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Documentaries Essay Examples and Topics

When writing essays on Documentaries, you may be struggling with topics, structure, and content. Don’t worry; we have collected some tips that will help you write the best Documentaries essay.

  • If you don’t have a topic yet, focus on a subject that you are passionate about. Do you care about climate change? Choose a documentary that examines environmental issues. Do you follow a healthy lifestyle? There are plenty of films about nutrition available. You can also search for a Documentaries essay topic online – this will surely give you some great ideas!
  • To ensure that your essay is structured well, create an outline before you begin writing. Start with a simple structure (introduction, main body, and conclusion) and add more sub-topics as you progress.
  • To make your essay stand out, pay a lot of attention to the analysis. You can find a film analysis worksheet online to help you structure this part of the paper. Using resources from the internet, you can also document analysis examples from other essays on the topic.
  • Finally, relate the content of your chosen film to current events to produce the best essay. Documentaries often focus on the topics that are pertaining to modern society, so this part should be easy. You can watch some television or check social media to see if you can find any news related to the chosen topic. Examining how the content of the documentary is relevant and applicable today will definitely earn you extra marks.

We hope that these tips will make writing your Documentaries essay much easier. To explore recent documentary films and watch them online, be sure to check out this website.

“The 11th Hour” Environmental Documentary

Thus, to overcome the catastrophic events and to predict the worsening of the situation, it is important to answer questions about the causes of the processes and the ways to cope with the ecological crisis.

Documentary Movie Analysis: “Jesus Camp”

Through the roles played by Tory, Rachael and Levi, the audience is in a position to understand events in the camp, the learning process and purported gifts that children can use to draw America back [...]

The Documentary “The Invisible War”

The systematic cover-ups of assault cases illuminate how patriarchy and the lack of accountability have made sexual violence against servicewomen to persist in the military.

‘Obama’s Deal’ Documentary Analysis

After the struggle which was won by the president following the singing of the health reform, a surprise in the support that the president and his party had enjoyed was realized to have faded from [...]

African-Americans in the Documentary “Pride”

The film is commendable due to its appeal in overcoming racial barriers of prejudice, racism, and stereotype projected against African-American by proving that blacks are equally capable to the whites. The cultural differences and ways [...]

The Documentary “Taboo: Blood Bonds”

One of the things that attracted my attention is that women have to ensure the wellbeing of children almost independently, while their spouses do not have to take many responsibilities. This is one of the [...]

“The Other F-Word”: Documentary Film

The analysis attempts to develop a comprehensive understanding of the identities and identity formation through music and the consequences of these identities to the individuals involved.

“The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa”

Since the movie titled The Guide: A Biologist in Gorongosa sheds some light on the specifics of the Gorongosa nature and helps understand the connection between its key elements, it can be considered a rather [...]

“Please Vote for Me”

There is no use denying the fact that it is one of the most fast-growing economies in the world and, that is why it is rather efficient and, moreover, it is possible to predict the [...]

“Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go To War”

The film Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go To War produced by the Public Broadcasting Service throws light on the actions of the political leaders who were involved in the confrontation that could result in [...]

Jero: A Balinese Trance Séance Documentary

The film about Jero, the Balinese medium, is designed to document her professional performance, catch the details of the ritual on tape and present it from the anthropological point of view, the filmmakers do not [...]

Why We Fight by Eugene Jarecki Documentary

The analysis of the position of the American government according to the military conflicts round the world and the level of participation in them of the national troops can support the idea that the American [...]

Inside Job by Charles Ferguson Documentary

The secret of the film's success is in the fact that Charles Ferguson focuses on the financial crisis as the multidimensional phenomenon and vividly discusses all its aspects in detail and with references to the [...]

The March of the Penguins French Documentary

The makers of "The March of the penguins" leave no stone unturned as they film every detail of the journey and they deserve credit for enduring one of the most unforgiving climates on the planet [...]

Documentary The Lost Boys of Sudan

What it means is that the very manner, in which Santino tends to assess the surrounding social reality, is fundamentally inconsistent with the assumption that one's willingness to immigrate to the U.S.presupposes the concerned person's [...]

Water Crisis in the Documentary “Chinatown”

Water is a critical commodity in the film because it motivates every character, causes conflicts, and affects the lives of the ranchers and farmers in the community. The movie explains why the water demands of [...]

Documentary “Inside Job”

It begins with the Great Depression, and details the evolution and devolution of regulation of the financial industry over the next three quarters of a century.

Contraceptives in the Movie “The Pill”

Though the significance of the acceptance of the specified medicine is often overlooked, it is the introduction of the famous pill that was a major step forward in promoting the prochoice view on the issue [...]

“Secrets of the Viking Sword”

It is also clear that the price depended on the quality of the product. Hence, another concept that can be found in the film is the quality of the product.

Hot Coffee Documentary

The film "Hot Coffee" informs the viewer about the facts surrounding the case. It informs the citizens why many corporations have continued to support this reform.

