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Accidents & Protection Essay Examples and Topics

Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Accidents

A Hazard refers to an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon within the workplace that is a source of danger and can cause an event to result in one way or another. One of the nightmares that [...]

Nova Scotia’s Westray Mine Tragedy

The report of Richard Justice blamed the business firm that supervised the coal mine and different government superintendents who overlooked defiant stare of safety mistreatment. In addition, the Westray administration never conformed to protection guidelines [...]

Safety in Elevators and Escalator Maintenance Contracts

The controller also regulates the opening and closing of the doors, indicating to the passengers the position of the elevator in the hoist-way and indicating the direction towards which the elevator is moving.

Fire and Rescue Services and Globalization Effects

The fire and rescue services act is a law that was enacted in 2004 and applies to all practitioners in the fire and rescue field in the United Kingdom.

Gas Station Fires, Their Causes and Effects

The final part of this essay will be to state the possible causes of fires that occur in gas stations. Direct fire will be the main cause of gas station fire that the essay will [...]

Workers’ Safety in Petrochemical Industry

It is noted that both the employer and the employee have a role to play in improving the health and safety of workers in the work place.

“Hey, Should You Be Driving?” Article by Quill

State the writer's stance and two logical claims that he makes in support of it That elderly person should be banned from driving, because

Avianca Flight 52 Accident and Its Reasons

However, at the same time, the pilots managed to reach their destination point and were ready to land, though dispatchers of the airport did not allow them to do it, not understanding or ignoring the [...]

Fire Administration, Services and Employee Management

The third step that can be taken to diversify the fire service is the introduction of training programs that will assist firefighters in their efforts of explaining to others the importance of diversity in the [...]

Alternative Power Supply Installation

A fuel cell is the most appropriate power back-up for this project as compared to a diesel generator or batteries. The maintenance of the diesel generator is low as compared to the gasoline generator.

Power Backups as a Solution to Outage Problem

Unless there is a solution to the situation, the project will be late. A technician will not be able to handle the outages alone, and thus, the problem will not be solved.

Road Accidents and Traffic in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The proposal is aimed at pointing to the main reasons for the road incidents based on the reports and other literature sources with the purpose to allow the specialists to offer the solutions to reduce [...]

Hospital Administrator on Duty’s Emergency Response

Activating the command center is important in this case because it will help for the easier dissemination of information and the management of responses to the emergency: the unity of command, clarity of text, and [...]

Fire Department Strategic Plan and Analysis

Become the best fire organization by providing advanced services and training personnel to ensure they deliver quality and timely services by use of the available resources.

Accident Prevention Models

The advantage of this model is that it was revolutionary in its time, and the following models often used it as a basis. Two types of errors, active failures, and latent conditions, are described in [...]

Radiation Damage and Nuclear Fuels

The fuel is highly radioactive and any leaks of the coolant used in the reactors, can render the area for many kilometers from the leak unsafe.

Campus Accidents Management Plan

The first step implies the reporting of an emergency situation to the university authorities and the security personnel, who then validates the accident and secure the building if necessary.

Risks and Accidents in College Science Laboratories

The college science laboratory environment is exposed to risks and accidents of different types due to the sensitivity of the experiments and equipment in use.

The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster

The case of the space shuttle Challenger is, probably, one of the biggest disasters in the history of American space exploration.

Incidence Management for University Laboratories

This paper presents a comprehensive strategic plan to manage the risks and accidents in the practical laboratories at the university. The plan integrates administrative, procedural, and personal protective equipment controls.

Hazard Mitigation Planning and Training

The training will focus on the collection and review of relevant data to aid in risk assessment. Training public officials on capability assessment will be critical to promoting the ability of the participating county to [...]

Community Preparedness and Resilience Promotion

The second example of taking action on a community level is teaching how to prepare materials for different types of disasters.

Risk Assessment Plan in Health & Human Services

For this purpose, risk management plans include the step of risk assessment the process of "determining the probability that a risk will occur and the impact that event would have, should it occur".

Zonk Aircraft Accident in Retrospect Analysis

One must admit, though, that the lack of proper corporate ethics and the inability of the organization to establish control over the production process are not the only factors that triggered the disaster.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Response to It

The fire was not just a tragedy for the families of the victims. It was the beginning of a change in the safety and social policies for the working class.

