Othello‌ ‌Act‌ ‌5‌ ‌Scene‌ ‌1:‌ ‌Summary‌ ‌&‌ ‌Analysis‌

Act‌ ‌5‌ ‌Scene‌ ‌1

Before the infamous ending of Othello, a few important events happened at the beginning of the act. That’s why you’re on this page. Our experts have prepared Othello’s Act 5 Scene 1 summary and analysis for you to consider.

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🩸 Summary of Othello: Act 5 Scene 1

Othello’s Act 5 Scene 1 starts with Roderigo and Iago’s intention to kill Cassio. Their plan is simple: when Cassio appears on the stage, Roderigo should stab him. Iago also promises to help his ally to fulfill the goal if needed. He says he will “fix most firm his resolution.” Roderigo is hesitant to kill Cassio, yet Iago explains that it is a part of a bigger plan.

Roderigo is getting ready to act, and Iago hides. He comments by stung that it would be best if two men kill each other. If Cassio dies, then Iago’s plan is working. If Roderigo dies, then Iago will not have to give back the money. Additionally, he fears Cassio will make up with Othello one day, and then Iago’s tricks will be revealed. That is why Cassio has to die. Iago does not demonstrate any regard for human life in this scene. For Iago, everything has to serve his interest.

When Cassio finally appears, Roderigo is unable to kill him and ends up wounding himself. Due to his inability to accomplish the plan, Iago steps in. He injures Cassio from the back, who leaves the stage crying.

Othello appears on the stage and speaks about Desdemona and his vengeance. He heard Casio’s screams and now is ready to kill his wife. So quickly, “honest Iago” was able to turn a man who was a peacemaker into a man full of rage.

As Othello leaves the stage, Lodovico and Gratiano enter. Cassio comes back, crying as an infant in front of the two men. Roderigo is still on the stage, wounded and cringing in pain. When Iago comes back, he tries to be a mediator. He once again pretends to be innocent. However, Iago shows his loyalty to Cassio and stabs Roderigo. Roderigo is shocked by the betrayal, calling Iago an “inhuman dog.”

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The next moment Bianca enters the stage. She tries to comfort Cassio, who is in pain but still alive. Iago uses her presence to frame her and accuse her of this crime. Bianca is the figure Iago wants to get rid of too. Mainly because she can show Othello that Desdemona is innocent as Bianca is Cassio’s only lover. Iago calls her “a strumpet” to discredit her.

When Emilia comes, she exchanges several lines with Bianca. No wonder Bianca tries to defend her dignity and says that she is an honest woman, just like Emilia.

🎭 Active Characters

Iago, Roderigo, Cassio, Othello, Lodovico, Gratiano, Bianca, Emilia

🔥 Active Themes

Othello themes: appearance vs reality.Othello themes: women and sexism.
Appearance vs. RealitySexism

📍 Analysis of Othello: Act 5 Scene 1

The tragedy moves fast towards the end as Iago’s plan is successfully completed. At the beginning of the scene, the villain shows how far he can go to achieve the desired goal. He does not offer any value for human life and is ready to get rid of anyone on his way. The death of every significant character in the play is Iago’s goal. He uses everyone like pawns in his game. For instance, the audience sees that he wants to see both Cassio and Roderigo dead. His attitude towards life is inhuman. He resembles an animal more than a man.

Othello is not present for most of the scene. He appears shortly and disappears to look for Desdemona. Yet, the central figure in this scene in Iago has to act discreetly as he does not want to put his plan in jeopardy. For that reason, he decides to kill Roderigo, the only character who knows that Iago is a villain. If Iago lets him live, then the man might tell the truth to everyone. Another reason is that Iago does not want to return the money that Roderigo gave him.

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When Roderigo sees Iago’s betrayal, he calls him an “inhumane dog.” Once again, it parallels the fact that the villain behaves like an animal. After killing Roderigo, Iago loses his honor. The men from Venice witness his acts, and Iago tries to frame Bianca for conspiring against Cassio. Once again, he pretends to be innocent and helpful while being evil.

For the first time in the play, Iago’s plan did not go as he wanted. He confesses that he wanted to see both men dead. So, if Cassio can escape death, then Othello can ruin it as well. Nonetheless, Iago decides to proceed. He knows that he will either destroy everyone or get punished.

Emilia, Iago’s wife, acts protectively in the scene too. She supports his accusations regarding Bianca. Iago’s claims are misogynistic, and the location is full of disparaging verses. Another example of hidden misogyny is Emilia’s conversation with Bianca. She herself calls Bianca “a strumpet.” It shows how easily others convince us. The audience isn’t sure if Bianca is an honest woman.

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