Art Essay Examples and Topics

If you are studying art and design, chances are that you will have to write a lot of essays during your time in school or college. To receive an excellent grade on them, it is essential that you learn how to write an art essay. Here are the top tips for writing essays on art and design:

  • Choose a subject that is interesting to you. For example, if you are interested in graphic design, focus on it in your essay. If you are not sure of what to write about, try searching art and design essay topics online and choose the one you like most.
  • Look for sample papers on the topic. If you want to write about a particular movie, look for a film analysis example featuring it. Using this tip, you will be able to get some ideas and add more depth to your writing.
  • Find relevant scholarly sources. You can search Google Scholar or your school’s library for high-quality articles and books on the subject. Instead of merely citing the information from sources, try to offer some critique. Are the views shared by the author supported by other scholars? Do you agree with their evaluation and why?
  • Include a personal response. Many forms of art are subject to personal interpretation, and some tutors want their students’ essays to be expressive. This means that you should share your views on the topic and explain why you think the way you do. Doing so will help you to show your understanding of the topic and earn you some extra marks.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to earn an A on your art and design essays! You can explore our site for free essay samples and topics.

Wassily Kandinsky: The World as an Abstract Painting

A Slice of the Modern Period In the context of the epoch, Kandinsky’s biography became relevant as he joined the Blue Rider and gained an opportunity to find his unique manner of painting. Before the Blue Rider, Kandinsky’s experience was restricted to following the traditions of the genre (Boehmer, 2013). Kandinsky, W., (1901). Study for […]

Heavy Metal’s Gender Trends

Abstract Heavy metal is a type of rock music, which emerged in the UK and the USA in the mid 20th century (Marino, 2013). From then on, the genre’s songwriters, singers, and scholars have been looking for new ways to popularize and add value to folk music to attract a wide range of audience. An […]

Frank Gehry’s Biography and Career

Personal Life Frank Gehry was born on 28 February 1929, in Toronto, Canada (Bio. True Story). His original name is Frank Owen Goldberg. His family was of mixed parentage. His father was Polish while his mother was Jewish (Bio. True Story). He was innovative since his childhood when he started to construct imaginary homes as […]

Music in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Music is regarded as the universal language that traverses over cultural boundaries and nations thus unifying the human race. It is believed to have the ability to evoke sentiments ranging from happy, sensual emotions to sad and enraged feelings. As an art, music has evolved together with a man from a humble mostly percussion […]

The Ancient African Art

The ancient African cultures are characterized by examples of primitive art. Simplification of the form is the characteristic feature of many objects belonging to the ancient stage of African art. The poetic meaning of the simplified forms is the ability to represent the naturalistic objects in the forms which are easy to duplicate. As a […]

Painter Jean Metzinger and His Works

Brief Biography Jean Metzinger is regarded as one of the founders of such art from as Cubism. He was born in 1883 to a wealthy family, and he obtained a good education (Apollinaire et al. 181). He graduated from Académie des Beaux-Arts and started his career as a painter in 1903. He displayed his works […]

City Form and Structure and Its Impact in Our Lives

This paper will examine the core and subsidiary themes concerning city form and structure. The core themes are related to the overall design of the city and if it is geared towards sustainability. In the discussion regarding the core themes, the proponent of this paper also tackled the issues regarding centralized and decentralized views when […]

The Cattle Drivers’ Music

At a pancake breakfast hosted by the Columbia Land Conservancy in Hudson, New York, on March 22, 2013, music was provided by a soloist and helpers calling themselves The Cattle Drivers. Guitar and banjo accompanied solo or harmonized song with various helpers, some of whom were on the staff of the CLC. The genre of […]

Friends’ and Big Bang Theory’s Interior Design

Monica’s apartment is used as the setting for many of the scenes depicted in Friends. There are several aspects of the interior design that make viewers feel comfortable when they watch this movie. For example, the living room is adorned with upholstered furniture, and it looks rather cozy. The walls are painted in purple, and […]

Benny Carter’s Biography and Work

Dates (Birth/Death/major milestones Benny Carter was born on the 8th day of August in 1907. He was an American jazz musician (Yanow, 168). He was a bandleader, an arranger as well as a music composer. He was also a clarinetist and a talented alto saxophonist. He later died on the 12th day of July 2003. […]

