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Art Essay Examples and Topics

If you are studying art and design, chances are that you will have to write a lot of essays during your time in school or college. To receive an excellent grade on them, it is essential that you learn how to write an art essay. Here are the top tips for writing essays on art and design:

  • Choose a subject that is interesting to you. For example, if you are interested in graphic design, focus on it in your essay. If you are not sure of what to write about, try searching art and design essay topics online and choose the one you like most.
  • Look for sample papers on the topic. If you want to write about a particular movie, look for a film analysis example featuring it. Using this tip, you will be able to get some ideas and add more depth to your writing.
  • Find relevant scholarly sources. You can search Google Scholar or your school’s library for high-quality articles and books on the subject. Instead of merely citing the information from sources, try to offer some critique. Are the views shared by the author supported by other scholars? Do you agree with their evaluation and why?
  • Include a personal response. Many forms of art are subject to personal interpretation, and some tutors want their students’ essays to be expressive. This means that you should share your views on the topic and explain why you think the way you do. Doing so will help you to show your understanding of the topic and earn you some extra marks.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to earn an A on your art and design essays! You can explore our site for free essay samples and topics.

The Photograph Description and Criticism

In this picture, the foreground is where the woman is seated and the background depicts transparent window of the apartment The photograph was likely taken in a broad daylight since outside the apartment to be [...]

The Neorealism Movement in “The Bicycle Thief” Film

When discussing the main ideological attributes of neorealism, the following characteristics can be outlined: a new essence of democracy emphasized by the significance of simple people; a compassionate view on the world without lightweight judgment [...]

Arabic Calligraphy and Contemporary Artists

Arabic calligraphy is a form of art involving the use of the Arabic language and alphabet. In the old town of Jeddah, for instance, artists have blended Arabic calligraphy with graffiti to create calligraffiti.

Pablo Picasso’s Art Modernism

It generally rejected the belief and the certainty in enlightenment thinking with a consequent rejection in the belief of the existence of a powerful and most compassionate creator-God. This led to the birth of a [...]

Film Studies: “Toni Takitani”

During his time in the Chinese prison, Shozaburo began to reminisce about his life; about the tons of women he had slept with, a lot of good food had eaten and the good times he [...]

Baroque Art Paintings and Sculpture

Teresa" defines the main idea of the Baroque due to the use of controversial concepts: on the one hand, it is a heavy and definite material of the sculpture that proves its connection to people, [...]

How Music Affects the Brain?

The following survey questions can be used to determine the effect of the song on the mind and mood of listeners as well as the overall effect of music on the mind of human beings.

Madonna’s Sustainable Success

Madonna's success and its sustainability as long as her competitive strategy are the subjects of research of several professionals from the point of view of business development. Madonna's versatility of style and image is the [...]

Duke Ellington: Multi Talented Man

In addition to the good choice of performers, Duke's unique blend of rhythms and movements made people love his music. Being, in fact, an amateur, Duke has created the music that has become classic and [...]

Claude Debussy and His Unique Style

The uniqueness of Debussy can be attributed to his harmonic progression, personal composition method, the form of piece, as well as how he created various nuances and colors from the instruments.

Robert Tombs: Graphic Works Exhibition

The exhibition is comprised of more than a hundred of exhibits; it is worth pointing out that not only the mentioned types of art are demonstrated but also the books of Robert Tombs, his posters, [...]

The Paper Mill Playhouse Theater Mission

It introduces the readers to the main goals of The Paper Mill Playhouse and offers a description of the organization. The information in it covers only the basic features of the theatre and its leaders' [...]

“Young and Restless in China”

The movie also underlines some changes in the culture of young people, who got access to mass media and the Internet and the way they are influenced by traditions and believes of the West.

“The Man Who Was Almost a Man”

During the night, the mother confronts Dave and demands to be given the gun; however, Dave lies that he left it outside and thus he can only retrieve it in the morning. Hawkins, but he [...]

Steve McCurry’s Photographs

This approach has revealed the impacts of war on the lives of many people across the globe. McCurry had the opportunity to capture the portrait of a monk in Tibet.

