Death of a Salesman Essay, Research Paper Examples

Death of a SalesMan is Arthur Miller’s multiple award winning novel. It’s not surprising that your professor assigned you to write Death of a Salesman essay. Read this post to find out what mistakes you should avoid when writing your paper.

Essay writing can be a daunting task for all students. We’ve prepared a list of common students’ mistakes they make while writing essays with their solutions:

1. Poor Death of a Salesman essay introduction.

Stop, if you want to start your paper with a phrase like “In this my essay…” This clause sounds boring and overused. Instead of it, give your readers a hook. Something that will make them want to read your essay to the end.

Use quotes, a surprising fact about the book or author, or even provide one of your Death of a Salesman essay questions.

2. Weak thesis statement.

If your thesis statement is incomplete or unfocused, think about revising it. When you’re composing it, make sure that your Death of a Salesman essay thesis provides your readers with key idea of a paper.

Check if it’s eye-catching and clear. If you’re struggling with topic ideas, check our sample essays.

3. Deviation from the key paper topic.

Among the most common mistakes that make most of students is turning aside from the main idea you stated in the thesis. For example, in the introduction, you stated that your paper is going to discuss the American dream in Miller’s plot. But body paragraphs are about betrayal. To avoid this error, stay focused on the key issue.

4. Unrelated transition sentences.

The transition sentences are aimed to connect your arguments and paragraphs. Use only related sentences in your paper. This will help you to keep the flow of your essay.

5. Lack of supporting examples and quotes.

The use of examples and quotes supports your point of view on the main essay idea. In other words, using examples illustrates your writing and gives more weight to arguments. So make a list of your Death of a Salesman essay quotes when you will be reading the book.

6. Excessive use of complex sentences.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong in complex sentences. However, if your essay completely consists of them, your readers will hardly understand the topic. Therefore, try to use simple sentences in your paper.

7. Too specifiс vocabulary.

The use of advanced vocabulary is not a good idea, unless you’re writing on complex technical topic. Think of your readers when you write a paper: will they understand this word or is it better to replace it with a synonym? You should be able to explain complex things in simple words.

8. Grammar and spelling mistakes.

Did you know that some professors may lower your marks due to grammar and spelling errors? Here are the four most common student errors:

  • Spelling mistakes. Sometimes students use incorrect homophones in a sentences. For example, “its” instead of “it’s”, “right” instead of “rite”, etc. So always do a spellcheck on a revision stage.
  • The absence of a comma before a coordinating conjunction. It is acceptable not to use a comma if your clauses are short and closely related. In other cases, you should put it before a coordinating conjunction in order to avoid run-on sentences.
  • Missing subject. In academic writing, you should avoid sentences that are missing a verb or a subject.
  • Wordiness. As we’ve already mentioned above, complex and wordy sentences often make your writing unclear. Think if you can replace the long phrase with one or two words.

If you’re still not sure how to complete your Death of a Salesman essay, check our free essay samples below!

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“Death of a Salesman” is a play written in 1949 by an American playwright, Arthur Miller. The play is based on both Miller’s personal experiences and the theatrical traditions in which he was instructed in. “Death of a salesman” revolves around the Loman family with Willy Loman, the father, who also works as a salesman […]