Surrealism’ Graphics and Art History

Introduction Surrealism was a period in art history from the mid-1920s to the late 1930s. Surrealism artists were influenced by psychological and subconscious ideas, which were advanced by various philosophers. These artists were mainly influenced by Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and poets such as Louis Aragón. They conjured imaginative ideas from surrealist writings and created […]

Painting Art: Pablo Picasso – the 20th Century Genius

The life and times of Pablo Picasso Born Pablo Ruiz in Malaga in 1881, Picasso received early training in arts from his father Don Jose Ruiz Blasco, an art teacher in a local school of fine arts and crafts (Cirlot, 2009). The mother, Maria Picasso Lopez, also played an important role in modeling Pablo Picasso’s […]

The play Marisol by Jose Rivera: 5 Images of Lighting

Marisol is the play by a famous Puerto Rican playwright, Jose Rivera, created in 1992. The peculiar feature of this play is that the author attempts to combine the characteristics of real life with people who have to perform their duties and the imaginary world with the angles that are invisible protectors of human souls […]

Regarding the Pain of Others: images created by James Nachtwey

The ability to observe various social phenomena can eventually contribute to the changes in the community. Admittedly, this statement may seem paradoxical, but it can be illustrated in this essay. In particular, this paper is aimed at discussing the way in which witnessing and recognizing the suffering of others can affect our ethical decisions and […]

Solid 19th Century Classics with Modern Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Mountains at ETSU, September 28, 2013

The concert on September 28th by the Symphony of the Mountains, at East Tennessee State University, featured a solidly classical program of pieces by Ludwig von Beethoven, Pablo De Sarasate, and Schubert . The performance group, under the direction of Sean Claire, is from the region, although they have interesting and varied international backgrounds . […]

“Aliens” Movie

“Aliens” is an upshot of the movie Alien that was produced and released in 1986. This outstanding work of Cameron has been faced with critical comments since its release. A very high status had already been set by the precedent movie Alien produced and directed by Scott. The status attached to this series has broken […]

“Goodbye, Dragon Inn” by Dir. Tsai Ming-liang

Introduction For numerous decades now, the creativity industry has been playing a significant role in shaping the socio-economic status of artisans involved in arts as well as the entire public. For instance, movies have essentially improved the social and cultural lives of individuals globally, with most of them providing important lessons that viewers can emulate. […]

Analysis: “City of Sadness” by Dir. Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Introduction Movies and films form an integral part of people’s normal living. Central to their fundamentalism, especially in shaping the social life of human beings, several studies have continuously concentrated on major film metrics including examining the historical significance, cultural phenomena, and filmmaking techniques incorporated in such movies. Several traditional movies and other recent movies […]

Paul Klee Versus Cy Twombly. “Around the fish (1926)” and “Tiznit (1953)”

Introduction “Around the fish (1926)” and “Tiznit (1953)” could not be more distinct from each other. Each work of art epitomizes what its creation is about. One painting is geometric, another is haphazard; one is rhythmic, while the other seems to be free from such coordination. However, these diverge differences do not mask the similarities […]

Social Psychological Concepts in “The Hangover”

“The Hangover” illustrates several social psychological situations that can be encountered in life. The movie begins with 3 friends and one “loner” going to Las Vegas for a bachelor night out, just days before the wedding of one of the friends, Doug. After the guys have a crazy night on the town, they wake up […]

Pop Culture and Music

Introduction The modern world has brought about many changes in the way popular music is created and interpreted. It is also significant how the culture of a certain place is reflected in the music. Recently, gender roles and the way they are manifested in music are critically observed by the society. The media has a […]

Problems of the Movie Industry

Introduction While many people consider moviemaking art, it is still largely an industry and is, therefore, powered by the same principles as any other business is. Just as competitive and as dependent on internal and external factors as any other industry, moviemaking seems to be facing a number of problems at present, which is likely […]

The film Kramer vs. Kramer directed by Robert Benton

This paper is aimed at discussing the film Kramer vs. Kramer directed by Robert Benton. In particular, it is necessary to examine the way in which the concept of family is portrayed in this movie. Much attention should be paid to such issues as gender roles, the responsibilities of parents, and other questions that are […]

Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication

The influence of the Western culture on the development of the modern society is difficult to overestimate. The western world has had a great impact on development of all countries on the globe. This impact has become a talking point and the discourse touches upon a variety of aspects of this trend. Thus, researchers, educators, […]

