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Accidents & Protection Essay Examples and Topics

NetHope Technology: Worldwide Disaster Relief

According to the writer, the major opportunities, which are provided by the modern technology tool, include the use of worldwide telecommunications, as well as the partnership with global computing organizations, compactness, and accessibility.

Global Universities’ Reforms After the 9/11 Attack

The members of the team use the above competencies to support different students whenever there is an attack. An agreement is also "established in order to outline the commitment and participation of different response organizations".

Health and Safety in Tight Gas Production Field

How do Gas Companies ensure that their employees and the public in general are protected from the stated hazards from the time the discovery of the gas is made, to transportation through pipelines and finally [...]

Workplace Accidents: Causes and Prevention

The safety regulations which prohibit any employee from walking under the moving crane were not handed to the employee despite having been in the company for more than two months.

Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Assessment

In May 2013, the investigators announced that they were unable to "determine exactly what started the fire that was responsible for the explosion of ammonium nitrate at the store".

The Northern Sea Route’ Safety Management

The company discusses the opportunity to trade some of the vessels with the help of the NSR. The NSR is discussed as an attractive option to decrease the time spent in the voyage while comparing [...]

Eight Mile Road Incident: Ethical Analysis

As an employee of the company, I have a duty to contribute to the profitability of the enterprise I am working for, prevent possible problems related to improper functioning of reactors it produces, and follow [...]

Pilot Errors: Forms and Fundamental Causes

Through the standard, they are able to investigate the chronology of events before the occurrence of an accident. Nonetheless, a number of aviators fail to keep an eye on their appliances when flying in the [...]

Texas City Disaster in 1947

The severity of the disaster was primarily attributed to the captain, who ordered the crew to close hatches in order to preserve the ammonium nitrate.

Safety Management at Construction Sites in the UAE

Safety management is the process that helps to define the principles of work and measure the processes to prevent different types of accidents and injuries that can lead to the negative outcomes for an organisation [...]

Profiling and Maintaining Passenger’s Travel Experience

Governments and passengers are required to comply with international aviation standards and legal requirements that have further strengthened the need for more stringent rules to profile customers, leading to the accusations that profiling is intrusive, [...]

Colgan Flight 3407: Human Factors of the Accident

The cause of the accident was attributed to the failure of the flight crew to monitor airspeed according to the rising position of the low-speed cue, the flight crew's failure to stick to the cockpit [...]

Avianca Airlines Flight 052 Crash

The subjects to the controversy are the causes of the accident and whether it was at all preventable, the investigatory details and comments, the role of culture barrier, and the lessons learned.

The Crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 and Its Aftermaths

According to the results of the investigation carried out after the crash, the causes of the accident were the crew's "failure to monitor airspeed", "failure to adhere to sterile cockpit procedures", "the captain's failure to [...]

Zonk Aircraft Accident: Profits vs. Safety

Carrying out audits and detecting the issues that require urgent maintenance, as well as conducting the above-mentioned maintenance procedures, is essential for not only the efficacy of the services provided by an airline company but [...]

The FAA’s Plan for 2025 – Protection Management

The FAA's plan of actions is a unique combination of thoughts and activities that have to be done in the nearest future to achieve the desirable improvements and diminish the number of challenges inherent to [...]

Access Control System in a College Dormitory

A twofold test will be applied to either validate the use of the cameras or to search for other options in security management; specifically, the analysis of the properties of the cameras must be conducted.

Response to Aviation Accidents

Within the FAA, the Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention is involved in accident investigation. During an investigation, the FAA reviews the recommendations and analyses of the NTBS in relation to aviation guidelines and policies.

Engineering and Teton Dam

In the case of the State of Idaho and the town of Rexburg, engineering innovation was needed to deal with the growing needs of an expanding township. The purpose of the dam was for the [...]

Inspection at an Industrial Workplace

Taking into consideration the layout, construction, design of the buildings, materials and work processes in the pole treatment plant and the procedural fire preventative and protective measures identified, it is the opinion of the inspector [...]

The Main Industrial Hygiene Concerns

The Incident Commander must also communicate precise description of the type, extent, danger, and management of the hazard. Some of the team members must also be involved in the active cleaning and elimination of all [...]

Construction Safety and Accidents in Latino Community

The study seeks to: Examine the prevailing status of construction safety and accidents among male workers in the Latino community, especially in the construction industry. The purpose of this study is to examine the issue [...]

