Accidents & Protection Essay Examples and Topics

Protection: Extinguishing Systems and Extinguishers Project

Protect the Parts Cleaning Dip Tank The dry chemical system is good for class B fires. The hazard falls into class B because the chemicals in the clean dip are inflammable. The agents are, usually, sodium bicarbonates transported through gases to aid the fluidization process (Bryan n.pag.). The particles extinguish fires by coating them and […]

Protection: Housekeeper Safety and Injury Prevention

Abstract This paper addresses the responsibilities of upholding safety and reducing injuries in housekeeping. The paper argues that housekeepers have an individual responsibility to ensure that they uphold safe work practices. The paper further indicates that employers have a responsibility to provide the housekeeping employees with protective gear and safe working environments. Employers also have […]

Ethical Analysis of the Eight Mile Road Hearsay

Restatement of the Facts I work as a nuclear engineer in the thermal-hydraulic analysis department of a company that builds reactors. During my analysis of a power plant, I had a telephone conversation with an engineer at the Eight Mile Road nuclear power plant about an incident that had occurred at Toledo. The power plant […]

Analysis of nuclear engineering topics: Eight Mile Road Hearsay

Facts I work as an engineer at the Thermo Hydraulics Analysis Department of a nuclear power plant. During an analysis of the power plant, I receive a phone call from an engineer at the Eight Mile Road Nuclear Power Plant and he expresses his concern over the current design of the reactor in relation to […]

Response to Aviation Accidents

Introduction Accidents are common occurrences in the aviation industry. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are responsible for investigating aviation accidents and giving safety recommendations. In addition, they develop rules, policies, and laws to alleviate reduce accidents (Federal Aviation Administration, 2011). The two bodies work together through exchange of […]

Fukushima’s place in nuclear history

Introduction Nuclear energy is the form of energy generated at a nuclear power plant by splitting atoms to produce heat, which is used by turbines to generate electricity. The process of splitting the atoms is referred to as fission and uranium is the material that is used in the process. The electricity can then be […]

Engineering and Teton Dam

Introduction Engineering is an important part of human existence. It may not be obvious at first but once the term engineering is defined as the manipulation of the natural environment through scientific means, its value is made more evident. Even in pre-historic times, ancient peoples rely on engineering feats to solve their problems. But in […]

Inspection at an Industrial Workplace

Abstract Many industries are investing heavily in various infrastructures in order to meet their output target with no regard to the safety of the investments in these premises which amounts to millions of money. It is in good practice for any industry to put the right measures as per the regulations of occupational safety and […]

Engineering Disaster: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Introduction Over the last few decades, the public has become increasingly aware of the dangers industrialization pose to society. Despite the numerous benefits that have been accrued from industrial progress and technological advancement, growing concern regarding the safety of products and by-products manufactured by various industries has led to swelling debates among various social and […]

The Recommendations of the American Welding Association

Confined Spaces Confined spaces has been defined by Mahmoudi (2009) as a working environment with only one or limited points of entry and exit. Confined spaces have also been defined by other scholars as working environments which are poorly ventilated. There are recommendations on how such confined spaces should be designed, and the safety measures […]

The Main Industrial Hygiene Concerns

Recommendations and Guidance to the Incident Commander Environmental hazards require comprehensive and critical strategies for incident management. The Incident Commander must be aware of specific steps to ensure that the emergency or risk is contained in an effective manner. The commander must identify and initiate proper communication and feedback channels. This ensures that all persons […]

The Swanston St. Wall Collapse

The Swanston St. Wall Collapse that happened on March 28 2013 thereby killing three people may have been occasioned by freak winds. The collapse resulted in deaths of Marie Faiwoo, Alexander, and Bridget Jones. On the day that the brick wall collapsed, there were gusts of wind that were witnessed during the afternoon. The wind […]

Construction Safety and Accidents in Latino Community

Introduction Workplace safety has been an issue of regular discourse, especially in the building and construction industry, which normally entails several precarious engagements (Roelofs, Martinez, Brunette, & Azaroff, 2011). American immigrants have persistently been complaining about social prejudice and workplace discrimination, with majority of them working in a more risk environment than the Native Americans […]

Fire Safety in the Health Care System

Abstract It is critical for all healthcare facilities to have in place an intact fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Healthcare facilities are at a greater risk of experiencing fire incidences because of the highly inflammable substances that are used in hospital laboratories. Automatic fire alarm systems have either smoke or heat detectors that sense the […]

