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TV Essay Examples and Topics

Reality Television Definition and Impact

The article is about the nobility of scientific or investigative television shows, such as "CSI" and "Numb3rs". According to the author of this article, television is the biggest storyteller in the world.

French Specific Content in Media and Television

Broadcasting, on the other hand, is the process of disseminating the contents of the programme to target audience. This policy serves to check and regulate the contents of programmes by media houses and the mechanism [...]

“Empire”: TV Show Overview

In particular, the analysis will be comprised of the introduction of the selected show, the examination of its background, and the impressions it makes on critics, the industry that produces the show, the social context [...]

Television Show Suggestion: M*A*S*H

While the unit that was shown in the series was fictitious and the story was focused not on the war itself but the individuals working in the MASH, the portrayal of war events also contributed [...]

Fake News Understanding

Hence, it is necessary to stress that the principal cause of fake news is people's desire to shape certain views, attitudes, etc.

Northern Exposure: TV Medical Comedy Series

The following topic was determined for further research on the selected TV series in the context of the history and development of American radio and television before the 2000s: The importance of Northern Exposure for [...]

Why Is “The Amazing Race” So Popular?

The Amazing Race is an example of one of the distinct type of the show, which has become popular both because of the presence of some familiar elements, like the characters who are easy to [...]

TFC TV Company’s Competition Problem

The TFC's vulnerability to this threat is justified by a variety of factors, including the lack of audience-specific approach and relatively low revenues from CPM and advertising.

“Let’s Talk About Boundaries” Black Sitcom

The paper tries to analyze the success and failures of the black sitcom, "Let's talk about boundaries." In the past, the contemporary black sitcoms portrayed failure of the black race than the positive achievements to [...]

TV Content: “The Walking Dead”

The essay analyses the content of six episodes in the first season of the television drama The Walking Dead. Consequently, the presence of violence in the program is in the storyline as it is the [...]

Digital Video Production in Australia

The discussion covers the following issues: Digital video production, recording, and HDTV implementation in Australia; Impediments of HDTV in the market; Australian HDTV system; How to make HDTV system interactive and lastly we will describe [...]

TV Visual Analysis: Boardwalk Empire

The plot focuses on the society that underwent a drastic change after the entry of Prohibition providing responsibility for the production and sale of alcoholic products. Wool jackets, often with lapels and collar with the [...]

Douyu TV and Young People in the Virtual Community

The virtual community that is associated with sharing and watching the live videos broadcasted with the help of streaming platforms similar to Douyu TV is characterized by features typical of other virtual communities, and it [...]

Television Show: “Wil Time Bigtime”

Since its inception, Wil Time Bigtime has aired a number of shows that can deemed offensive and bad for society and this is one of the reasons why the show had to change its name [...]

TV Shows’ Influence on Families

Despite the fact that the article is long as compared to the other article, the story and all its explanations flow in a rhythm that is encouraging and not tiring.

TV Soap Operas: Reasons of Popularity

Soap operas are popular since they have interesting stories that captivate the minds of the audience. In addition to this, soap operas are popular since they keep viewers company.

The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy

One of characteristic features of the two sitcoms is that they have audience reaction as a background. In conclusion, it is necessary to note that The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy sitcoms are [...]

Media Censorship. Wikileaks

Wikileaks just offers the information which is to be available for people. Information is not just a source of knowledge it is the way to control the world.

Race in Media

This paper examines the subject of being white and non-white and goes on to look at how the media is contributing to either aggravate the situation or weaken the culture of considering whites as being [...]

Beavis and Butt-head

The Beavis and Butt-head show introduces many lessons to be understood by people of different age; still, the most serious impact of the show is possible on young children, who are under a threat of [...]

Carolina Pad and Bloggers

However, declining the offer would affect the company's relationship with other bloggers while subjecting the company to additional advertisement costs. If April conceded to the offer, the company would be exposed to the contents of [...]

Television in Emirati Culture

The UAE is the gateway of the Far East and western hemisphere throw a dynamic maritime linkage in ambition to welcome people all over the world to enjoy the cultural heritage of this region along [...]

Violence in the Media

The left frontal lobe of the participants was analyzed and found to be more active in the control group than in the exposed group. Exposure of children to violence in the mass media leads to [...]

Television and violence

The KTDS management should react to the problem, not for the benefit of the politicians but for the whole population, since a successful business caters for the needs of all customers.

Central China Television’s (CCTV)

Following the unprecedented growth of the economy, increased per capita income and literacy levels; the mass among the Chinese and other communities in the world was spurred.


The "first" generation television systems had a display or the TV screen was characterized by a small motor with a neon lamp and spinning disc.

American Television History

As it will be shown in the succeeding sections, the culture of electronic advertising changed wherein advertisers became increasingly aggressive with their product placements and means of getting the public to be more aware of [...]

Evolution of Television

Throughout the decade, the cable television was the means of transmission between the transmitters in television network premises and the receivers at the viewer's home.

Reality Television

It is supposed that reality viewers may be encouraged to evaluate and differentiate their own state of affairs with those stars of the reality shows.

TV Show Classification

According to my classification system, TV shows can be classified according to main theme of the show. Under the theme of conflict, three different types of conflicts were used to categorize the TV shows.

Television Show’s Influences

The frequency of the television shows is a pattern that is interesting to monitor in the shows watched. Negative influences could be dangerous and therefore it is important to discourage their course in the lives [...]

Television Criticism in Advert

The use of "Green Police" in the advert to arrest a young man at the mall and the guys at the road for using plastic containers and a bottle respectively, at first fails to bring [...]

Family TV Shows

In the traditional view of a nuclear family, it is the woman who is supposed to be patient with the man. It challenges the model of a happy and perfect family which was and is [...]

I Love Lucy vs. See Dad Run

In addition, she is more sophisticated compared to Lucy; this shows the strides that have been made in fashion, lifestyles, and social conducts.

Specified Commercial

As observed in video game commercials of the day, professional marketers and bottom line businesses are fully utilizing the revolution of social media to attract and retain their customers in all possible ways.'Call of Duty: [...]

Typical American Families

The two families, the Conners and the Huxtables, have much in common. Seemingly, these relationships are different in the two families.

Chris Berman’s Biography

The conclusion is that the fundamental objective of Berman in all his shows was to make or give the fans the opportunity to celebrate what he loved most and that is sports. Throughout his career, [...]

Social media effects

Social media and politics Social media has had a lot of impacts on the political happenings that have been witnessed in recent months.

Is Watching TV Bad or Good?

Watching the TV is one of the most relaxing activities, because in most cases, as one is watching the television there is a tendency of the human mind to switch off from thinking about stressing [...]