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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Innovative Solutions: Improving Energy Plan

The paper outlines the most feasible approaches to improving the Energy plan by increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix and reducing demand for energy in the construction and transportation industries.

Software Design Security

The safety of the application may also depend on the context of the issues that are identified throughout the process of software analysis and the level of employee expertise.

Software Security Capability

The SIDD is helpful for organizations that arrive at such decisions and appropriate conclusions after evaluating, comparing, and assessing multiple candidate security investments that are usually built according to certain business requirements and criteria.

Software Development Life Cycle

Nevertheless, software development is a process that involves certain risks, as the SDLC framework is prone to weaknesses from the start of the project and until the acceptance of the final product by the customer.

The Long Beach HOPE Project: Outcomes and Evaluation

The participatory approach is instrumental in identifying the participants' views concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the project. The first proposition is to encourage the participants to develop the survey questions that will be used [...]

Cloud Storage Infrastructures

Their initial capacity was several hundreds of megabytes; contemporary optical disks can store tens of GBs. First flash drives had the minimal capacity of several hundred MBs; contemporary flash drives can store hundreds of GBs.

Secure Information Systems Design

OpenSAMM and BSIMM are two open-source software security maturity models that allow for conducting a detailed, in-depth assessment of the integration of security measures into the process of software development with the purpose of determining [...]

Building Security: Software Assurance Maturity Model

The primary resources offered by OpenSAMM aim at the points listed below: Evaluation of existing software security processes used by an organization The building of properly balanced and optimized security assistance programs Demonstrating significant improvements [...]

Software Testing Profession

The most important skills in a software testing are the ability to critically think and analyze the situation in order to spot hidden and complex programming errors, and communication skills in order to properly relay [...]

Software Testing Tools

The primary purpose of using ThreadFix after ZAP is to let the program take the results gained by another tool to scan and store them in an enterprise console. When is it legal to use [...]

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

This paper considers the pros and cons of commercial off-the-shelf software when it comes to security risks; discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation; and offers an [...]

The Internet of Things: Securing Embedded Code

The purpose of this paper is to review some of the concerns presented in an article dedicated to embedded coding security, titled "The Internet of Things Is Wildly Insecure And Often Unpatchable," and provide potential [...]

Concept of the Denial-of-Service Attacks

Therefore, it is important to understand the concept and classifications of DoS attacks. Notwithstanding the reason, the inability of individuals to access services they are qualified for is called a DoS attack.

The Modern Aviation Industry and Its Threats

However, the creation of a new digitalized environment can result in the appearance of new vulnerabilities due to the nature of the software and technologies used in airports to organize their functioning and guarantee appropriate [...]

Laser Communication Links in Space

Inter-satellite laser communication is also a great prospect to explore, as there are no obstacles in space that could impede or reduce the effectiveness of a laser beam.

Issues of Information Security in Aviation

Various rules and regulations established by agencies such as the FAA support the adoption of best practices that foster the implementation of data communications in the aviation sector.

Effectiveness of Technology and Web Tools in Classrooms

Although instructions and policies have been properly developed, the work of English writing classes may be challenged by students' negative attitudes toward their tasks, teachers' lack of experience in using contemporary approaches, and the differences [...]

Information and Communication Technology in Learning

According to the results of the experiment during which the students had to work with an interactive board, the incorporation of ICT into the academic process allows students to acquire the needed abilities faster and [...]

Concept of the Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is characterized by the capacity to make consistent, virtual systems that are decoupled from the core system equipment to guarantee the network can incorporate and support progressively virtual situations.

Applied E-Systems and Pervasive Computing

However, the mobile interface is the graphical enhancement that allows individuals to interact with their device and communication infrastructure. In contrast, the mobile interface is a program that links the software and hardware.

Denial-of-Service Attacks: Defense Mechanisms

Such features address the problem of network attacks and support the goals of programmers, organizations, and institutions. The first one is "A Survey of Denial-of-Service and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks and Defenses in Cloud [...]

Secure Cyberspace: Potential Approaches

With the promotion and expansion of the Internet of Things technology, the amount of labor required to conduct and perform updates is much greater than the amount of labor required to devise a new way [...]

Effectiveness of Technology in Flipped EFL Classrooms

Second, a design-based approach provides a researcher with an opportunity to identify the achievements and challenges of teachers and students. Every cycle of the experiment has to be properly noted, and a research diary is [...]

Projects Effectiveness in the Public Sector

The purpose of this literature review is to provide information on the principles of project management in the public sector, highlight important factors responsible for their success, define the roles of effectiveness and efficiency in [...]

Accident Prevention Models

The advantage of this model is that it was revolutionary in its time, and the following models often used it as a basis. Two types of errors, active failures, and latent conditions, are described in [...]

Radiation Damage and Nuclear Fuels

The fuel is highly radioactive and any leaks of the coolant used in the reactors, can render the area for many kilometers from the leak unsafe.

Car Parking Project Planning

The chosen contractor will design a multi-storey car park, prepare the land lot near the shopping centre for construction, build the park on the prepared lot, check the quality of the finished product, follow all [...]

Technology and Equity in Education

From my point of view, the conceptual definition of equity implies ensuring a fair approach to education, regardless of individual characteristics and views.

