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  1. Freud’s View of Human Nature: Psychoanalytic Theory Research
    In the study of human personality, Freud believed that the central part of human nature is as a result of id and the control of human decisions by the superego.
  2. Diversity of human nature basing on characteristics and circumstances
    Dido is the queen of Carthage and Dido’s father was a king of the Phoenicians. After Medea’s husband abandons Medea for another woman, Medea is married to another man in the land she fled to.
  3. The Problem of the Human Nature in The Prince
    Although Machiavelli’s view of human nature depends on his general vision of the balance between the people’s virtues and vices, the historian emphasizes the difference between the monarch and the citizens and pays attention to […]
  4. Does Evolution explain human nature?
    In their work, Martin Nowak and Frans de Waal address the issue of empathy in relation to human evolution. Of the two scientists, Martin Nowak addresses the issue of empathy better in relation to human […]
  5. Human Nature as a Power to Make Choices
    In some instances, as in the conception of the human beings as a make-up of the soul- body union, it is likewise clear that biological considerations are paramount.
  6. The aspects of human nature that George Orwell criticizes in his work 1984 compared to today’s world
    The aspects of human nature that George Orwell criticizes in his work 1984 compared to today’s world Orwell in the novel 1984 represents the modern society be it capitalist or communist.
  7. Mencius’ and Hsun Tzu’s view of Human Nature
    The film Schindler’s List starts on September of 1939 in a place known as Krakow, Poland, with the Jews being oppressed by the Nazis.
  8. Human Nature: “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli
    As opposed to the freelance style of leadership, one of the difficulties over the heredity or one family customized leadership style that reflects to a hierarchical prince is the ability to contravene the ancestral background […]
  9. Aggression as a Part of Human Nature
    Social learning and social psychological analyses of aggression prove that that there are many significant bases of aggression, and frustration is one of the most considerable factors, which lead to human aggression as evidence of […]
  10. Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection
    Evidence of this lies in the articulation of ideas and relevance of the content to the title.”Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection” is a well thought of title that highlights the main […]
  11. Marx vs. Weber: Different Points of View on Human Nature, Power, Resistance, Society, and Politics
    Though the ideas of Marx and Weber may seem to be similar in some ways, it is wrong to believe that these theorists took the same positions; Marx found it obligatory to critique the activities […]
  12. Human Nature – how the intellect and the will show humans have a tendency to go beyond what humans can grasp
    Historically, since the dawn of oral and written communication, humans have been searching for the meaning of their own existence. Therefore, humans innately have a sense of right and wrong even in the absence of […]
  13. Domains of Knowledge about Human Nature by Larsen and Buss
    Needless to say, research on personality domain revealed that the experiences which an individual goes through in life also influence personality. The research also demonstrated that human personality is a product of both nature and […]
  14. Theories about Human Nature: Hinduism and Christianity
    Christianity and Hinduism are certainly at the top of the list of important attempts at explaining the origin of the universe and human nature, since approximately 47% of the world’s population belongs to these two […]
  15. Various theories of human nature
    Comprehensive theories of personality should aspire to include both a specification of human nature and an account of the major ways in which individuals differ.
  16. What can we learn about human nature from our relatives, the chimpanzees?
    While this actions are very primitive compared to the ability that human beings possess, they demonstrate that it is in human nature to adapt to the environment. This paper has engaged in a discussion of […]
  17. Human Nature: Comparative Analysis
    In his view, legitimate authority should be derived from the people since the powers of the monarchs are always destructive because they are used in a way that is inconsistent with the demands of the […]
  18. The Views of Freud and Post Freudians on Human Nature
    He likens the conscious mind to the exposed tip of the iceberg and the unconscious being to the submerged regions of the iceberg.
  19. Marriage as Depicted in Soloveitchik’s Typology of Human Nature
    In the story of the first Adam, man and woman were concurrently created while in the second Adam story, Eve or the helper appeared later.
  20. Xunzi’s Conceptions of Human Nature
    In the Garden of Eden, the Adam and Eve had the freedom to eat of any tree except the tree in the center of the garden.
  21. Human Nature and Ethics in the “Talk to Her” Movie
    Martin Benigno is a nurse who is said to be a virgin at the beginning of the movie. It is arguably clear that Marco is compelled by the friendly love that he has for Benigno […]
  22. Descartes’ View of Human Nature: Strengths and Flaws
    Among this view’s foremost weaknesses is named the fact that it is based upon the philosopher’s belief in the existence of God.
