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Sculpture Essay Examples and Topics

Sculptures Kuduo by Marco and Star by Paley

As I mentioned earlier, art is subject to individual interpretation with abstract art in particular being subject to the whims of a person's imagination, similar to the concept of a block of wood looking like [...]

Michelangelo’s Madonna of the Stairs

The sculpture is important from a historical perspective because it helps the beholder to grasp the enormity of Michelangelo's genius as well as his unique approach to the canons of Christian iconography.

Jun Kaneko’s Sculpture Artworks

What this means is that the various shapes and patterns in the ceramic work of Kaneko are not haphazardly placed as seen in the work of Jackson Pollock or Picasso, rather, there is a definite [...]

Sculpture: Elgin Marbles

The main issue discussed by the supporters and the protesters of the deed of Lord Elgin is whether the marbles should stay in the British Museum or be sent back to their motherland in Greece.

Sculpture: Stonehenge

The people carried "huge stones for many miles to this site". That being the case, Stonehenge remained a sacred monument to many people.

Steve Tobin’s Ceramics Artworks

Combining the time-honored traditions of ceramics art with some of the most extraordinary approaches, Tobin manages to not only shock the viewers into paying attention, but also create the mind-benders that make the viewers reflect [...]

The Judgment of Jupiter by John Deare

The concept of the art work, which is the tension of the gods' council, a decisive moment of Greek history, is shown through the composition and accurate work on postures and facial features of the [...]

Chimera of Arezzo

The height of the bronze is 80 cm and it is now a part of the collection of Museo Archeologico in Florence.

Monuments in Boston

The monument was meant to honor the bravery of Colonel Shaw and the 54th regiment. The Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment memorial is a monumental relief; its sculpturing begun 20 years after the [...]

Kuwait’ and France’ Sculpture Comparison

Moreover, the main objective of this research is to consider the historical development of sculpture in France and the availability of the art schools in the country in comparison with relatively young development of sculpture [...]

Comparing of two pieces of art

In the second part of the essay, the paper discusses the meaning and function of the sculptures. The surface of the statue is clean and gleams of the granite stone with which it is made [...]

Visual Analysis of Laocoon and his Sons

Anesthetically, the statue is inspirational to other artists of the time and in present due to the fact that it has maintained its significance. This is due to the natural, realistic and anesthetics nature of [...]

Ancient Culture Artworks

The two art works vary in different aspects, first and foremost the pieces of work vary based on the materials that are used in their preparation, the head and bust of a man is made [...]

“David” by Donatello

This sculpture is based on the story of David and Goliath as it appears in the bible. The first "David" sculpture was commissioned in the beginning of the 1400s by a cathedral in Florence.

Analysis of ancient sculptures

Hatshepsut was the first Egyptian female pharaoh, so in order to give it a solid presence the creators of the statue put a beard on it, just like the one that is on all statues [...]

Compare GUDEA with Amenemhat II

By the inscriptions that were found on it, the sculpture forms part of a collection of the pieces in the temples built by the Guedea in Ur Nippur, Asdab Uruk and Bad-Tibira. In contrast to [...]

Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance

These aspects are evident among current sculptors."Significance of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance" This is a research investigating and analyzing the different arguments on philosophical nature of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, from various art [...]

The artwork Cosa by Judi Werthein

Description and Analysis Work's use of the systems of global capitalism Relationship to the global system of exhibiting art in biennials and institutions The symbolism of the elephant and of air Cosa is an [...]