Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Technology as a Form of Material Culture

Introduction Culture refers to socially transmitted rules for behavior. It generally refers to the way of thinking about and doing things (Schlereth 356). We inherit our culture from the teachings and examples of our elders and our peers rather than from genes, whether it is the language we speak, the religious beliefs that we subscribe […]

3D Printer Technology

Introduction 3D printing is a unique form of modern day printing, originating from traditional ways of prototyping. It is a form of manufacturing technology with an additive element whereby a 3D object is generated by the process of multiple laying-down of material layers. It has impacted greatly modern business transactions. This paper outlines the technology […]

Electricity as the Best Invention

The contemporary world and its society are known for the highly developed technologies that make people’s lives easier and simpler. The number of useful and sophisticated inventions grows nearly every day. The scientists work on new ways of studying the world we live in, exploring its resources and using them to improve our quality of […]

Rat Rod are Better than Custom Cars

Over the years since the invention of the hot rod that comprised old car parts joined and modification of an engine and body parts, various types or classification of the hot rod have come up. Some of these types include rat rod cars and custom cars. These two types of hot rod cars have many […]

Melissa Virus and Its Effects on Computers

Melissa virus affects Microsoft word and spreads as an attachment. If an unsuspecting recipient opens it the virus affects the computer storage. The virus disables the mail servers of a corporate. For example, Microsoft Corporation shut down all its incoming emails because of the Melissa virus. The virus also affected other companies for example Intel. […]

Technologies: Foam as a Fire Fighting Tool

The process of combustion needs oxygen for it to take place. Fire protection and fighting methods are based on limiting the supply of oxygen supplied to a fire. Foam is formed due to a collection of bubbles, and it is one of the tools used in firefighting and protection. The foam covers the fire reducing […]

Television’s Evolution

Introduction Television or TV was privately demonstrated, in a rudimentary way, on 26th January 1926, by John Logie Baird, a Scottish electrical engineer. On that day, he showed his crude, flickering, half tone televised images to a group of approximately 40 scientists from the Royal Institution in London. Baird was one of a small number […]

Web-Based Technology Report

Introduction Facebook, widely regarded as the most popular social networking sites among students, is created to connect users. It allows people to customize their profiles with personal information such as pictures, relationships and personal interests. What’s more, all Facebook users from a common region or users who list a certain movie or music as a […]

Smartphone Software

Introduction Smart phone is a mobile phone which is based on a mobile computing platform. It has more advanced computing capabilities and networking as compared to a contemporary mobile phone. The first smart phones were developed to join the operations of a mobile phone and a personal digital assistant (PDA). Currently, Smartphone devices are used […]

Microsoft Internet Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage

Introduction Internet technology inspired a business and commerce revolution not witnessed before. Once used for military purposes, internet communication nowadays provides an important platform for business to business, and business to customer interaction. Company websites have become primary tools where potential customers source for information on particular corporate products before making the actual purchase. Besides, […]

The Newest Gadget in Action: Anything Locator Application for iPhone

Concerning the Design: It’s not What It Seems Introducing a gadget with an original design is one of the keys to the success of the given technological novelty. Therefore, the peculiarities of the Locator Application for iPhone are of crucial importance for the public’s perception. Taking into consideration the elements that add to the stylishness […]

Nanotechnology: Advantages & Disadvantages within the Business Context

Introduction Emerging technologies, in their varied forms and scope, are transforming the world of work, how business entities function, change and progress, and the nature of leadership, managerial and professional careers within the context of the 21st century’s business environment. Indeed, these technologies have evolved into fundamental components of business, industry, and commerce throughout the […]

Foundation Engineering in Difficult Soils

Introduction Recent research conducted in the U.S (Jones, & Holtz, 1973) has shown that the country spends an estimated 7 billion dollars each year as a result of damage to all types of structures build on expansive soils. The research further shows that more than twice as much is spent on damage due to swelling […]

Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of Data During Transmission and Storage

Introduction In this scenario, it’s important to realize that data integrity and confidentiality is achieved by ensuring that only the authorized person(s) gain access to the data and that during transmission, storage and retrieval data originality is maintained. That is to say no alterations can be made whatsoever during these processes. We also know that […]