Occupational Injuries in the Construction Industry

Although occupational injuries and fatalities are common in the construction industry, a number of factors mediate their occurrence. Richardson, Loomis, Bena, and Bailer (2004) assert that empirical evidence continues to support the notion that division of labor across the United States remains grounded on ethnicity and race, as minority groups experience discrimination (Richardson et al.,2004). […]

The Key Features and Objectives of an Incident Command System

The Key Features Of An Incident Command System An incident command system is a model that is used in the command and control of emergencies. It is a system used to respond to incidents that involves disasters and provides a framework for responding to the occurrence of emergencies by coordinating and controlling relief efforts in […]

Construction Safety in Latino Community

Introduction Background of the study Workplace safety has been an issue of regular discourse, especially in the building and construction industry, which normally entails several precarious engagements (Roelofs, Martinez, Brunette, & Azaroff, 2011). American immigrants have persistently been complaining about social prejudice and workplace discrimination, with majority of them working in a more risk environment […]

Concept Development in Transport Safety

Introduction There are various methods that have been applied to save lives in road accidents. This is evident in the transport system especially involving drunk drivers (Hjelmeland, Beckelman & Wynne 1990). In Japan, some viable methods have been applied successfully to protect life. The strategies applied will be discussed in the following paragraphs. These methods […]

System Safety Engineering

The authors Sai Zeng, Chun Tam, and Vivian Tam are familiar with the safety and management issues faced by construction firms. They pointed out that in this day and age there is a need not only for said firms to comply with occupational and safety management principles (OHS) but also those that can be found […]

Preparedness Procedures and Methods for the UAE in Case of Nuclear Emergency

Introduction Despite the economic advantages of having the nuclear facilities there is a potential risk of accidents occurring at the nuclear sites leading to release of radioactive materials, which is dangerous considering the health of the people working in the nuclear plants and those living in the neighborhoods. There is the need to regulate these […]

Pre fire plan

Building identification The structure in the picture depicts an apartment building, which is type 3 because the materials used in construction are inflammable. One can easily identify this building since bricks constitute its exterior walls. This is one of the oldest buildings, which is evident in old towns. It is apparent that the building has […]

The Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire

A description of the fire When speaking about the Charleston Sofa Superstore Tragedy, I would like to consider some basic aspects of the event, which occurred. So, first of all, it should be pointed out that the meaning of building and fire code enforcement is considered to be really great; however, illegal building additions require […]

A Fire That Changed NFPA Codes

The rules and regulations set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) evolved in the course of more than one hundred years. In part, these changes were a response to disastrous fires that could be avoided or at least minimized, if proper rules and regulations had been in place. The Southwest Boulevard Fire was one […]

Quebec Bridge Collapse

When the federal authorities in Canada decided to expand the railway network in the country, the Quebec Bridge was a part of the plan. The initial plan for the bridge was drawn in the early 1900s. The bridge was built to provide a reliable passage across the Saint Lawrence River. Prior the construction of the […]

A background research report on engineering aspects of man-made disasters and oil spills

Executive Summary This brief report examines various engineering aspects of oil spill disasters. It provides that oil disasters can occur when engineering controls, such as a blow out malfunctions, are not met. It also highlights a number of recent major oil disasters and measures undertaken to prevent and mitigate resulting effects. It concludes with recommendations […]

Evolution of Fire Protection Codes

Introduction The development of fire protection codes can be traced back to Rome in 64 AD, where fireproof building materials were first used. This is the first fire protection code known to man. Currently, fire fighters employ sophisticated technologies which greatly enhance fire disaster management. The development of modern fire protection codes is as a […]

Fire Protection Systems of Flammable and Combustible Liquid

Types of storage tanks and flammable and combustible liquid stored in them, their fire protection systems, and brief servicing in case of spill The devastating and costly experiences involving fire and flammable and combustible liquids have led to formulations of better guidelines and storage facilities for handling such liquids. Practically, protecting flammable and combustible storage […]

Engineering Ethics and Industrial Accidents

Introduction to Innovation in Organisations Innovation, as defined by Mariany (2013), refers to the creation of something new, something that did not exist before. The new creation can be an idea, a device, or even a method of doing something. In the business world, the creation involves the definition of new products and services availed […]

Fall accidents in construction industry

Introduction Construction workers are often exposed to a great number of hazards, and according to statistical data, approximately 100 of them die every year in the United States (Stromme, 2011, p. 28). Furthermore, many of these professionals are seriously injured during their work (Mirizzi & Miller 2011, unpaged). This trend is rather alarming because it […]