Takeaway Listening Test: The Sounds of Music

The Many Variations of “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” There are many ways to perform Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (Britten, n. d.). Indeed, the composition allows for several variations, with a new element added to its atmosphere. Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra can be seen as a quiet moment of […]

Film Adaptation: American Splendor

Introduction Film adaptation refers to the representation of work of literature in a film. It is the interpretation of a source material such as a comic into a live film. The interpretation of comics can accurately depict the original work or detract from it, because, often, comics are “impossible to adapt outside the comics genre” […]

Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Introduction Western movies are a genre of the film production in America. They mostly capture the unrefined America between its civilization and traditions. They are filmed on basis of war, discovery, personal journeys and romance. They are the oldest and most flexible genre of films (Howard, 1996). Evolution of the western movies over time The […]

Robert Altman. Global Popular Culture

Throughout the course of recent decades, the rise of a global popular culture and the manner in which it is being reflected by movies have been discussed from a variety of different sociological perspectives. As a rule, the individuals that discuss this particular socio-cultural phenomenon do agree that the emergence of such a culture has […]

Late Spring Movie

Introduction The traditional Japanese cinema is very different from the Western tradition of movie making. Late Spring is one of the masterpieces created by Yasujiro Ozu. Taking into account rather unusual representation of the idea and shooting techniques, the film is considered to be a unique phenomenon in the movie making of the world. The […]

Sisters of Gion: A Conflict of Value Systems

The film Sisters of Gion directed by Kenji Mizoguchi in 1936 shows the way in which two women cope with the experience of being a geisha. It should be borne in mind that the main characters are sisters who have different educational backgrounds and values. In this movie, the director confronts two opposing views. In […]

Composing with Light and Color

Light and shadow are important elements of any photograph. They are significant elements in photography, especially when present certain parts of a photograph discriminately. Similarly, the use of color is critical in the composition of all the elements of a photograph (Freeman, 2007). This essay will critique the use of light and color in Bravo […]

Heroism of Vision

Photography does indeed provide a platform for seeing the world differently. Since photography largely focuses on the beautiful, it is in constant need to define beauty. Close up photography has altered world perceptions on beauty by challenging conventional wisdom on the same. Objects that the naked eye sees can very easily become generic. Therefore, photographers […]

Ethics of Digital Manipulation

Abstract Alteration and manipulation of images on photographs to achieve the desired appearance are as old as photography itself. With software such as Photoshop and Adobe, it is easy to manipulate or alter a photograph in order to fit the desired appearance (Ball and Kalmbach 27). In addition, distribution of manipulated photos has become easy […]

Music and Dance as a Part of Our Culture

Music and dance were known to people for a long time. From the starting point of our civilization, first people could make rough musical instruments and dance to the sounds. At first, dance would be used in religious ceremonies and rituals, for example, to call out the rain in the dry season and in some […]

Melancholy Objects in Photography

Introduction Susan Sontag’s essay “Melancholy Objects” is one of the several essays in her collection “On Photography” published in the United States in 1973. The main purpose of Sontag’s essay is to focus on surrealism in photography. For instance, she attempts to compare surrealism with painting, where she argues that there is no real surrealism […]

The Photographic Approaches Towards American Culture of Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand

Photography philosophy Robert Frank was a Swiss born photographer who settled in America and continued his artistic work. Frank practiced many forms of photography and he did photography both for the commercial and fashion purposes and was considered an influential American photographer who was also a mentor to many young American artists. He practiced street […]

Transformation and Change in Australia Between 1850-1945

Australian theatre and film can be traced way back to the year 1850. It began as a theatre industry majorly characterised by short, simple and live stage performances which involved a limited number of actors. The modern industry is now characterised by documented films and movies with complex themes and large cast crews. The industry […]

Photographic Approaches for Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Ann Parker

Photography, as a form of art has different approaches according to the perception and approach of the photographer. Different photographers use different social themes and photographic production techniques to create their art. In this review, a comparison is made of the photographic approaches of Ann Parker and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, looking for similarities and differences […]

Nowhere in Africa. Movie Analysis

The movie begins in Germany during the Nazi period when Jews were being persecuted by Hitler regime. Walter, a very successful and established lawyer is forced to flee with his family to a remote area in Kenya a country in East Africa. All Jews were perceived as enemies of Germany thus they were rounded up […]

Love and the girl child in “The King of Masks”