Improving the Security Levels of Software

Introduction With the modern uncertainty in information and physical safety, even computer programmers who understand the inner technical operations for software admit that there is no single way to eliminate computer security threats. However, software developers struggle so hard to improve the security levels of existing software. As a result, the constant improvement allows more […]

Securing Wireless Networks

This shift from paper based on electronic record keeping is very well informed. Adopting wireless and mobile technology will improve the doctors and nurses’ efficiency and lessen their workload. However, this technology comes with a number of challenges and risks (Kim, 2010). Some of these risks affect the patients’ wellbeing. This makes mitigation of these […]

Emerging Technology: Nanotechnology

Abstract Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which is developing at an exponential rate. The technology utilizes novel characteristics of materials that are exhibited only at nanoscale level. Although still in early stages, this technology has signaled potential and breakthroughs in many areas such as medicine, computer technology, food industry, building construction, environment protection to mention […]

Countries to Explore for Product

Usually, the most common security feature found in mobile phones is the phone tracing feature in case the instrument has been misplaced, lost or stolen. Another simple security feature is the phone lock code or the pin lock code. Apart from these, the majority of the phone users are not concerned with any security features. […]

SOS Systems Engineering, Integration, and Architecting

Many people would concur that the world is currently an intricate place to live. Much of this assertion is attributed to two events that have begun to dictate our lives in recent years. First, human beings are deeply immersed in unparalleled levels of assimilation and are engrossed in an intricate web of interacting processes and […]

Project Planning and Project Success Relation

Abstract Real Estate Industry in UAE has been experiencing growth of 20% per annum. As demand for housing increases, the industry strives to meet the demand by rolling out multimillion apartment projects such as the one in the Greens at Emirates Golf Club, Dubai. However, such big projects may not meet their goal, especially when […]

Ethics in Computing

In any given setup, an acceptable code of conduct is always emphasized. Many people and entities have become victims of unethical computer use; this thread comes fro people with ill motives. This vice has lately exposed the internet users to unprecedented mischievous tricks of cyber criminals. The act has created various problems, controversies and is […]

Project Management Assessment: Green Park Development in Madrid

Scope Statement The city of Madrid uses landfills as part of its waste management efforts. After landfills fill up, they require rehabilitation. This project relates to the construction of a sustainable green park in Madrid as part of a land reclamation program on a decommissioned landfill. The city council of Madrid is in charge of […]

Using Technology Tools and Media

Introduction Today, in the 21st century, substantial empirical research has shown that the only way to improve student learning and training is to move away from teacher-centered, standardized paradigm predicated upon time-oriented student progress to the learner-oriented, customized standard predicated upon attainment-based student progress (Aslan & Reigeluth, 2013). Research-based innovations, according to these authors, are […]

Three Worlds of IT

This article dwells upon the use or rather effective exploitation of IT. First, the author states that three categories of IT exist (McAfee 3). These are function IT, network IT and enterprise IT. The researcher provides a precise description of the three categories. It is necessary to note that this classification can be very effective […]

Project Management in Hyten Corporation

This is an analysis of a case study about Hyten Corporation, which aims to introduce formal project management to foresee the successful implementation and completion of its projects. In a pursuit to develop a new product, timely delivery of the new product to the customers is paramount for the success of any project. Due to […]

Reflection of Consultancy Project

This document has been created to acknowledge the completion of the project, which focused on brand development opportunities and alternative market strategies for the national banjo manufacturing company. The project specifically targeted its subsidiary. It is a premium quality British manufacturer. Its brand name is known as the ‘The Shackleton Brand. Following a brief summary […]

Technological Advancement: Intellectual Neutral Element

Introduction Thinking process is a vital element in driving performance in institutions especially in the current environment where change is paramount. The process is driven by diverse factors that hold legal, social, economic and technological implications. These elements influence individuals thinking process and contribute in the formulation of credible course of action. Indeed, individuals thinking […]

Project Management Processes that are Common to Technology-Intensive Organizations

Abstract Changing the operation environment of organizations such as competition and technological developments compels such organizations to seek new, efficient, and effective ways of maintaining competitive advantage. In technology-intensive organizations such as IS and IT-based organizations, altering organizational operations to be project-based has made them increase their performance by ensuring that they meet deadlines for […]

