Photography Essay Examples and Topics

Composing with Light and Color

Light and shadow are important elements of any photograph. They are significant elements in photography, especially when present certain parts of a photograph discriminately. Similarly, the use of color is critical in the composition of all the elements of a photograph (Freeman, 2007). This essay will critique the use of light and color in Bravo […]

Heroism of Vision

Photography does indeed provide a platform for seeing the world differently. Since photography largely focuses on the beautiful, it is in constant need to define beauty. Close up photography has altered world perceptions on beauty by challenging conventional wisdom on the same. Objects that the naked eye sees can very easily become generic. Therefore, photographers […]

Ethics of Digital Manipulation

Abstract Alteration and manipulation of images on photographs to achieve the desired appearance are as old as photography itself. With software such as Photoshop and Adobe, it is easy to manipulate or alter a photograph in order to fit the desired appearance (Ball and Kalmbach 27). In addition, distribution of manipulated photos has become easy […]

Melancholy Objects in Photography

Introduction Susan Sontag’s essay “Melancholy Objects” is one of the several essays in her collection “On Photography” published in the United States in 1973. The main purpose of Sontag’s essay is to focus on surrealism in photography. For instance, she attempts to compare surrealism with painting, where she argues that there is no real surrealism […]

The Photographic Approaches Towards American Culture of Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand

Photography philosophy Robert Frank was a Swiss born photographer who settled in America and continued his artistic work. Frank practiced many forms of photography and he did photography both for the commercial and fashion purposes and was considered an influential American photographer who was also a mentor to many young American artists. He practiced street […]

Photographic Approaches for Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Ann Parker

Photography, as a form of art has different approaches according to the perception and approach of the photographer. Different photographers use different social themes and photographic production techniques to create their art. In this review, a comparison is made of the photographic approaches of Ann Parker and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, looking for similarities and differences […]

Reflection of photographic arts

Learning the fundamentals of photographic arts improves the success of an artist. The fundamentals of photographic arts combine technical brilliance and creativity. We can add value to a story when we learn the technical and creative aspects of photography. Image technology contributes to the change in photographic dimensions (Barba, 2001). Today, artists edit images using […]

Surrealist Photography and Experimental Photography

The two photographic techniques that are highlighted extensively are surrealist photography and experimental photography. These two techniques showcase objects in an in-depth manner, concentrating specifically on the surroundings of the image and creation of an abstract form of art that shaped the history of photography. These two photographic techniques started in the early twentieth century […]

Photography and beauty

Introduction Walt Whitman in his works rejected the distinction between beautiful and ugly as he sought to have a world that was united in perception. His resistance stemmed from the fact that in the early decades of photography, photographs were meant to idealize images and for a picture to be considered beautiful, its subject had […]

Privacy and Photography in Public Places

Introduction Privacy and photography in public places has been a contentious issue in Australia and other countries. This paper aims at looking at how street photography is circulating in ever more limited fields. According to Miles (2012, p. 14), there has been a change in the perception of privacy and photography in Australia owing to […]

Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography

Introduction Araki was born in Japan on May 1940.He picked interest in photography hence pursuing photography in college. Araki is a renowned photographer in Japan and his work has been of extensive influence in the world of art. Araki’s work was not strictly confined to photography but he was a writer and by 2005, he […]

A Comparison of Photographic Approaches towards American Culture

This paper looks at similarities and differences between the photographic work of Aaron Siskind and that of David Duncan. Both photographers hold a preeminent position in the documentation of American photography. Siskind utilized photographs as a means to unveil abstractions. His photographs grew increasingly abstract as he centered sharply and narrowly on the items, he […]

Shelley Niro’s Vision of Stories of Women

There is an increasing tendency to discuss the peculiarities of definite social phenomena with the help of the art devices, which are necessary for expressing of the people’s individual viewpoints. Shelley Niro is one of the most famous Canadian photographers, painters, sculptors and filmmakers, and she always presents her own vision of social issues with […]

