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Robotics Essay Examples and Topics

Spot Mini Robot by Boston Dynamics

While the bigger robots by Boston Dynamics are designed to operate in extreme conditions, Spot Mini is a household robot, which makes it marketable to a wider community and, therefore, profitable.

Will Robots Ever Replace Humans?

It is quite peculiar that Bolonkin uses negation in order to stir the audience's delight; more impressively, the specified approach works the pathos is concealed not in the description of the possibilities, but the compliment [...]

Intelligence Technologies: Helpful Innovations or Threats

Communication All that the human beings have been anticipating about the forthcoming technology is the enhancement of communication to enable people to communicate regardless of the geographical barriers. The microchip implant systems and the intelligent [...]

Autonomous Robots

Since they are self sufficient, the autonomous robots have the capacity to work in the absence of human beings. In the future, humanoid robots might have the intelligence and emotions similar to those of human [...]

Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons

Artificial intelligence, or robots, one of the most scandalous and brilliant inventions of the XX century, causing people's concern for the world safety, has become one of the leading branches of the modern science, which [...]

Will Robots Take Over Human Jobs?

Most of these people argue that due to the increasing number of computer equipped robots, the banking industry, the technical industry and even the administrative departments of many countries have suffered great losses at the [...]

The Use of Robots in Warfare

The military advancement in the use of robots in warfare will at long last essentially drastically reduce the role of human beings in war. The increased use of robots in the battlefield needs countries to [...]

Design a helper

Therefore, personal robots in addition to making life easier should be able to perceive and understand the surroundings. However, robots are a source of worry in the future as they can be risky to humans.