“The King of Masks” directed by Wu Tianming is a kindhearted Chinese melodrama that renders a clear understanding of the theme of love. The film begins with Wang Bian Lian (Zhu Xu), an old street performer frantically searching for a male heir to teach him the face changing techniques according to the Chinese culture. In […]

The Powell Piano Series: Esther Park Plays 19th Century Program

The September 13, 2013 concert at 7:30 p.m., by Esther Park at Mathes Hall at Eastern Tennessee State University included pieces by Felix Mendelssohn, Bela Bartók, Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin . Although all the pieces were by 19th century composers, the program was nonetheless filled with variety. There was serenity in the Liszt, drama […]

Zhao Zhao and the Chinese Contemporary art

Observation, description, and location Zhao Zhao’s Constellations are a series of art pieces made from glass (exhibit 3). Marks are created through gunshots. They are part of a series of art pieces with a similar form and content providing a trend in Zhao’s art (Zhao Zhao: Constellations 2013). Constellation II is an art piece from […]

Reflection of photographic arts

Learning the fundamentals of photographic arts improves the success of an artist. The fundamentals of photographic arts combine technical brilliance and creativity. We can add value to a story when we learn the technical and creative aspects of photography. Image technology contributes to the change in photographic dimensions (Barba, 2001). Today, artists edit images using […]

Difference Between Silent Films and the Contemporary Movies

Introduction Louis Lumiere receives recognition for inventing the moving image camera in 1895. Lumiere’s tool kit was significantly small considering the civilization at the time. It functioned as a camera, a motion processor and a display all folded in one. Lumiere would film in the morning, develop it after lunch and display it for his […]

Horror Movies: We Are What We Are

When marketing a horror movie, it is essential to take into account a number of peculiarities of this genre. Horror movies have specific audience and tend to explore certain topics. As far as Jim Mickle’s “We are what we are” is concerned, it requires special attention. First of all, this horror movie is a remake […]

Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel)

Introduction Krishna Das is a vocalist from the United States of America. He was born Jeffrey Kagel in 1947. He is famous for compositions and performances in a music genre known as kirtan. He has released eleven albums since he started his music career in 1996. Das is the most famous American singer of the […]

Examination: “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott

The Setting of Blade Runner The movie is set in a gloomy futuristic city, a metropolis in a period of societal decline. The opening remarks tell the audience that the setting of the movie is Los Angeles and the year is 2019 (Blade Runner). At the beginning, this industrialized city appears wet and overpopulated; its […]

Surrealist Photography and Experimental Photography

The two photographic techniques that are highlighted extensively are surrealist photography and experimental photography. These two techniques showcase objects in an in-depth manner, concentrating specifically on the surroundings of the image and creation of an abstract form of art that shaped the history of photography. These two photographic techniques started in the early twentieth century […]

Photography and beauty

Introduction Walt Whitman in his works rejected the distinction between beautiful and ugly as he sought to have a world that was united in perception. His resistance stemmed from the fact that in the early decades of photography, photographs were meant to idealize images and for a picture to be considered beautiful, its subject had […]

Film Analysis Essay -Cinderella Man

Introduction Director Ron Howard and Producers Brian Grazer, Penny Marshall had all the ingredients of a clichéd film. First, they selected an award winning actor to play the lead role in ‘Cinderella Man’. Then they chose to focus on a storyline that others have done countless times in Hollywood; a boxing championship. Furthermore, the events […]

A Film Analysis on Titanic

The film “Titanic” represents the ship that was deemed unsinkable and occurrences on her 1912 maiden journey from Southampton, in the United Kingdom, to New York City, in the United States. On the ship was a girl (Rose DeWitt Bukater, acted by Kate Winslet) engaged to a rich man (Caledon) that she never loved. Despite […]

Film Analysis Proposal: The Other Son – Directed by Lorraine Lévy

Introduction The Other Son is a poignant film about two boys, Joesph (Jules Sitruk) and Yacine (Medhi Dehbi), 18 years of age, who discover that they had been accidentally switched shortly after birth. The film exposes the sensitive issues and the consequences for the boys and their families as a result of this switch (“The […]

Museums. Cultural Report

A museum is basically a building set aside for the acquisition, management, inquiry, presentation and educational interpretation in the aim of having scientific or traditional value. The main objective of such museums is to enable the modern generation to appreciate their respective culture as well as history. Just like many other educational institutions, a museum […]

