Theater Essay Examples and Topics

Essays on Drama might require you to show a great deal of creativity, but an excellent essay must have a solid structure. The steps below will help you write an organized essay with minimal effort:

  • Begin by writing down some preliminary titles of interest. One of the points of structuring an essay is to make sure that all the components fit well with the topic. Hence, this step will help you to organize your ideas further on. After reviewing the list, select one title that speaks to you the most.
  • Research some sources relevant to the chosen topic. You can start by looking at Drama essay examples online or revisit your textbook for some background information. Then, research academic databases or Internet articles for more details. Evaluation of resources is the key – choose trusted websites and publications whose authors have the necessary credentials. Once you’ve gathered a sufficient number of sources, write down the key quotes and ideas from them.
  • Start writing the outline. Begin with three core sections of the paper: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Then, fill each section with ideas or quotes that you had identified in the previous step. The introduction should contain basic information on your topic and a thesis statement. The main body should be the most substantial part of the paper. For example, you can include the analysis of each character, literary features, and other components of the play in this section. Avoid putting any new information into the conclusion. In this part, focus on re-stating your thesis and key points.

The steps described above will help you to achieve a superior Drama essay structure and earn a good mark on your next assignment. If you need more ideas, check here for Drama essay topics.

Romeo and Juliet: The Twentieth Century

The play is set in the spring of 1946. The city of Verona slowly recovers from the effects the Civil War which engulfed the entire country for nearly two years. Although, the armed violence has been stopped nearly seven months ago, former hostilities have not completely disappeared. The scene opens with a quarrel between Montague […]

Bonnie and Clyde at Shotgun Players in Berkeley

Introduction In some way, it appears entirely appropriate that Berkeley’s Shotgun players revived the legend of criminals Bonnie and Clyde. The renowned gangsters stormed the Ashby podium. While there, they ran from the law and got close to their gory and well-chronicled trail of robberies and killings through the American South. Bonnie and Clyde get […]

Design: Effects on Themes in Theater

Introduction Theater is an intricate form of artistic expression. Some of its main applications include the creation of an avenue for the transfusion of culture from one generation to another and maintenance of the uniqueness of various aspects of specific societies. Plays form part of the many ways through which theater passes on culture through […]

Theatre History in Grossmont College production and Terrence especially

Introduction The history of art has evolved through the year with notable differences and classification of literature work. Though the times and society has changed and more the traditions and technology, it is amazing how works of the roman empire periods could bear same characteristics as works written our today’s post modernity era. It seems […]

This Is How It Goes. Show Analysis

Introduction Generally, it is evident that This Is How It Goes is a well elaborated piece of work that can be termed as deceptive piece of work. It has been directed by Tom Ross and written by Neil Labute as a representation of the real world. Although, the plot of the show is fairly insignificant […]

“Death of a Salesman” by Steven Erickson

Introduction Authored by Steven Erickson, Death of a Salesman is a captivating must-read chef-d’oeuvre set in New York and Boston in 1948 staring Willy Loman (David Ryan) and Howard Wagner (Isaac Wood). The arena of the theatre is quite recommendable. Erickson’s choice of using the house with well-positioned and packed apartments was the best to […]

Edwin Forrest

Edwin Forrest is arguably one of the greatest performers in the American-theater history. Forrest was born in the city of Philadelphia in the ninth day of March 1806. His father was a Scotchman who had immigrated to America at the end of eighteenth century. Forrest’s father died while he was still a young boy. This […]

Los Faustinos

Interpretations rarely happen to be exciting, mostly because they render the source material that has already been well trodden by at least one author. The given rule, however, does not apply to Faust, seeing how the timeless classic story has become an inspiration for a number of amazing works of literature. Speaking of the latter, […]

“Shrek” as a Popular Broadway Show

The musicals have been around for a long time and “Shrek” has become a popular Broadway show. But an important aspect of a musical is to stay real and make the audience feel the special atmosphere. The musical “Shrek” is very much different from the animated films and the difference is not a positive one. […]

Review: The Wild Bride

The review relates apparent production concepts and elements portrayed on the stage. It focuses on performance and principles of performers by looking at sounds, movements, and gestures. It also reviews styles of performance based on acting styles and performance as well as themes and production concepts. The entire story of the Wild Bride emanates from […]

Drama on Stage and Screen

Numerous attempts have been made to create screen versions of William Shakespeare’s plays. This paper is aimed at discussing one of such adaptations, namely the movie Twelfth Night or What You Will directed by Trevor Nunn. The film-makers had to make the comedy accessible to the modern audience without oversimplifying its plot, language, and themes. […]

The Life And Work Of William Shakespeare: His Contribution To The Contemporary Theater

