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Texting and Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the major causes of motor vehicle accidents is the prevalent habit of texting while driving. A zero-tolerance policy to distracted driving helps to keep the attention of the drivers on the road.

Mobile Devices for Learning Improvement

The question that has to be answered in this kind of research is: Can mobile devices improve the way of how students accept and understand the material or is it only an easy way to [...]

Single and Double Loop Learning in Project Management

By incorporating a detailed and in-depth analysis of the project implications and the effects of decision-making in the project closure process, one will be able to introduce the staff members to DLL, therefore, contributing to [...]

Mensa Aviation and Abu Atal Project Management

According to Portny, project execution refers to the process of implementing the strategies in order to achieve the intended project aim. In this project, the focus is to ensure that the construction of the hotel [...]

Program Portfolio Management’s Early Stages

The paper would address the issue concerning the impact of the early and the front-end of Project Portfolio Management. The success of Project Portfolio Management relies on the initial planning and the commitment to the [...]

Information Security Gap in Business

Many players in this industry are forced to identify new software applications that have the potential to improve the level of data security and privacy. The "technologies also limit the targeted information to the receiver [...]

Big Data and Its Use in Analytics

Among the most common examples of big data are such things as the constant stream of messages in social webs, meteorological data, the data on the location of the subscribers of mobile webs, the data [...]

Defects in the Motor Industry and Their Causes

Defects in the motor industry have been attributed to onboard software and algorithm used in the airbag deployment. Today, however, the mass defects involving software has just started in the motor industry, and many more [...]

Virtualization Security Issues

The implementation of the virtualization provides the certain advantages to the environment from the point of view of the security. In case of the theft or the loss of the device, the risk of the [...]

Future Trends in Educational Technology

Also, it is important to note that specific changes in the area are associated with the distribution of time for online activities in the teaching-learning process and with determining the nature of proposed assignments.

The EdGlobal Online Community Blog

The site, edGlobal: Sharing Education Ideas Around the World, is an online learning blog for education professionals interested in learning flexible education initiatives through the exchange of teaching ideas across the globe.

Auto Restoration Services Project: “OLD & NEW”

The Gary's Auto Restoration "OLD & NEW" project will offer auto restoration services to corporate and independent customers. The Gary's Auto Restoration "OLD & NEW" project will offer auto restoration services to corporate and independent [...]

Online and Computer-Based Technology Issues

Also, the ability of teachers to adopt the new method of teaching is of great concern due to the adoption of technological change. The introduction of technology in the education sector has led to a [...]

Online Learning and Innovations in Pedagogy

On the other hand, computer-based learning can be understood as a learning environment in which computers are used to mediate between learners and content without necessarily being online.

Virtual Communication Under Surveillance

Therefore, it is crucial to test whether communication within the environment of virtual reality is possible once its participants are aware of being watched by the corresponding public service authorities and whether the specified strategy [...]

Software Bugs Types, Causes and Consequences

A software bug is a term that is used to denote a fault, error, or failure in a piece of computer software, which yields an undesirable result such as a software crash, incorrect behavior of [...]

Tablets vs. Textbooks

A technological change that is being experienced in many schools is the use of tablets to access electronic books. This paper argues that tablets are superior to textbooks in the classroom environment.

Computer Reservations System in Hotel

That is why, it is obvious that blistering development of systems of this sort became possible due to the evolution of means of communication and discoveries in the field of digital technologies.

NFR+ Framework Method

During the implementation of the project, there is the need to verify the requirements in order to determine whether they are in line with the original specifications.

Railway IT Systems: Internet of Things

As a result of the above-mentioned cohesion between the actions of the railway operators, the inspection of the existing assets can be carried out continuously as opposed to the intermittent approach adopted previously2 In addition [...]

Safety Culture in the Maritime Industry

The company's concerns over the potential damage or loss of the three vessels and the cargo they carried at the time are thus valid, which forms the basis for the analysis of the company's current [...]

Regency Plaza’s Project Management Challenges

The adjustments and frequent changes have led to disagreements among the project manager, the hotel management, and contractors, who complain that the cost of construction is rising and the changes slow the pace of the [...]

NetHope Technology: Worldwide Disaster Relief

According to the writer, the major opportunities, which are provided by the modern technology tool, include the use of worldwide telecommunications, as well as the partnership with global computing organizations, compactness, and accessibility.

Global Universities’ Reforms After the 9/11 Attack

The members of the team use the above competencies to support different students whenever there is an attack. An agreement is also "established in order to outline the commitment and participation of different response organizations".

Internet Gambling and Its Impact on the Youth

However, it is necessary to remember that apart from obvious issues with gambling, it is also associated with higher crime rates and it is inevitable that online gambling will fuel an increase of crime rates [...]

