Sculpture Essay Examples and Topics

Chimera of Arezzo

Vital Statistics The Chimera is a bronze statue created in the late 5th or early 6th century BC (Davies 120). The height of the bronze is 80 cm and it is now a part of the collection of Museo Archeologico in Florence (Davies 120). There is no information about the author of the piece, but […]

Monuments in Boston

Introduction The Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer infantry Memorial Monuments are relief sculptures made of bronze; they are raised above the ground. In the Robert Gould Shaw monument, Saint-Gaudens used different men as models for the soldiers with each soldier standing out as a distinct person. The monument was meant to honor […]

Sculptures in Kuwait and Great Britain Comparison

It goes without saying that art is the powerful force that makes the world a beautiful place and at the same time allows the artist to show the rest of the people their true colors; taking the veil off the everyday mysteries, art pins down the tiniest imperfections of life and yet portrays it as […]

Kuwait’ and France’ Sculpture Comparison

Objectives The main idea of this project is to consider the sculpture in Kuwait and France with the purpose to compare and contrast them referring to the cultural and religious significance of the items. Moreover, the main objective of this research is to consider the historical development of sculpture in France and the availability of […]

A sculpture of the biblical David

Introduction Art is the conscious arrangement of items in order to influence and affect people. This is made possible by involving their emotions, intellect and senses. Art may range from the use of music, photography, paintings, films and sculptures. This paper will look at a sculpture as a work of art and assess the emotional […]

World’s Famous Masterpiece: David Sculpture

David sculpture is recognized to be one of the most famous masterpieces in the world. It was created by a well-known Italian sculptor and architect Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni in the 16th century. It is not a secret that one of the most well-known subjects of the art of Italy is considered to be […]

Comparison between Sculpture in Kuwait and Australia

There have been significant differences between the sculptures in Kuwait and those in Australia. The research will evaluate the weaknesses in Kuwait sculptures in terms of funds accessible, available galleries and the public awareness on this artistic works. In addition, the research will evaluate ways of strengthening the sculptures in Kuwait. Synopsis The difference between […]

Comparing of two pieces of art

Introduction Throughout the ages, difference in culture has produced varied art and architecture. Art forms produced in different ages have shown different elements of mythological and religious significance, which can be understood only in context of the particular culture. This essay is an effort to compare and contrast two pieces of art, exhibited in Museum […]

World Cultures: The True Owners of Elgin Marbles

Introduction According to The Telegraph, the Elgin Marbles ownership dispute is probably the most famous and the longest running of historical pieces of art, and which is between Britain and Greece (Anast 1). Sometimes called the Parthenon Marbles, Elgin Marbles are a collection of Greek artifacts that were under duress removed from Parthenon in Athens […]

Italian Renaissance: “Laocoon and His Sons” by Baccio Bandinelli

Introduction Sculpture, just like any other ancient work of art intrigues people to date. The special and moving expertise and creativity that characterize artistic sculptures of different eras remain a point of debate as many researchers and scholars venture into the field each trying to study and understand these pieces of work. Among the most […]

Comparison of the Roman and Egyptian sculptures

Basic facts about the statues “Colossal Head of a King. The sculpture was acquired by the museum in the 1920s. However, details in the carving have led the Egyptologists to re-asses the statue’s authenticity. In particular, the eyes and lips certainly do not reflect what is typical of late New Kingdom statuary. Ancient Egyptians sometimes […]

Seated Buddha. Thinking and Writing about Art History

This paper will discuss the bronze statue called Seated Buddha. It is necessary to speak about the style of this sculpture, its artistic elements, and its relation to the social, religious political and cultural world of that period. This work of art was created in Thailand in the fourteenth century. Its height is approximately fifty […]

Visual Analysis of Laocoon and his Sons

Laocoon and his sons (laocoon) is a monumental statue that was created in Greek in the Period between 1520 and 1525 by Baccio Bandineli. This is a sculpture that is made up of white marble and has a height of approximately 213 cm. It is also noticeable that the statue has seven interlocking parts of […]