Citizen Kane and The Verdict

Introduction Creating a compelling and interesting character is a complicated task. Perhaps, one of the greatest challenges regarding the process of character development is to allow the audience relating to the character. While it is very easy to create a perfectly flawless and bland character with a personality of a hairspray can, which every single […]

Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait, Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Joseph Roulin and Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe. Comparison

Introduction Typically, painted images are full of clues regarding the historical and cultural context. They also carry the message regarding the interest and abilities of the artist. In fact, they always depict the person in the image. Visual analysis of works of art involves keen observation of the details painted by an artist from formal […]

Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Art

Background information of the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti Simoni was an Italian sculptor, an architect, a poet, a painter, and an engineer who had a massive impact on Western arts developments in the 16th century. He was born in 1475 in Caprese, but both parents were from Florence where he was raised as a child (Müntz, […]

Cimabue’s “Madonna Enthroned”

Introduction The artwork in question is entitled Madonna Enthroned. It was created between 1280 and 1290 by Cimabue of Florence (Davies et al. 283). It is tempera on panel and the dimensions of the artwork are 3.9 x 2.2 m (Davies et al. 283). It is also necessary to note that the artist used gold […]

Romeo and Juliet: The Twentieth Century

The play is set in the spring of 1946. The city of Verona slowly recovers from the effects the Civil War which engulfed the entire country for nearly two years. Although, the armed violence has been stopped nearly seven months ago, former hostilities have not completely disappeared. The scene opens with a quarrel between Montague […]

Bonnie and Clyde at Shotgun Players in Berkeley

Introduction In some way, it appears entirely appropriate that Berkeley’s Shotgun players revived the legend of criminals Bonnie and Clyde. The renowned gangsters stormed the Ashby podium. While there, they ran from the law and got close to their gory and well-chronicled trail of robberies and killings through the American South. Bonnie and Clyde get […]

Popular Culture. Madonna

Introduction Popular culture plays an imperative role in individuals’ daily lives. Actually, popular culture encompasses a wide assortment of ideas. For instance, texts, products as well as practices are aspects enjoyed by many people. In general, popular culture refers to both the conventional and contemporary observations as well as beliefs that make up the daily […]

Chimera of Arezzo

Vital Statistics The Chimera is a bronze statue created in the late 5th or early 6th century BC (Davies 120). The height of the bronze is 80 cm and it is now a part of the collection of Museo Archeologico in Florence (Davies 120). There is no information about the author of the piece, but […]

A View Worth a Million Words: “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart House Art Collection”

Introduction: Taking a Time Travel A true appreciation of art comes only when one is left eye-to-eye with the author’s work. Offering the Canadian audience a chance to have a “personal conversation” with some of the renowned artists of the Modernist era, the organizers of “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart […]

Film Discussion: “Diva” by Jean-Jacques Beineix

France has always been associated with such concepts as love, beauty, art, culture and carefreeness. However, the end of the twentieth century was the period when the humanity faced the issues related to upcoming globalization. That was the period of certain confusion and even despair, anger and hope. The image of France as a land […]

“Deathtrap” by Ira Levin: What Lurks in the Background

When comedy is mixed with a detective story and the elements of a thriller are added to the recipe, taking the eyes off the highlight of the show and looking closer into the settings is practically impossible. However, it cannot be argued that these settings add considerably to the characters and their development, the storyline […]

An Analysis of Music Theory

The theory of Music analysis starts in two major dimensions- the “five levels” and across the “three main domains”. According to Hanninen (7), sonic, contextual and structural are the three domains in musical theory. A domain, as used in music theory and analysis, is an area of musical discourse, experience or activity about a certain […]

Privacy and Photography in Public Places

Introduction Privacy and photography in public places has been a contentious issue in Australia and other countries. This paper aims at looking at how street photography is circulating in ever more limited fields. According to Miles (2012, p. 14), there has been a change in the perception of privacy and photography in Australia owing to […]

Femme Fatale Concept

Introduction The concept of femme fatale refers to a woman who is dangerous because of her alluring tendencies. Artists have strived and depicted such tendencies of women in their artworks. The duality of femme fatale and Primitivism presents different meanings based on the work of art. The essay focuses on the three paintings by Matisse, […]