Cloud computing Summary

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity for the last few decades. In fact, small as well as large organizations have realized the potential of cloud in saving costs of procurement, installation and maintaining data storage systems. Synchronized sectors, including banking, have realized such benefits in utilizing cloud computing. It is imperative for organizations to make […]

The ethical issues of Genetic Engineering

Introduction Genetic engineering is a scientific achievement that has led to the development of new ethical issues. Genetic engineering has been a subject of controversy because a lot of people are not comfortable with the technology. The ethical issues are more evident when it comes to cases of genetic engineering on the human tissue. Historically, […]

4G Cell Service

Introduction Mobile communication has changed the way people used to communicate. The advancements made within the technology field can be attributed to these changes. Communication has been joined to mobility due to this, thus people are finding it easier to interact without necessarily moving over long distances. There has been increased growth within the wireless […]

Cryptography, Asymmetric and Symmetric algorithms

Abstract This paper presents a detailed study of asymmetric and symmetric encryption and decryption algorithms by focusing on the operations, the strengths, and weaknesses of the RSA and Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithms. The best characteristics of DES and RSA algorithms can be combined to form a hybrid encryption algorithm to provide the desired properties […]

Ethical Analysis of the Eight Mile Road Hearsay

Restatement of the Facts I work as a nuclear engineer in the thermal-hydraulic analysis department of a company that builds reactors. During my analysis of a power plant, I had a telephone conversation with an engineer at the Eight Mile Road nuclear power plant about an incident that had occurred at Toledo. The power plant […]

Analysis of nuclear engineering topics: Eight Mile Road Hearsay

Facts I work as an engineer at the Thermo Hydraulics Analysis Department of a nuclear power plant. During an analysis of the power plant, I receive a phone call from an engineer at the Eight Mile Road Nuclear Power Plant and he expresses his concern over the current design of the reactor in relation to […]

Written Communication & Critical Analysis Marion Enterprise

Problem Statement Data is important to manufacturing companies like Marion Enterprise. It is necessary in critical areas of the business such as human resource, production and the organization’s inventory. Data is useless without consistent updates. The research problem is to investigate office ergonomics of the data entry center in this organization. The other issues that […]

A Case Study of the iTrust Security Issue

Introduction Information management is one of the most important parts of any organization. To ensure continuity of an organization, proper record keeping should be encouraged. In addition, proper documentation and record keeping of events, personnel information among other things in an organization ensures that the entity is assured of accountability (Raggad, 2010). Effective record keeping, […]

Singapore Airline

Introduction Overview of the Company Singapore Airline (SIA) is a widely recognized and celebrated brand name in the air transport industry for over 50 years. This is attributable to its route network that covers over 90 cities in more than forty countries and up to date air transport system. In addition, SIA is a member […]

How technology changes society

Abstract Road traffic accidents elicit increasing public concerns considering the overwhelming environmental, economic and social impacts. The brutality of these random incidents is specifically disturbing in developing countries. In these countries, the condition is rapidly worsening. Incident Management Systems (IMSs) are suggested as a strong tool that will facilitate the management and harmonization of salvaging […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Different Measures used to Protect Operating Systems

Introduction Computer or network operating systems are faced by various security vulnerabilities that can cause a breach of data or loss of important information. These risks usually arise from networks whereby an unwarranted user can access an operating system without the necessary credentials. It becomes important that computer systems apply various security strategies to ensure […]

Google Does No Evil

Introduction There is an overtly politicization of Google and its functions. Google and its search engine have absolutely changed people’s way of thinking. Google’s search engine has enabled efficiency and immediacy of everything. Whether it is a difficult word, a research topic, a difficult subject, a social or emotional issue, Google’s search engine has answers […]

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and its use.