Technology and Human Development

This paper discusses video games as learning tools to highlight the kind of knowledge that they present to learners and their effectiveness in enabling people to acquire the knowledge.

Technology Usage in Schools

The primary goal of this change is to mitigate the adverse outcomes, for instance, educators are unable to integrate technology in their curriculums, and thus, students do not receive the required knowledge and skills.

Educational Policy Changes: Technology in Education

The goal of the policy change is to ensure that schools can adequately apply innovative technology, including devices and applications to engage students in the learning process and provide them with skills necessary to use [...]

Efficacious Technology Management

Research the SLAs of two cloud vendors, such as Rackspace, Amazon, or Google. The selected cloud vendors are Google and Amazon For the vendors, you selected, what are the SLAs' uptime percentages?

Augmented Reality in Document Detection

It is these processes that have led to the creation of augmented reality. Hartl et al.also demonstrated the usefulness of augmented reality technology in verifying holograms by saying that the technology's use of multiple reference [...]

Augmented Reality in Public Relations Domain

The rationale behind this suggestion has to do with the fact that the integration of AR into the very philosophy of PR is fully consistent with the most fundamental principles of the human brain's functioning.

Campus Accidents Management Plan

The first step implies the reporting of an emergency situation to the university authorities and the security personnel, who then validates the accident and secure the building if necessary.

Curriculum Assets: E-Learning Management

The modality of the delivery for this asset is hybrid, as the students would be able to provide text input in real time and have access to it later, in order to track the flow [...]

Information Security Management: Legal Regulations

Considering this, the present paper aims to evaluate the significance of the regulatory aspect of organizational information protection endeavors and identify the extent to which they may facilitate or hinder the work of security managers.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery

This report presents the status of AI in healthcare delivery and the motivations of deploying the technology in human services, information types analysed by AI frameworks, components that empower clinical outcomes and disease types.

Incidence Management for University Laboratories

This paper presents a comprehensive strategic plan to manage the risks and accidents in the practical laboratories at the university. The plan integrates administrative, procedural, and personal protective equipment controls.

Hazard Mitigation Planning and Training

The training will focus on the collection and review of relevant data to aid in risk assessment. Training public officials on capability assessment will be critical to promoting the ability of the participating county to [...]

Interactive Whiteboards in Saudi Arabian Schools

A comprehensive understanding of the benefits of adopting technology and the barriers to its maximal integration and implementation in learning institutions will create a better platform from which to review the existing literature and explore [...]

Social Media in Education and Teachers’ Attitudes

The purpose of this literature research is to retrieve the most important concepts and provisions from the selected academic works in order to develop a profound understanding of how social media is incorporated in education [...]

Risk Assessment Plan in Health & Human Services

For this purpose, risk management plans include the step of risk assessment the process of "determining the probability that a risk will occur and the impact that event would have, should it occur".

Social Media Implementation as a Pedagogical Tool

As the initial research question is focused on retrieving Saudi teachers' attitudes and opinions about the implementation of social media technologies in the classroom, the survey appears to be the most suitable method.

Wireless Sensor Network, Its Topology and Threats

Wireless sensor Network consists of independent sensors, which are dispersed to examine physical and environmental conditions such as temperature, pulsation, pressure and movement; in fact, they collect data and transmit to the main location through [...]

Cybersecurity as a Leadership Challenge

Cybercrime can lead to the leakage of important data, system interference, and the delivery of unsatisfactory services to consumers. This sophistication has amplified the insecurity of information systems to the extent of creating more threats [...]

Heathrow Airport Terminal Five Project Management

The main cause of the initial hiccups resulted from the fact that the airport was originally a base for the British Army and the government wanted to create some space between the running and involvement [...]

Taxi App and Its Product Protocol

As a result, the significance of the concept in product development is something that we need to consider in the quest to achieve the best and succeed in the application of our taxi App.

Taxi Operator-Client Communication Application

Projectization, in this context, is defined as the extent to which participants see themselves as independent from the project but are an integral part of the project. The use of this application is secure.

Mobile Data Economics in the 21st Century

Today, mobile devices push the world economy forward in ways, unimaginable in the 20th century: fantastic mobility and simplicity of business operations, startups affordable to anyone, and online-oriented development of the majority of businesses.

Emirates Airlines: Reservation Issues

In particular, the core goal of the project is to analyze the mentioned company in the framework of project management. The mission of the company relates to the management of resource consumption that is associated [...]

The App Economy in the Canadian Market

Therefore, this study will focus on the positive and the negative aspects of the application economy in the context of the Canadian market in order to predict what developments will surround the country's app market [...]

Ranking in Engineering

To determine the overall ranking of a scenario, the projected impact is divided by the total cost to the adversary. When making the decision to trigger a failure scenario, it is important to consider the [...]

Risk-Based vs Traditional Aviation Security Models

On the whole, it is hypothesised that the implementation of the risk-based, outcomes-focused approach to aviation security will allow for attaining a considerable advantage in comparison to the traditional, prescriptive aviation security model.

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks Comparison

Furthermore, they have the same long-term goals: the support of strategic architecture planning and the use of an architecture knowledge base that supports and maintains the architecture evolution.