Brave New World Essay, Research Paper Examples

Brave New World, a fictional novel by Aldous Huxley, remains one of the most controversial books. If you’re assigned to write a Brave New World essay, check this post to get a simple guideline.

First, you should pick up the topic. The first thing that your readers interact with when they read your paper is the topic and title. That’s why you should carefully select the issue you’re going to discuss in the essay.

Here’s how to select the perfect paper subject:

  • Carefully read the essay instructions. Make sure that you understand them correctly.
  • Look through the IvyPanda Brave New World essay examples. Make notes while reading them and select a relevant relevant topics.
  • Adapt the topic to meet your requirements and start the research.

After you’ve finished your research, it’s time to write Brave New World essay thesis statement. It should reflect what your paper will be about.

Remember, you should analyze the book instead of summarizing, unless you’re assigned to write a book summary. Keep the thesis statement short and strong.

The next step is to create a Brave New World essay outline. The more detailed it will be—the easier will be the whole writing process. Point out key ideas you’re going to cover in your writing: your opinion, supporting arguments, and research results.

In your Brave New World essay introduction present your topic and thesis statement. Then, in the main body, share your point of view and provide supporting arguments. Lastly, in conclusion, summarize the key issues.

Now, let’s talk about the content of your future paper. Below, you’ll find examples of Brave New World essay questions to discuss in your writing:

  • Happiness and truth. Can anyone be happy without expressing their will freely? What are the elements of happiness described in the book? Investigate, what do you think happiness is and what constitutes it.
  • Characters. Who is your favorite character? Provide in-depth character analysis in your paper.
  • Shakespeare and John. What is the role of Shakespeare in Brave New World?
  • What issues does Huxley shows in his world state description?
  • What modern issues does Brave New World covers? How does the novel correlates to nowadays events? Provide examples.
  • Theme of drugs. How does soma contribute to the main theme of the novel? Express your opinion if people should medicate themselves when they want to avoid true emotions?
  • Theme of love. Is there a place for love and sentiment in the World State?
  • Racial equality. How does the author describes gender and racial equality in the book? Has the World State it?
  • Depression and suicide. What are the reasons that led to John’s suicide? Could he avoid it?
  • Technology and its impact on society. How did technological breakthroughs impact the establishment of the World state? How do the powers of technology affect the citizens of the World State?

Aldous Huxley’s book still remains one of the most controversial masterpieces and has much more ideas for analysis than we provided above.

However, the IvyPanda essay samples reveal some interesting opinions and thoughts you can use as a source of inspiration for your writing.

Whether you’re looking for argumentative, descriptive, narrative, and expository essay topics, check the paper examples below!

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