Comedy Essay Examples and Topics

“Goodbye, Dragon Inn” by Dir. Tsai Ming-liang

Introduction For numerous decades now, the creativity industry has been playing a significant role in shaping the socio-economic status of artisans involved in arts as well as the entire public. For instance, movies have essentially improved the social and cultural lives of individuals globally, with most of them providing important lessons that viewers can emulate. […]

Social Psychological Concepts in “The Hangover”

“The Hangover” illustrates several social psychological situations that can be encountered in life. The movie begins with 3 friends and one “loner” going to Las Vegas for a bachelor night out, just days before the wedding of one of the friends, Doug. After the guys have a crazy night on the town, they wake up […]

Film Adaptation: American Splendor

Introduction Film adaptation refers to the representation of work of literature in a film. It is the interpretation of a source material such as a comic into a live film. The interpretation of comics can accurately depict the original work or detract from it, because, often, comics are “impossible to adapt outside the comics genre” […]

Psychological Disorders in the Films

There are many movies that show psychological disorders characterized by obsessive behavior and unstable mental states. “What About Bob” is a film that does a great job in presenting and illustrating disorders that an individual has. The character’s name is Bob Wiley and he is suffering from many disorders. The viewer first encounters Bob in […]

Ushpizin: Jewish Film

Introduction The film is a depiction of what it means to have unshakable Jewish faith. The two protagonists face so many tribulations, but stay true to their religious beliefs. An outsider may misinterpret their actions as naive; however, Jewish believers would find their behavior quite exemplary. The film This is a Jewish film owing to […]

“Little Miss Sunshine” Movie

Introduction Little Miss Sunshine is a humor-drama film in America. Filming of this movie began on June, 2006. The plot of the movie follows a family unit’s trip to a children’s beauty show. The peculiar road tour is from New Mexico to California. The family anticipates that their daughter will be the victor of this […]

The Black Balloon: Character Analysis of Jackie

The Black balloon movie (2007) is indeed an award winning film that features how autism has affected one military family. Throughout the movie, the family struggles to control both the physical and psychological trauma associated with autism. In addition, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is also affecting Charlie who is the victim of circumstances in this […]

“Shall We Dance”: movie analysis

Family relationships and own passions are sometimes different and an individual has to find ways to focus on a matter which can be misunderstood by the people closest to them. The movie “Shall We Dance” touches upon themes which describe the actions of a person who tries to follow own dreams and wants. There are […]

What about Bob

Abstract The film unravels the synopsis of the events involving disorders encountered in the psychology. Abnormal psychology is the main area of interest. Bob Wiley (Bob Murray) herein described as a reclusive patient of a hedonic psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), is referred from his former doctor who fails to diagnose him of any […]

Zeitgeist spirit

The digital age has brought several conveniences and inconveniencies to the modern life. The sweeping changes that have been brought about by the digital age have affected almost all aspects of life. The ease of access to information has also enabled people to question their choices in life and contemplate how their careers will be […]

Relations Between Clothes, The Body And Sexuality

The film and the movie industry form the dominant entrainment hub across the globe. In addition, movie and fashion cross over between the two industries. Designers produce their own retail fashion lines, capitalizing on the symbiotic relationship of movie celebrity culture and fan taste. Fashion marketing uses lifestyle identities as will be captured in this […]

Film Review: Second Hand Lions

Introduction This paper analyzes two scenes Second Hand Lions film with regard to ways in which the writer/director manages to convey the theme of old age successfully. The first part of the essay summarizes the storyline and the significant aspects of the film. The second part analyzes the signs used in the film and how […]

Movie review: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Introduction Interpersonal communication has several meaning according to its application ranging from personality traits, interactional tools, and the mind orientation. To date, there has never been a universally accepted definition what it is thus challenging for one to define his/her meaning. However, through the life process one acquires a unique collection of experiences and ideas […]

Movie “Working Girl”

