing information […]

Computer Technology in The Last 100 Years of Human History

The debate about the most significant creation within the last 100 years of human history is not straightforward because different people base their augments on various criteria leading to oppositions about the topic. To address this debate, this analytical essay will try to persuade a mixed audience in terms of gender and age. The audience […]

Emergency Communications Program

Background In recent years, several incidents occurring in the external environment have forced organizations to consider implementing comprehensive emergency communications programs. The lingering uncertainty generated by terrorism, for example, has continued to take a psychological and financial toll on employees and organizations ever since 9/11 (Sellnow, Littlefield, Vidoloff, & Webb, 2009). At PSD Energy Solutions, […]

Information Security Basics

Introduction Computers and the internet have become an integral part of modern life and it is hard for a person to go through a day without interacting with these technologies. Due to the numerous advantages gained by using the two technologies, people are relying even more on computers and the internet for personal and commercial […]

Digital Evidence Presentation

Introduction The world today is characterized by advancing technologies. The amount of information generated, stored, and distributed using electronic means on a daily basis keeps on increasing. As a result, agencies concerned with security and other regulations have to constantly gather digital evidence to use for law enforcement. Only people with specific training for digital […]

Computers and Information Gathering

Introduction Computers are computing devices that are used in receiving, storing, transmitting, and retrieving information in a business. Computer application knowledge has become one of the best skills to acquire in the modern society. Notably, computers are used in every sector for a variety of reasons. For example, gathering information, storing information that would be […]

Sources of Digital Forensic Data

Abstract Sources of data for digital forensics include storage media, file systems, and network equipment, among others. The data sources differ according to cases. Investigators can focus on account audits, live data systems, and intrusion detection systems to understand usage and trace intruders, until identification occurs. Internet service provider (ISP) records, virtual machines, and network […]

IT Resource Actual Contingency Testing Plan

The essence of having a contingency plan in any institution is to sustain the execution of critical events and systems when an extraordinary event occurs to disrupt the normal performance and cause below par execution. Organizations that rely on IT systems have both static and dynamic information that assists in routine operations. They have to […]

Computer Games: Morality in the Virtual World

Is It an Addiction? The computer game industry is now one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Millions of people play various computer games. Clearly, children and teenagers are major users of these products but there are many gamers among adults as well. There is a wide range of games and genres, each person chooses […]

Evaluation of the BackTrack Software Suite

Advanced Research is an actively developing medical research company, and it needs to test and promote the corporate network security in order to avoid cyber attacks and losses of the corporate information. Advanced Research’s main requirements to the security testing software are the ability to identify vulnerabilities, prevent attacks by unauthorized sources and the cost-effectiveness […]

Cryptology and Data Protection

Due to the increase in internet usage, emphasis on data security and integrity has been escalated. Better measures in relation to software and hardware based mechanisms are still being invented and put into practice. All information regarding an organization’s business processes is of critical importance. Information security and integrity is therefore, a vital consideration in […]

Digital Signatures in The Business World

In the business world, a signature is one of the most vital requirements when it comes to sealing of agreements. For instance, when two parties get into a contract, both parties must sign the contract as an indication of their commitment to the terms and conditions of the contract. In the event that one of […]

Low-Power Microcontrollers

The advent of mobile devices and their popularity among consumers in the electronics market has led to development of ultra low voltage microcontrollers. These devices are intended to increase efficiency of the mobile devices and extend the life of their power supply. This is particularly important since most mobile devices are designed to use portable […]

Is Thunderbolt the Real Deal?

Thunderbolt™ technology was developed by Intel® in collaboration with Apple® in order to transform the performance of PCs. The key features of Thunderbolt™ technology include optical or electrical cables, daisy-chained devices, dual-channel 10Gbs per port and compatibility with prevailing Display Port devices. Other characteristics include the use of both PCI Express and Display Port protocols, […]

Security in the information communication technology

Abstract Organizations must put control measures to protect their information systems from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. The top-level management of the organization must devise security mechanisms and policies. This enhances the effectiveness of such policies since it enables the organization engrain such policies in the organizational culture. Organizations also use other security mechanisms, such […]

Adrian Lamo’s Hacking

The video is called “Adrian Lamo’s Hacking”; it consists of six parts available from YouTube. As it usually happens there are two different opinions that can be suggested in this case. The first opinion suggests the idea of knowledge that can exist for knowledge. The example of Galileo introduces a theory about the construction of […]

