Cinema Art Essay Examples and Topics

Difference Between Silent Films and the Contemporary Movies

Introduction Louis Lumiere receives recognition for inventing the moving image camera in 1895. Lumiere’s tool kit was significantly small considering the civilization at the time. It functioned as a camera, a motion processor and a display all folded in one. Lumiere would film in the morning, develop it after lunch and display it for his […]

Ajyal Film Festival

Role of the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and the Ajyal Youth Film Festival (AYFF) in facilitating youth media and self-expression The DFI uses its graduates and other industry professionals that are already working on film and new media forms of expression as its faculty. As a result, the institute has a rich talent pool that […]

The Cinematic Signifier

Introduction Christian Metz was a very important film theorist who made a significant contribution to the art of cinema by his theories on cinema studies. He defines the cinematic signifier through a thorough analysis of the imaginary signifier. This is a broad topic that he set out to analyze in order to explain the elements […]

New Ways of Showing/Seeing Violence

There has been a shift in the way film directors depict different themes on the screen. The directors and producers in contemporary film making use a variety of styles and cinematography to highlight and present a wide range messages in their films. The technical aspects of film making are emphasized great deal in the new […]

Post classical Hollywood

Hollywood is, as Murray Smith suggests, ‘a multi – facetted creature’ and cannot be reduced to a single essence, ‘Old’ or ‘New’. Changes at one level; are related to changes at another, but there is no guarantee that they match up tidily. Much has changed in Hollywood since the ‘classical’ or ‘studio’ era, a period […]

Media Art Film studies: Avant Garde

In 1911, Italian writer Ricciotto Canudo who is deemed the first theorist of film considered cinema as “the Seventh Art”. He had the understanding that film incorporated the distinctive elements of both the spatial arts and temporal arts (architecture, sculpture, painting on one side and music and dance on another). He later introduced poetry to […]

Stereotyping Heroes in Cinema

Introduction Representation can be defined as the action of speaking on behalf of someone else or the use of signs to stand for something else. It involves construction that occurs in the mass media to change aspects of reality, including the people being represented, places, and even cultural identities. Using mass media, representation has witnessed […]

Films Noirs and Their Characteristics

Films noirs concentrate on tormented characters who appear doomed to run in circles without the hope of finding a solution. Their actions cannot be accommodated in the rural areas because the societal rules are very strict. The characters are said to be alienated from the other members in the society, who have meaningful lives (Naremore […]

History of National Cinema

Cinema is a form of art and technology which started with primitive experiments in the late eighteenth century and within 20 years it had spread to all parts of the world. Apart from entertainment people used cinema in education and scientific research. The history of cinema is from the turning of the original invention on […]

Film Viewer Opinion Paper

The entertainment industry produces many films every now and then but not all these are enjoyable. However, this may be subjective in that it depends on a personal preference since a movie might be liked by one person while the same film might be hated by another. Choosing a film to watch may depend on […]

The significance of the Prison Films

Introduction Film noir is a categorical description of Hollywood crime movies especially the ones whose main plot is driven by cynical attitudes and sexual intentions (Conrad 2006 3-4). Most of the films in this category are the ones that emerged from the Hollywood mills in the period between 1940 and 1950. These movies were mainly […]

The Concept of Film Noir

One of the most praised and seen movie genres, “Film noir” is considered as a remarkable and classic movie form by the audience. Film noir is that movie form in which dark and criminal events are showed to the audiences. This form serves as a revolutionary genre in Hollywood movies as it played a vital […]

Laura Melvey’s Male Gaze

The development of the film industry took an interesting turn after the 1950 especially regarding the development of the female character due to the changes in life style and the way women viewed themselves. The empowered feminine character started appearing in film noir, genre of crime thriller films heavily laden with seduction and erotic undertones […]

Interview with Mr. Lee: Action Films of the 1950s

Introduction Interview is used by researchers for several purposes. Factually, an interview is a primary data collection method on beliefs, practices, and opinions among others. This paper presents the action movie scene in the 1950s in the view of the 72 years old Mr. Lee from Tennessee Valley. The paper explores the movie scene during […]

Movies in the 1960s

Introduction Data collection through interviews offers a researcher first hand information on the subject. This paper explores the movie scene in the 1960s as explained by the 74 years old retired American marine called Mr. Van Clerk. Specifically, the treatise explores the movie theatres in the downtown of New York City. Mr. Van Clerk is […]

Making the Best Shot of Your Life: Behind the Curtains of Movie-Making

In spite of the fact that film industry is rather young compared to the theater or any other spheres of art, it has its own well-established and time-tested theory. With help of numerous tricks movie can look in the most effective and convincing manner. Because of the fact that, shifting camera positions, one can obtain […]

Contemporary Design Issues in Film Industry

Many independent films getting mainstream release and some big budget Hollywood films are using non-linear narratives in service of stories about time travel and movement between alternate realities The surge of mainstream films comprising complex narratives has been one of the most fascinating developments that have occurred in the film industry in the past decade. […]

Film Criticism: Literature Overview

Vachel Lindsay is an American poet devoted most of his life to singing poetry and art which he studied. Considering cinematography as part of art, he had written one of the first serious books devoted to film criticism, The Art of the Moving Picture. Generally, it was the first book devoted to silent film criticism. […]