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58 Artists Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Artists Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Contemporary Artists and Their Contributions
    Since childhood, she admired the work of Mexican and Southwest artists and this drove her to apply their employment of warm colors in her individual paintings.
  2. One Holy Image By Two Great Artists
    One of the most important themes in the western art is religion, and one of the most inspiring images for may be each of the greatest artists has been the Virgin Mary.
  3. Artists in Exile: How Refugees from Twentieth-Century War and Revolution Transformed the American Performing Arts, By Joseph Horowitz
    Knowledge of the type of music in that era is will help in the understanding of the book especially the German way of expressing inner motion.
  4. Responsibility of Artists to Address Social Problems in their work
    In light of the significant power that art and by extension artists hold, there arises the question of whether artists have a responsibility to address social problems through their works.
  5. Fu Baoshi as One of the Most Famous Chinese Artists
    Fu Baoshi is one of the most famous Chinese artists who contributed greatly into the development of the national art. One of his works reveals aspirations of Chinese people who lived in the middle of […]
  6. Arts and artists being affected by today’s realities
    Arts and artists have inevitably been affected and influenced by advancement in technologies, changes in global communication, and an accelerated tempo of globalization in various ways.
  7. Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock: The Revolutionary Modern Artists
    The essay addresses the contribution of these famous artists to their particular art movements and in general, the world of art.
  8. Contemporary British Muslim artists
    The art presented by these Muslims bears the attitude portrayed by the British society towards them and the Islamic religion as a whole and the artists’ own views on Islam.
  9. A Written Analysis of Other Artists’ Works
    The composition of the painting The composition of the picture seems to be of a particular importance, as numerous elements of the painting, including texture, forms, lines, etc.show the depth or perspective of the author’s […]
  10. Popular Street Artists
    In an effort to discredit the Bank of England, Banksy satirically replaced the words ‘Bank of England’ with ‘Banksy of England.’ During the Notting Hill Carnival, a certain individual dished out the fake money to […]
  11. Pre-Raphaelite Artists
    The Pre-Raphaelites artists opted to go back to the aspects of art that involved copious details, complex compositions of Italian and Flemish art, in addition to the use of intense colors.
  12. Pollaiuolo Vs. Titian: Two Renaissance Artists Comparison
    For instance, in the fourteen century and at the beginning of the fifteenth century, “the profile form of a portrait head, largely inspired by antique coins,” was widespread.
  13. Arabic Calligraphy and Contemporary Artists
    Arabic calligraphy is a form of art involving the use of the Arabic language and alphabet. In the old town of Jeddah, for instance, artists have blended Arabic calligraphy with graffiti to create calligraffiti.
  14. Contemporary Female Artists in Turkey
    The secrecy associated with Islam and gender roles in some parts of Asia has further compounded this mystery because few people know what to make of the place of women in traditional Islamic societies and […]
  15. Collaborating With Artists in the Luxury Brand Industry
    As the conventional approaches to product development fail to support the concept of exclusivity in the present-day environment, the collaboration of luxury brands with artists comes to the rescue of the very essence of luxury […]
  16. Artists in Jazz Music and Dance Development
    The core areas in this study will include; the presentation, the ensemble, the musical instruments, and the memories of the events.
  17. Artists’ Legal Advice Services Definition
    ALAS has shown to foster collaboration with artists through holding events during which artists share their experiences and ask for the advice of the organization’s team.
  18. Great Women Artists in the World History
    The first overreaching cause of the absence of great female artist throughout history was the subjugated position of women as a gender in the majority of societies.

📌 Simple & Easy Artists Essay Titles

  1. To What Extent Do Artists Using Collaborative Strategies Influence Society?
  2. The History of Women Artists During the Early Centuries in Italy
  3. Graffiti : How The Rise Of Graffiti Has Digitally Its Artists
  4. The Importance Of Art As A Guideline For Future Artists
  5. Three Unforgettable Artists Since The 1960’s: Heart, Brian Mc Knight, And Pink
  6. Impressionist Artists Georges Seurat and Camille Pissaro
  7. The Lives of the Painters of Modern Life: The Careers of Artists in France from Impressionism to Cubism
  8. The Lack Of Known Women Artists In Pre Modern Art
  9. Women Artists And The Female Form
  10. The World Through the Eyes of the Artists of the Harlem Renaissance the Early Modern Period
  11. Beneath the Rainbow: Enchanting Stories and Poems from Kenya, Illustrated by African Artists
  12. Comparison Of Musical Artists Rage Against The Machine And Writer George Orwell
  13. The Multicultural Influences of the Silk Road on Artists in the Tang Dynasty
  14. Transformation in the Artwork of Contemporary Artists
  15. Censorship In Music Children Artists Problems
  16. Distinctive Features in the Works of Kazakh and Russian Artists
  17. The Use of the Uncanny by Artists or Designers in Their Work
  18. Conflict & Tension: What Writers Can Learn From How Visual Artists Use Contrast
  19. The Role That Visual Artists Play In Our Modern Day Society

👍 Good Essay Topics on Artists

  1. Graphic Design: A Superb Career Option For Technology Savvy Artists
  2. The Mexican Artists: The Artists on the Go for the Next Masterpiece
  3. Female Artists And Its Effects On Society
  4. A Graphic Cosmogony: Artists Imagine How the Universe Was Born
  5. How Geographic Differences Influenced American Artists
  6. Kandinsky on the Spiritual Element in Art and the Three Responsibilities of Artists
  7. The Moral Rights of Artists: Droit Moral ou Droit Pécuniaire
  8. The Link Between Artists and Bipolar Disease
  9. The Life and Painting Works of Pop Artists Andy Warhol
  10. Understanding Abstract Art Artist Artists Subject
  11. The Musical Tradition, Impact and Influential Artists of the Blues Musical Style
  12. The Shaping of Renaissance and the Artists During the Period
  13. Visual Artists Transmit the Values and Beliefs of Society
  14. The Portrayal of Female Artists
  15. The Rap Industry Has Been At War With New Artists Trying For Change Raps
  16. An Analysis of the Design and the Importance of Marketing for Post Collegiate Artists
  17. Use Of Art Criticism On The Artists Personal Opinions
  18. An Analysis of Formalist and Avant-Garde Artists in the Modern Art
  19. Why There are No Great Women Artists by Linda Nochlin
  20. Vincent Van Gogh Is One Of History’s Most Famous Artists
  21. The Importance of the Works of Art by Colombian Artists

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