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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Ice Machines, Their History and Types

According to experts, one of the things one should consider when buying an ice machine is the type of ice it produces and its suitability to the immediate needs. The other common type of ice [...]

Online Media Publishing Options and Applications

The existing media world provides numerous options for the end-users to reach and scrutinize the information of interest. For the most part, CMS is intended to create a collaborative environment and allow the end-users to [...]

A New Weapon Used Against Youth

One of the most difficult issues connected to youth culture is their lack of consciousness when it comes to the use of modern means of communication and other things that were invented to promote knowledge [...]

3D Printing: Pros and Cons

The authors compare the quick advancement and loss in the price of 3D printers with the rise of the personal computers.

Using Cohesive Devices during the Course of Lectures

While the research objectives are relevant and the answers to questions put by Ali would benefit the investigation of discourse, the author's article incorporates a number of limitations connected with the flow of research as [...]

Video Games and Learning

The paper will also analyze the features of good educational video games and the types of skills that can be developed by the new approach to learning.

Web Application Attack Scenario

The simplest example of the application of SQL injections is a situation when the query asks the database to pull the username and password from the database rows.

Microscopic Traffic SIMmulator Model

Unfortunately, these models are not suitable for ITS applications and large-scale traffic networks. With new ITS developments, incident management, mainline traffic control, and real-time route guidance become possible for traffic management systems.

Attilio Ievoli Accident and Human Errors

The aim of this report is to present actual finding on the probable cause of the accident in which the 4,450 chemical tanker to run aground just some few moments after the change of guard [...]

Time Travel’s Definition

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the domain of time travel and to provide evidence that traveling to the future is more likely than to the past if the necessary conditions have been [...]

Information Security Implementation in Healthcare

Consequently, if the policy is endorsed, it means that the administration fully supports it; if the policy is relevant, it means that the policy can be applied at an organizational level; if the policy is [...]

Wireless Networks’ Historical Development

The paper concludes by describing the implications of wireless networks for different emergency agencies and the police. The history of wireless networks is "founded on the development of the first wireless telegraph".

Airlines’ Practical Guidelines in Procurement Process

This paper examines how airlines can maximize the usefulness of practical guidelines that can be used to implement a performance-based contracting approach in their procurement process and the value the aviation industry will acquire in [...]

Heinrich’s Domino Safety Theory

In other cases, some employers tend to ignore the safety needs of their employees by providing unsafe working conditions, which eventually contribute to accidents within the workplace.

Electronic Nature of Information Systems

They can be used to spread malicious files even without the knowledge of the sender. These are the most common types of malicious software that is used to attack information networks.

The Boeing Dreamliner Project Management

This paper seeks to conduct the following: make a brief overview of the Boeing Dreamliner project, identify the problems that were encountered during project implementation and relate them to theory, and give a recommendation on [...]

Production Process Optimization Project

The employees will be charged with the role of increasing company productivity by embracing efficiency in the handling of materials and products from the arrival of raw materials, selection, seclusion and storage, retrieval for processing, [...]

SmartProbe Air Data System and Its Advantages

The paper discusses the SmartProbe Air Data System in detail and the advantages that it has to a system. The system is additionally utilized due to the versatility that it presents and the adaptability to [...]

Virtual Reality and Solitary Confinement

Nowadays, the majority of the representatives of the general public all over the world are familiar with the concept of virtual reality, and many of them have already experienced it.

Technology Misuse in the Educational Settings

The article "Anticipating the Exception, Not the Rule" by Daniel Becker examines the misuse of technologies in the educational system and provides a brief overview of the most critical cases.

Computer Crimes and Internet Security

After the synthesis of this information, the researcher will obtain the necessary background to evaluate the current state of affairs in the area of computer crimes and Internet security.

Al Wahda Master Development Project Management

In 2011, under the guidance of EC Harris' chief executive, Philipp Youell, the company merged with Arcadis, the international design and engineering enterprise headquartered in Amsterdam. Nowadays, the AWMD project is perceived as one of [...]

Mobile Internet and Its Economics

The disruptive power of connections among millions of mobile devices may prove to be the biggest driver of economic growth and job creation in the next decade.

Paper Document Management and Workflow

The fact is that the last version of a document contains numerous changes made in the course of editing. The usage of this tool conditions the increased efficiency as there is no need in various [...]

Artificial Intelligence Threat to Human Activities

Despite the fictional and speculative nature of the majority of implications connected to the supposed threat that the artificial intelligence poses to mankind and the resulting low credibility ascribed to all such suggestions, at least [...]

Access Control System in the Dormitory Project

Also, the system must also capture any individual trying to access the door and relay that information to the cameras at the security control room. The project's scope involves the successful installation of the Access [...]

