Othello Essay, Research Paper Examples

Most Othello essay samples analyze the plot, thesis, and characters of William Shakespeare‚Äôs The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice. The tragedy is based on n Cinthio‚Äôs story ‚ÄėUn Capitano Moro.‚Äô

Before you start writing your Othello essay, you must have a clear understanding of who The Moor is. We hope that you already have read the plot or watched the play.

However, some students lack an idea of the object because they have not come across Shakespeare’s masterpiece or any information concerning Othello. This post will help you to ask Othello essay questions and successfully write your paper.

Before you start outlining, you should ask yourself: what or who is Othello? Your answer is significant as it expresses your interest in the subject and, therefore, motivates you to research the chosen topic.

When working on your Othello essay introduction, you should get a clear understanding of The Moor character and its origin.

Your intro should thoroughly explain the subject to your audience. Don’t forget to include a thesis which discloses the central message of your paper. Put it at the end of your intro.

The next step is planning the essay body. Here are some questions you may answer in your Othello character analysis:

  • Describe Othello: Who is he? When he lives, his life, occupation, etc.
  • Is Othello a good character or bad? Do you identify with Othello?
  • Why is Othello famous to date? What makes him popular?
  • What is his role in the play? Why is Othello character crucial to the tragedy? Would the story so attractive without Othello?
  • Does the play reflect contemporary issues?
  • What did you learn from Othello?

Explain the pointers above and provide a better understanding of the Othello character to your readers.

If you need more sample ideas for your Othello essay outline, check them below:

  • The role of race in Shakespeare‚Äôs tragedy. At the beginning of the plot, Othello‚Äôs name is not mentioned, although everyone knows he is dark-skinned and different. Discuss in your essay, how it would impact the play if Othello were white. Argue if the character‚Äôs race is matter in the story.
  • The role of loyalty. Shakespeare showed how loyalty could have both positive and negative attributes. Othello‚Äôs belief in Desdemona‚Äôs lack of allegiance caused their destiny. Use it as an example of how devotion can be dangerous if it is used for bad reasons.
  • The role of Desdemona. Is she is a passive victim of Othello? Analyze how her character changes when she is not with him. Think of how victim behavior can cause even more violence.
  • Relationships between characters in the play. In your essay, you can examine relationships and emotions between Othello and Desdemona, the villainy of Iago‚Äôs character, Emilia‚Äôs emotions for Iago and Othello, and love of Roderigo for Desdemona.

In your Othello essay conclusion, sum up all the issues you disclosed in the body. Avoid introducing new points. Instead, highlight the thesis statement to show your readers that your essay supports it.

After you’ve finished your essay, don’t forget to proofread it and wipe out grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

We hope that the tips above will ease your writing an outstanding paper. Make sure to check our website for more Othello essay topics!

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