Fire Safety in the Health Care System

Automatic fire alarm systems have either smoke or heat detectors that sense the presence of the smoke and heat respectively and sound the alarm to alert occupants to evacuate.

Occupational Injuries in the Construction Industry

Generally, the construction industry in the United States is among the largest industries, the largest employer, and the most hazardous industries, which contribute to approximately 20% of the annual occupational fatalities reported across the United [...]

Construction Safety in Latino Community

The study seeks to: Examine the prevailing status of construction safety and accidents among male workers in the Latino community, especially in the construction industry.

System Safety Engineering

However, ISO 14001 is biased towards the protection of the environment and while there are many constraints as a result of the merger of these two systems, the addition of ISO 9001 further complicates the [...]

Pre fire plan

The formula for calculating the need fire flow is: The need fire flow for 25% involvement will be 1333. The water aids the fire departments when the building is on fire.

A Fire That Changed NFPA Codes

This paper will discuss the impact of this event on the code of the National Fire Protection Association. The Southwest Boulevard Fire showed that the storage of inflammable liquids posed a significant threat to the [...]

Quebec Bridge Collapse

Prior the construction of the bridge, the only way to cross the river was by the use of a ferry. While there were no major flaws in the initial design of the bridge, changes to [...]

Evolution of Fire Protection Codes

With regards to the findings in this research paper, the following hypothesis seems relevant: despite the gradual improvements made to fire protection codes, noncompliance and the challenge of dynamic nature of fire disasters continue to [...]

Engineering Ethics and Industrial Accidents

In the business world, the creation involves the definition of new products and services availed in the market. The engineer should ensure that the components chosen for the various processes in the plant are able [...]

Fall accidents in construction industry

It should be noted that a piece of pipe fell from the ceiling and it jerked the lift; as a result, the worker collapsed on the pavement and the injuries that he sustained proved to [...]

Electrical Injuries and Fatalities

The aim of this article is to give an implementation plan for ARC Flash Management and a statement of legal aspect of Occupational Safety and Health topic.

The Main Guidelines and Industrial Hygiene Concerns

In response to the case of New Orleans Hospital which has been affected by the Katrina disaster, the concept of industrial hygiene should be adopted in the recovery process. In execution of the rescue process, [...]

Smoke Alarm “Smart Smoke Detector”

Smart Smoke detectors will allow customers to evade the smoke detector and to reduce the annoyance of the alarm. This report examines extensively and pinpoints the expected process that Global Engineering will follow to achieve [...]

Concept of Industrial Accident

For example in the transportation industries, about 70% of the accidents are caused by negligence of the drivers[2]. Most of the accidents are caused by the poor conditions of the working environment and to minimize [...]

UK Management in the Built Environment

This paper seeks to discuss occurrence of accidents in the construction industry in the UK with respect to the causes of the accidents, and possible solution to reducing the number of accidents registered in the [...]

Designated Persons Ashore

These factors are observed from several perspective of maritime work: the factor of fatigue among bridge team members that is based on human health conditions and working abilities; the factor of marine environment and human [...]

Lockhart River Plane Crash

It is also clear that the radar squad did not continuously observe the position of the plane; furthermore, it was fathomed minutes later that the plane was absent Systems and Methods The cause of the [...]

The collapse of the twin towers

Most reports have so far indicated that the main cause of the collapse of the buildings, were the fires that erupted following the explosion, upon impact of the airplanes.

United Airlines Flight 173 Accident

Although the problem with landing gears was determined and overcome successfully, the crewmembers were inattentive to the fuel state, and the error resulted in the accident.

Nuclear Power Plant

The cladding, the reactor vessel, the containment building, and a dry-wall building were the barriers to protect the nuclear power plant.

Evolution of Fire Fighting Gear

The traditional shape of the helmet was created with a short brim on the front and a long brim on the back to keep embers and hot water from going down the back of the [...]

Fire sprinkler system

Objectives Ascertain the history of fire sprinkler system Portray the role of fire sprinkler system Establish the recommendations for improvement of fire sprinkler system Significance of Study This study is significant in identifying the growth [...]

Gas Stations Incidences

The investigators first role after arriving at the point of an incident is ensuring the safety of the public, by restricting access to the scene.

Why Developed Countries Should Not Produce Nuclear Power

Though nuclear power generation is slowly gaining prominence in the world, especially since the world is seeking more sources of green energy, nuclear energy is a unique source of energy because it bears unique characteristics [...]

Dangers of Texting while Driving

The research paper will present some statistics to prove that texting while driving is one of the biggest contributors of road accidents in American roads.