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Humor Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Humor Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Sense of Humor
    Satire is more particular because it is based upon a proper understanding of the target of the humor and may only be interesting and entertaining to a mature and probably educated audience.
  2. The Impact of Fun and Humor in the Workplace on Employee Morale and Performance
    Although it has always been known that laughter can lower stress levels and provide several other benefits, it is generally believed that kidding around and having some laughter in the workplace is not helpful at […]
  3. The Effects of Humor and Persuasion
    Nevertheless, humor does still have a firm standing in as far as enhancing persuasion is concerned since the source is able to build rapport with the receiver which is the fundamental goal of persuasion. Humor […]
  4. Humor in “The Cask of Amontillado” Horror Story by Allan Poe
    The use of horror and humor in “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe is one of the literary features that the author uses to constructs the story.
  5. The Nature of Humor: What Makes People Laugh
    Academically, literary works are a creative and constructive way of condemning evils such as corruption, impunity, gender violence and discrimination of any kind, which could be understandably an obstacle to the progress of a society […]
  6. Comedy and humor in World Literature
    Here, the comedy of absurd is presented in the description of the state of poverty in the family of Okonkwo’s father.
  7. Humor in Lysistrata and She Stoops to Conquer: Still Funny Today
    For contemporary audiences yet delight in the satire of Lysistrata, the farcical comedy of manners in which the themes of national war and peace, and yes, even war and peace between the sexes, all receive […]
  8. Humor in the Workplace
    The findings of this paper can be important from theoretical and practical perspectives: on the one hand, they can better explain those forces which govern the relations among colleagues; while on the other hand, they […]
  9. Racial Humor and Stereotypes in “Rush Hour 2”
    Due to the influence of the process of globalization various cultures on our planet started to interact very closely, massive waves of migrations covered every country and the clash of customs, traditions, religions and lifestyles […]
  10. African-American Humor as a Reflection of Change
    The purpose of this article is to show that humor has been employed by the African-American population as a tool of diminishing the stereotypes that get in their way towards the realization of equal privileges […]
  11. Humor Importance in the Workplace
    Since the HRM function is charged with the development of motivation in the workplace, humor can be instrumental in the development of a free social environment.
  12. Humor and Parody in Japanese Literature
    The aim of this paper is to explore the use humor and parody in the following works of Edo and Tokugawa periods: Shikitei Sanba’s Ukiyoburo, Ihara Saikaku’s Life of a Sensuous Man, and Hiraga Gennai’s […]
  13. Humor in Zadie Smith’s Novels
    The style in which Zadie Smith writes serves as a shorthand to introduce the reader to a situation that can be regarded as ethically or socially problematic and approached from the perspective of Zadie Smith’s […]
  14. Humor Therapy for Patients with Mental Illness
    Thus, the researchers concentrated on humor as one of the most valuable components of therapy, having the potential to lead to positive patient outcomes.

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