Van Gogh’s Unanswered Love that fueled his Artistic Creativity

Introduction Born in 1853, Vincent Wilem Van Gogh was one of the renowned artists of the 19th century. According to Callow (1990), Van Gogh was a painter “whose work was notable for its beauty, emotional honesty, and bold color with a far reaching influence on 20th century art” (13). The painter began drawing at an […]

Psychological Disorders in the Films

There are many movies that show psychological disorders characterized by obsessive behavior and unstable mental states. “What About Bob” is a film that does a great job in presenting and illustrating disorders that an individual has. The character’s name is Bob Wiley and he is suffering from many disorders. The viewer first encounters Bob in […]

Design: Effects on Themes in Theater

Introduction Theater is an intricate form of artistic expression. Some of its main applications include the creation of an avenue for the transfusion of culture from one generation to another and maintenance of the uniqueness of various aspects of specific societies. Plays form part of the many ways through which theater passes on culture through […]

Theatre History in Grossmont College production and Terrence especially

Introduction The history of art has evolved through the year with notable differences and classification of literature work. Though the times and society has changed and more the traditions and technology, it is amazing how works of the roman empire periods could bear same characteristics as works written our today’s post modernity era. It seems […]

This Is How It Goes. Show Analysis

Introduction Generally, it is evident that This Is How It Goes is a well elaborated piece of work that can be termed as deceptive piece of work. It has been directed by Tom Ross and written by Neil Labute as a representation of the real world. Although, the plot of the show is fairly insignificant […]

Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography

Introduction Araki was born in Japan on May 1940.He picked interest in photography hence pursuing photography in college. Araki is a renowned photographer in Japan and his work has been of extensive influence in the world of art. Araki’s work was not strictly confined to photography but he was a writer and by 2005, he […]

Photographic Approaches Towards Landscapes: Peter Henry Emerson

Photography philosophy Peter Henry Emerson was a British photographer who dropped his medical career to practice photography. He insisted that science was a core part of art and photography and thus, he endeavored to prove how the two were completely dependent. Emerson’s photography was based on how the human eye worked and he took his […]

A Comparison of Photographic Approaches towards American Culture

This paper looks at similarities and differences between the photographic work of Aaron Siskind and that of David Duncan. Both photographers hold a preeminent position in the documentation of American photography. Siskind utilized photographs as a means to unveil abstractions. His photographs grew increasingly abstract as he centered sharply and narrowly on the items, he […]

Monuments in Boston

Introduction The Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer infantry Memorial Monuments are relief sculptures made of bronze; they are raised above the ground. In the Robert Gould Shaw monument, Saint-Gaudens used different men as models for the soldiers with each soldier standing out as a distinct person. The monument was meant to honor […]

Compare and Contrast: «The Searchers» and «Dances with the Wolves»

Introduction It seemed to be an American tradition to be fascinated by films that depict the western culture of the United States of America. During the 20th century, novels and movies that depicted the western culture of the country were widely spread and sold within the country. Perhaps, The Searchers directed by John Ford and […]

The Tribute: Beatles Concert

A Columbia County crowd largely too young to have known the Beatles, stamped and whooped in anticipation of the September 2, 2011 concert by 1964 The Tribute. The band, whose name describes their genre, style, and play list, started promptly, to thunderous appreciation from the fair-going audience. They played everything that Beatles fans love from […]

Opera Hansel and Gretel

History of Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” Brief biography of the Grimm brothers The Grimm brothers refer to Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm. Jacob Ludwig was born on January 4 1785 while Wilhelm Carl was born on February 24 1786. These brothers were born in Hanau, Hesse-Kassel (now Germany). According to Özünel (2011, […]

Exploration of artwork from modern art history:Fauvism

Introduction to the project Fauvism was a modernist art style that existed in the early twentieth century; the name was coined from the French phrase ‘Les Fauves’ which in English means ‘the wild beasts’. The movement was named by Louis Vauxcelles who thought that the group’s paintings were wild. It got its symbolic aspect from […]

Post-Impressionism: Paul Cezanne

Post-Impressionism is one of the most vivid art movements of the period between 1880 and 1905 which developed mainly in such European countries as France and England. Following the ideas of Impressionism, such painters as Paul Cezanne developed their unique vision of depicting emotions and impressions in a picture. Paul Cezanne (1839–1906), the French artist, […]