Photos of Vietnam War

Introduction Experiences of journalists in the Vietnam War changed media reporting of wars today. The media reported uncensored events of the war to the public. These stories and photographs changed the public’s opinion about the war. The War took place between 1957 and 1975 in South Vietnam. The Vietnam War claimed over 60,000 American soldiers […]

The Life and Work of Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange was a celebrated photojournalist and photographer. Many people remember her for her achievements and works in photojournalism. Dorothea was born in New Jersey’s Hoboken in 1895 to Margaretta Nutzhorn and Heinrich Nutzhorn. His father, Heinrich Nutzhorn, was a lawyer but also worked in other positions. Dorothea Lange was brought up in a middle-class […]

Photography of High-End Art

Taking a shot of a well known art piece may seem a task simple enough to carry out. However, in order to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the original artwork, as well as incorporate a range of innuendoes concerning the artist, the era that the art was created in, etc., very specific and high […]

Jack Dykinga Works

The works of Jack Dykinga have longed appealed to because this photographer is always able to emphasize the beauty of nature by paying attention to color patterns and space. His pictures show that the choice of lighting, angle, and equipment is extremely important for every photographer. Moreover, this person should be able to find the […]

Daguerreotype and Cyanotype

Statement of purpose The history of photography cannot be complete without the analysis of the efforts of Daguerre and Herschel, the men behind the processes that revolutionized photography in the mid 19th century. These processes are daguerreotype and cyanotype. This paper on photography will focus on the Daguerreotype and Cyanotype process in terms of the […]

Photography’s Impact on Society

Photography effects on war Photography in the modern society is important and contributes positively to the life of human beings. This article is about ways through which society has progressed as result of photography. This paper is about the impact of photography on war. Louis Daguerre did not begin photography but his invention of the […]

The Impact of Nineteenth Century Photography on Visual Representation and the Development of Visual Culture

The development of photography in the mid-nineteenth century marked a definitive transformation in visual representation. It also became a sign of the beginning of the shift toward the visual culture that we know in the 21st century. The advent of photography as an accessible art form and the rise of the amateur photographer represented the […]

Humanities – Photography

Introduction After the major wars in the 19th and 20th centuries, museums were set up for photography and this trend continues even in contemporary times. Photographers started breaking free from the repressive structures of taking straight artistic and documentary expression pictures. The documenters then begun to probe the social landscape, which mostly mirrored their real […]

Biography of Mads Nissen

Introduction Mads Nissen is a Danish photographer who has won several awards because of his talent in photography. He started photography at a very young age and he has developed his act over the years that he has been taking photographs. Mads has been focused on press photographs and he has won awards with photographs […]

History of Photography Culture

Executive Summary Photography is a culture that has been present since the 19th century. However, the advancement in technology has greatly changed the manner in which the society regards photographs. During the analogue era, photography was used to store family memories. However, in the digital era, photography is used as a means of personal identification […]

Visual and Contemporary Arts – My Bed by Emin Tracey and Nan and Brian in Bed by Nan Goldin

Introduction The theme of identity explains how individuals view themselves as part of the wider society and culture. This is because people’s culture is all about connecting amongst themselves and with other members of the society. The works My Bed by Emin Tracey and Nan and Brian in Bed by Nan Goldin present the theme […]

The development of lithography and photography in the nineteenth century

Background Prior to the 19th century, art was vibrant. Artists prepared various forms of artwork for both commercial purposes and personal enjoyment or aesthetic value (Acconci & Acconci Studio 2004, Para. 4). The society was appreciative of precious artwork such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa and Van Gogh’s pieces. Part of their allure was the […]

“Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” by Elliot Smedley

Written by Elliot Smedley, “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” explores how contemporary fashion photography is adopting realistic styles by using realistic activities contrary to ideal styles that had dominated art and photography for decades. A shift from idealism to realism has kept in tandem with current socio-economic conditions that reflect consumerism. Realistic […]

Surrealism in Photography

Surrealism, which started after the World War I, in photography is one of the indicators of most important revolutions that have taken place over the history in the area of photography. This article analyzes the concept of surrealism in photography. The pioneer of this movement was Andre Breton. Surrealism is useful in the expression of […]