Human Computer Interaction – Heptic Technology in PlayMotion

The traditional PlayMotion era in gaming is over. With the introduction of haptic applications of in gaming, PlayMotion does not constitute the ultimate gaming experience any more. PlayMotion makes it possible for gamers to experience the gaming environment in enhanced ways. It translates their actions into shapes and patterns by applying gesture recognition technology and […]

Information System Design

Abstract The future European Champions League final which is going to take place in London in May 2011 sets new tasks before BIF specialists who deal with the hooligan groups in the UK. The main idea of this report is to consider possible solution to the information systematization from different countries via the computer system. […]

Security Controls For Corporate Lan Environments

Introduction A local area network refers to a connection of computers which are located close to each other. The region covered by this network may include a building, a school or even the network at home (Kyriazoglou, 2010). The concept of the local area network was developed after that of the wide area network and […]

Human computer interface

Human computer interface development has brought considerable change in many sectors such as political, social, cultural and economically. Some of these changes have affected the community either positively or negatively. The continuous evolving of human interface computer highlights substantial changes that are certain to happen in the future. In entertainment one can do a lot […]

Video Game Effects

Barlett, Christopher, et al. “Video Game Effects–Confirmed, Suspected, and Speculative: A Review of the Evidence.” Simulation & Gaming, vol. 40, no. 3, 2009, pp. 377-403. According to Barlett et al., when it comes to discussing the potential effects of playing video games, it is important to understand how they can be properly categorized. The authors suggest […]

Theft of Information and Unauthorized Computer Access

Introduction Information plays a vital role in successful organizational management. Information management using modern information technology enhances organizational survival and decision-making. Individuals with ill intentions can utilize any security flaw existing in the organization’s information systems to pursue their selfish interests; this, in other words, can render an organization susceptible to risks, which are costly […]

IBM IT Security

Introduction Information security is a very critical issue as we grow towards the information and knowledge age. This is due to the very many security threats, in regard to information and technology, associated with it. The more there is advancement in technology, the more security threats faced in the modern information and knowledge based world. […]

Review of Wordfast: Strengths and Weaknesses of This Translation Memory Tool

With the recent advancements in the sphere of computer technologies and the advent of ICT translation productivity tools, translation can be regarded as not only craft, but also a rapidly growing industry. Whereas the translations are paid by the word count, the translator’s productivity is defined as the greatest number of words translated at the […]

Cloud Computing in Network Security

Security in Cloud Computing Systems vs. Non-Cloud Computing System Cloud computing is a new technology that has attracted huge attention from all sectors (Shaikh & Haider 2011, p. 214; Shaikh & Sasikumar 2012, p. 4). In non-cloud computing system, data owners have direct control over their data hence they are able to physically administer data […]

Information systems (IS) development

Introduction In the recent years, there has been emphasis on business approaches. The idea has highlighted need for a mechanism to elicit, represent and validate the requirements that would focus on co-development activities that aim at enhancing alignment between support technical systems and business processes (Vasilecas, 1983). After several studies and researches, experts and scholars […]

Comparison Between two Operating Systems

Introduction An operating system (OS) refers to a set of programs which make the computer usable. The programs present in the operating system make it easy to operate a computer. The common types of operating systems include Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. These types of operating systems are used in Desktop Computers and Laptops. […]

Dependency on Computers

Computers have revolutionized the world we live in today by making it possible for people to engage in many different activities (Mann 6). It is easier now to connect with people in other parts of the globe passing over information without any difficulties. Over 3 billion people are using computers today with a significant portion […]

Strategy And Controls In Information Security

Strategy and Controls For Dealing With Malicious Attacks and Vulnerability Every organization must focus and invest on countermeasures to deal with computer attacks and vulnerabilities. According to Beard and Wen (2009) an organization ought to balance its resources against the value of its information assets and any possible threats against them. These would work in […]

MANET Security Solutions

Abstract The phenomenal growth in mobile computing devices use over the last decade has led to revolutionary changes in the computing world. Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) which are dynamically self-organized temporary networks have emerged as ideal networks for implementation in scenarios where adhoc wireless networks are required without the need for a central administration. […]

Systems and Network Security

Introduction Providing security to the users of a system is among the key concerns of an operating system manufacturer. On the windows platform it has been observed that the uses of different file systems is one approach that has been used to provide additional security. In the Windows Server 2003 platform the use of the […]