Evaluation Report: Theories of Occupational Health and Safety

Executive Summary The issue of occupational health and safety covers a wide array of factors that influence the health and personal safety conditions in the workplace. The theories that form the basis for consideration of the issues of the La_Camera Restaurant include the classic deterrence model, the responsive regulation model, and behavior reasoning theory. The […]

Storage of Combustible and Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids ignite easily. They are bound to catch fire when exposed to the slightest form of an igniting agent. A liquid is considered flammable if its flashpoint is above 100. Although combustible liquids have an estimated flash point of 40, they are capable of catching fire. The ignition of a flammable or combustible fluid […]

Rules and Requirements of the Combustible Liquids Use

Introduction The dangers and risks involved in handling flammable and combustible liquids and gases call for extra vigilance in the processes of packaging and transporting these liquids and gases. The fact that the harmful effects that can result from careless handling of these liquids are irreversible and long-term in nature, safety precautions are important when […]

Suppression of Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Storage Tanks

Introduction The suppression and control of full surface combustible tanks fire demands more commitments in terms of equipment, resources and human logistics. In fact, given the intensity of the experienced losses, fire safety industrial units have considerably enhanced the techniques used to successfully extinguish and control fires faced in the outsized inflammable storage tanks. These […]

Assessment of Total Evacuation Systems for High-Rise Buildings

Purpose/rationale– Building and property managers face a difficult task because they have to balance the legal requirements that will protect occupants of the high-rise buildings. Most developers do not abide by fire or building codes that require the buildings to be effective in providing emergency evacuation measures1. The purpose of this study is to evaluate […]

Electrical Injuries and Fatalities

Electrical injuries are believed to have started within the last two centuries; however, humans have been exposed to electrocution through lightening for a very long time. These injuries are not frequent but they pose devastating effects with high mortality and morbidity on human beings. Most of them occur at workplaces although most children are exposed […]

Suppression of Flammable/Combustible Liquids in Storage Tanks

Introduction The use, storage, and handling of flammable liquids or chemicals require appropriate measures to protect people from fires or explosions. Experience has proven that poor safety practices when handling combustible or flammable liquids can be a major cause of explosions or fires that can cause injuries and at times death (Hildebrand and Gregory 21). […]

Organization Behavior and Management: Space Shuttle Challenger

Space Shuttle Challenger Orbiter History The Challenger was initially referred to as the STA-099. The shuttle was built to work as a test vehicle for the Space Shuttle program and was named after the HMS Challenger, which was a British Naval research vessel. The HMS Challenger sailed in the Atlantic Ocean as well as the […]

The Main Guidelines and Industrial Hygiene Concerns

Introduction Despite that the 21st century has realized numerous developments in technology, civilization and administration of human safety, calamities are still cropping up. This has called upon the focus on industrial hygiene in the endeavors of ensuring safety of all human kind. Basically, industrial hygiene entails all process of recognizing, anticipation, controlling and evaluation of […]

Occupational Health and Safety procedures at Swinburne University of Technology

Introduction The welfare and safety of employees should be taken seriously as they are key contributors towards an organization’s achievement of its goals. Occupational health and safety is a discipline concerned with ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees (International Labour Organization 2011). It not only protects the safety of employees but also that […]

Smoke Alarm “Smart Smoke Detector”

Introduction and Background It is usually very traumatising for homeowners in the event of house fires. Loss of property and life are the most likely outcomes associated with house fires. This situation is worsened if the homeowner is not insured or his insurance policy is limited to specific fire damages and causes. In Australia, due […]

Fosters Australia Limited: the Breach of Legal Provisions

Introduction The employees of an organization should be subjected to healthy working conditions. In the production companies that apply heavy machinery and equipments in their operations, the conditions of such tools need to be considered. The machines need to be regularly checked before and after use to ensure that they are in proper working conditions. […]

Concept of Industrial Accident

Introduction Industrial accident implies a sudden and unexpected event attributable to any cause. It happens to an individual or a group of people arising from their work thus resulting to an employment injury or work place accident[1]. Construction, mining and transportation industries require heavy machineries for their work and thus they are associated with the […]

UK management in the built environment

Introduction Built environment refers to the man made structures. The structures can range from small tools to the large buildings, towns and cities. One of the fields in built environment is construction. This paper seeks to discuss occurrence of accidents in the construction industry in the UK with respect to the causes of the accidents, […]

