Odyssey Essay, Research Paper Examples

Homer’s “Odyssey” remains one of the most impressive masterpieces of the Greek literature. It’s not surprising that students often are assigned to write an essay on this poem.

Check our advice below to master you A-grade Odyssey essay.

How to Write an Odyssey Essay Thesis Statement?

Brainstorm your ideas you’re willing to discuss in the paper and make a list of all the major points. Look through the essay samples represented below for inspiration or check the thesis ideas below:

  • Symbolism in the poem. What do Odysseus struggles symbolize? How can you compare the Oysseus trials and adventures to our lives? Can we say that our lives are similar to the hero’s journey when we’re on the way to achieve something we desire?
  • Hospitality theme. How do people welcome strangers? Explore the ways Odysseus was welcomed when he returned home and when he was welcomed by the king and queen.
  • Theme of loyalty. Think, why loyalty is important. Explain why Penelope and Telemachus stayed loyal to Odysseus even when they received the message about his death.
  • Theme of revenge. Why does the theme of vengeance is important in the poem? Analyze it from the point of view of Odysseus and Poseidon. You can also compare and contrast vengeance in “Odysseus” and Christian teachings. Think if it is acceptable to kill in the name of vengeance.
  • The role of women in the poem. Discuss how does the female characters influence the plot of the story. What roles do they play in Telemachus and Odysseus journeys?

You can use Odyssey essay questions above or write your own to formulate your future thesis. Remember that you need to cover the key idea of your paper within one sentence. Make it informative and catching.

How to Create your Odyssey Essay Hooks?

When writing your paper introduction, keep in mind that you have to engage your reader and make them want to read the entire copy. Avoid phrases like “In this essay I’m going to discuss…” at the beginning of the paper.

Choose some interesting scenes or quotes to open your essay or check hook examples you can find in IvyPanda essay samples below. You can create a few versions of your intros and evaluate what will work more effective.

How to Write Odyssey Essay Body Paragraphs and Conclusion?

Regardless of what Odyssey Essay topic you will choose, you should tell your readers about the background and event developments of the poem.

Analyze the content and provide connections between the events or/and characters and your essay key idea. Make sure that all the paragraphs are logically connected.

When writing the Odyssey essay conclusion, make it bright and clear. Restate the thesis statement and add your personal impressions on the poem.

After you finish your paper read it again carefully and add some touches you might miss during the writing. Proofread the essay and get rid of all grammar, style and spelling mistakes. Did you know that some professors can cut out up to 20% of grade because of errors?

Still not sure how to complete your essay on Homer’s Odyssey and get the best grade? Check IvyPanda’s essay examples below, written by professionals for your convenience!

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