Security on Windows Server 2008

Abstract Organizations heavily rely on networking and communications to meet the challenging requirements necessary to compete in the global market place (Tiensivu, 2008). All members of these organizations need to have constant access to files. This requires the ability to connect to the network wherever they may be and from any device that they have […]

“An Empirical Analysis of the Business Value of Open Source Infrastructure Technologies”: Critical Article Review

Introduction Information and communication technology (popularly known as ICT) is perhaps one of the most dynamics fields in the society today. New developments and new innovations are taking place on a daily basis in this field, and what may be high technology may be obsolete tomorrow. Free/Libre Open Source Software (herein referred to as FLOSS) […]

Security Vulnerabilities in Software

Security vulnerabilities in software result from defects or bugs that occur within the system. These defects lead to failure to meet the operational requirements and errors in the operational requirements. An example of a defect is the coding error. Coding error is attributed to errors in the timing and, errors in validation of input data. […]

Internet Key Exchange

Kang & Balitanas (2009) define IKE as a spontaneous key management protocol created by the combination of several other different key management protocols, and serves as the default key generator for IPsec, a shortened form for Internet Protocol Security. It creates, encrypts and authenticates all secret keys generated between two computers on a network. It […]

Different SOHO Solutions

Introduction In this ever developing technological world, many activities are now carried online in the internet. It is now possible to create your own home based office and transact business online. Other business or activities are considered private by their owners; therefore it is important for them to come up with the ways that will […]

Open Source Project

Abstract Open Source programs are often produced by groups of people who work collaboratively on the internet. The software built, becomes a property of the group and is distributed free of charge to anyone who desires to use it. Open Source collaborations have increased of late thus, becoming socially and economically vibrant venture. Therefore, a […]

Linux, the Operating System of Choice

Introduction In recent years, the global marketplace has witnessed an enormous rise in the use of computers and ultimately the software used in them. Computers have principally made their mark in almost all the spheres of mankind (Kirby, 2000), and with this growth the softwares required for them have also grown at an exponential rate […]

Comparison a Norton and Kaspersky Antivirus Software

Computer systems have allowed many organizations to perform their tasks with ease and increased productivity. Processing business documents, banking and easy coordination of groups from remote places are only a few examples of what can be done with a reliable computer that is connected to the Internet. However, there are security risks associated with the […]

Information security in Small Scale Enterprises

Introduction Scientific innovations and inventions have led to technological advances; the technology has increasingly been adopted in businesses in different areas/processes; however, there are numerous threats brought by the use of technology. The affordability of computer and computer software has facilitated the use of technology in small-scale business; some of the most used technological advancements […]

Server Administration

Task #1: The following are the three major principles or guidelines that the System administrator can employ in order to deal with users: Operational activities A system administrator has a duty to always ensure that all computer systems as well as networks for which s/he is responsible are functioning properly. S/he can carry out this […]


Definition FTP or File Transfer protocol refers to rules or protocols that are used to transfer files from one computer to another. The files are transferred from a remote computer to another computer connected to a web server or internet. The transfer of the files happens through the aid of transmission Control Protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). […]

The Popularity of Video Games and Their Benefits

Introduction/Background/Tentative thesis One of the foremost aspects of a post-industrial living is the fact, during the course of recent decades; the progress in the field of informational technologies has attained a clearly defined exponential momentum. In its turn, this naturally causes the lives of people in Western countries to become ever more technologically intense, while […]

Media Power and Post Modernity

Semiotics is a tool that is used to assist in the decision-making process. It enables prior comprehension of messages especially in advertisement through the readings allowing one to grasp the decoding consumed by the target group. Semiotic reveals the polysemic nature of signs; it creates several implications in the recipients mind. Through semiotics, one can […]

The Replica Data Security

Introduction The safety of data comprises of various platforms to make sure that the information remains protected currently and in the future. It involves processes and tools, which guarantee database safety. Notably, data security remains largely a policy issue whether the information is print or internet based (InterSystems Corporation, 2012). The users and owners of […]

The Role of Computer Forensics in Criminology

Abstract Computer forensics also known as digital forensics is one of the most exciting fields of science. This field has tremendously grown from a comparatively murky tradecraft into an important platform for carrying out investigations. Various departments use computer forensic tools to carry out investigations and research. For example, experts use computer forensic tools to […]

The Fall of IBM

History, Development and Growth In early 1970s, IBM was the largest manufacturer of computers in the world. It was able to achieve rapid growth in revenue and market share due to the sale of its 360-mainframe computer model. The 360 model was later improved through the development of the 370-mainframe model. By mid 1970s, IBM […]