Docebo and Talent Learning Management Systems

The biggest advantage of LMS is the opportunity to prepare substantial resources for educating the employees or students. DoceboLMS is a powerful and extendable SaaS incorporating a function of activating an Enterprise Cloud Solution application [...]

SAP Software and Axios Assyst Integration

The organization makes enterprise software that is used in the management of business operations and customer relations. The firm is able to manage the delivery of new systems and products.

Turbine Engine and Its Development History

Arguably, the history of the turbine engine dates back to the era of the Old Testament of the Bible. The first engine to demonstrate the viability of the gas-turbine engine was made of a three-piston [...]

The Process of Arc Welding: Main Aspects

The welding process is so broad that mechanical engineering as a discipline is part and parcel of it. Within the process of arc welding are other types which are described below: In this process, the [...]

Online Meeting Rooms and Events

The most difficult part of workplace change is not the company's physical environment or technology; employees and their culturally costumed attitudes about how they are managed, the way they should work, and their connection to [...]

The Importance of Strong Password

A password is what confirms to the computer or any other digital device that is protected by a secret code that the person accessing the information is who he/she claims to be. One of the [...]

Information Security: Evaluation and Recommendation

Generally, when a case involving loss of data through leakage or any other way, security firms entrusted with the responsibility of handling confidential information of clients stand to face serious challenges directly associated with loss [...]

Cybercrime Dilemma and International Cyberwar

This paper studies the issue of cybercrime in relation to ethical concerns, the cybercrime dilemma, and the international involvement in the fight against cybercrime with a special focus on global interconnectedness.

The Smart Grid Implementation

This is the case in the US, where the existing electricity infrastructure is outdated and thus is unable to meet the requirements of the users.

Setting Fire Standards to Eradicate Fire Incidents

Fire codes promoted the maintenance and inspection of different fire safety devices to facilitate effective measures. Fire codes provided effective measures that encouraged residents to minimize the chances of causing fire incidences.

Fire Incident in India

Fire codes aimed to maintain and inspect the use of different fire protection items to sustain active fire safety measures. Fire codes provided effective measures that encouraged residents to minimize the chances of causing fire [...]

Single and Multi Touch User Interface

The core purpose of any multi-touch interface is to detect and process the users' intuitive gestures. The first and foremost advantage of multi-touch interfaces is that they can be adjusted to virtually every situation where [...]

Ethical Responsibility: MS Excel and SPSS

The focus of the present paper is to illuminate several issues related to the MS Excel and SPSS software applications, and also to use a case scenario to discuss the ethical responsibilities associated with criminal [...]

The Project Manager’s Career

Technical credibility is the treatment of PM by the team, customers, and executives as a reliable professional who is able to implement the project successfully.

Uber and Other Sharing Apps in Saudi Arabia

The usage of uber in Saudi Arabia has become viral, especially with the ban of women to drive. In conclusion, the usage of uber in Saudi Arabia has become viral, especially with the ban for [...]

The History of Computer Storage

Thus, the scope of the project includes the history of crucial inventions for data storage, from the first punch cards to the latest flash memory storage technology.

Recommender Systems of Internet

Another introduction to recommender systems, the processes behind them, the basic and the hybrid approaches of the systems is described by Jones; cluster algorithms are also approached.

Recommender Systems on the Web

This part will include a detailed description of the techniques and algorithms of recommender systems on the Web. In this type of approach, items are being described using keywords and a user profile is built [...]

“Trip Organizer” Mobile App

And while entering the market in a right time, "Trip Organizer" may take an advantage in the industry by uniting the functions of the trip organization with the social activities in one app.

Sciences and Technology Role in History

Technology has played a key role in development of such inventions as gunpowder in 13th century, printing development in 15th century, steam engine invention in the 18th century, and development of various factories in the [...]

Short Message Service (Center) Technologies

The key objective of the current research is to learn about the peculiarities of the SMS and SMSC technologies and, after that, to be able to evaluate the quality of these services and propose the [...]

2016 Dyn Cyberattack and Countermeasures

The case of Dyn attack presents powerful insights that should be taken seriously in order to minimize the chances of being attacked by cybercriminals. The hackers are believed to have targeted thousands of internet-of-things in [...]

Shift Log & Reporting System Development Lifecycle

All requirements should be thoroughly investigated and discussed, and a decision to implement the Shift Log & Reporting System supported. Shift Log & Reporting System should be created according to the company's needs and requirements.

Rail Transport Emergencies and Their Management

The construction of the United States high-speed rail promoted the popularity of rail transport in the country, especially in the major cities where a traffic jam is becoming common during rush hours.