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Artificial Intelligence Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Artificial Intelligence Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Successor by Roderic Ai Camp
    The protagonist of the novel is much like Camp and it is through him that the ideas of the author are conveyed to the reader.
  2. AI Development Progress Report Evaluation
    The sidebar implicitly explains to the reader the relevance of conducting research in the field of Artificial Intelligence by quoting John smith.
  3. Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence
    Regardless of speed and the complexity of mathematical problems that they can solve, all that they do is to accept some input and generate desired output. This system is akin to that found in a […]
  4. Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons
    Artificial intelligence, or robots, one of the most scandalous and brilliant inventions of the XX century, causing people’s concern for the world safety, has become one of the leading branches of the modern science, which […]
  5. Artificial Intelligence in the Documentary “Transcendent Man”
    The artificial intelligence is becoming a threat to the existence of humanity since these machines are slowly but steadily replacing the roles of mankind in all spheres of life.
  6. Driving Forces in AI Ain Municipality
    An analysis of industry driving forces usually comprises of three stages namely identification of the driving forces, making an assessment to establish whether presence of the forces decreases or increases the attractiveness of the industry […]
  7. Artificial Intelligence Advantages and Disadvantages
    In the early years of the field, AI scientists sort to fully duplicate the human capacities of thought and language on the digital computer.
  8. Artificial Intelligence and the Associated Threats
    Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI refers to a branch of computer science that deals with the establishment of computer software and programs aimed at the change of the way many people carry out […]
  9. Artificial Intelligence: the Helper or the Threat?
    To conclude, artificial intelligence development is a problem that leaves nobody indifferent as it is closely associated with the future of the humanity.
  10. Artificial Intelligence Threat to Human Activities
    Despite the fictional and speculative nature of the majority of implications connected to the supposed threat that the artificial intelligence poses to mankind and the resulting low credibility ascribed to all such suggestions, at least […]
  11. Artificial Intelligence: Positive or Negative Innovation?
    He argues that while humans will still be in charge of a few aspects of life in the near future, their control will be reduced due to the development of artificial intelligence.
  12. Apple’s Company Announcement on Artificial Intelligence
    This development in Apple’s software is a reflection of the social construction of technology theory based on how the needs of the user impact how technological development is oriented.
  13. Artificial Intelligence and Humans Co-Existence
    Some strategies to address these challenges exist; however, the strict maintenance of key areas under human control is the only valid solution to ensure people’s safety.
  14. Artificial Intelligence and Future of Sales
    It is assumed that one of the major factors that currently affect and will be affecting sales in the future is the artificial intelligence.
  15. Artificial Intelligence Company’s Economic Indicators
    On the other hand, it is vital to mention that if an artificial intelligence company has come of age and it is generally at the level of a large corporation, it can swiftly maneuver the […]
  16. Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes: Project Experiences
    At the end of this reflective practice report, I plan to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in terms of team-working on the project about AI in diabetic retinopathy detection and want to determine my future […]
  17. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery
    This report presents the status of AI in healthcare delivery and the motivations of deploying the technology in human services, information types analysed by AI frameworks, components that empower clinical outcomes and disease types.
  18. Ai Wu’s and Hu Shi’s Stories About Hong Kong
    The paper analyzes the narrations of Ai Wu and Hu Shi, paying particular attention to their perceptions of Hong Kong, relationships with the citizens, and the role of the setting in their stories.
  19. Artificial Intelligence Reducing Costs in Hospitality Industry
    One of the factors that contribute to increased costs in the hospitality industry is the inability of management to cope with changing consumer demands.
  20. Artificial Intelligence System for Smart Energy Consumption
    The proposed energy consumption saver is an innovative technology that aims to increase the efficiency of energy consumption in residential buildings, production and commercial facilities, and other types of structures.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Artificial Intelligence

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Video Games Development
    Therefore, in contrast to settings that have been designed for agents only, StarCraft and Blizzard can offer DeepMind an enormous amount of data gathered from playing time which teaches the AI to perform a set […]
  2. Saudi Arabia Information Technology: Artificial Intelligence
    The systems could therefore not fulfill the expectations of people who first thought that they would relieve managers and professionals of the need to make certain types of decisions.
