A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay, Research Paper Examples

What do you think the phrase “a good man” means? Is there somebody whom you can call “a good man”?

Flannery O’Connor’s short story is a polarizing novel which will make you think about good and evil, relationships with your relatives, etc. We will provide you with some ideas that will help you to cope with the “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” essay.

“A Good Man Is Hard To Find” Character Analysis

There are 12 characters: The Grandmother, the Misfit, Bailey, June Star, John Wesley, the Mother and the Baby, Bobby Lee, Hiram, Red Sammy and his wife, and Pitty Sing.

You can choose any for your character analysis.

If you choose a Granny, you can examine her manipulations to get the desired. For example, you can explore the way she makes her family travel to Tennessee instead of Florida.

She also states that she’s a lady. What does being a lady mean for her? What does “being a lady” mean for you?

Grandmother talks about Jesus, but is she a religious person? State your opinion and provide examples.

Another character to analyze is the Misfit, the misguided escaped prisoner. How do you think, was he “the Wrong Guy”? Why was he sent to the penitentiary? Is he a religious man?

Think about other characters and their roles in the story.

5 “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” Essay Themes

If you’re looking for “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” essay ideas, check our list below:

  • Theme of grace. What is the moment of grace? If grandmother did not bring God into the picture, how it would change the plot?
  • Theme of good and evil. Whom does the granny calls a “good man” and why? What does a “good man” mean, according to her? Is The Misfit a good or evil man?
  • Theme of religion. Was The Misfit a religious person or not? Prove your opinion with the quotes. And what about the grandmother?
  • Theme of manipulation. What is manipulations? Is the granny a manipulative person? Provide your opinion and supporting evidence.
  • Theme of family. Do you think is the family described in a story realistic? Do they care for each other? Provide your evidence.

When you will be reading the story, ask these “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” essay questions:

What do you think about the story: is it a cynical tale about manipulation and human pettiness and manipulation? Or it’s rather a simple horror story?

What is being “good” means for you? Does it mean being religious or being kind?

Do we really need a religion to be a good person?

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay Tips

Before you start writing the paper, check our essay writing tips:

  • Write a thesis statement that will reflect the topic of your paper. Include it at the end of your intro. The thesis is aimed to help your readers understand what you are going to discuss.
  • Focus on the topic and determine points to support it. Avoid deviations from the essay subject because it would only distract your reader.
  • Separate the essay body into structured sections with descriptive titles. This will make the navigation easier.
  • Make sure that your “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” essay conclusion restates the thesis and does not provide any new ideas you haven’t covered in the body.

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