The modern world has engineered one of the most advanced technologies in aeronautics, as sometimes there is a dire need for Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAV–Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles. Moreover, it can be used for several things, including geospatial data gathering (Barnhart et al., 2012). This gives a chance to take a closer look at the […]

Skype: All you Need to Know

What is Skype? The word “Skype” underscores a computer service and software application that permits its users to create videos as well as voice calls to someone else at no cost, by means of the Skype network. Nonetheless, some of its features come at a cost (Hanna, 2012, p.241). A number of features of Skype […]

Technology Research Proposal

Technology is a subtle tool for enhancing the effectiveness of various societal systems. In education systems, integration of ICT technology may incredibly aid in shifting learning from the teacher-centered to the student-focused one. In this context, integrating ICT technology into learning coupled with teaching calls for school leaders to focus their strategic leadership efforts on […]

Security Recommendations for Accounts and Passwords

Introduction Security is a very important issue in computer systems and most organizations dedicate significant resources in securing their systems. Easttom (2006) observes that protecting the system’s perimeters from external attacks and installing antivirus software and anti-spyware does not complete the securing efforts. Proper configuration of the machines is necessary for the network to be […]

Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

The three fundamental concepts of security are availability, integrity, and confidentiality. These concepts are commonly referred to as CIA or AIC triad which form the main role of any security program. Confidentiality prevents unauthorized disclosure of company’s data and ensures secrecy of the company’s data and information. Confidentiality should be maintained at all times while […]

Emerging IT-Related Technology’s Ethical Issues

The 21st century is marked by the development of information technology (IT) and the emergence of IT-related technologies. The growth of the internet as a platform for development, coupled with advances in technology has resulted in a slew of ethical dilemmas from individual and organizational levels. Subsequently, organizations have been compelled to ensure a balance […]

Response to Aviation Accidents

Introduction Accidents are common occurrences in the aviation industry. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are responsible for investigating aviation accidents and giving safety recommendations. In addition, they develop rules, policies, and laws to alleviate reduce accidents (Federal Aviation Administration, 2011). The two bodies work together through exchange of […]

The Multics Operating System Project

Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) was a time-sharing operating system developed by MIT, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and General Electric Company since 1965 (Saltzer, 1974, pp. 8-24). Multics last known installation was shut in 2000 in Canada. Features Multics had some unique features. Multics had a program that controlled all hardware elements by relying on […]

Aircraft Inspections for Safety and Reliability

Information pertaining to Pre/Post Flight Inspections Inspections are made to enhance aircraft reliability. Reliability refers to quality service and quality means safety for people. Inspections for aircraft safety and reliability are significant for survival of people and equipment. Since this is an integral part of aircraft operations, we have to conduct aircraft inspections systematically and […]

Hospitality Information Systems and Users

Introduction The hospitality industry has gained a lot of recognition from all over the world in the recent past. Unlike in the ancient times when customer satisfaction was of less importance, nowadays every organization seeks to satisfy its customers in order to retain them as well as attract new customers given the high rates of […]

Constructing a Bridge to Link the Riverina Highway to the Hodge Island Reserve

Introduction The Murray River is one of the most important waterways in the entire Australian continent. The river is the lifeline of hundreds of thousands of people who live along its banks. This proposal presents the requirements for constructing a bridge to link the Riverina Highway to the Hodge Island Reserve. The Bridge will open […]

Project for the Design and Construction of a Bridge across the Murray River

Introduction Project Aim The aim of this project is to provide an alternate route from South Wales to Victoria for pedestrians, motor vehicle users, and cyclists through the Murray River. Project Objective The principle objective of this project is to enhance travel to and from South Wales across the Murray River using the easiest and […]

Dialysis Water Treatment System

Overview Of The Dialysis Water Purification System Water used for medical purposes must be clean, safe and devoid of any chemicals. Treating raw water for medical use requires the extraction of impurities in different stages. In the dialysis process, water purification is a critical factor. Clean water devoid of any chemicals and impurities must be […]

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Introduction Electrical and electronics engineers engage in different activities, which involve technologies of different types. Engineers in these fields usually design, develop, test, and assess manufacturing of different electrical and electronic machinery. These machines may range from broadcasting, telecommunication, vehicles and their parts, light, radar, power systems, and navigation equipment among others. In some cases, […]

Computer Security – Information Assurance

Introduction The present epoch of computer technology has come with a number of challenges. One of the challenges is in safeguarding information stored in computer systems. To make sure that only authorised persons have access to the stored information, organizations come up with authentication and authorization procedures, which assign unique login details to each person […]

Research on Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification technology is a programme developed and fitted on computers to monitor the movement of goods across the world. The identification system is fitted with a moveable device (tag) which is used to transmit data (Hunt, Albert and Mike140). Many organisations across the world use this device to monitor the movement of their […]