The working girl is a passionate jesting film that was produced by Kevin Wade in 1988. It gives some of the experiences that women go through in their daily lives, particularly in the labour market. Tess McGill is depicted as a secretary who is committed to her work. She works in one of the financial […]

A Planning Issue in “Julie and Julia”

The issue of planning in cities is on the rise as far as the urbanization process is concerned. Urban development trends are closely associated with suburban sprawl phenomenon leading to overuse of territories. In order to solve the planning issue, two challenges might arise. On the one hand, the sprawl problem can be solved by […]

“The King of Masks” by Wu Tianming

Introduction The King of Masks and its fundamentals While discussing the major theme of a Chinese film The King of Masks directed by Wu Tianming, it is necessary to consider some basic issues concerning the plot of the production. First of all, it must be pointed out that The King of Masks can be regarded […]

The King of Masks by Wu Tianming

The introduction Some fundamentals on the movie The movie I want to discuss is created by a Chinese film director Wu Tianming. It is a kind of mythic movie, which principal themes are considered to be the subordinate position of women to men and the Confucian value of filiality. The director of the movie reflects […]

“Lost in Translation”: Interpersonal Communication between Strangers and Complete Strangers

The Most Illustrative Episodes The film Lost in Translation focuses on many important issues like love, relationships, ennui, etc. Apart from this, the film is one of the most illustrative examples of different types of interpersonal communications. At present interactions between people pertaining to different cultures has gained a lot of attention. Remarkably, the film […]

Gender factor in communication

The movie, ‘Some Like it Hot’, describes experiences of two main actors in a straining economy faced by high rates of unemployment. The main characters, Joe and Jerry, are victims of economic recession living in debts. In order to find jobs, the characters pretend to be females and are recruited in a female singing group. […]

Film Review on ‘Welcome to Dongmakgol’

Welcome to Dongmakgol is a thrilling, inspirational pacifist film that portrays the remarkable directorial presentation of film-maker, Park Kwang Hyeon. Filmed amidst the setting of the Korean War, this serious conflict explores the congregating trails of a crowd of bitter opponents who found more than what they expected in the serene village called Dongmakgol. This […]

Analysis of film Love Actually

In this paper, I am going to discuss the theme of intimacy on the basis of the British multi-starrer romantic comedy film, Love Actually. The film features popular English actors including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley. The script centers around feelings of love and affection shared among its myriad […]

The “Modern Times” Movie

Introduction The movie “Modern Times”, widely considered to be Chaplin’s greatest work follows the adventures of Chaplain as he attempts to find a suitable job despite various unfortunately events and high jinks causing him to lose jobs one after the other. While the movie itself is a comedy it does have various hidden metaphorical meanings […]

When Harry Met Sally

Introduction The movie, When Harry met Sally, initially presents audiences with a premise that focuses on the inability of men and women to form platonic relationships since sex gets in the way (Bennett, 24). This is one of the driving aspects of the film and is somewhat confirmed in the end when Harry and Sally […]

The Full Monty Film

The Full Monty is a unique piece of virtual production in that superbly it captures the imagination of its audience. With unique and diversified production the movie stands as one of the few clearly polished and refined cinematic productions. This is supported by the films smooth editing, clear pictures and audible sound. More so, the […]

Why Did I Get Married Too

Introduction “Why did I get married too” was released on 2nd April, 2010 in the United States of America. It is a drama comedy acted by four married couples going through marital challenges. They were proffessionals but their lives in marriage were quite challenging; the four wereTerry and Dianne, Gavin and Patricia, Angela and Marcus […]

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In the decade of the 1960s there was a lot of complaints that came from the actors, directors and film enthusiasts. They clamour for a renaissance of Hollywood films. The movie industry was in a deplorable state, however, good fortune smiled on those who desperately wanted for change (Lev, 2000, p.5). In the 1960s up […]

