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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Computers and Web 2.0

The perspectives in which the online platform is expected in 2012 is undoubtedly different to that of 5 years before-thus the emerging of the brand Web 2.0.

Tracking the Tracker: PII Concerns

This information will be used without the knowledge of that information. It will get information about when the user of the internet is being tracked and the information that is being tracked.

Computer Games and Instruction

Even though the designs of the people in the game left much to be desired and most of the characters looked like the Pixar movie rejects, it was still a lot of fun to create [...]

Manage Project Time & Manage project costs.

The project main activities are to: initiate the project, carry out a detailed analysis of the current project, develop the project plan for this work, execute the project, monitor and evaluate the whole process, perform [...]

Website Performance and Impact on Productivity

With the invention of the new modern technology of information technology, many individuals have seen as a breakthrough that would enable most of the organizations to achieve their goals due to increased efficiencies and improvement [...]

E-Learning Resources for Students

Though this can be seen as an exaggerated statement of the background of mature students, the problem is that the students, even those who have a great learning experience and can find different types of [...]

A Survey on Iphone and Blackberry

An internet survey to determine the number of people who liked the iPhone and those who liked BlackBerry was conducted. Participants were asked to name the phone they like most and the reasons.

Internet Information and Its Reliability

http://www.climatechange.gov.au/en/climate-change/understanding-climate-change.aspx The author of the above website is Australia's Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.http://www.csiro.au/resources/Climate-is-changing.html The author of the above website is an organization called Csiro based in Australia.

Technology Integration into Geography Learning Activities

The topic of discussion is on the student perception of the fundamentals of human geography. The interactive discussion intends to be a motivational session and career mentorship for students with an interest in pursuing human [...]

Blue Design Management: Construction Project Success

The selection of this title is to show the reader that this research is to create and suggest a blue print on what is the best practice based on the literature, case studies and interviews, [...]

Thomas Friedman on Globalization and Information Technology

Freidman explains that the convergence of technological innovations especially information technology tools such as the internet and the mobile phone, and political occurrences such as the fall of the Berlin wall as well as the [...]

Safety in Elevators and Escalator Maintenance Contracts

The controller also regulates the opening and closing of the doors, indicating to the passengers the position of the elevator in the hoist-way and indicating the direction towards which the elevator is moving.

Home Networking Problems and Mistakes to Avoid

With the ever-increasing need to have access to the internet and telecommuting, individuals are being compelled to set up home networks that can guarantee access to the internet for the purposes of working, education, and [...]

Work Communication in the Next Five Years

With the combination of technology, most workplaces will witness a change in demographics due to issues related to multiculturalism and diversity.

Email as a Dead Technology for Teenagers

However, with the emancipation of the internet and the development of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Gamma the number of youth who use email as a mode of communication has reduced.

Wikipedia and Its Noble Mission in Information Age

So far, the founder of Wikipedia has achieved his noble mission of sharing information with anyone regardless of location and time. Consequently, the accuracy of Wikipedia information is under compromise-with errors.

Wikis: Communication Models and Web Layout

General description and development of wikis A website within which the users are allowed to undertake content modification by either deleting or adding some details is termed as a wiki. The modification of the website is usually carried out through web browsers by utilizing simplified rich-text editor or the markup language. The wiki software is […]

Wikis: Communication Models and Web Layout

General description and development of wikis A website within which the users are allowed to undertake content modification by either deleting or adding some details is termed as a wiki. The modification of the website is usually carried out through web browsers by utilizing simplified rich-text editor or the markup language. The wiki software is […]

Mobile Technology in Experiential Learning

The core principle that the proponent of the study wanted to prove was contained in the statement that says, "Experiential learning utilizes learning activity in which learners encounter tangible learning contexts rather than abstracted knowledge".

Wikis: Communication Models and Web Layout

The name of this premier wiki was borrowed from that of the buses, which ply within the Honolulu International Airport's terminals, which are known by the name "Wiki- Wiki Shuttle".

Smart Grid Energy Technology and Its Future

Among the recent developments in the energy sector is the smart grid energy technology. I would greatly support the campaign the usage of smart grid technology as a source of energy.

