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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Project Simulation and Management

In this context, the main focus is on an efficient schedule, on the work of high-qualified team members, on the balanced distribution of tasks appropriate for team members and their competence levels, and on the [...]

Green Computing Research Project Management

The project title is 'Green Computing Research Project,' and the focus is to provide an enabling technological environment at We Are Big, Inc. The project manager for the Green Computing Research Project is Ito, one [...]

Grain Company Machines and Processes

The Tower has a Slide Gate that puts the grain in the Belt Conveyor and identifies the path of the grain that goes to the Old Flat storage or the New Flat storage.

Remix Culture on the Internet

Thus, it is inevitable for a remix to face legal issues when a part of the original piece is copied, adapted, or reproduced without the agreement and permission of the copyright owner through a Creative [...]

Ethical Behaviour in the Engineering Workplace

In the engineering environment, the general quality of any role execution matrix is dependent of the culture of such organization since it drives the morale and action of those participating in the production function.

Avianca Airlines Flight 052 Crash

The subjects to the controversy are the causes of the accident and whether it was at all preventable, the investigatory details and comments, the role of culture barrier, and the lessons learned.

System and Application Software Difference

Both system software and application software are programs for the computers, but system software includes the programs that are provided together with the installation of the operating system for the computer.

Watching TV Makes You Smarter?

Although it is true that watching TV and playing video games can be mentally stimulating activities, it is important to remember the value of selecting shows and video games that can help children accomplish the [...]

Aviation Industry: Safety and Security

In this regard, the project's information would be of benefit to all the stakeholders in the aviation industry. After that, the literature highlight measures to be adopted to ensure that the safety and security in [...]

How to Stop Internet Crime?

While discussing the evolution of the cyberspace and providing the techniques to protect users from the Internet crimes, Hallam-Baker focuses his attention on the idea that the Internet should be strengthened with references to the [...]

Drones Usage Impacts in the US

The US has made extensive use of drones in the Iraq and Afghanistan military campaigns leading to great enhancements on the technology.

The Crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 and Its Aftermaths

According to the results of the investigation carried out after the crash, the causes of the accident were the crew's "failure to monitor airspeed", "failure to adhere to sterile cockpit procedures", "the captain's failure to [...]

The NBA 2K Game as the Element of Popular Culture

Despite the original aim of producing the series of popular video games NBA 2K is a popularization of basketball among the representatives of the modern situation, the release of the series also focuses on advertising [...]

The Internet History, Development and Forecast

The keynote lecture "The Internet History, Development and Forecast", held by Professor Leonard Kleinrock at the 2006 computer communications conference Infocom, sheds light on the main historical milestones of the Internet and provides a projection [...]

“Find Me” App: Low Fidelity Prototype

The first scenario is sharing that is, the app collects the location data and sends it to another application installed on the phone to transmit it to another user. At the bottom of the page, [...]

Operating System and Applications Support

The hardware consists of devices that support input and output functions, provides an interface for users to interact with the computer or the software by enabling users to enter commands which are translated by the [...]

How the Internet is Changing Your Brain?

One of the most evident things that can be observed nowadays is that the Internet has a considerable impact on people, the development of relations, the ways of how information is exchanged, etc.

Cybercrime in Singapore

The significant cybercrime perpetrators in Singapore are the youths who are techno-savvy, and about 80% of the whole population has been the victim of cybercrime.

Binoculars Comparison

The prisms refract the light at the set angles to produce the desired results in terms of the quality of the image.

Welding Underwater – Engineering

On the other hand, wet welding uses a system that allows a welder to weld an area that is in a wet environment. The use of under-sea robots is an emerging approach in under-sea welding.

Content from the Web – Copyright Issues

Indeed, the ample influence that modern media has on the people using it can be abused to promote a certain idea or concept to the target audience for the reasons of a personal gain.

Smart Home Making

Specifically, Smartphone, a desktop computer, cable, home theater, whole home audio, and phone intercom system will be considered for use in the button key fob and Smartphone based network. The use of Smartphone and proximity [...]

Microsoft Tips and Tricks

For instance the first tip highlights the usefulness of the control key to Microsoft Office Outlook. However, lessons drawn from the article can be applied to the latest versions of Microsoft office.

Computer Hardware Definition

Overall, one can identify several important trends that profoundly affected the development of hardware, and one of them is the need to improve its design, functionality, and capacity.

Project Risk Management in the 21st Century

Subject: Project Risk Management The era of information technology has brought numerous opportunities, yet has also posed a variety of threats of the wellbeing of companies and the success of their projects.

Network Consultation for DesignIT Company

DesignIT will use Ethernet network design, which is small and suitable for the size of the company. The network architecture will allow DesignIT to provide network to serve all its users.