“The Lion King” by Disney

Almost immediately after the ceremony, the main villain and the key antagonist of the lead character, Uncle Scar, the brother of King Mufasa and the uncle of the newborn lion, Simba, was revealed.

The Renaissance Period

The Renaissance Period became the greatest period of human creativity since Athens in the 5th century. The Florentines therefore "wanted to flow in the footsteps of these Greek thinkers".

“You Got Served directed”

This is one of the aspects that people should take into account while watching this film. To a great extent, these people played a critical role in illustrating the complexity and beauty of this dancing [...]

Descartes’ Epistemology in “The Matrix”

The present paper analyzes Descartes' epistemology in the light of the tripartite theory of knowledge and uses a science fiction film The Matrix to understand Descartes' influence on the human understanding of reality.

The Beatlemania Phenomenon Concept

The authors expounded the meaning and the implications of the theory, and as they went along, they gave hints on the ideas that they believed were the more likely explanation for the emergence of Beatlemania.

“The Hundred Foot Journey”

The foundation of the media and concept theory generated from his unending research and argument on the importance and significance of the theory in communication.

“Crimson Tide” by Tony Scott

The captain chooses to ignore the command while the executive officer thinks that they should first evaluate the message and decide what to do after through evaluation.

World History in the Songs

The high emphatic accent is made by the author through the description of murdering children of the miners. Through this song, the author reveals the absence of legal rights of the employees at the time [...]

“The Barn Burning” by Peter Werner

Intensely affected by his father's behavior, Sarty does not pause to look back and return to his family"."Barn Burning" reveals class conflicts, vengeance, and the influence of fathers that the viewer observes through the third-person [...]

Lighting in the “Captain Phillips” Film

The scenes of the film mainly represent the situations on Maersk Alabama ship, and they are focused on the interaction between Captain Phillips and the Somali pirates; thus, the light is used extensively to reflect [...]

“The Fall” a Film by Tarsem Singh

The film was directed by Tarsem Singh, and the actors Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru were in the lead roles. One of the major features of the film that sets it apart from others is [...]

History of Renaissance

In specific, the theme of human body proportions is well-reflected in the engraving The Fall of Men; the brilliant use of color and attention to details in oils, characteristic of Michelangelo and Da Vinci, are [...]

Film Studies: “Temple Grandin”

According to Jackson, the student life of Grandin, the film is an illustration sufficient to confirm the old adage 'Disability is not inability.' The film is a journey through the life and calling of Temple [...]

“The Pursuit of Happyness”

In the following paper, the lessons of success from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness will be characterized and evaluated. It is a challenge to become successful in the sphere of professional sales.

Film Studies: “City of Life”

That is why, it was quite logic that the increase of the demand for oil led to the development of this industry and, as a result, regions where it was produced obtained the new stimulus [...]

Sting’s “Fields of Gold”: Song Analysis

Because of the introduction of the middle eight into the song, the ballad does not feature the standard verse chorus verse chorus structure, but, instead, introduces the audience to the actual middle eight at the [...]

“12 Angry Men” by Sidney Lumet Film Analysis

Referring to the topic of the juror system in the USA, Lumet discusses such problems as the personal responsibility, fair trial, justice, and reasonable doubt; and the director emphasizes the importance and controversy of the [...]

Marcel Duchamp and His Conceptual Art

Through the baffling ideals presented by Duchamp as a result of the different aspects of the environment he was operating in, art and design were upgraded from the physical to the intellectual realm.

“As Good as It Gets”

The film "As Good as It Gets" is, no doubt, one of the examples that fill the bill of pop culture in the African American context.

Art Definition and Development

Knowing peculiarities of the appearance of the main cultural peculiarities of the epoch, it is possible to guess what kind of art was appreciated and how it was connected with the life of people.

Islamic Art in Africa

The question of what it entails to be Hausa is briefly addressed to uncover the dynamic nature of Hausa culture and the religion that plays the main role. The study of the Hausa art offers [...]