Technological Solutions for American Society of Agronomy

This implies that it is wise to modify most of the organization's financial processes to a form that is supported by the software rather than trying to customize the software to fit in the organizations' [...]

Gas Station Fires, Their Causes and Effects

The final part of this essay will be to state the possible causes of fires that occur in gas stations. Direct fire will be the main cause of gas station fire that the essay will [...]

Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Information Security Checklist

The main idea of this paper is to create a check list devoted to the problem of the information security in Lockheed Martin with referencing to the following problems, identifying risks and vulnerability places with [...]

Windows Live Family Safety Tool for Home Protection

Having considered the system cost, it is important to mention that Windows Live Family Safety is a free tool which may be downloaded from the site as the addition to the Windows Live Essentials Suite.

Laptop Models and Their Specifications

The best feature of this laptop is that it has genuine Windows 7 which is suitable for a RAM of 2GB and hard drive of 320 GB.

Workers’ Safety in Petrochemical Industry

It is noted that both the employer and the employee have a role to play in improving the health and safety of workers in the work place.

Internet Services, Connections, and Limitations

The third limitation of the current internet is language development limitations related to web development tools such as HTML, which are not efficient in the development of databases and online communication platforms.

Online Learning Environments

The questions will be posted to the group by the instructor. The learners are likely to face a number of challenges in the course of the module.

Course for Adult Learners Online

The psychology course for adult learners online will use a hypercontent design that allows students to follow their preferences in various aspects of self-directed learning. The feedback of students taken during lessons and group assignment [...]

Website User’s Attention Tracking and Describing

Discussing fixation, it is important to focus on the area of interest as the measures of noticeability to understand the eye movements of users regarding the concrete object on the webpage.

Online Communication in Learning and Teaching

According to Bender, the activity can help the instructor and the learners to develop some sort of a learning contract or agreement to achieve the said objectives.

“It Doesn’t Have to Be PowerPoint” by Tim Macer

This article is an analysis of the usefulness of PowerPoint presentations to today's research. The author of this article also notes that PowerPoint is no longer just a presentation tool.

“Creating Multimedia Presentations for Training” by Ball

The other stage is the testing of deliverables, which works as a confirmation of the workability of a project. It is appropriate for the company to work with a skilled developer in the making of [...]

Virtual Reality Technology and Soccer Training

Moreover, the level of interactivity needs to be significant, and the most attention should be devoted to the modeling of situations that are viewed as the most problematic.

Evaluating Online Tools

The learners can be referred to reliable wikis and blogs to integrate the ideas learnt from the class. In this manner, the desires of people to learn are not limited by distance and time.

Online Learning Aspects

In this way, the students will not only argue the purposes and significance of the course to their life, but also create an interactive session among the students and their instructor. As the instructor, I [...]

The Integration of Mobile Technologies

It is evident that the use of mLearning will increase in the future due to the flexibility and personalization offered by mobile devices, along with their ubiquitous nature and ease of use.

Internet Knowledge in “Super Crunchers” by Ian Ayres

The author's recent work tackles this very query-what are the correct applications of information and how can lessons are drawn from the book be utilized together with the perception and know-how of this doctor?

Otacuschez Café’s SMS Order System Analysis

The company purposes to connect the bookstore/library to the coffee cafe so that the library users can use the cafe. The project is expected to be completed within 25 days.

Science and Technology Impact on Globalization

Globalization has by now laid down the phase for this epoch through making the world interrelated further and the tools of empowerment available to all."To start with, Globalization refers to the trend toward countries joining [...]

Information Technology Project and System Development

In the case of the A/P project, quality and scope functionality were compared with cost and time. However, it later emerged that quality was of the essence in the project and so was the time [...]

Avianca Flight 52 Accident and Its Reasons

However, at the same time, the pilots managed to reach their destination point and were ready to land, though dispatchers of the airport did not allow them to do it, not understanding or ignoring the [...]

Online Learning Space Creating Process

On the other hand, a community of practice has been known to mean a crowd of people who are in the same career or share the same interest.