Lars and the real girl

Introduction Though the genre of the movie Lars and the real girl released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 2007 can be defined as comedy-drama, the plot of the picture is based on real life psychological concepts. But for the enormously sympathetic attitude of the inhabitants of the town towards Lars and his delusions, the plot of the […]

Historical Analysis based on Chinese movie called, The King of Mask 2000

The King of masks was released as the twentieth century came to an end. The twentieth century was a period marked by civilization and independence of people, attributed to the theory of rights. As a result, individuals were freed from the shackles of oppression, which were prevalent in historic times. The film’s scenes are a […]

Critique of film by Tony Gilroy

Movie has been used for years as a way through which people depict issues that happen in the society. On the same note, movie can be used as an entertainment aspect when people want to relax. Nevertheless, while some other movies are well cast and plotted, there are others which do not meet the best […]

The Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The play A Midsummer Night’s Dream was written by William Shakespeare during the 16th century. This play can be discussed as the comedy which is based on the magic plot referred to the humorous and fairy-tale adventures of the main characters in Athens. It is important to note that a play has the most important […]

The Role of Božena Horáková in the Movie Little Otik

Introduction Little Otik is a fascinating comedy movie whose storyline conforms to both Froyd’s and Mulvry’s theories of psychology and film respectively. It is a Czech film acted in 2000 and based on a fascinating folktale Otesanek by Erben. The main protagonists are Božena Horáková, Karel Horák, and Alžbětka. Their characters are clearly described to […]

Deviance in “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

The society has several ways of defining deviance and deviant characters. Although deviance is a simple term, several social scholars have come up with different theories that help in defining it. These theories can be put into context using several social behaviors and situations. The 1975 movie “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is an […]

Movie “The Graduate”

Introduction It is necessary for filmmakers to use the best tools and ideas in order to make their works spectacular. A good work of art such as a film should have a proper theme, clear message, and at the same time entertain the audience. The film “The Graduate” by Mike Nichols narrates the story of […]

“Annie Hall” by Woody Allen

Annie Hall is one of the most popular comedy films in Hollywood. Its popularity not only transcends from its themes but also from prestigious awards that the film has scooped from the industry. It is one of the comic films that won four major awards in Hollywood. Woody Allen used the film to highlight the […]

Movie Review: The Graduate by Mike Nichols

The movie The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols is a story of a young man called Benjamin Braddock who returns the house of his parents after graduation from the university. The main character has no definite plans regarding his career or personal life. He starts an affair with Mrs. Robinson who is wife of his […]

Do the right thing

Do the right thing is a film that was authored and directed by Spike Lee in 1989. The film has been one of the most ground-breaking comedies and it exposes the simmering racial prejudices that dominated America at that time (Reid 3). The author uses a large cast in the film making it possible to […]

Melinda and Melinda

Introduction With a baited breath, films lovers waited for the premier release of Melinda and Melinda, the film. And most definitely, at the bottom of their hearts one questioned lingered shall it be a hit or a miss. According to film analyst, the stakes were high this time round especially with a look at the […]

Dancing in September

The film depicts the struggle the black community faces to change the status quo through film. Tommy is an incredible playwrite with ‘Just us’ being pitched by his childhood friend George. After its test pilot is approved they celebrate their creativity by depicting the characters as positive, warm and humane something which doesn’t play out […]

Interpersonal conflict in the film

The film that has been selected for analysis in this essay is the Hitch, which was produced in 2005 by Mordaunt and Tadross and directed by Tennant. One of the major interpersonal conflicts seen in this film is lack of proper communication between two persons that are in a close relationship. According to Sole (2011), […]

Ethical Appeals: “Harold and Maude”

Introduction The movie revolves around a young man who wishes to die. Harold comes from a rich family. He keeps staging death to deceive his mother. He claims to be emotional when his mother becomes frightened. In the end, his mother gets used to his mischievous activities although she still wishes that he lives a […]