Secure Software Project Management

Abstract Secure software project management comprises the steps that should be taken by software producers in their quest to provide good software to the market. Software production is a very challenging bit in information technology due to the nature of computer software that can be produced to do different functions. The need to come up […]

Fukushima’s place in nuclear history

Introduction Nuclear energy is the form of energy generated at a nuclear power plant by splitting atoms to produce heat, which is used by turbines to generate electricity. The process of splitting the atoms is referred to as fission and uranium is the material that is used in the process. The electricity can then be […]

Ethical, legal and societal issues of information technology systems

Introduction Most professions practiced in different global locations have stipulated codes of ethics or professional codes of conduct. The codes are essential given that the professionals are provided with advantage over other individuals. Typically, the professionals’ practice in respective fields has the possibility of influencing the rest of the public. The codes offer guidelines for […]

Wind Power Exploitation to Generate Electricity

The pollution through fuel use, technology and many other aspects of civilized life has brought about many changes that humanity was not ready for, including a lessening of resources used for energy. But there are many ways to generate energy using clean sources, and one of them is wind power. It is thought to be […]

Nuclear Power Exploitation to Generate Electricity

Introduction The world is facing growing energy demands that traditional electricity generation methods have been unable to satisfy. Nuclear energy has emerged as a feasible option for providing power for the world. Nuclear power stations have experienced great advancements since they were first implemented five decades ago. These stations are built with a strong emphasis […]

Article Critique: “It’s a Flat World, After All” by Thomas Friedman

Friedman (2005) argues that technology adoption is resulting in the transformation of geo-economics and lives of individuals. Indeed, there are different angles in which the technology has transformed the lives of people, ranging from deployment of technology in production to the revolution in information technology. The tone of the argument presented in the article shows […]

Technology in Information Mining

Introduction A substantial number of people in the contemporary society argue that technology is critical for transferring and sharing information. The argument comes from the fact that technology speeds up the pace at which information is either transferred from one source to another or the speed at which information can be accessed by different individuals […]

How Does Magnetic Train Works

Introduction With the changes in information technology, a lot is expected from scientists and engineers on what they will do to facilitate change. There are many changes in terms of transport and communication, which remain to be vital in today’s society. Globalization has even increased the need to travel as well as uses the least […]

Analysis of improving ATM services

Data gathering Data gathering on ATM services will apply a qualitative research design. This is the most appropriate method for the report. It will involve collection of data from various users and ATM service providers. The data gathering technique will involve collecting information from various countries and preparing semi-structured questionnaires. The this method is applicable […]

Fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and alternative power sources

The pollution through fuel use, technology and many other aspects of civilized life has brought about many changes that humanity was not ready for, including a lessening of resources used for energy, a shifting pattern of crop’s growth and emergence of diseases. The Earth’s population must get ready for a new era that will require […]

Smart Grid systems research

Abstract The demand for electric energy has been on the increase both in the industrial and domestic cycles. This rising demand implies that additional generation stations ought to be put in place. The latter is flexible and allows interconnection with Renewable Distributed generation. Nonetheless, integrating distributed generation to power systems may lead to myriads of […]

Web Design for Selling Self-Published Books

Introduction This is a report about a Web site design for selling self-published books. The site provides various books in various aspects of healthy living. Users can download the e-book at a fee. Many writers have resorted to self-publishing and there is a growing demand for an online business to sell such books. Selling digital […]

Technology in modern world

The article explores the theory behind singularity in relation to the rapid advances in technology being experienced in the modern world. One of the broad assumptions of singularity is that there will be a very thin line between nature and technology within a few decades to come. In other words, technology and nature will eventually […]

Jet Engine in the Air Transport Industry

Introduction A jet engine is an engine that propels the body by expelling the mass against which it operates to produce acceleration. The engine works in line with Newton’s law of motion (Mattingly, Heiser & Pratt 2002). The law states that: “the rate of change of momentum of a body is proportional to the resultant […]

Origins, Characteristics, and Consequences of Technological Systems

Introduction Technological systems are usually very dynamic and complex. Their complexities stem from the impact they have on the environment and other aspects of human life. The electrification process also shares this complexity because since its birth, electrification has greatly influenced the economic, political, and social aspects of life. For instance, many people have experienced […]

Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool

Facebook has come under attack owing to rising cases of privacy issues and its negative influence on people. Critics argue that Facebook’s management is not doing enough to protect people’s privacy and personal information. In addition, it has been criticized for turning people into machine-like beings. Many young people have turned to Facebook for companionship […]

‘E-Readers vs. Print Readers: The Way Forward’

In recent years, owing to advances in technology, readers are increasingly decamping from traditional reading models into electronic reading systems for digital text. E-readers such as Kindle and Nook have found great favor among an unprecedented number of young technology-savvy readers, who argue that the e-reading platform provides mobile accessibility, expanded digital content and affords […]

QR Codes Overview

Ochman (2013) argues that QR codes are being replaced by other applications which are easier to use. These applications come in form of invisible ink and they are more technically superior to QR codes. The past QR codes used to record contact information before directing a web user to a website. New applications have advanced […]

Spamming Is More Acceptable Way of Sales Practice than Cold Calling

Introduction and thesis statement The digitization of information and communication technologies (ICT), the global extension of ICT-supported networks, services and applications, fixed and mobile phones, the World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet have opened the diverse ways for a wide range of ICT related growth and initiatives (Lagraña 5). The internet has altered the […]

Detection and Prevention of Wireless Intrusion

Abstract This research shows elements of wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. It shows the main areas of wireless intrusion and detection together with advantages and challenges of using a wireless intrusion and detection systems. Overall, the research concludes that a wireless IDS offers many advantages than challenges it may present to users. Wireless local […]

Internal and External Security for The Holiday Inn Online Reservation System

Introduction A hotel reservation system is an online method of booking hotel rooms; the people booking the rooms, who in most cases are travelers and tourists, normally do so by means of an online security system to protect their financial information and other private details. Online reservations have a number of benefits: they save travellers […]

Engineering and Teton Dam

Introduction Engineering is an important part of human existence. It may not be obvious at first but once the term engineering is defined as the manipulation of the natural environment through scientific means, its value is made more evident. Even in pre-historic times, ancient peoples rely on engineering feats to solve their problems. But in […]

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model

The waterfall model has fixed sequences for developing software for organizations. The model assumes that the process of developing software should flow steadily through several phases until the last phase. The development of software assumes a sequential manner in this model. One cannot proceed to the next phase until the current phase is complete. It […]

Steam Digital Software Distribution System

Introduction Steam is a digital distribution company that engages in the sale and distribution of online gaming content. The company works by buying online digital gaming content from small software game developers and selling the content through larger business franchises (Valve Corporation, 2013). Steam’s digital marketing platform mainly works through a software distribution system. This […]

Computer-Based Technologies That Assist People with Disabilities

Introduction The disabled persons may feel isolated and excluded because of the inability to lead their lives normally. They are unable to do the simple things that a normal person does such as using the phone or moving around. In order to enable the disabled to manage their daily lives, a range of devices has […]

The Impact of iPad on Children between 2-10 Years

Situation Many children aged between two and ten years spend much of their time watching television. Others spend their time playing with electronic gadgets like iPads, iPods, and others. What many people do not understand is that these gadgets may have adverse effects on children. While many children learn a lot through iPads, the negative […]

Packet Switching and Fibre Optics in Modern Communication and Data Storage

Future vision of data communication in fibre Fibre optics has continued to provide a flexible technology that enables the transfer of large amounts of data across long distances at very high bandwidths. Optical fibre technology has been tried and tested in transoceanic communication and offers gigabit communication bandwidths which enable high speed data transfer. This […]

Cloud Computing Analysis

Introduction In the modern world, cloud computing has reshaped the usage of the web, as well as the storage of data in most companies. Cloud computing is a specialized technology that runs sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the new technology helps in the manipulation of files obtained from Google docs and Gmail. In […]

System Engineering and the Positive Role it has in the Military

The design and management of complex engineering projects requires a combination of different disciplines to facilitate their implementation. System engineering is a very fundamental branch of engineering that is essential in project management. It is not an easy thing to coordinate teams and logistics in complex projects without adopting system engineering concepts. The work processes […]