Two- and Three-Dimensional Digital Image Processing

When moving from two-dimensional to three-dimensional image processing, the use of an area that is represented by pixels is not used, and instead, a voxel that represents the volume of the image is used.

Modern Technology and Its “Smart” Use

Secondly, it is important to create time for physical interaction with family and friends. Overdependence on modern technology is harmful to physical, social, and psychological wellbeing.

Media Piracy and Digital Technologies

Digital technologies lower the reproduction and distribution costs of pirated media content in that they attempt to control the use of digital media by preventing access copying or conversing to other formats by pirates.

Data Destruction Techniques for Hard Drive

Sanitizing a hard drive will ensure that all the data on the drive are completely wiped out, and there is no way it can be retrieved while a formatted hard drive data is still on [...]

Online Instruction and Learning

One of the challenges faced when creating the asynchronous activity for time and stress management entails coming up with the correct measures to mitigate the two elements. The choice of words to be used during [...]

Valve Location in Long-Distance Oil Pipelines

Indeed, this model demonstrates the efficacy of this approach in mitigating the impact resulting from accidental oil spillages given that optimal location of the valve along the pipeline is directly correlated with the expected ecological [...]

Digital Citizenship and Education

The concept refers to the capability to participate in society online and to use technological tools conscientiously, legally, ethically, safely and responsibly.

Fire Administration, Services and Employee Management

The third step that can be taken to diversify the fire service is the introduction of training programs that will assist firefighters in their efforts of explaining to others the importance of diversity in the [...]

Alternative Power Supply Installation

A fuel cell is the most appropriate power back-up for this project as compared to a diesel generator or batteries. The maintenance of the diesel generator is low as compared to the gasoline generator.

Power Backups as a Solution to Outage Problem

Unless there is a solution to the situation, the project will be late. A technician will not be able to handle the outages alone, and thus, the problem will not be solved.

Increasing Yard Capacity for Container Terminals TML

In the beginning, the hub had a carrying capacity of only 50 bookings at a given time. In the recent past, there has been a considerable rise in the number of organizations that carry out [...]

Toaster, Its Elements and Working Mechanism

When the piece of the appliance is triggered by the insertion of the piece of bread foods, the electrical stream increases the temperature of the bimetallic element; the element is in this manner refracted to [...]

Intelligent Learning Agent Architecture and Design

Thus, the authors analyzed the intelligent learning agent of learners using the mobile environment. The intelligent agent embedded in the mobile environment includes the learning, context awareness, and system-mapping module.

Educational Technologies and Their Integration

The primary goals of technology include 1) orientation of the learners of the widespread of the educational technology; 2) information on how the educational technology can be used as the media opportunities of the teaching [...]

Apple Inc.’s Technological Advantage and Innovations

Being one of the pioneers in the IT development, Apple designed its own concept of an information cloud. In other words, iCloud facilitates tight security of the information uploaded by Apple users.

LG Styler: Innovative Laundry Machine

Even if I put everything in the closet, it will be wrinkled when I need it. It makes the clothes look like new ones and even absorbs moisture.

Memex and Dynabook as Early Portable Computers

As we were able to see, Bush's "memex" was to be a machine that could store large amounts of information and allow the user to retrieve and process it quickly.

Cooperative E-Learning in Morocco Higher Education

The results of the various forms of activities were expressed in the numerical form and compared to the previous performance of students in the non-Moodle course.

Char Davies’ Osmose as Virtual Reality Environment

On the following position, the installment suggests the invitees a chance to trail the discrete interactor's voyage of imageries from end to end of this counterpart of natural surroundings.

Media: Memex by Bush v. Dynabook by Kay & Goldberg

While both of the articles serve as examples of the prediction of future inventions widely used in the modern world, the ideas proposed by the authors have significant differences related to the specifics of their [...]

Memex vs. Dynabook as First Portable Media Devices

One of the most important aspects that need to be discussed is that both these articles have focused on the flexibility of the devices. It needs to be said that the way some of them [...]