IT on Everyday Life

Introduction The information revolution was sparked in the mid 20th century, when scientists built the first programmable electronic computers. Since then, the growth of IT has become a major and significant aspect of people in their daily lives. Today, many people depend on IT either directly or indirectly. This paper critically examines how IT aspects […]

Ethical hacking

Introduction Roughly 80 percent of our community currently relies on intricate computer supported systems. With the growing utilization of computer and rapid increase of the internet has resulted to numerous good things: online trade, e-banking, call centres, e-mail etc. The enhancement of system protection with a view of preventing unethical hacking has become a significant […]

Benefits and dangers of ethical hacking

Introduction According to Media Wiley (n. d), Ethical hacking can be defined as the practice of breaking into an organizations computer system without any malicious intent. Ethical hacking is intended to sturdy and analyzes the security of information systems as well as the possible remedies for such security threats. Ethical hacklers are individuals who are […]

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices

The chipset manufacturing industry has been under constant transformation due to the rivalry between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). These two chipmakers are the dominant players in the manufacture of CPUs. The fierce competition between Intel and AMD has caused considerable changes in chipset technologies as each firm tries to gain market control. These […]

Technological solutions for human services

Human services are movements, which seek to address the needs of the less privileged in the society. While offering their services, organisations are faced with three main barriers in planning, funding and empowerment of their clients. These barriers include organization, provision of transportation to clients, keeping trail of clients, and ensuring that prospective clients are […]

People are too dependent on computers

Introduction A computer has become a very important device in modern days. Usage of computers has generally been increasing since invention of the device back in the nineteenth century. This has resulted from the possibility to modify the device so that it suits different situations and thus ends up performing most of the jobs that […]

All software should be available free of charge to all users

Introduction As the use of computer systems has increased radically in modern society, the significance of software has risen to high levels. This significance has led some researchers to acclaim software as the building blocks of modern day society. The increased importance of software has led to the growth of a very lucrative software industry […]

Evaluating Security Software (Firewall)

Introduction A firewall is precisely a combination of specific hardware and software’s, which performs a major role in preventing all types of unauthorized users from accessing private networks. Additionally, firewalls also control the tremendous flow of all incoming and outgoing private networks traffics (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). Firewall is specifically put in a central position […]

The Ethics of Hacking

Introduction Modifying computer hardware and software with an objective other than the original purpose of the creator constitutes computer hacking. In computer networking, hacking also means manipulating network connections. Most computer hackers are self-taught, but they possess expert-level skills in a number of programming languages. Although a considerable number of hackers are driven by ulterior […]

Putting Play to Work in Games of Empire

Introduction This editorial scrutinizes the workforce of digital games, the contentment and capacity of game invention, the predicaments facing this industry and the novel ideas that affect the firm. Games of digital nature are commendable as they offer relaxation, are informative when it comes to social issues and the firms have provided employment to various […]

Hacking: Social Engineering Online

Hacking is a well-organized system used by criminals to obtain information from various individuals and corporation. This information may concern the financial status and transactions of the targeted groups. Hacker uses well designed software which enables them to break passwords and upload the information into there database. The information is fed to the main web […]

Human Service Software

Abstract Several policymakers, service providers as well as funders usually strive to enhance human service programs. That is why software use has been on the rise in the recent past. A number of organizations have recognized the benefits of program evaluations. What the programs can achieve, their costs, as well as their operations are always […]

The Future of Human Computer Interface and Interactions

Introduction The society today has completely changed due to technology. Technology is changing at a very rapid rate and with the changes come the need to adapt to them. Computer has changed the way human being does his activities (Beaureau 2008, p.36). Unlike before when most of the activities were done manually, computer has enabled […]

Budget For Server Desktop Upgrade

Executive Summary Widows Server 2008 R2 offers extra access options. They include options such as dial-up remote access as well as modern DirectAccess technology. The new technology will provide Global Merchandise Corporation with a more advanced platform that has bigger band width; user and administration ease of use, greater compatibility as well as an advanced […]

Information Security: A Critical Discussion

Within the contemporary, hyper-connected and interlinked business landscape, organizations – large and small – are continually under attack. A computer crime and security survey conducted in 2005 through the joint efforts of the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and the San Francisco Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) demonstrated that six in every ten […]

Information Security of Information Technology

Introduction This is an essay on information security. The essay will give a brief history of information technology and practices. This will include what triggered the need for information security, specifically in the healthcare sector and the role that HIPAA has played. A review of the technologies and practices used today and how they could […]

