Robotics Essay Examples and Topics

Will Robots Ever Replace Humans?

Introduction/Brief overview Introduces readers to what will be discussed in the paper and to the would-be reviewed articles by Bolonkin and Clocksin One of the main aspects of today’s living is the fact that, as time goes on, more and more people grow increasingly concerned about the possibility for robots (endowed with artificial intelligence) to […]

Intelligence Technologies: Helpful Innovations or Threats

Introduction Questions are rising as to whether the future technology will transform the human life or it will simply put the future of the humanity in jeopardy (Kurzweil 18). Technology has transformed from the house-size computers of the first generation to the sophisticated technologies that have made almost every part of human duties effortless. Innovation […]

Autonomous Robots

Introduction The future of technology in the changing world is uncertain. Scientists and researchers are coming up with new ideas and new inventions that might affect people in different ways. The development of robots has enabled people to do various things concurrently without necessarily having to be present. In fact, robots and human beings have […]

Robotic pharmacy system implementation

Brief description of the topic The new technological improvements have brought a number of changes in every aspect of the human existence. Among the areas of humanity that have been greatly impacted by technology is the health sector, which has registered tremendous growth in the use of IT (Coleman, 2004). One of the major technological […]

Projects “Cyborg” and “New Electrical Apparatus” in Robotics

Project ‘Cyborg’ is perhaps one of the most interesting projects in the science and technology of robotics. However, experiments involved in the project equally attract some ethical concerns due to its use of human beings as laboratory animals. Pioneered by Ken Warwick, a renowned British professor of robotics at the University of Reading, project Cyborg […]

Meteorite or Puck Hunt: Autonomous Mobile Robot

Introduction The creation of the autonomous mobile robot (AMB) project is the most important branch of the unit, HES 1305 ROBOTICS AND MECHATRONICS PROJECT 2. The plan, design, building, programming, testing, as well as debugging the different components of the project, would involve teams which consist of three members. The purpose of the autonomous mobile […]

Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons

Introduction: On the Artificial Intelligence, in Theory and Practice Because of the growing impact of science on various spheres of people’s lives, it has become vitally important for people to trace scientific discoveries and the changes which they trigger. However it is not always that people take the newly introduced invention as something that is […]

Will Robots Take Over Human Jobs?

Introduction At first, robot technology was an invention whose aim was to fascinate the human being. Its ability to imitate certain characteristics of a human being, and its ability to do certain specific tasks that it was programmed to do is a point of fascination and impression. Inventors would display their technological skill through making […]

Nanotechnology: “Cell Repairing Nanorobots”

Nanotechnology- it is the technique of engineering matter at an atomic level. This technology is quite different from any other ever witnessed before. To justify how difference this technique is, the way to attaining different compound that human beings have practiced for centuries involves mixing quantities of different compounds to produce one compound containing elements […]

The Use of Robots in Warfare

Military robots are devices that are operated remotely in the battlefield. The 20th Century gave rise to this technological advancement that changed the face of the society. Discovery of Robotics is one of the new things that came into being. They have been used in warfare whereby unmanned robots are used to fight the enemy. […]

Design a helper

Introduction Machines based on artificial intelligence help humans to perform domestic chores, educational duties, as well as entertainment purposes. Busy work schedules have led to the designing of robots that help people with domestic chores. Simple robots have been designed to do basic household chores including cleaning, lawn mowing and dishwashing among others. Personal robots […]

A Mobile Robotic Project in the Ohio State University Medical Center

Overview A Mobile Robotic Project was created to improve operational efficiency in hospitals, The Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC) has successful developed the ATS (Automated Transport System) to help hospitals in their activities. The Automated Transport System includes robotic “vehicle” to move meals, linens, medical supplies and trash throughout the 1,000 bed healthcare facility. […]

Autonomous Controller Robotics: The Future of Robots

Advancement in robotic technology has made a positive contribution in many industries including the mining industry. Intelligent robotic systems are especially fast becoming of interest due to their successful application in many areas where safety is critical. Even so, robots still continue to rely on humans to control them and in some instances, help fulfill […]