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Theater Essay Examples and Topics

Essays on Drama might require you to show a great deal of creativity, but an excellent essay must have a solid structure. The steps below will help you write an organized essay with minimal effort:

  • Begin by writing down some preliminary titles of interest. One of the points of structuring an essay is to make sure that all the components fit well with the topic. Hence, this step will help you to organize your ideas further on. After reviewing the list, select one title that speaks to you the most.
  • Research some sources relevant to the chosen topic. You can start by looking at Drama essay examples online or revisit your textbook for some background information. Then, research academic databases or Internet articles for more details. Evaluation of resources is the key – choose trusted websites and publications whose authors have the necessary credentials. Once you’ve gathered a sufficient number of sources, write down the key quotes and ideas from them.
  • Start writing the outline. Begin with three core sections of the paper: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Then, fill each section with ideas or quotes that you had identified in the previous step. The introduction should contain basic information on your topic and a thesis statement. The main body should be the most substantial part of the paper. For example, you can include the analysis of each character, literary features, and other components of the play in this section. Avoid putting any new information into the conclusion. In this part, focus on re-stating your thesis and key points.

The steps described above will help you to achieve a superior Drama essay structure and earn a good mark on your next assignment. If you need more ideas, check here for Drama essay topics.

The Paper Mill Playhouse Theater Mission

It introduces the readers to the main goals of The Paper Mill Playhouse and offers a description of the organization. The information in it covers only the basic features of the theatre and its leaders' [...]

The Book of Mormon by Matt Stone

As the political message is brought to the foreground, it is necessary to analyze that aspect of the play in great detail in addition to its aesthetic appeal. The performance of the actors was astonishing [...]

Drama Play “Yellow” by Del Shores

First, the design of the scene that looks like a real interior of a house helps people place themselves in the position of the main characters. They prompted the audience to imagine the life of [...]

The Theories of Theatre’s Origins

The play's inspiration was the Greek mythology a part of the Greek religion. The governing body of the city convened and decided whether to allow the staging of a Corpus Christi play.

Romanticism and the Modern Theatre

The statement by the Romantic writer confirms the need to involve ordinary people in the theatre. The relationship between Faust and the devil in Goethe's play is different from that in the traditional myth.

Edwin Forrest

Forrest was born in the city of Philadelphia in the ninth day of March 1806. By January of 1821, Forrest was already in his third performance as Octavian in the theatre production of the "Mountaineers".

Los Faustinos

Although, much like the plot and the concept of the play, the given approach is not new, it works relatively well in the play, since it does not turn the atmosphere into something out of [...]

Review: The Wild Bride

The entire story of the Wild Bride emanates from the dance that creates the stage. We can notice the pain, confusion, endurance, and the final transformation of the girl.

Drama on Stage and Screen

First of all, Trevor Nunn wanted to make sure that the audience could easily of the movie the plot of the movie; this is why he rearranged the scenes and added new ones.

Performing Arts Events

In addition, the live performing arts are dying due to the preferred use of broadcast and recorded media to experience the performing arts.

The Nunsense story by Dan Goggin

According to Tamswitmark the chief characters in the story are: The Reverend Mother The reverend mother is known as Sister Mary Regina and is assumed to have answered the call to be a nun after [...]

African American Theater

Black people in America have basically subdued several forms of subjugation in the community and this can be attributed to the African American Theater.

The Modern Theatre

The modern theatre and film industry have helped familiarize people with the reality of the world, emotions people go through and happy, as well as sad situations. One of these is the way gender and [...]

To be or not to be

Branagh's Hamlet is a version that sets the "to be or not to be" scene in a palace, in a room surrounded by mirrors.

An Analysis of Almost Maine

The play used metaphors to define the story in fuelling the personal connections of the audience to the play. The play shows the bravery of the characters in taking a chance in love and how [...]

Edward Albee Biography

The theater had clearly gotten tired of the mainstream works of arts and therefore was at a stagnated stage both in respect to originality and creativity and therefore when Albee burst into the scene as [...]

Analysis of the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Another interesting scene of the production that makes it real understanding of the authors work is the casting of the romantic love between Romeo and Juliet, the physical love of the nurse and the contractual [...]

Analysis of Legally Blonde play

The script represented an original 'legally blonde' script and therefore the author of the script did a commendable job because he included all the roles in the play and interpreted every scene in the play [...]

The Art of Children Theater

In this case theater is of more benefit to the adults as opposed to the children. Children as well as adults in theater can be able to express their view about the politics of a [...]

Syntagmatics and Paradigmatics

The setting for the original presentation occurs in the nineteenth century, essentially displaying the existing elements of the time. The timing of the presentation necessitated the change as majority of the characters, presented in the [...]