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Cinema Art Essay Examples and Topics

Interactivity in Zoe Beloff’s “Beyond” Web Serial

In this essay, it is important to discuss how Beyond utilizes integration, interactivity, immersion, narrativity, and hypermedia because Beloff unites several artistic forms in her work; she allows the involvement of the viewer in the [...]

Multimedia History: “Beyond” Film by Zoe Beloff

By clicking on various elements of the reality, the viewer has an opportunity to read the important notes, change the images, and move through the different levels of the virtual world by exploring numerous intersections [...]

The American Movie Industry Since 1949

This drastic switch was brought by the change to the studio system and the rise of television, Doherty says: "Since the 1950s, moviemakers have been forced to narrow their focus and attract the one group [...]

New Korean Cinemas

For example, The King and the Clown was one of the first films to portray open homosexuality in Korean cinema. The audience, relating to the struggles and emotions of the characters, began to accept homosexuality.

German Expressionism in Cinema

The universal style of expressionist films was the manner in which the audience connected and related with the inner experiences of the characters.

“Are Genres Stable?” by Rick Altman

The author briefly describes the previous developments in the interpretation of genres and poses the questions on the permanence, coherence, difference, and change in the area.

South Korea Film Melodrama

The country itself was healing from the traumatic experiences of the war and evolving its perceptions of gender, culture, and politics.

Bollywood’s Cinema: Movies Marketing

While at the beginning of the movie Birju's rebellion is targeted against the unfairness and aims at defending his family's dignity, by the end of the story he turns into a bandit who craves for [...]

Techniques in Cinema

Additionally, the costumes and make-up also contribute to the creation of the unique atmosphere that seizes a viewer and makes the movie recognizable.

Melodrama: History and Features

The author of the website defines melodrama as a subtype of drama, which is designed in a manner that sparks the emotions of the viewer.

Books vs. Movies: Similarities and Differences

For both movies and books, the story is a central part and the authors or directors come up with themes and plotlines that can captivate and entertain the audience. In the Harry Potter Movies, the [...]

The New Hollywood Cinema Development

The changes have led to the emergence of new business models in the industry. The location of the major filmmaking companies in New York City remains a historical fact, which led to the development of [...]

The Invention of Cinema at the End of the XIX Century

First attempt to introduce the idea of moving pictures traces back to middle of the seventeenth century, when Athanasius Kircher "who projected crude hand-painted images of the Devil...on the wall of a darkened chamber by [...]

Filmmaking History of the USA

Blockbuster films refer to the big budget films that hinge their success on the identity of the stars in the films as well as the advertisements surrounding the release of the films for extended periods [...]

Silent Era vs. Modern Cinema Era

One of the key defining characteristics of the films created during the silent era is that it was not possible to synchronize the sound that accompanied the motion pictures.

Animation Analysis: “The Simpsons”

The aesthetic production of various elements of postmodernism are also outlined in the essay before getting into the detail of The Simpsons.

Ajyal Film Festival

The DFI organizes the Ajyal Film Festival to present the film products of its most talented young actors and producers to the government and the business community, as well as the rest of the world.

The Cinematic Signifier

He also argues that the perceived is not the reality but acts as a kind of mirror to it and this aspect is unique to it in comparison to the different field of arts.

New Ways of Showing/Seeing Violence

The staging of the film in a suburban setting of Los Angeles was very relevant because of the crime and violence history of the place.

Post classical Hollywood

Some films of the Hollywood renaissance are characterized partly by breaches of the continuity editing regime of classical Hollywood, inspired largely by thee films of the French New Wave of the late 1950s and early [...]

Media Art Film studies: Avant Garde

Either way, it was the film manifestos, which dictated the comprehension of experimental films as well as the avant-garde films. In addition, the manifestos comprised of the initial film theories, which were existent within the [...]

Stereotyping Heroes in Cinema

In mass media, representation usually involves the use of art and signs to change the concept of concrete reality, hence leading to stereotyping of characters and heroes in movies and other non-fiction programs from a [...]

Films Noirs and Their Characteristics

The city, which is regarded as the labyrinth, is the main location used as the setting. The emotions of the main characters are reflected by the darkness and complexity of the urban settings.

History of National Cinema

The first public viewing of a film made by the Lumieres brothers marked the beginning of cinema in France before the 1900's.

Film Viewer Opinion Paper

These actors help to make characters in a film and when they blend with them, they are able to create a great film which comes out real to the audience.

The significance of the Prison Films

The storylines of the films that fall into the film noir category of the period were mainly inspired by the criminal outcrops that arose in the United States in the period after the Depression.

The Concept of Film Noir

Other than this a prominent quality of this genre is the development of negative behaviors in heroes or ant-heroes usually generated by Femme Fatale which is the depiction of Women in Film Noirs in a [...]

Laura Melvey’s Male Gaze

Sexual fulfillment and desire is the object of motivation and controls the images of the characters in a play to fulfill the desires of the male character.

Movies in the 1960s

In the view of this retired citizen, action movie was the main center of attraction to movie theatres in the downtown area.

Contemporary Design Issues in Film Industry

It is used in the film with an objective of closely aligning the audience with a serial killer. They both do this by providing the resolution expected by the audience at the end of a [...]

Film Criticism: Literature Overview

The author of the book had provided a critical overview of a number of theories devoted to films and supported those with the examples to show that his words are not empty. The great part [...]
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