Designated Persons Ashore

Introduction Before the advent of the designated person ashore (DPA), the mortality rate of victims, who were seriously injured in accidents, was significantly high due to the lack of trained and efficient personnel to perform certain critical advanced technical and managerial tasks that facilitated the smooth running of operations within vessels like ships and boats […]

Lockhart River Plane Crash

Introduction Even, though, plane accidents are uncommon they habitually result into baffling catastrophes. This is accredited to the increased numbers of individuals on board and wiry probabilities of endurance. Prior researches point out that roughly 90% fatal cases arise from the accidents furthermore; passengers’ plane crashes typically affect persons on the ground (Coppola 82). A […]

A Review of Dover AFB C-B Crash 2006

Abstract On the 3rd of April, 2006, a C-5 aircraft crashed at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Poor decision-making was the main cause of the expensive, but unfortunate, accident. The essay reviewed the chain of events that led to the mishap and measures that the pilot could have taken to prevent it. The essay […]

The collapse of the twin towers

The debate concerning the collapse of the twin towers (The World Trade Center) in the United States of America, has raged on from the advent of the attacks by terrorists. There has been a lot of speculation concerning the collapse, and several experts have carried out, and are continuing with investigations on the actual cause […]

United Airlines Flight 173 Accident

On December 28, 1978, United Airlines flight 173 crashed in Portland, Oregon, while being operated from Denver, Colorado, to the Portland International Airport. The aircraft crashed in the suburban Portland neighborhood. The area was wooded and populated, and the aircraft destroyed one unoccupied house. As a result, two members of the crew (the flight engineer […]

Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Hand Held Equipment

Introduction Rapid industrialization in the United States has facilitated the invention of several tools and equipment which are used to produce various goods. Hand and portable powered tools are commonly used in workshops to repair or to manufacture new goods. However, these tools are also health hazards at the workplace (Tillman, 2007, p. 45). Hand […]

Nuclear Power Plant

The fundamentals of the disaster While describing recent events which took place in Japan, I would like to tell a few words about the nuclear basics. First of all, I have to point out that the situation with nuclear power plant was under control. In other words, there were no defects of the equipment; so, […]

Evolution of Fire Fighting Gear

Being such a risky profession, fire fighting requires the use of highly specialized gear that will enable the fire fighter to effectively deal with fire emergencies (Hasenmeier 1). It is therefore essential to provide fire fighters with well designed personal protective equipment so as to safeguard their lives. In the early days, firefighters had no […]

Fire sprinkler system

Background The theatre Royal initiated the use of the fire sprinkler system in 1812. Sir Congreve invented the apparatus. The apparatus used were perforated pipes instead of the later designed sprinkler heads. The system was used in textile mills in New England for fire protection. These systems did not use an automatic mechanism. They had […]

Gas Stations Incidences

Introduction Gas stations incidents are mainly a result of fires caused by mechanical, electrical or spontaneous heat. The investigators first role after arriving at the point of an incident is ensuring the safety of the public, by restricting access to the scene. Once security procedures have been implemented, the investigators begin to look for possible […]

Why Developed Countries Should Not Produce Nuclear Power

Introduction Nuclear power is often developed from the fission of nuclear elements to generate heat (Howtopowertheworld, 2010, p. 1). Over the years, developed countries have been at the forefront in the development of this source of energy, with current world statistics estimating that, there are about 31 countries which generate nuclear power. Though nuclear power […]

The Major Failure of the Apollo 13

Introduction The failure of Apollo 13 has left many people with various arguments. There are some arguments about what was the major cause of the Apollo 13 failure. The failure of the Apollo 13 was a big blow to the man in his attempt to explore the surface of the moon. This failure was a […]

Dangers of Texting while Driving

Abstract The popularity of mobile phones has brought about a revolution in the way people do things. Most of this revolution has been in the way people communicate. Today, communication has become instant even for people in different parts of the world. With people needing to keep in touch with their loved ones, business associates […]

Bellevue Mine Explosion, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, December 9, 1910

Considering the contemporary situation in the coal mining industry, it is possible to state that not all processes are safe and not all mines are rescue for employees. Even the existence of the innovative technologies and gas detection techniques sill leave the chances for explosions and other incidents. What can be said about the beginning […]

Men are Responsible for More Car Accidents Compared to Women

Get the men out of the roads and we will have fewer and less fatal accidents. Since time immemorial, men took risks with their lives and lived much less carefully compared to women. It is in-born in men to seek to appear to be macho. The expression of this tendency on the roads is in […]