Cloud Hosting Media Services

Abstract After years of dormancy cloud computing is finally finding a place in the world of information management. While this can be attributed to a number of factors, the most important of them is the existence of the internet as well as the emergence of many service providers. A cloud is a pool of computing […]

Two Greatest Hacking Systems in the USA

Abstract Computers have been playing a significant role in the daily lives of many people and thus, it is not astounding that unpleasant incidents that involve computer usage have turned out to be widespread issues of litigation. In a broad variety of technological, medical, monetary and other realms, individuals make decisions and execute responses founded […]

PC Networking Troubleshooting

Purpose The aim of this project is to give a guideline on network troubleshooting. The project attempts to illustrate how the guide will help the PC support team comprehend the basics and eliminate the work load for the network administrator, save time and money for remote campuses. In essence, the PC support technician will be […]

Network Securities Management

Nowadays there has been a great advancement in information technology. This has resulted in many people incorporating information technology in their businesses and organizations. The advancement of information technology has enabled the learning institutions, hospitals, businesses as well as government agencies to employ information technology in their day-to-day activities. This has resulted to increased performance […]

The Privacy and Trust for Wireless Network Security

Abstract Wireless sensor networks are limited in resources to accommodate traditional complex security solutions. The limitations and lack of a secure framework for the WSN makes the networks nodes vulnerable to attacks from a hostile network. Attacks such as to DoS attacks, eavesdropping, message tempering, sinkhole, wormhole, and Sybil attacks exploit the security holes in […]

The Program for School Expanding and Development

Introduction It is crucial to determine the output of the program after its initiation. When a program is well established, it should provide allowances to return what was invested during its initiation (McDavid & Hawthorn, 2006). I expect a number of outputs that will have advantages to the school proceedings. These outputs will provide the […]

Using Smartphones in Learning

Introduction According to Madden (2011), smartphones were introduced into the market in the year 1996, and quickly spread to all parts of the world. This is contrary to other technologies like landline telephones that took longer time before reaching the local and international market. Before the introduction of smartphones into the market, most people including […]

Security Control in Organization

Security controls are the requirements and standard guidelines required for a standard organizational security. These requirements can be divided into security, interoperability and operations. Security requirement An efficient system event listing: The system processing unit would automatically generate the total logs executed on a daily transaction. This is a standard requirement that must be utilized by […]

GIS Applications and Data Types

Introduction A Geographic Information System is a combination of hardwares and softwares that enable researchers to envisage, capture, display and analyze data from different geographical positions. It gives the users a great opportunity to interpret data quickly and share it easily. It can be carried to any management information system without any collision. GIS uses […]

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability is a very important activity that helps to improve the internet-user interface mainly by utilizing domain names. Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. Internet usability entails such activities as web site design, human-computer interaction, Web site usability, online brands, and online […]

Biometrics and User Authentication

Introduction One of the greatest concerns in the filed of information security is verification that an individual accessing confidential, sensitive, or secret information is approved to do so. Such access is normally achieved through an individual giving their identity through an authentication process. In simple terms, the individual accessing any classified information has to validate […]

The Program to Fight and Reduce Cyberbullying in School

Introduction The goal of establishing a program to fight and reduce cyber bullying was to improve the performance of the institution. However, the program will lead to other results. The outcomes of initiation and establishment of the program will either be positive or negative. The management of a learning institution must evaluate its activities and […]

Reducing Cyber Bullying

Introduction Strategic implementation of the processes that aim at reducing cyber bullying relies on proper arrangement of the activities. When we identify concise activities, we improve the chances of evaluating the constituents without leaving some unattended. It is, therefore, necessary to identify what should be performed to support the system effectively. McDavid and Hawthorn (2006) […]

Operations & Project Management in International Business

Introduction In the case of the hospitality sector, the issue of project management is also a key phenomenon, whereby the various players have to be efficient in undertaking their tasks. A special tool adopted in the execution and management of projects is the critical path analysis as well as the Gantt chart. These tools help […]

Storytelling about Computers

Introduction Over the years, a number of technological advancements have occurred in various fields, thereby making man’s work easier. In the field of Information Technology, one of the most stunning developments has been the invention of computers (PCs). A computer refers “to a device that can receive some input and process it in order to […]