Encryption, Information Security, and Assurance

Information security is "a complex process that focuses on the best approaches to ensure transmitted information and data is secure". This argument shows that encryption is one of the vital processes used to support information [...]

Vology Company’s Information Risk

The purpose of the memo is to identify the risks that Vology is facing at present as well as to locate the steps that can be viewed as the solution to the current issues.

Multi-Project Scheduling and Resource Allocation

In the following paper, the efficiency of heuristics approaches for multi-project scheduling and resource allocation will be evaluated and analyzed. The authors emphasize the significance of the task priority and not project priority.

Project Lifecycle Stages and Portfolio Management

The life cycle of a specific project will take different paths in order to deliver the targeted results. Organisations should, therefore, make regular alignments and adjustments in order to achieve the best results.

Programme Management Sustainability

The study by Nielsen et al, "Realizing sustainability in facilities management: A pilot study at the Technical University of Denmark," focuses on the issue of integrating the existing sustainability parameters in the intended facilities.

The Elizabethan Knott Garden Project Management

Project initiation involves the selection of the best project that will meet the company's limited resources, preparation of the proper documentation and the assigning of responsibilities to a project manager.

Electronic Postage, Its Pros and Cons

According to Bushman, the click and ship services offered by the USPS is an online system that uses the regional system to consider the weight of the package and the distance to the destination.

Airline Industry Development

This paper will, therefore, attempt to look at the reasons of the growth of the airline industry that has been evident lately, as well as consider competition and the influence of the Internet on the [...]

Pumps Concepts and History

The imbibing and suppuration nozzles in a single stage horizontal split centrifugal are integrally built in the lower half of the chamber and on the same horizontal centreline.

Telegram Role in Communication

The telegram was the easiest and the fastest means of communication in the nineteenth century. I was very excited and any other scheduled activity came to a standstill as I focused my attention on the [...]

Gas Turbines and Its Types

In 1872, Stolze of Germany received the first patent marking a milestone in the development of the gas turbine. The gas turbine is one of the most flexible machines in the class of turbomachinery.

Internet Usage Role in the Social Life

Focus is laid upon the use of the internet in Canadian businesses and current affairs, the cultural background and various internet activities engaged in by both the young and old generation together with the consumption [...]

Health and Safety in Tight Gas Production Field

How do Gas Companies ensure that their employees and the public in general are protected from the stated hazards from the time the discovery of the gas is made, to transportation through pipelines and finally [...]

Information Management in Modern Business

However, the problem that needs to be discussed that some essential data is not taken into account most of the time, and it needs to be considered because it is possible to find correlations that [...]

Technologies: “Big Data” Term Definition

It is very difficult to control such a huge stream of data, and sometimes the information obtained with the help of the Internet or different cloud services can be unreliable or false. Having analyzed the [...]

Green Vehicle Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid car that is touted as the best among the green car generation that is quickly taking its place on the automotive market.

Workplace Accidents: Causes and Prevention

The safety regulations which prohibit any employee from walking under the moving crane were not handed to the employee despite having been in the company for more than two months.

Defense Measures for Receiving Electronic Data

The biggest motivation for protecting electronic information is to prevent the exposure of an individual or a business to harm that can arise when other people know personal and business secrets that can allow them [...]

Technologies: Holograms History and Types

The reference beam travels independently through a series of mirrors to the film plate while the object beam passes through a series of mirrors to the object and finally to the film plate.

Arduino Board: Components and Usage

One of major peculiarities of Arduino is connecters that can be used to connect the board to different shields. Arduino is often used by designers and hobbyists as the boards are easy to use and [...]

Recording Studio Equipment: Hardware and Software

The purpose of this report is to present the information on the necessary equipment to purchase; the justification of the equipment choices; the discussion of the equipment connectivity and the diagram; and the budget table [...]

Short-Haul Operations in Airline Industry

The liberation of the market has seen a change in the ownership of airlines from government owned to private owned airlines and airports. With advanced technology, short-haul aircrafts are easy to use for the majority [...]

Texting Effects on Students Academic Performance

The use of abbreviation and manipulation of the phonological sounds of words improves the imagination and creativity of students. One of the benefits of texting is that it improves academic performance by promoting the spelling [...]

Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Assessment

In May 2013, the investigators announced that they were unable to "determine exactly what started the fire that was responsible for the explosion of ammonium nitrate at the store".

Cybercrime, Digital Evidence, Computer Forensics

The website "howstuffworks" carries an article discussing the basics of computer forensics, this is a good example of a website that is useful in explaining or understanding the reality of cybercrime and digital evidence. Not [...]

The Best Material for Making Toolbox

The shop believes that the short-termed life of the kits is attributed to the materials used in making the toolboxes. Similarly, it was noted that the cost of acquiring aluminum alloy was cheaper than the [...]