Accidents Comparison: UA Flight 232 and Baghdad DHL A300

The crew was able to land the plane without conventional control at the airport of Sioux City, but the right-wing of the airliner hit the runway, and the plane broken into several parts.

Human Factors in Aviation Accidents

This fatal accident led to the death of all the passengers and members of the crew. The second framework that can be used to analyze the role of human factors in aviation accidents is the [...]

Mass Disaster Investigation

For this reason, it is vital to investigate reasons that predetermined the failure and guarantee the creation of the efficient solution needed to avoid the same incidents in the future.

TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Accident

The purpose of this paper is to review the Flight 235 accident, as well as to analyze the causes of its origin and the importance of the human factor, which made a critical contribution to [...]

Car Accidents in Kuwait

Foreigners are in a hurry because they have a lot of things to do and fail to meet the deadline. Thus, it cannot be denied that the improvement of traffic safety and driving behavior is [...]

Workplace Safety Issues in the Mining Sector

There are several factors such as the increase in pollutants and the emergence of more communicable diseases in the workplace, which might put the lives of the employees in danger.

Incident Command Models in the US, the UK, Qatar

The current paper will consider the basic features and the structure of the three incident command models or systems: the National Incident Management System, the Joint Decision Making Model, and The National Command Centre.

Driver Insurance, Its Gender and Age Factors

To prove the importance of high rates of insurance for young male drivers, it is necessary to think about its benefits.

Attilio Ievoli Accident and Human Errors

The aim of this report is to present actual finding on the probable cause of the accident in which the 4,450 chemical tanker to run aground just some few moments after the change of guard [...]

Heinrich’s Domino Safety Theory

In other cases, some employers tend to ignore the safety needs of their employees by providing unsafe working conditions, which eventually contribute to accidents within the workplace.

Space Shuttle Challenger’s Explosion Factors

A fault tree analysis can be used to identify and examine the major factors that led to the failure of the O-rings in the Solid Rocket Boosters. The failure of the O-rings led to the [...]

Bhopal Union Carbide Chemical Plant’s Malfunction

It is quite evident that the quality of maintenance procedures on the plant was not satisfactory, and it is one of the primary issues that have caused the incident.

Weather Factor in Continental Airlines Flight 1404

At the time of the crash, the NTSB estimate revealed that the wind was from the west with a strength that varied between 35 and 40 knots.

Human Factors and Risk Management in Marine Navigation

According to John et al, fatigue is not an infrequent phenomenon among the personnel employed in marine navigation, and this is especially the case for bridge team members, due to the peculiarities of the maritime [...]

1996 Mount Everest Disaster and Teamwork Factor

The Everest case study illustrates some key problems that need to be addressed to avert the recurrence of errors or omissions that may have occasioned the deaths of the climbers.

Setting Fire Standards to Eradicate Fire Incidents

Fire codes promoted the maintenance and inspection of different fire safety devices to facilitate effective measures. Fire codes provided effective measures that encouraged residents to minimize the chances of causing fire incidences.

Fire Incident in India

Fire codes aimed to maintain and inspect the use of different fire protection items to sustain active fire safety measures. Fire codes provided effective measures that encouraged residents to minimize the chances of causing fire [...]

Rail Transport Emergencies and Their Management

The construction of the United States high-speed rail promoted the popularity of rail transport in the country, especially in the major cities where a traffic jam is becoming common during rush hours.

Cell Phone Use in Driving and Recommended Policies

Auditory, when on phone, drivers shift their focus to the sound of the phone instead of listening to the adjoining atmosphere on the road.

Disney Resort Alligator Attacks: Elimination Plan

For all the visitors getting into the park, there will be a guide that will be used to guide them when they are staying at the resort.

Buncefield Oil Depot Disaster and Its Triggers

Still, the issue became critical only with time, as the filling of the tank continued, which resulted in the overflow that happened on the morning of the next day.

Disney Resort Crisis Communication Plan

When dealing with an emergency, the head of crisis communication has to carefully follow a crisis communication plan. He or she will compile a list of key publics that have to be notified of the [...]

Road Accident Rate and Weather Conditions Relation

The data were grouped into two categories according to the weather conditions relevant for the study: the traffic during the dry weather and the wet weather.

