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If you are studying art and design, chances are that you will have to write a lot of essays during your time in school or college. To receive an excellent grade on them, it is essential that you learn how to write an art essay. Here are the top tips for writing essays on art and design:

  • Choose a subject that is interesting to you. For example, if you are interested in graphic design, focus on it in your essay. If you are not sure of what to write about, try searching art and design essay topics online and choose the one you like most.
  • Look for sample papers on the topic. If you want to write about a particular movie, look for a film analysis example featuring it. Using this tip, you will be able to get some ideas and add more depth to your writing.
  • Find relevant scholarly sources. You can search Google Scholar or your school’s library for high-quality articles and books on the subject. Instead of merely citing the information from sources, try to offer some critique. Are the views shared by the author supported by other scholars? Do you agree with their evaluation and why?
  • Include a personal response. Many forms of art are subject to personal interpretation, and some tutors want their students’ essays to be expressive. This means that you should share your views on the topic and explain why you think the way you do. Doing so will help you to show your understanding of the topic and earn you some extra marks.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to earn an A on your art and design essays! You can explore our site for free essay samples and topics.

2774 Best Essay Topics on Art

The Impact of Patron in Art

The work of a patron in painting, sculptures, and architecture is a great function in the development and design of art.

Film Analysis: “City of Life” by Ali Mostafa

This article focuses on how the film portrays the diverse nationalities of Dubai and illustrates how the common stereotypes about the people of Dubai have been challenged and confirmed by the film.

Art-Society Nexus in the Museum of Modern Art

Whether it is in the genesis of individual works, the act of reception, or the course of the history of style, the dialectical development of art does not proceed from the antagonism between social and [...]

Paintings: Emotional Intensity of Modern Art

Name: Hong Seung-Hye Title: "More Interesting than War" Year: 2008 Gallery: Kukje Hallery Exhibition: Debris Materials: Polyurethane on acrylic Method of construction and dimensions: 14 x 18 x 27 cm, 14 x 20 x [...]

Europe in “Amnesty” and “The Fifth Estate” Films

The events of the film are set in a poor region, most likely the East, and depict just how poor people in this section of Europe are, despite the continent being referred to as developed [...]

Richard Avedon’s Photo Portraits of Celebrities

Therefore, I decided to focus on his works and explore their features to understand the topic of photography in detail. Still, instead of selecting fashion photographs by Avedon, I concentrated on his portraits of celebrities.

Performing Arts and Plays Analysis

In turn, the key purpose of this paper is to show how these performances can be related to the coarse goals that had to be attained.

Greek Sculpture in the History of Visual Arts

Even though the tradition of producing life-sized statues of the deceased was spread over a vast geographic area of the region, the practice of making a representation of only half of the human figure was [...]

Nature and Animals in Photographs

In the picture, a viewer sees the glassy and smooth water surface, the banks and fir trees covered with snow, and a high dome of the mountain in the center of the photograph.

Chinese Art: The Analects and the Vase of Longevity

This paper juxtaposes one of the objects exhibited at the Vancouver Exhibition, the Vase of Longevity, with the Analects as discussed in class. The vase was specifically meant for the palace, while the Analects was [...]

Francois Couperin’s Baroque Music

The experience was interesting because I was able to concentrate on listening to concrete compositions and evaluate them in the context of the received knowledge regarding Baroque music.

Running a Museum: Inventories and Documentation

The suggestion of considering the elements borrowed in the long term as a single unit has simplified the process of keeping track of the loans to a considerable extent.

Impressionist Art for Company Offices

He managed to capture and convey the atmosphere that prevailed at that unique moment in the image of the Japanese bridge and the pond: a static picture seems alive and breathing, the foliage and water [...]

Photography: Is It Possible to Recapture the Past?

The problem of photography is twofold: the problem of representation, and the presumption of reality that the photographic images elicits in the viewer the pervasive belief that a photograph depicts a referent, a real "how [...]

Political Sensibilities in “My Own Private Idaho” Film

In this paper, the possibility to transfer one's political sensibilities, the correlation between movie texts and feature-length non-documentary texts, and the way My Own Private Idaho has influenced my personal political sensibilities are examined.

The Works of Famous Photographers

Brandt's photographs reflect the controversies of the British and European society in the twentieth century with the help of concentrating on the most provocative aspects and details.