Impacts of Photography on Advertising

Over the years, photos have been used in advertisements. Photography is believed to have many impacts on advertising efforts. So as to discuss this topic, this paper shall: trace the development of photography on advertising; discuss the positive impacts of photography on advertising; and discuss the negative impacts of photography on advertising. A conclusion that […]

Analysis of “The Falling Man”

Reader Impact From the beginning of the article, the reader is already gripped by the strong image of the “falling man”. It is as if it has the power to hypnotize due to its bizarre subject. Junod (2009) writes, “In the picture, he departs from this earth like an arrow. Although he has not chosen […]

Photographer Jeff Wall and His Paintings

Jeff Wall is clearly an audacious photographer. In an industry where perfectionism is the norm, this artist prefers to focus on realistic images. It is rare to find abstract representations on any of his paintings. One can easily understand his subject matter because they are things or people with which the public can identify. This […]

Richard Koboyashi: farmer with Cabbages

The photograph titled Richard Koboyashi: farmer with Cabbages, by world-renowned photographer Ansel Adams, depicts a Japanese farmer holding two cabbages (Adams 1). The creative response below is a result of a keen interaction with the photograph. Creative Response The year was 1943; two years after the Japanese invasion on the Pearl Harbor. Richard Koboyashi, one […]

Photography Art in 20th Century

When it comes to discussing the discursive significance of photography, it is important to understand that, as a representational art-medium, it emerged because of the pace of a technological progress having assumed clearly defined exponential subtleties. In its turn, this presupposes that the art of photography is not only being technologically intense, but that this […]

Concept of Documentary Photography

A Composition A composition can be defined as the arrangement of different elements of a subject to make the theme complete in such a way that it instils sense to the person reading it or looking at it. It is the act of putting different elements together for coming up with a relationship between elements […]

Photographer Gordon Parks

Biography One of the 20th century’s greatest photographers Gordon Parks was born in 1912 to the family of African-American farmers in Fort Scott, Kansas. Ever since his early years, Parks used to be exposed to racism, which partially explains why he could not obtain a formal college diploma. After the death of his mother in […]

Photography: Jimmy Nelson’s Piece of Art

Introduction The subject of this analytical paper is a photograph of a warrior from a tribe in East Africa, the Maasai, which photographer Jimmy Nelson took as part of his collection of photographs in the book, Before They Pass Away. The photograph, which features on the book’s cover, possesses certain features that make it stand […]

Photoshop Beauty in Modern Society

Introduction In my opinion ours is a culture obsessed with the idea of perfect beauty; flawless skin, blemish free features, thin waistlines, striking eyes, perfect noses and not a pimple in sight yet such an obsession has been fueled by nothing more than lies and hypocrisy with popular culture icons using such lies to distort […]

Colour composition and Polarised Light

Introduction Colour and light are two inseparable factors and especially for those in the field of photography. The ability to achieve a perfect composition of colour and strike a balance between colour and light always poses a challenge to many people. How well these two aspects balance largely determine the outcome of the process. This […]

Photographer – Robert Frank

Robert Frank was a renowned photographer in the United States and he was born in Zurich, Switzerland on 9th of November 1924. He begun his career in photography as an apprentice where he learned his skills by observing the works of legendary photographers. Robert has in- depth knowledge in photography because he was very aggressive […]

Photojournalist: Mark M. Hancock

In addition to being a photojournalist, Mark Hancock is an editor at the Squadron/ Signal publications. Mr Hancock has engaged in freelance journalism for a period of 15 years beginning 1995. His presence is evident in numerous magazines and newspapers across the world especially in the editorial sections. Hancock’s career background indicates that he has […]

The Exhibit Twilight Visions at the International Center of Photography

The medium of photography in the post World War I period was almost too deliciously convenient a vehicle for certain proponents of the Dadaists and the Surrealists. Cameras had been, since their invention, been shrinking to a manageable and portable size. The newly graspable medium offered these iconoclastic visionaries a range of possibilities for creating […]