Little Buddha: The Path of the Enlightenment

Despite the fact that Bertolucci’s movie has a number of flaws, historical inaccuracies and a rather jumbled plot, it can still be considered a rather impressive and memorable interpretation of Siddhartha and the Four Noble Truths. The first noble truth, i.e., the truth of dukkha, or suffering and anxiety, is shown in Siddhartha’s battle with […]

Blade Runner Movie

Ever since the movie Blade Runner was first launched in 1982, the question on minds of many has been: Is Deckard really a replicant? Currently, majority of people who have watched Blade Runner believe that Deckard, just like Rachael, is a replicant who consider himself a human being. To some people, Decker’s glowing eyes (a […]

Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music

Introduction Music is hugely regarded as the universal language that traverses cultural boundaries and language barriers. It plays different roles in society including: telling stories, educating, and entertaining. There are various forms of music which are unique to different groups of people. African American Music is one of forms of music which boasts of a […]

Ushpizin: Jewish Film

Introduction The film is a depiction of what it means to have unshakable Jewish faith. The two protagonists face so many tribulations, but stay true to their religious beliefs. An outsider may misinterpret their actions as naive; however, Jewish believers would find their behavior quite exemplary. The film This is a Jewish film owing to […]

How Three-Dimensionality Conveys a Precise Relationship Between the Viewer and the Divine

Admittedly, Renaissance art is often regarded as a great stride forward. The artists started creating three-dimensional paintings which ‘involved’ the viewer into the world of the painting. The use of linear perspective made it possible to make certain stresses and to highlight particular ideas. Masaccio’s Holy Trinity (1427) is one of the most illustrative examples […]

Prime Suspect: The Peculiarities of the Conflicts

Our everyday life is full of different challenges and issues. These challenges can be the results of our interactions with people, of the peculiarities of our private life or our career. There are a lot of tensions and pressures in our everyday reality and our task is to cope with them successfully. In 1991 Lynda […]

Shelley Niro’s Vision of Stories of Women

There is an increasing tendency to discuss the peculiarities of definite social phenomena with the help of the art devices, which are necessary for expressing of the people’s individual viewpoints. Shelley Niro is one of the most famous Canadian photographers, painters, sculptors and filmmakers, and she always presents her own vision of social issues with […]

Review: “Moon Over Buffalo” by Ken Ludwig

Introduction This is a review of Moon Over Buffalo, which is a farce set in Buffalo, New York in 1953. It has a repertory of Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives, which the couple, George and Charlotte struggle to perform as they face challenging family affairs with the hope of a visit from a Hollywood […]

Play Review: “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry

“A Raisin in the Sun” was the first play by an African American woman to be staged on Broadway. This play was written by Lorraine Hansberry fifty-four years ago and its plot borrows heavily from her own experiences. This play addresses the hottest topics of the 1950s including white skin privilege, gender roles, patriarchy/matriarchy, and […]

“Blood Diamond” Movie Analysis

The film “Blood Diamond” is an excellent example of an international system that is based on neoliberal institutionalism which is a system that acknowledges states as the primary actors within international relations yet places institutions as the means by which international cooperation can be attained. When looking at the conflict within the film, what must […]

“Death of a Salesman” by Steven Erickson

Introduction Authored by Steven Erickson, Death of a Salesman is a captivating must-read chef-d’oeuvre set in New York and Boston in 1948 staring Willy Loman (David Ryan) and Howard Wagner (Isaac Wood). The arena of the theatre is quite recommendable. Erickson’s choice of using the house with well-positioned and packed apartments was the best to […]

Giuseppe Tartini and his Violin Sonata “Devils Trill”

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) was a violin composer and expert who instituted a violin school in Padua.1 He was one of the grand composers, violinists and theorists of the 18th century as well as a contemporary of Pietro Antonio Locatelli. His contemporaries evidently considered him the leading performer in Italy. He was further a great violin […]

The Role of the Piano in the Erlkoing

Introduction The following research paper on Schubert’s lied ‘The Erlkoing’. The paper specifically examines the role of the piano in the Erlkoing.However, it is important to give a short summary of Schubert’s life and major composition style before examining the role of the piano in the erlkoing. Discussion A short summary of Schubert’s life and […]

“Casablanca” Movie

Introduction Casablanca rightfully deserves to be one of the best motion pictures ever to come out of Hollywood. It is mysterious, idealistic, humorous, cynical, ambiguous and most importantly engaging. Analysis The film was everything that others had said about it and more. One feels lost in the storyline from the moment the narrator describes the […]