Ancient Culture Artworks

Introduction This essay compares and contrasts two art works from a collection of ancient arts. The comparison and contrasting is done in view of art aspects such as style, symbolism, materials used, as well as aesthetic issues. The comparison was done on the, ‘Head and Bust (fragment) of a man’ which is believed to have […]

A Sculpture as a Three Dimensional Visual Art

Introduction A sculpture is a three dimensional visual art that is designed by shaping hard and soft materials, such as wood, metals, glass, clay and polymers, into the desired shapes and designs. The designs may be made in form of freestanding objects in reliefs or other types of surfaces. The word sculpture is not fixed […]

“David” by Donatello

Donatello was an Italian sculptor from Florence who lived in the early renaissance period. He is famous for his relief sculpture works. One of such sculptures is “David” a sculpture he created based on the biblical story of David and Goliath. This fifteenth century artistic marvel has some surrounding controversy as to who commissioned it. […]

The Gothic Architectural Style

The Gothic style represents a period of sculpture in Spain characterized by sculpture “curved in stone, marble, and alabaster, and often painted,” (Anonymous, 2011). Most of the sculptures from in this style were influenced by the Romanesque style which was widely used at the beginning of the 11th century. Romanesque sculpture mainly concerned itself with […]

Statues Analysis: Statue of a Wounded Warrior and Perseus with the Head of Medusa by Antonio Canova

Sculpture is one of the most expressive forms of art. Since ancient times, people worked with different materials to create statues. Each historical period is characterized by particular philosophy, themes and ideas. These themes and ideas are expressed through forms and materials. Some early periods influence techniques and concepts adopted by later periods. In addition, […]

The statue of Augustus and Republican Busts of the Previous Generation

A Roman portraiture and sculpture are characterized by specific stylistics. Each stage of sculpture and, especially, portraiture, is marked with certain elements that were a characteristic of each dynasty. One of the brightest representatives of such portraiture is a statue of Augustus of Prima Porta. It is not only a statue of a man, it […]

Analysis of ancient sculptures

The large kneeling statue of Hatshepsut The large kneeling statue of Hatshepsut is a Granite model of the goddess Hatshepsut. Hatsehpsut was the goddess of justice and order which is represented by the balancing weights on each of her hands. There is a kilt on her head which was mainly worn by male pharaohs. Hatshepsut […]

Compare GUDEA with Amenemhat II

Guedea like Amenemhat II the 10′ Pharaoh was carved in honor of a leader and king who ruled in the early 2144-2124 BC. By the inscriptions that were found on it, the sculpture forms part of a collection of the pieces in the temples built by the Guedea in Ur Nippur, Asdab Uruk and Bad-Tibira. […]

Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance

Abstract The historical perception of the distinction between Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance and others is traceable back to the great historical artists like Donatello and Michelangelo. They are arguably big sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, who were both original and catalysts for revolution. Their works have realism through implementation of versatility, emotional and psychological […]

The artwork Cosa by Judi Werthein

Description and Analysis Work’s use of the systems of global capitalism Relationship to the global system of exhibiting art in biennials and institutions The symbolism of the elephant and of air Cosa is an artwork that can be compared to air of any given city. This is usually demonstrated in form of an artificial elephant […]

An Analysis of Michelangelo’s work

Michelangelo’s work has been the subject of criticism from experts and art admirers all over the world. As one of the most celebrated artists of his time, he produced hundreds of works most of which are existent to date and as such it will be very difficult and almost impossible to analyze all his work […]

Art History: Female Figures in Ancient Greek Sculpture

The ancient Greeks were one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It thrived more than 4,000 years ago. The years between 2000 B.C. and 146 B.C. were the years of the Ancient Greece Empire’s prosperity. Greek culture, ideas, religion, and art were spreading all over the world day by day. Ancient Greek sculpture deserves […]