“The Harvest-La Cosecha” by Angus McLennan

Just as is the case in The Harvest-La Cosecha documentary, McClelland reveals that the online-shipping business in the US targets vulnerable pool of people to offer cheap labor without asking questions.

Documentaries as a Education Tool

In this context, the importance of ensuring that the audience is interested in the documentary's content is critical. In this regard, the effectiveness of a documentary in providing information is realized ethically.

History of Documentaries

In the first half of the 20th century, documentaries aimed to exemplify the reality through the study of the indigenous population.

Film Reflection: Behind the Labels

The film chronicles the tale of unchecked corporate voracity and the insensitive management of the garment employees who had been sourced from the Asian continent to work in Saipan's sweatshop establishments.

All the President’s Men

However, the reality in All the President's Men is depicted vividly and completely, and it is possible to speak about the successful representation of the documentary facts in the context of the highly artistic work.

“Helvetica” by Gary Hustwit

He describes the font as being "neutral," and this is an important fact because "the meaning is in the content of the text and not in the typeface".

The Film “We Were Soldiers”

While the film focuses on the events on the battleground, it equally provides the viewers with a parallel story of the families and wives of the soldiers in the war as they grief for their [...]

“Capitalism: a Love Story” by Michael Moore

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown, when the majority of Americans wanted an explanation as to what had happened to their country, the famous film director, Michael Moore, made an attempt to give [...]

Fast Food, Fat Profits

This is one of the issues that can be distinguished. This is one of the limitations that can be singled out.

Documentary Review: Kony 2012

The documentary's goal is to make people aware of the horrors that are still taking place in Uganda, the work completed by the organization called TRI and to make people join the community of those [...]

“Sicko” Documentary

Basically, it compares universal health care system in other countries to that of United States. This reached its peak during the warm up to 2008 elections in which major components of health care reforms were [...]

“Obsession” Documentary Film

The movie also draws a lot of comparison to the views of radical Muslims and the views of the German Nazi movement, with an insight into how the western world has reacted to such extreme [...]

Terms and Conditions May Apply Documentary

Specifically, the authors of the terms and conditions fraud theory address the issue as a secret strategy that hides the concrete objectives of a particular Internet company under the multiple pages of plain textual reiterations [...]

The Movie “Color of Fear”

The issue of racism is introduced by the film's director right from the beginning. Therefore, by the end of the video the issue of race is already embedded in the mind of the viewer.

The Corporation

When the film was being produced, Bakan accompanied it with a book named "The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power"."The Corporation" elicited mixed reactions from the stakeholders of globalization when it was released [...]

“Salud!” and Cuban healthcare system

A robust private sector orientation is one of the strengths of the US healthcare system. There are quite a number of aspects in the Cuban healthcare system that the US healthcare ought to adopt.

“China in Revolution, 1911-1949”

The director and the writer of the movie pride in a deep understanding of the Chinese history as they give an almost accurate recount of the events that unfolded in China between 1911 and 1949.

Chinese Stereotypes Reflected in Movies

The main research objective will be to: "Analyse Chinese stereotypes in movies" The specific objectives will include: To identify the various stereotypical depictions of the Chinese in movies To determine the relationship between Chinese stereotype [...]

Who Does She Think She Is?

In a graduate program in painting, I look forward to reinvigorating my passions for painting and further developing of the areas, in which I have had experience previously.

Why We Fight

The reason for this is simple contrary to what it is being suggested in the film, the overwhelming majority of German Nazis, as well as ordinary German citizens who never ceased supporting Nazis right to [...]

Peace and Conflict Resolution

Through the interaction between the director, McNamara, and a series of events like numerous phone calls during the interview describing events during the war, the audience is able to get a clear view of the [...]

“Promises” Analysis from a Contact Theory Perspective

While considering the documentary project from the perspective of the Contact theory, children's constant communication and interaction will allow them to understand and reassess different outlooks on the situation and define new course of action.

A State of Mind

The film discusses on the daily lifestyles of two young girls and that of the people around them, a livelihood quite unknown to the rest of the world especially those from the west.

Film Review on Inside North Korea

In connection to this statement, the movie highlights the character of the King as a cult which is very much profound to the extent that it pervades every aspect of the ordinary life of a [...]

Film Review on Kimjongilia

The documentary film focuses on the cruelty of the North Korean despotism and the hopeless status which the residents of North Korea, the people who experienced oppression and starvation every day, had.

A State of Mind

The major theme of this event revolves around the portrayal of the ideals of socialism and patriotism by the citizens. The film discusses on their daily lifestyles and that of the people around them, a [...]

Smartest Guys in the Room

Many people invested in the company and with the increase in the range of products, and consequently, the number of employees had to be increased.

Documentary Presentation: The Confessions

The case involves four ex-soldiers from the US Marines accused and convicted of the murder of Michelle Bosko in 1997. Critics argue that The Confessions reveals the weaknesses of the American justice system.