Salesforce, Google and Microsoft

This paper briefly compares cloud computing and cloud storage and goes on to discuss cloud computing services offered by Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.

Zonk Aircraft Accident: Profits vs. Safety

Carrying out audits and detecting the issues that require urgent maintenance, as well as conducting the above-mentioned maintenance procedures, is essential for not only the efficacy of the services provided by an airline company but [...]

Firewalls for Corporate Usage

It gives a description of a scenario of a company with identified threats and a review of a firewall product that matches the risks. It has an extensive network divided into a number of subnets [...]

“The Dumbest Generation”

This is proven by the fact that he has gone beyond his limits to investigate the impacts of technology on America's young people.

Presentation Importance in the Business

In my future presentations, I will consider some of the techniques mentioned in this article that include creating client newsletters, marketing postcards and presentation folders to enhance efficiency and exhibit a level or organization.

Making a PowerPoint Presentation

Tim Washer, attempts to highlight some of the issues that affect the effectiveness of a PowerPoint presentation and how one can solve these issues. In addition, Washer suggests that developing a story relevant to the [...]

Fake Reviews’ Problems in the Internet

The Internet is a very powerful remedy for the information transfer, that is why, it is possible to predict that number of such fakes will grow. That is why, fakes can destroy the image of [...]

Aircraft Instrumentation and Systems

The report will explore the instrumentation used in aircraft and flight instruments. Through these discussions, hopefully, we will be able to understand the significance of the instruments and systems in the aircraft and the entire [...]

VPN Security Vulnerabilities

The functionality, security protocols, and management policies of the network facilitate the safe and secure dissemination of information among users. It facilitates the creation of a virtual dialup private network that connects users to other [...]

Web Application Development

The choice of the programming language must be determined by the consideration of the multiple nuances and requires the strategic research.

Accidents and Ramp Damage – Aviation

In order to prevent substantial expenses described afore, it is undoubtedly worthwhile for airlines and aviation companies to invest in ground operations safety and train all the staff working in the ramp and gate areas.

Information Management in Organisations

Krizan, Merrier, and Logan observe that one of the most common and easiest ways of enhancing the sending and receiving of information in the workplace is through the use of mobile phones. Another advantage of [...]

Smartphones for Children: Design and Usage

To reduce the above challenges, the software should follow a design that enables the children to use them conveniently. Additionally, the software needs to have features that match the demand presented by the children.

Home Network: Hardware and Security Management

00, it is important to describe the required hardware and the network system; to select concrete items to be used for completing the home network; to discuss the approach to beck up devices, and to [...]

Nfrastructure-as-a-Service Concept

In Infrastructure as a Service, the provider is the owner of the storage and equipment which they lend to the user companies for a certain payment, which is assigned based on the resources used.

The Systems Development Life Cycle

The Systems Development Life Cycle is a conceptual model for IT specialists to institutionalize system development through the conventional phases of planning for defining system development resource requirements, analysis for determining end user requirements, and [...]

YouTube Instructions

Blogging: Posting of information on the Internet, in particular on the blogosphere, which supports posts on a wide range of topics.

Fixing the Digital Divide in the US

Following the explosion and mass adoption of the Internet in the US in the past decade, researchers have conducted many studies to identify the Internet access and usage among Americans.

Radiohead Music’ Project

Audience: The project is developed for fans of Radiohead and people inspired by the band's songs. Can you determine the words from the Radiohead songs which influenced your personality and vision of the world?

YouTube and Google Video

The failure of Google video is attributable to its initial lack of a way to view actual videos and finally Google's acquisition of YouTube.

Model of Induction Motors

The differentiating factor in this proposed model of improved IM is that most of the works devoted to the detection of faults are related to the current harmonics derive equations from the winding function approach.

Fire Hazards Related to Fireworks

In the period of the Song Dynasty that lasted from 960 to 1279, a majority of the ordinary persons could buy a variety of forms of fireworks from market sellers, and splendid exhibits of fireworks [...]

Computer Security

The main thing that people need to know is how this breach of security and information occurs and also the possible ways through which they can be able to prevent it, and that's why institutions [...]

Concepts of Networking

The word 'networking' is obtained from the word 'network', which, is formed by joining two English words namely; 'net' and 'work'. The latest invention of the use of the word networking is in the business [...]

Online Research and Web Based Survey Methods

They are well-constructed surveys that take to account most of the requirements that credible research entails. These surveys are conducted over the internet and they involve samples of the exact population of interest.

The Road Side Service Business Plan Project

The idea of starting a road side cab services business was driven through our minds due to the fact that it is a highly profitable business based on the fact that many people are becoming [...]