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Artist Report: Antonio Puleo Essay


Antonio Puleo is an intelligent artist and exceedingly successful in the spheres of painting. He formulates the paintings by assembling a variety of items like fabrics, bird’s images, acrylic, gold leaf and other objects then situating them together on paper. In his work, he cleverly manipulates and organizes symbols and forms to craft his world. The compositions he uses are intricate; however, a detailed scrutiny depicts them as harmony.

He uses uncomplicated geometric figures when devising paintings. He further employs these shapes and other materials mentioned to cluster them in patterns that are appealing and conforming to each other. Puleo has painted many pieces of work and presented them either independently or alongside other artists such as Kim Abeles and others. He has exhibited in events such as ‘cherry and martin’ where his work was titled “First show” and “Santa Monicah Museum of art”, where he presented ‘Incognito’ (Frank).

From his artwork, Antonio uses different small items and combines them to create a wide view, which viewers love. He brings symbols and images that were used in ancient times to present day features such as buildings. The elements of hope and patience in human development are implicit from his paintings’ perspective as illustrated by ‘light’ in his painting.

His works depicts religion highlighted in the logic associated with religious dimensions used in past and modern times. This is especially through the exploitation of the bird symbols. Colors used in his artworks normally touch emotions. This is a subtle indication of the theme of romance (Pagel).

Puleo’s work is depicting his creativity and systematic presentation of themes. He uses simple materials from which he comes up with exemplary articulations that are appealing.

Sally Mann

The documentary addresses real issues that Sally faces while trying to bring a harmony in her profession with her family. While a mother of three, and a photographer, she faces conflicting roles that both the two states need. Meanwhile, she has to know how to relate with the wider family, which she cannot omit in her context since they meet frequently.

Her actions of taking nude photographs of her three children would not be acceptable in many cultures in the world. The postures of the children during the photography add strength to the morality theme, which is a major focus in the whole documentary. This is the reason why she has faced ardent criticism from many who have watched the documentary, especially from the religious sides and the government.

The process of growing up and sexuality is one of the key issues in her production. She is concerned with beauty and the state of womanhood of her daughters, and this may be the reason for taking the photos. She is aware of the future effects of her moves on the children.

Many would view this as child pornography and a threat to the children’s moral future. The act of publishing the photos worsens the matter. A thorough scrutiny into the documentary outlines how a family should handle certain issues. It is notable that her husband does not feature in the photographs.

Mann is quoted saying that it is love for photography and her children that makes her capture the photos. She sees this as way of expressing love since she has the personality of silence. Some may say that her act was contrary to her roles as a mother, but from the view of art, she was being practical on her views and career.

I do not criticize Mann for using her children’s photos to shore up her career. This owes to her practicality in career. However, this may present danger to the ‘moral’ growth of the children.

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