Challenger Accident and Its Risk Factors

The mission of Challenger was to revive the interest of the press and public in the NASA space program. The principal cause of the disaster was the leakage of gas through the connection elements of [...]

Challenger Disaster and Risk Management Failure

As the notorious example shows, the stage involving detailed and scrupulous tests of the project design, as well as the assessments of any possible flaws with their further elimination from the product, are to be [...]

Centralia Mine Disaster and Public Administration Failure

Scanlan, who was the district inspector at the time, identified the hazards surrounding the coal mines and reported his findings about a possible explosion to other relevant professionals. Scanlan should not have taken heed to [...]

Work Safety, Accidents’ Causes and Prevention

In establishing and maintaining safety in work place, a business should identify the major cause of the accidents in its systems of operations.

National Fire Protection Association Standards

While the NFPA 15 and NFPA 68 codes appear to offer appropriate devices for the control of explosive hazards, NFPA 69 offers the best standards and guidelines on the explosive prevention devices.

State Farm: Dangerous Intersections Study

The Dangerous Intersection gives a report of the accidents caused by intersections and makes an effort to prevent further loss through improvement of safety intersection in the United States. Gross misconduct of the driver and [...]

The Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship’s Crisis Management

This paper is a critical analysis of the crisis communication surrounding the marooning of the Carnival Triumph Cruise ship. The contribution of the Carnival's PR in addressing the Triumph crisis is subject to analysis to [...]

Airport Security in United Arab Emirates

The process of ensuring airport security is made possible by the determination of the items accepted during the journey and the items prohibited during the journey.

Texting and Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the major causes of motor vehicle accidents is the prevalent habit of texting while driving. A zero-tolerance policy to distracted driving helps to keep the attention of the drivers on the road.

Aviation Safety – Ground Accidents

To understand the difference and worth of direct and indirect costs, it is possible to imagine the iceberg because of which the Titanic sank.

Safety Culture in the Maritime Industry

The company's concerns over the potential damage or loss of the three vessels and the cargo they carried at the time are thus valid, which forms the basis for the analysis of the company's current [...]

DHL & Qantas Flight 32: Teamwork and Creative Approaches

One of the most important aspects that need to be noted is that the crew that the issue that it was an uncontained failure of the engine at first, but smoke was noticed.

NetHope Technology: Worldwide Disaster Relief

According to the writer, the major opportunities, which are provided by the modern technology tool, include the use of worldwide telecommunications, as well as the partnership with global computing organizations, compactness, and accessibility.

Global Universities’ Reforms After the 9/11 Attack

The members of the team use the above competencies to support different students whenever there is an attack. An agreement is also "established in order to outline the commitment and participation of different response organizations".

Health and Safety in Tight Gas Production Field

How do Gas Companies ensure that their employees and the public in general are protected from the stated hazards from the time the discovery of the gas is made, to transportation through pipelines and finally [...]

Workplace Accidents: Causes and Prevention

The safety regulations which prohibit any employee from walking under the moving crane were not handed to the employee despite having been in the company for more than two months.

Manufacturing Industry Accidents: Causes and Protection

The first direct cause of the accident was the inexperience of the crane operator and the injured worker. The second direct cause of the accident was irresponsibility by the employees involved in the accident.

Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Assessment

In May 2013, the investigators announced that they were unable to "determine exactly what started the fire that was responsible for the explosion of ammonium nitrate at the store".

The Northern Sea Route’ Safety Management

The company discusses the opportunity to trade some of the vessels with the help of the NSR. The NSR is discussed as an attractive option to decrease the time spent in the voyage while comparing [...]

Eight Mile Road Incident: Ethical Analysis

As an employee of the company, I have a duty to contribute to the profitability of the enterprise I am working for, prevent possible problems related to improper functioning of reactors it produces, and follow [...]

Pilot Errors: Forms and Fundamental Causes

Through the standard, they are able to investigate the chronology of events before the occurrence of an accident. Nonetheless, a number of aviators fail to keep an eye on their appliances when flying in the [...]

Texas City Disaster in 1947

The severity of the disaster was primarily attributed to the captain, who ordered the crew to close hatches in order to preserve the ammonium nitrate.

Security Measures’ Benefits on Transportation

To protect the transport system from terrorist attack such as that of 2001, the government has invested in the security of carriage.