Spreadsheet Errors in Management

Introduction Several researches have showed that spreadsheet errors are quite common and difficult to eliminate even after careful development of spreadsheet. Generally, errors are more pronounced in spreadsheets containing numerous formulas. These errors are sometimes undetected because of some of the constraints experienced during spreadsheet development. Spreadsheet errors significantly affect the quality of organizations’ reports […]

Access to Information Communications Technology in the World

Introduction The growth of Information Communications Technology in the last decade has ensured many people access to computers. In the developed world especially North America and Western Europe, access to computers by households is almost 100% whereas access to computers in the third world especially Africa is low. Different races therefore have varying rates of […]

Globalization and Digitalization

The article by Adrian Miles addresses various issues related to digitization and globalization of the world. Technology has largely transformed the daily operations in the film industry. Digitization has revolutionalized the means and production processes keeping the media, television and cinema intact. The development of modern software i.e. the audiovisual software has fostered the digital […]

Database System Basics

A computer system is made of different electronic components and parts that make it look complex. These fundamental components constitute a computer system that makes a computer to run effectively. The first component is the motherboard that forms a perfect platform on which internal electronic components are attached (Miller 67). The motherboard consolidates all the […]

Computer safety

Computers have pervaded human society in a way never seen before. This was not always the case. In fact, there was a time when computers were a figment of man’s imagination. Starting in the modern age people wanted to build a machine that can handle immense mathematical calculations but for centuries the idea remained a […]

Information Systems Basics

Introduction Information system is a network of communication within an organization that entails the use of technology. In information system there is collecting, processing and disseminating of the information or storage, encoding and decoding depending on the nature of the information and its use (Aberer and Martin-Flatin 2). Through the use of information system the […]

The Objectives of Mobile Forensics

Hypothesis The main objective of mobile forensics is to obtain information from mobile devices with the intention of coming up with strategies for enhancing them. Although they can simplify daily lives of many through facilitating communication and entertainment, these devices can also incorporate the highest level of security risks to both individuals and organizations in […]

System Administrators in Information Technology (IT)

Information technology (IT) today has become a cliché that even a toddler knows about it. In 1960’s and 1970’s the term information technology was recognized and associated with institutions such as hospitals, banks, and government offices. By then they referred to it as the processes that are involved in storage of information. Currently IT or […]

Video Games Impact on Peoples Lives

Introduction The current world has had a great deal of revolution in so many sectors, one of them being the information sector which has been promoted greatly by the invention of computer and other related gadgets. Such inventions have been followed by a number of other technological developments that have come to capture the interest […]

Microsoft Information System

Background Computer is no doubt a great invention of science. Since, the computer has equipped the world into various aspects. Side by side, internet has mesmerized the world into its magic all the time. Due to internet, everyone is connected with their family and friends without taking any tension of near and far or distances. […]

Application of Information Technology to reduce barriers to services

Barriers to human service There are a number of barriers in an organization or any business setting that mitigates the efficiency of the entire human resource in an organization. These barriers in essence affect the daily activities of an organization, a factor that contributes to reduction in the production rate of these organizations. Barriers influence […]

The Evolution of the Personal Computer and the Internet

It can be argued that the preceding century was the beginning of the Information Age. It can be described as such because of two technological breakthroughs – the invention of the personal computer and the Internet. These two technologies combined, brought another milestone when it came to man his desire to improve the way he […]

Principles and Practice of Information Security

Security threats in computer networks Computer security is an issue that has grown to be of gross concern in the present years. Individuals and companies have suffered major losses as a result of the vice. Many people have spent quite a lot of money on the same though at times information insecurity has gone on […]

Information Retrieval Methods

Introduction The people attic trust is a complex storage and retrieval project featuring widely varying forms of media spanning several decades’ worth of information embedded in different forms of technological media. Some of them feature single modes of data storage while some contain many forms of media. Some of it is text, while a lot […]

Constituents of an Information System

An information system is a preset or manual scheme of facts presentation. It is formed when data is amassed, structured, stocked up and presented in a methodical sequence. Most importantly, the data in an information system can be used for decision making in an institution. Incase a decision has to be initiated; the data can […]

Advancement of the computer

The first property that determines how materials are universally classified is the atoms that make up the material. These atoms are neutrons, protons, and electrons. Most materials in their elementary form are neutral since the number of protons is equal to the number of electrons. At the same time, those that are in a compound […]