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The Theme of Liberation from Racism in Two Plays by August Wilson

August Wilson is a successful author who is known for proper relation of his short stories to reality. Almost all Wilson’s plays involve aspects of his life in precision to racism and issues closely related. The essay will focus in the theme of liberation from racism. Comparison in relation to effects of racism and approaches […]

Psychological Freedom

Introduction Fences is a play written by August Wilson, an American playwright, in 1983. The play explores experiences of black Americans during the 1950s concerning racial discriminations that dominated the society. The play focuses on the life of Troy, the main character, a family man who is 53 years old. His wife, Rose, and his […]

August Wilson’s Fences

Discussion August Wilson’s Fences displays the struggle of African Americans to attain their ambitions. Wilson explained clearly how men in African-American struggled to be victorious in achieving their dreams. Literary scripts can contribute greatly as historical articles which express social actualities that are creatively displayed by the Wilson. Hence, literature may not be disconnected from […]

Hardships, Family Relationships, Insanity and Death in Two Renowned Dramas Fences by Wilson and Death of a Salesman by Miller

Introduction Authors often use such themes as family relations in their literary works. Arthur Miller and August Wilson also resorted to this eternal issue. Their vision, their works Death of a Salesman (Miller) and Fences (Wilson), was praised by many people and is now regarded as conventional. Both plays received many awards and Pulitzer Prize […]