Leadership Excellence: Audio Resource Production

The message contained in this audio recording resource is very clear and it requires the attention of the audience to learn various factors contributing to business excellence.

Smartphones and Mobile Applications in Business

Given the high level of advancement in the field of information and technology, Atluri et al asserted that the tastes and preferences of consumers are likely to change as a result of their increased needs.

Transport Integration Project Management Activities

The first section will give an Introduction and the document purpose following by the second section which will detail how the TRIP system will be decomposed and planned showing a number of goals to be [...]

Prediction the “City of the Future”

The "city of the future" will react to the issues experienced in the city of today. The future city will provide optimal life quality, and improve the comfort and health of individuals who work and [...]

Road Accidents and Traffic in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The proposal is aimed at pointing to the main reasons for the road incidents based on the reports and other literature sources with the purpose to allow the specialists to offer the solutions to reduce [...]

An Application for Addressing the Key Urban Problems

The team will consist of the developers, the designers, and the project leaders. Since the project in question will be based on charity's principles, it will be necessary to introduce such concepts as social, personal, [...]

Evolution of Project Management Research

When the overall changes concerning the work packages are identified, the manager should then determine the additional cost and time required to complete the new project description.

Performance Plastics Incorporation: Expansion Project

This risk falls in the low-risk category since the project has a very clear procurement and contractual arrangement for the completion of the project, as indicated in the project arrangement.

Aviation Security: Cyber Threats

The rapid development of technologies along with the reconsideration of traditional methods cultivates a new way of thinking that includes the extensive use of digital devices to attain improved outcomes and facilitate the shift of [...]

Kotter’s 8-Step for Project Change Management

Three months ago, a new project manager was hired to increase the profitability of the company. It is possible to use the following plan: Create a sense of urgency.

4Phones Project Vision and Organisation

In this project, the main aim is to improve communication, increase the working space and generally improve service delivery within the firm. This scholar says that most projects have failed due to the lack of [...]

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Career

The main aim of the report is to enable the career consultants who will be acting as career advisors to be able to understand my career field and in the process, they will be able [...]

Software Engineering Career Information

Software Engineering is a field in engineering that requires the practitioner to apply the principles of engineering in the design and development of software products.

Impact of Technological Innovations on Society

Broadcasting the news in English, as is the national language in the US, would have denied people in other countries the chance to understand the occurrence of the event and its effects on other economies.

Fireless Cooker Product Development

The production team has done a great job and is in the process of acquiring inventory that will be needed for the purpose of product manufacturing.

The New Samsung Razr MZR Features

Open the package containing all the phone's components including the battery, phone covers, and charger. Install the phone battery in the battery socket and ensure that this installation is done correctly.

Profiling Project Stakeholder Expectations

One should take into account that in the past he worked together with a leading finance manager of the company Simon who will be the main sponsor of the future project.

Systems Analysis and Design: Fall 2012-2013

In general, a prototype clarifies the understanding of the designer and the customer about the system requirements and the expected outcomes.

Entrepreneur Website and Its Information

The color contrast between the text and the background has been enhanced to increase readability and appeal. In addition, it is easy to skim through the website and quickly get an idea of the content.

Cybf Website Analysis

However, although contrast and font size have been used effectively on the home page to increase readability and appeal, the other pages are not as easy to read since the font is small and generally [...]

Computer Technology in the Student Registration Process

The registration process became more efficient due to the reduction in the number of registration staff because they are only tasked with the transfer of the students' information to their respective departments.

Electric and Electronics Engineering Career

In terms of the scope of professional career advice, the team of advisers will need deep detail on electrical and electronics engineering.

Technological Advancements and International Relations

In the nineteenth century, most of the international corporations across the world expanded their operations in various countries through the establishment of subsidiaries on the geographical market of their choice.

Technologies in the XXI Century

With the advent of the Internet and the opportunity of remote work, the premises for several changes within the employment landscape were created.

Waterfall, Spiral, Agile Software Development Models

This level identifies various standards that should be considered by developers during the process of software coding. To illustrate the work of the model discussed above, it would be proper to give an example of [...]
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