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Frederick Douglass Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Many students find writing a Frederick Douglass essay a problematic task. If you’re one of them, then check this article to learn the essential do’s and don’ts of academic writing:

  • Do structure your essay. Here’s the thing: when you arrange the key points of your paper in a logical order, it makes it easier for your readers to read the essay and get the message across. Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases: keep continually asking yourself whether you need a particular construction in the paper and if it clear.
  • Do put your Frederick Douglass essay thesis statement in the intro. A thesis statement is a mandatory part of the paper introduction. Use it to reveal the central idea of your assignment. Think of what you’re going to write about: slavery, its effect of slaveholders, freedom, etc. Avoid placing a thesis at the beginning of the introductory paragraph.
  • Do use citations. If you’re going to use a quote, provide examples from a book, always use references. Doing this would help your essay sound more convincing and also will help you avoid accusations of plagiarism. Make sure that you stick to the required citation style.
  • Do use the present tense in your literature and rhetorical analysis. The secret is that present tense will make your paper more engaging.
  • Do stick to Frederick Douglass essay prompt. If your paper has a prompt, make sure that you’ve covered all the aspects of it.
  • Don’t use too complicated sentences. Using unnecessary complex sentences will only increase of grammar and1 style mistakes. Instead, make your writing simple and readable.
  • Don’t overload your paper with facts and quotes. Some Frederick Douglass essay topics require more quotes than other papers. However, you should avoid turning your paper in one complete quote. Narrow the topic and use only the most relevant citations to prove your statements.
  • Don’t use slang and informal language. You’re writing an essay, not a letter to your friend. So stick to the academic writing style and use appropriate language. Avoid using clichés.
  • Don’t underestimate the final paper revision. Regardless of what Frederick Douglass essay titles you choose for your assignment, don’t let mistakes and typos spoil your writing. There are plenty of spelling and grammar checking tools. Use them to polish your paper. However, don’t underrate human manual proofread. Ask your friend or relative to revise the text.

If you’re looking for Frederick Douglass essay questions, you can explore some sample ideas to use in your paper:

  • How do you think, what did Frederick Douglass dreamed about?
  • Explore Douglass’s view of slavery. Illustrate it with quotes from the Narrative.
  • What role did Douglass play for further liberation from slavery?
  • Explain why self-education was so important for Douglass. Show the connection between knowledge and freedom. Why did slaveholders refuse to educate their slaves?
  • What was the role of female slaves in Douglass works?

Check out IvyPanda’s Frederick Douglass essay samples to learn how to structure academic papers for college and university, find inspiration, and boost your creativity.

🏆 Best Frederick Douglass Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Frederick Douglas biography study
    This speech is considered to be the brightest words in regards to civil rights, slave freedom, and a kind of reborn of slaves and their families.
  2. Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass – An American Slave
    Another evidence of beatings perpetrated on slaves is seen when Douglass is taken to the custody of Mr. The effect of this can be seen when Douglass was taken to Mr.
  3. Religion Role in Douglass Narrative Story
    The Christianity practiced by the black slaves is represented as the Christianity that is inexistence of purity, complete in peace in it, and also it serves as the full representation of the nature of Christ […]
  4. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    The book, ‘Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass’ is both an indictment of slavery and a call to action for its abolition.
  5. Frederick Douglass’ Three Leadership Personality Traits
    The book was so humorous that he feared that he would be enslaved again for the weaknesses that he portrayed in the American lifestyle and how he was able to trick them with the attire […]
  6. The Importance of Literacy
    Literacy is a skill that is never late to acquire because it is essential for education, employment, belonging to the community, and ability to help one’s children.
  7. The Frederick Douglass Historic Site
    The site is protected by Public Law and is meant to commemorate the life of Frederick Douglass. This site is a commemoration of the life of Frederick Douglass.
  8. Frederick Douglass’ Biography and Struggle
    He was aware of his disadvantaged situation as a slave but instead he chose not to bow to the pressure and fight back.
  9. Why slavery is wrong
    When Douglass heard this story, he got the idea of how whites manage to keep blacks in a state of ignorance so that they cannot come out of their captivity. In his book, Douglass reveals […]
  10. Testament Against Slavery: ”Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”
    The opposition to his accounts soon spread to include slave abolitionists who felt that he should concentrate on the “facts of his story” and abstain from delving into the philosophy behind slavery.”Narrative of the Life […]
  11. Recapping the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”
    He reveals that the slave’s children were left at the care of aged women who were unable to provide labour, and that this was meant to break the strong affection of the child and the […]
  12. The Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass
    Douglass felt that the lords made rules and regulation with the need to oppress the Negros, he was of the view that the American Lords had developed the religion of Christianity and enforced it to […]
  13. Christianity in Frederick Douglass Narrative Story
    This discussion is therefore inclusive of the role of Christianity which is represented in the narrative Frederick story in comparison of both representations by the slaveholders as well as the slaves themselves.
  14. Alternative ending of the book about Frederick Douglass
    He expected people in the north to be poor and miserable and he regarded that poverty as “the necessary consequence of their being non-slaveholders”.
  15. Frederick Douglass’s poem
    Apparently, by doing it, Douglass strived to emphasize the hypocritical ways of Southern slave-owning Bible-thumpers, who used to be thoroughly comfortable with indulging in two mutually incompatible activities, at the same time treating Black slaves […]
  16. Slavery Effects on Enslaved People and Slave Owners
    Reflecting on the life of Douglass Frederick and written in prose form, the narrative defines the thoughts of the author on various aspects of slavery from the social, economic, security, and the need for appreciation […]
  17. Slavery in America: “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”
    The Author is also the persona in entire narration as he recounts his real experience in slavery right from childhood. In the narration, there are major and minor characters that the author has used to […]
  18. Rhetorical Analysis of Ethos in “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”
    While making rhetorical analysis of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, I would like to point out that his memoir is recognized to be one of greatest narratives of the nineteen century in the […]
  19. Analysis of “Ethos in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” by Fredrick Douglass
    Another important point the readers are to draw their attention to when reading is the appearance of hope in the author’s heart.
  20. The Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave
    He realizes the importance of education and decides that he has to learn how to read and write at all costs.