Tile: Museum Assignment

In essence, the tile is painted blue except for the thick contours, the thick lines bordering the contours, and the badge-like shape.

Interest in Photography

Most of Cotton's photographs were devoted to the exploration of the serenity and beauty in the natural world, as can be seen in the photographs below.

Interactivity in Zoe Beloff’s “Beyond” Web Serial

In this essay, it is important to discuss how Beyond utilizes integration, interactivity, immersion, narrativity, and hypermedia because Beloff unites several artistic forms in her work; she allows the involvement of the viewer in the [...]

Database Concepts in “Man with a Movie Camera” Film

Manovich's theory about the crucial role of a database in the development of new media finds a direct proof in the famous movie "Man with a movie camera" that amazes the viewer with its innovativeness [...]

The Best Scenes in the Movies

I believe that the best scene in the movie is the part where Travis confronts the pimp, the gangster and the bouncer in the brothel, shoots them, attempts to commit suicide, yet finds out that [...]

The Poster of the 2015 Film Trainwreck

The most notable of them is the image of the character of Amy, who drinks some hard liquor straight from the bottle, wrapped in a paper bag in the same way that it is being [...]

History of Art: Medieval and Renaissance

It would be necessary to investigate the role of these artworks in explaining the revolution of Christianity. Ideally, the relation of these descriptions to the present world is evident.

The Film “Chinatown”: Lawlessness Symbol

Polanski utilizes the city of Los Angeles, particularly the neighborhood of Chinatown, as the symbolic representation of all that is "...unknowable, terrifying..".and beyond the scope of law and order.

Multimedia History: “Man with a Movie Camera” Film

The user of a narrative follows the links in the piece of media according to the sequence established by the creator while the user of a database is free to follow the links in any [...]

Multimedia History: “Beyond” Film by Zoe Beloff

By clicking on various elements of the reality, the viewer has an opportunity to read the important notes, change the images, and move through the different levels of the virtual world by exploring numerous intersections [...]

New Media in “Man with a Movie Camera” Database Film

In this essay, I will discuss the notions of database and algorithm according to works of Manovich in the connection with Man with a movie Camera film that reveals the usual life of citizens and [...]

The Film “Thirteen days” by Roger Donaldson

The significant Social issues that occurred during the thirteen days are inclusive of racism that the name red bastards bring out Nikita Khrushchev use of back-channel communication when communicating to the US president, the shuffling [...]

Art History During Twentieth-Century

This approach enables the writer to change the setting of the narrative. This novella implies that such distinctions can be the result of the evolutionary process and class discrepancies.

Renaissance Ideas

How can these ideas be used to explain the differences between the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? The question was "if the universe is a single thing, how are all the diverse [...]

“Caramel” and “Arranged” Films Comparison

The theme of premarital sex is brought out through dark lighting and the use of hollow space as the hallway of the hospital which Nisrine goes to get her stitches. The theme of the conduct [...]

My Hero: Bob Marley

One of the things I admire the most about him is the possession of skills and the right attitude to influence positive change in society.

“Danny the Dog” a Film by Luc Besson

It is quite possible to find many films that were released in the first half of the twentieth century, and they were affected by stereotypes and prejudices against Chinese people. In particular, the protagonist of [...]

Renaissance and Baroque Periods Comparison

The Italian Baroque and the Italian Renaissance are those periods in the history of art that attract the attention of both artists and representatives of the general public.

Artwork Culture and Values

A representational artwork, in my understanding, is an artwork that aims to present an object, person, or event to a viewer with the preservation of its natural qualities.

Paleontology Museum’ Analysis

The main goal of this paper is to provide a description of the museum and my personal feelings about the visit. Hall of Footprints has one of the largest collections of the trackway and fossil [...]

Photography: A Cultural History

In the middle of the 1850s, there were many photographers, whose projects caused people's admiration, and the works of Edouard Baldus, Imperial Library of the Louvre, and Roger Fenton, Rievaulx Abbey, may be considered as [...]

Korean Popular Culture: “In Between Days” Analysis

The hardships of assimilation are put to the fore in the film In Between Days. It is necessary to note that the vast majority of the challenges immigrants face are not in the spotlight.