“The Story of Qiu Ju” a Film by Zhang Yimou

It is possible to say that the film The Story of Qiu Ju is aimed at creating a realistic portrayal of life in a Chinese village and this realism is achieved with the help of different formal elements such as mise-en-scène, sound, as well as editing. This is the main thesis that should be discussed […]

Film Analysis of ‘One Week’ by Buster Keaton

Sequences Structurally, the film is set as follows Beginning A wedding comes to an end as the couple receives a home as a gift An intrusive x-lover spies on them They arrive at their new home Middle The couple assembles the house albeit wrongly They furnish it flimsily due to x-lover’s intrusion A storm rages […]

The Analysis of the Film: One Week

One Week (1920) is the short comedy film written and directed by Buster Keaton who also performs as the main character of the film. The film’s story is based round the attempts of the newlyweds to build the house from the prepared materials and according to the directions received as the wedding gift. The organization […]

“Validation” by Kurt Kuenne

Introduction The most interesting interaction in the film was between Hugh Newman, the main character, and the supervisor of the parking facility where Hugh worked as the parking attendant. The confrontation between the supervisor and Hugh Newman was the turning point in the film. It was this conflict that proved to everyone that Hugh had […]

The Power of Praising in the Movie “Validation”

Introduction The more important interpersonal communication in the film occurred between the main character and a minor character. It was the interaction of Newman and the professional photographer. In the major chunk of the film it was Newman who kept on giving encouragement to the people that he met. He validated them through his positive […]

A Review of Bringing Up Baby 1938 (K. Hepburn)

This is an American comedy film, directed by Howard Hawks, starred by Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, and produced by RKO radio pictures. It’s a movie that narrates a paleontologist’s story, which revolves around a woman who is embedded with a unique sense of logic, and a certain leopard that is given the name Baby. […]

Mean Girls: The Appeal of Teen movies

Teen movies, or movies that focus on the life and problems of teenagers in the American society, are a separate genre on their own. These movies are usually set in the high school that seem to have a typical social structure with a beautiful blonde or a muscular athlete at the top and the nerdy […]

Legally Blonde: The Female Ambition

The Women’s Liberation movement of the twentieth century opened up a number of avenues for women. They were no longer confined to their homes and families and could go ahead and achieve whatever they wanted to. By the end of the twentieth century, women had made their mark as doctors and lawyers. And yet, despite […]

Analysis essay of the film ‘Election’

Characteristics of Tracy Flick and Jim McAllister Election (1999) film is a comedy film version of the 1998 novel titled Election by Tom Perrotta. Election is one of the most recognized best films in America and beyond having received several awards including the best actress award, best film award and best screenplay award. Election as […]

Do The Right Thing Analysis

Crisis and conflict characterize the film “Do The Right Thing”. However, explicit racial divisions and tones that the characters who belong to different races in the film bring out the motive in this crisis. Spike lee intends to bring out the notion that human beings are different and unique in their own ways and there […]

Thelma and Louise: An Analysis of the Movie

Thelma and Louise is a movie projecting stories of two women who live stereotypic lives. The lives have been wonderfully projected through the plot of the movie by the director Ridley Scott. The movie is a very interesting piece of work claiming lifelong changes that can occur in blink of eyes. The movie was released […]

The Significance of Sex in the Film Annie Hall

Introduction One of the factors that contributed to Woody Allen’s 1977 film Annie Hall attaining cult status is the fact that in it, director succeeded in providing viewers with an analytical insight on what accounts for the actual subtleties of a sexual relationship between men and women through the lenses of distinctively Jewish humor. According […]

The Movie Mr. Bones Produced by Anant Singh

Introduction Historians and social scientists have presented various impacts of white colonization to different societies. In historical works, scholars present the British as the master and the owner of property within the colonized societies. Most scholars assert that all the colonizers were rich, powerful, and influential. This argument has become a truth in the current […]