  3. Turing Test: Real and Artificial Intelligence
    The answers provided by the computer is consistent with that of human and the assessor can hardly guess whether the answer is from the machine or human.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach
    That is to say, limitations on innovations should be applied to the degree to which robots and machine intelligence can be autonomous.
  5. What Progress Has Been Made With Artificial Intelligence?
    According to Dunjko and Briegel, AI contains a variety of fields and concepts, including the necessity to understand human capacities, abstract all the aspects of work, and realize similar aptitudes in machines.
  6. Artificial Intelligence Managing Human Life
    Although the above examples explain how humans can use AI to perform a wide range of tasks, it is necessary for stakeholders to control and manage the replication of human intelligence.
  7. Artificial Intelligence and Related Social Threats
    It may be expressed in a variety of ways, from peaceful attempts to attract attention to the issue to violent and criminal activities.
  8. Artificial Intelligence and People-Focused Cities
    The aim of this research is to examine the relationship between the application of effective AI technologies to enhance urban planning approaches and the development of modern smart and people focused cities.
  9. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Business
    The connection of AI and the business strategy of an organization is displayed through the ability to use its algorithm for achieving competitive advantage and maintaining it.
  10. The Problem of Artificial Intelligence
    The introduction of new approaches to work and rest triggered the reconsideration of traditional values and promoted the growth of a certain style of life characterized by the mass use of innovations and their integration […]
  11. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence
    The first limitation is the speed of information transfer, which, thanks to the advances in information technology, is becoming faster and faster. Advances in information technology and the AI would have to remove the biological […]
  12. Artificial Intelligence and Data Collection
    Moreover, the ethical aspects of the lack of consent in gathering personal information with the help of AI needs to be explored.
  13. Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Nursing?
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effects of new technologies on the work of nursing specialists and investigate whether those effects have a favorable or adverse impact on the industry.
  14. Evie.ai Company in Artificial Intelligence Market
    The application of artificial intelligence to manufacturing and agriculture is gradually expanding from the commercial and service industries. The global demand for AI is high, and it is expected to grow exponentially.
  15. Evie.ai: Artificial Intelligence and Future Workforce
    That is why it is crucial to analyze some trends in artificial intelligence that are being adopted by many businesses for better functioning, in particular, the implementation of Evie.ai, its functions, and the consequences.
  16. Artificial Intelligence, Its Benefits & Risks
    One of the most fascinating things about artificial intelligence is that virtually all artificial intelligence assistants respond in feminine voices. Artificial intelligence is expected to feature in the automobile industry since many companies are looking […]
  17. Evie.ai Tool for Better Workplace Environment
    As a result, the significance of AI has become immense for most businesses, especially in regard to retailing and the associated issues.
  18. Evie.ai: Artificial Intelligence and Future Work
    In addition, some definitions and examples of AI for business are given together with discussing the development of tech companies around the globe. Therefore, the global demand for AI is expected to continue increasing in […]
  19. Artificial Intelligence and Work of the Future
    The high speed combined with performance levels and the absence of mistakes in calculations contribute to the growing popularity of this technology and its employment by actors working in various spheres.
  20. Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat for Nursing?
    However, although nurses are still relevant today, it may be different in the future with the development and enhancement of AI.
  21. Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Prediction and Analysis Using Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence
    This paper aims to review the application of A.I.in the context of blockchain finance by examining scholarly articles to determine whether the A.I.algorithm can be used to analyze this financial market.
  22. Artificial Intelligence Technology for Nursing
    However, the Internet may also provide misleading or factually inaccurate data, and it may be difficult to detect useful information in the pile of non-reliable data.
  23. Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Issues at Workplace
    The most relevant ethical issue is the replacement of people with robots in the workplace and the consequences that it brings today and may bring in the future.
  24. Effects of AI on the Accounting Profession
    They aimed to find out how AI affects the performance of accounting professionals, investigate whether there have there been changes in employee attitudes toward AI, explore factors that could influence changes in the attitudes of […]
  25. World is an AI: Main Philosophy of the ‘Matrix’
    It has come to be recognized as the “brain in a vat” proposal, and one leading presentation of the idea is offered by the philosopher Jonathan Dancy: “You can not know that you are not […]

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