Music Business Websites Research

The structure of the site and how the information is provided help a visitor to understand the character of the given website and find the needed information.

Korean Popular Culture: “Boomerang Family”

The picture keeps an eye on the steps of the day-to-day existence of a dysfunctional family, where the three brothers and a sister one by one decided to return to their family home and live [...]

Italian Art in 15th Century

When the sculpture was created, it was meant to become a part of a chain of sculptures of prophets on the top of the Florence cathedral.

A Critique of a Photographer’s Works: Matthew Abbott

Matthew Abbott underlines one simple fact that Istanbul is the only place where East has all chances to meet West, this is why it is hard to predict the traditions and interests of Turkish people, [...]

“Race” Biographical Movie: Jesse Owens’ Motif

Therefore, the main motif of the movie is the internal and external struggle of the African-American male with the existing biases. The first scene in the movie immediately introduces the motif of struggle to the [...]

Made in China 2017 Exhibition

Regarding the fact that the main aim of Made in China 2017 was to interest potential customers in the offered products, there were numerous media events to highlight particular aspects of the industry and attract [...]

Art Theft in South Africa

In the article, Massie points out that art theft is a profitable trade in many parts of the world, just like drug trafficking and the illegal sale of firearms.

The Movie “Normal” Analysis

It is very much tied to the message of the movie, which is to educate people that there are individuals who struggle with the problem of acceptance and reassurance from others.

Gender Differences in James Bond Movies

The validity of the suggestion can be well illustrated in regards to the recently produced 'Bond movies', which appear only slightly less sexist, as it used to be the case with the same category of [...]

Dancing: Choreographer Doris Humphrey

Doris Humphrey was a famous American choreographer and the founder of modern techniques in the theory and practice of the dance movement.

Franz Schubert Musician’ Biography

1809-1812: He composed several piano pieces and songs for his mother's death and father's birthday. 1819-1820: Franz's compositions and styles matured.

History of Theatre: Purposes of Playing

By using the ritual origins theory, one can argue that this scene explores the conflict between a human being and the forces that are beyond his/her control.

How to Become a Professional Musician?

Through sharing on social media, the band is able to market its new concerts, projects, and albums. By offering the audience the unique merchandise, Stromae is able to market himself not only as a singer [...]

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Exhibitions

In regard to this, I have purposed to carry out some personal research on the Rosetta stone and specifically the language that was used at the time of this stone.

“American Progress” the Painting by John Gast

This painting by John Gast "might not convey the facts and aspects of the country's history". The "railroad lines and wagons presented in the painting say a lot about the country's economic position during the [...]

Imaging the Present: Context, Content and Role

The works of these artists explain why transformation is a powerful concept in the world of art. I can now use the concept of transformation in order to produce powerful works of art.

Presenting Freudian Concepts: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Discussing the movie from the viewpoint of Freudian identification, the main protagonists have been the brightest examples of expressing two opposing instincts, or drives, existing within the human being those of creativity, sexuality, and construction [...]

Characters in the Movie “V for Vendetta”

Barthes noted that the primary goal of wrestling is to demonstrate the irrelevance of the purely moral concept of justice. The concepts of social injustice and wrestling as the best way of understanding things offered [...]

Performing Arts and Culture Industry

In the presentation three distinct points were made: first that as of 2008 the total amount of revenue for the performing arts industry has been in the decline since the financial crisis, second, that the [...]

Hector Mediavilla Photographic Series “The Congolese Sape”

The photographer's decision to organize the order of photographs influences the viewer's interpretation of the image. The photographer captures an image from a focal position; the decision to capture the image is influenced by the [...]

The Studio and Pre-Recorded Music Usage

The incredible harmony which was born during the process of studio work, and the effect of pre-recording which allowed the artists to focus on the melody itself, naturally dissolving in the music, has worked wonders [...]

The Greatest Movies: Godfather and the Gold Rush

Speaking of the issue that must be the one of the most interest to the audience, that is, the episode with the crosscutting, it must be noticed that it was not the initial idea of [...]

Classical Music Concerts: Video Report

The lighting in the contemporary venue is clear and sharp for this segment of the performance. The energy and complete commitment to the music on the part of the violinist, as well as the rest [...]

The Effects of Digitalization on Art

The article by Peter Plagens is a reliable source of information about current technologies and the reasons why art is under the influence of digitization and what the consequences of such influence can be.

A Visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC

People visited the museum to learn about the atrocities caused to the Jews by the Nazi administration, headed by Hitler. The other piece I learned is that in the museum there was a video of [...]

A Visit to the Museum of Tolerance in LA

The museum is a storehouse of the relics of racism to the xenophobia that has led man to commit heinous crimes in the name of faith and belief.

Penn Museum Exhibition of Mediterranean World

Romans apparently devoted a great deal of attention and resources to the finer things in life. Both the history and the artifacts help to understand the culture of the Romans.

Storytelling of “The Nutcracker” Play

Besides, he brings out a number of themes at the beginning of the play, the thing that many other play writers are not able to. One of the characters that stand out in the entire [...]

Free Improvisation and Experimental Music

As a genre of music, free improvisation developed in the United States and some parts of Western Europe. In addition, large-scale implementation of free improvisational music contributed to the changing roles of musical notes and [...]

Music Concrete and Post-War Technology Development

The conjectural and artistic aspect of music concrete was created by Pierre Schaeffer in the early 1940s. The growth of music concrete was promoted by the emerging technologies in the post-world war II era.

Duality in the Dogon and the Yoruba Art and Beliefs

The lack of information about the Dogon traditions and philosophy is one of the key complexities associated with the definition of the role of the twin concept in the Dogon culture.

Modernist Revolution in Art History

Simultaneously, the works of Karl Marx challenged the assumption of the relative nature of the shortcomings of capitalist society and suggested its fundamental flaws and inherent contradictions as reasons for the current social issues.

The Work of Catherine White

White, letting the material of her work "speak for itself," I was correlating it to the minimalist perspective that she has adopted.

“City of God” a Film by Fernando Meirelles

To evaluate the role of City of God in forming the audience's vision of the favelas' reality, it is necessary to focus on such criteria as the depiction of the film's characters, specifics of cinematography, [...]

History and Theory of Archaeology: Museum Field Trip

One can argue that the principles of archeological theory manifest themselves in the collections that are showcased in the museum. This is one of the details that can be identified.

Women in Jazz

In America of the 1920a and 1930s, women were active contributors in the field of arts. Since there were both male and female jazz performers, it may seem that the way of women to jazz [...]

Death in “Silverlake Life” and “Die Hard” Movies

The viewer is exposed to the gradual process of death from the eyes of Joslin's partner, and this makes the film more concerned with the ethics in the significance of the rationality of homosexual love [...]

“Notes of a Painter” a Work by Henri Matisse

The change in the expressivity of an art piece may lead to an erroneous idea that the mere concept of expression concerns a particular aspect of a painting, e.g, the elements incorporated in it, the [...]

Art in “Who the Fuck Is Jackson Pollock?” Documentary

Simultaneously, the works of renowned artists increasingly became a property of the art elites, a group of individuals who decide the worthiness of a piece of artwork based on their knowledge and recognition of the [...]

Impact of Art on Society

In an oppressive and discriminative society as was the England of that time, art in the form of puppetry was used to impart a sense of freedom in individuals.

American Popular Music

It is only possible to produce it in economic industries, which look at the popular music in terms of monetary value in which it is considered as a commodity.

“Sometimes in April” by Raoul Peck

He was aware of the tension that was brewing in the military and in the country at large. The director of the movie managed to bring to focus on the activities that led to the [...]

Social Constructions and Hip Hop Music

This process involved the description of the things that I saw at the concert. I described the tone, tempo, and style of music that they sang.

Gustav Holst’s Music “The Planets”

It is also very helpful to know that he was reading about and studying the music and the writings of Asia and the Americas.

Understanding and Evaluating the Arts

The example below is printmaking because it involves paint in the production of images, which can be multiplied on a surface.

Rafet Elroman Pop Concert: Culture Issues

Moreover, even though I could not understand a thing because the music was in Turkic, the rhythm was the same as that of English or Spanish pop music.

“Hauling Freight” Picture by Joseph Hoyt

The main idea of the photo is to demonstrate the image of peaceful life in the country and imprint the routine and culture of Afghan people during the 70s of the past century.

Fight Club by David Fincher

I agree with the author, as I also think that the movie is a set of ideas and opinions that are still in the air.
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