✅ Most Interesting Frederick Douglass Topics to Write about

  1. The Challenges of Racism Influential for the Life of Frederick Douglass and Barack Obama
    However, Douglass became an influential anti-slavery and human rights activist because in the early childhood he learnt the power of education to fight inequality with the help of his literary and public speaking skills to […]
  2. The Role of Animality in Constructing Frederick Douglass’s Identity and the Issues of Liminality in “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” by Frederick Douglass
    However, in his work Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Frederick Douglass represents the contradictory vision of the issue, supporting the idea that the white slave owners acted as animals in […]
  3. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs
    To enlighten the people about the dreadful facts, escapee slaves noted down their accounts of slavery on paper and availed the information for the public to read.
  4. Frederick Douglass and His Incredible Life
    It is hard to ignore the fact that most of the historic events that took place in the USA up to the middle of the XX century were carried out by white men; slavery, a […]
  5. Slavery in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    In the fifth chapter, for instance, the author notes that he was moved to Baltimore, Maryland, something that played a critical role in transforming his life since he faced the realities of slavery.
  6. Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass Literature Comparison
    As a result, their narratives, in tone, in mood, in presentation of self, in degree and kind of analysis of the world around them, reflect these differences.
  7. Mary Prince and Frederick Douglass: Works Comparison
    The primary goal of compiling the stories was to invoke opposition and assist in the fight for the abolishment of slavery.
  8. Slavery in “Narrative Life” a Book by Frederick Douglass
    The character traits of the slaveholders are brought out by the use of the word nigger and the emphasis on ignorance as a weapon against the empowerment of the blacks.
  9. Frederick Douglass as an Anti-Slavery Activist
    In “What to the slave is the fourth of July?” the orator drives the attention of his audience to a serious contradiction: Americans consider the Declaration of independence a document that proclaimed freedom, but this […]
  10. Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass’ Comparison
    He was challenged in the area of writing and was incapacitated without the skill and ability to write letters to Mr. He was then to be imprisoned, and inside the four walls of the prison, […]
  11. The Story of Mr. Frederick Douglass: Lesson Plan
    The focus of the lesson will be American History as the emphasis will be put on Mr. They will be required to record their feelings about different aspects of the story as it is told.
  12. Frederick Douglass on Moral Value of Individuals
    In conclusion, it is appropriate to note that a clear answer to the matters of moral and instrumental values of human beings.
  13. Frederick Douglass’ Speech: Oratorical Analysis
    The following essay presents an oratorical analysis of Frederic Douglass’ speech on the abolition of slavery by providing a description, analyzing the audience, and evaluating the success of the presentation.
  14. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass is the writer of the slavery origin, who managed to get an education and to tell the whole world about the life of slaves, about their suffering and abjection, which they have to […]
  15. African American Lit: “The Heroic Slave” by Frederick Douglass
    Freedom is not that simple, thus Frederick Douglass saw fit to write The Heroic Slave in which he portrays this vision for freedom; the idea of becoming a free man, and using the struggle he […]

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