Safety Management at Construction Sites in the UAE

Safety management is the process that helps to define the principles of work and measure the processes to prevent different types of accidents and injuries that can lead to the negative outcomes for an organisation [...]

Profiling and Maintaining Passenger’s Travel Experience

Governments and passengers are required to comply with international aviation standards and legal requirements that have further strengthened the need for more stringent rules to profile customers, leading to the accusations that profiling is intrusive, [...]

Colgan Flight 3407: Human Factors of the Accident

The cause of the accident was attributed to the failure of the flight crew to monitor airspeed according to the rising position of the low-speed cue, the flight crew's failure to stick to the cockpit [...]

Hands-Free Technology Does Not Keep Drivers Safe

A quick look at the introduction of the article gives one the impression of what the author intends to put across all through the article.

Avianca Airlines Flight 052 Crash

The subjects to the controversy are the causes of the accident and whether it was at all preventable, the investigatory details and comments, the role of culture barrier, and the lessons learned.

The Crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 and Its Aftermaths

According to the results of the investigation carried out after the crash, the causes of the accident were the crew's "failure to monitor airspeed", "failure to adhere to sterile cockpit procedures", "the captain's failure to [...]

American Airlines 1420: Accident Overview

Because of the thunderstorm and heavy rain on the way, the pilot did not manage to land the plane safely, and it crashed after the overrunning the end of the runway.

Zonk Aircraft Accident: Profits vs. Safety

Carrying out audits and detecting the issues that require urgent maintenance, as well as conducting the above-mentioned maintenance procedures, is essential for not only the efficacy of the services provided by an airline company but [...]

Space Exploration Aviation Safety: Challenger and Columbia

Among the variety of accidents that take human lives in the sphere of aviation, the cases of Challenger and Columbia remain to be one of the most significant and influential.

Space Exploration Accidents: Challenger and Columbia

The failure in the joint of the elements of the rocket motor caused the Challenger catastrophe. The analysis of the accidents led to the development of a number of recommendations.

Aircraft Accident and Human Factor

Therefore, the cause, in this case, was the crew's failure to make the appropriate decision to avoid landing under bad weather.

Older Drivers: The Age Factor in Traffic Safety

The main points identified by the article are that older drivers make more mistakes as they age, as they cannot maintain the same reflexes they had in their youth.

The FAA’s Plan for 2025 – Protection Management

The FAA's plan of actions is a unique combination of thoughts and activities that have to be done in the nearest future to achieve the desirable improvements and diminish the number of challenges inherent to [...]

Airline Safety: the Crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407

In particular, they did not adequately respond to the activation of the stick shaker. At the time, when the crew managed to pull the plane out of the dive, the collision was already unavoidable.

Access Control System in a College Dormitory

A twofold test will be applied to either validate the use of the cameras or to search for other options in security management; specifically, the analysis of the properties of the cameras must be conducted.

Protection: Housekeeper Safety and Injury Prevention

This paper has established that the duty to reduce injuries and increase safety in housekeeping is a shared responsibility between individual housekeepers and their employers.

Analysis of nuclear engineering topics: Eight Mile Road Hearsay

The stakeholders include me, the plant's employees, the plant's management, the company, members of the public living within the plant's vicinity, the environment, colleagues in other power plants, and the nuclear industry.

Response to Aviation Accidents

Within the FAA, the Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention is involved in accident investigation. During an investigation, the FAA reviews the recommendations and analyses of the NTBS in relation to aviation guidelines and policies.

Fukushima’s Place in Nuclear History

The process of splitting the atoms is referred to as fission and uranium is the material that is used in the process.

Engineering and Teton Dam

In the case of the State of Idaho and the town of Rexburg, engineering innovation was needed to deal with the growing needs of an expanding township. The purpose of the dam was for the [...]

Inspection at an Industrial Workplace

Taking into consideration the layout, construction, design of the buildings, materials and work processes in the pole treatment plant and the procedural fire preventative and protective measures identified, it is the opinion of the inspector [...]

Engineering Disaster: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

In this case, such a board would have ensured that the sonar was working, and the ship was well equipped and structured to carry the stipulated volume of crude oil.

The Recommendations of the American Welding Association

One of the recommendations that are common in most of the sources analyzed in this research is that anyone working in an environment where there is a risk of chromium and nickel fumes should make [...]