Though his active dates now approach nearly five hundred years in the past, William Shakespeare remains one of the most prominent playwrights in the world. Countless festivals, theater training institutes, and theatrical seasons continue to produce William Shakespeare’s major works for the theater year after year. In addition, the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare […]

Movie and Drama. A Few Good Men

The presentations of A Few Good Men play version contrasts considerably with the movie version. The dissimilarities are exposed by the way the characters have been molded. Also the camera and sound effects plays a considerable role in separating the two versions. It ought to be noted that in movie version the characters are more […]

Othello by William Shakespeare

Introduction One of the reasons why William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello never ceases to remain popular with the public is that the themes of motifs, contained in it, appear truly universal. In other words, while being exposed to the staging of this particular tragedy, viewers do recognize the essence of a variety of psychological anxieties, on […]

Performing Arts Events

Introduction McCarthy (2001) notes that the performing arts consists of “theatre, opera, dance and music”(p.1). Over the years, there has been rapid development in the performing arts sector. Historical Background McCarthy (2001) notes that “during the 19th century, commercial artists and organizations were the major providers of performing arts in America”(p.6). Most of the performances […]

The Nunsense story by Dan Goggin

A short History of the play According to Goggin, the Nunsense story begun in 1953 and mainly was dramatized around songs and scenes as laid down by Dan Goggin. Back then, the storyline evolved around a group of nurses that had been poisoned by their cook in an accidental manner (Goggin, np). The story line […]

African American Theater

Introduction Dramatic performances have been prevalent in many parts of the world for a long period of time. These artistic performances entail several aspects that reflect on a community’s point of view regarding certain societal elements. African American theater is a typical example of dramatic art presentations that serve to highlight on a society’s weaknesses […]

The Modern Theatre

The modern theatre and film industry have helped familiarize people with the reality of the world, emotions people go through and happy, as well as sad situations. Historically, one of the first forms of entertainment which evolved into movies today was theatre. People went to all the plays that were in their towns and greatly […]

To be or not to be

Branagh’s Hamlet is a version that sets the “to be or not to be” scene in a palace, in a room surrounded by mirrors (Eirion HyperApps, 2012). The choice of mirrors is a deliberate decision by the director to symbolize Hamlet’s internal conflict. He is contemplating suicide because his life has become difficult for him […]

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

The play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” represents chaos and it can be seen in characters, scenes and the stage itself. The play shows how cruel and unfair life can be to those who try their best but fail, hurting themselves in the process. Through emotion, absurdity and inability to change anything, “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern […]

An Analysis of Almost Maine

I enjoyed “Almost, Maine” because of the honesty it had shown its spectators. The cast of couples were introduced to the audience with their eccentricities, their hurts and their needs with affection and warmth thus building a link between the characters and the viewers. The play used metaphors to define the story in fuelling the […]

Edward Albee Biography

Edward Albee was born on the 12th day of March 1928 in Washington D.C. Virginia. A rich family that owned theatres in Larchmont, New York, adopted him at the earliest stages of his life. His adoptive parents, Reed, A. Albee and Frances Cotter Albee got a son who was two weeks and little did they […]

The Globe Theatre and Its Effects on Shakespeare’s Life and Works

During the period of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England, the traditional public theatre was transformed into the professional theatre. That is why, actors and playwrights began to take the higher positions in the English society. The development of the theatric art in England was associated with the Renaissance period and significantly dependent on its principles […]

Analysis of the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’

My experience watching the theatre show about ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was wonderful judging from the relevancy of the show with the original written script. Generally, the play was interesting with a performance of above average rating. Furthermore, it exhibited the most important aspects of a true Romeo and Juliet narrative. Apart from the entire production, […]

Analysis of Legally Blonde play

My experience watching ‘legally blonde’ was one not to be reckoned with, despite the fact that the play took place in a well-known community theatre, it did not match my full expectations of how a good production of ‘legally blonde’ play ought to be performed. Generally, I would rank the play as below average. One […]

The Art of Children Theater

It is through disciplines of musical theater including acting, dance or movement, music and also Movie Theater requiring children characters that the art of Children Theater came about. With this put into consideration there arise the pros and cons of Children Theater. One may argue that children don’t have to necessarily participate in theater for […]

Syntagmatics and Paradigmatics

Sytangmatics could be defined as the element within a musical presentation, dealing with construction of sentences and phrases in original languages. The analysis of syntagmatics seeks to establish the usage of language within an audio presentation. A paradigmatic analysis, on the other hand, seeks to analyze the paradigms embedded onto a presentation. The paradigms within […]

How Theater was used in the Soviet Union

Introduction The Soviet Union included the modern day Russian Federation and other states around that include Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan among others. During the time, Soviet Union was the most powerful world’s power. Its might can be traced back in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. It remained powerful until 1992 when it collapsed. Over […]