  23. Marxism vs Feminism: Human Nature, Power, Conflict
    Marx asserts that the ruling class uses power to exploit the working class and this argument forms the principle of Marxism.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Human Nature

  1. Human Nature in Socialist View Since 1800
    The work by Robert Owen, “Lectures on the Rational System of Society”, is written in the middle of the 19th century.”Socialism and Human Nature” is created by Arnold Peterson in the middle of the 20th […]
  2. Thomas Hobbes on Human Nature and Social Contracts
    In the first story, he assumes that no moral, ethical and binding norms exist in the society, and individuals are seeking their personal goals only without considering the implications of their actions.
  3. Plato’s and Aristotle’s Theories of Human Nature
    Chapter five of Kupperman’s book “Theories of human nature” looks at great philosophers, namely Plato’s and Aristotle’s points of view in trying to define humanity. The writer tries to illustrate the complexity of defining a […]
  4. Human Nature: Christian Doctrine of Original Sin
    Chapter seven of Kupperman’s book “Theories of human nature” describes the essentiality of human imperfections to the doctrine of original sin.
  5. “Theories of Human Nature” by Peter Lopson
    In his analysis, the writer seeks the objective and empirical category of knowledge in the science of human nature, a shift from the more speculative and theoretical methodologies.
  6. Theories of Human Nature
    One of the reasons for this is that the challenges of contemporary living in just about any part of the world are being directly or indirectly related to the fact that, as of today, Western […]
  7. Sci-FI Stories: Society, Human Nature and Technology
    Jingfang paints a dreadful picture of the future where social inequality has risen to the point where the society is split into three parts, and the differences among them are emphasized in the most vivid […]
  8. Human Nature Debates through Political Ideologies
    From the early days, philosophers and scientists discussed the behavior of people and their genetics. For example, the nature side of this discussion states that people are born a certain way, and their genetics can […]
  9. Socialization as a Human Nature Development Factor
    However, regarding the fact that people are social creatures, human nature is formed in the process of socialization under the impact of multiple essential factors.
  10. Human Nature in “Lord of the Flies” by Golding
    Considering this, the present paper will analyze the validity of the given statement by drawing on the experiences of characters in Lord of the Flies and evaluating the conditions in which they lived.
  11. Human Nature Aspects Producing Our Love of Cars
    When searching for a car, our emotions of the kind of our present lifestyle and also the kind of future lifestyle that we would like to adopt are triggered.
  12. Human Nature and Morality in “Hamlet” and “Dr. Faustus”
    These are the problems we are going to discuss in the current essay, and we are going to address for help with it such masterpieces of literature as the play “Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark” […]
  13. Human Nature in Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” and Dostoyevsky’s “Notes From Underground“
    In such an arrangement, there is a tendency to have the opinion that the development of one individual is a benchmark for the development of another, which eventually leads to laxity among some individuals.
  14. East Asian Conception of Human Nature
    The Way is the core concept of the world and it is used to explain the ultimate meaning of human existence.
  15. Political Science: Aristotle’s View on Human Nature
    A citizen, for Aristotle, is an individual who has the capacity and the right to engage in the governance of a “polies”.
  16. Concept and Difference in Analysis of Human Nature
    One of the possibilities in viewing human nature is that it is the summation of human behavior and psychology. The concept of human nature has been traditionally used to refer to the subset of human […]
  17. The Theories of Human Nature
    The following examples from the work by Stevenson and Haberman demonstrate the unacceptable and acceptable instances of paraphrasing and explain the reasons for their acceptability: “We have here two systems of belief that are total […]
  18. Human Nature: Becoming Virtuous and Find Out the Nature of Man
    This is despite the fact that they are, to the larger extent, varying in their view of human nature and morality.
  19. Human Nature and Instincts: Theories and Principles
    Dewey proposes that the term “human nature” refers to the inbuilt differentiated characteristics that human beings tend to have as regarding to thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  20. Hsun Tsu “Human Nature Is Evil”: The Human Nature According to Confucianism
    Despite this view of the writer he receives opposition from the Mencious view of the human nature who argues that if at all a man saw a child at the verge of falling over a […]
  21. Human Nature and Governance by Thomas Hobbes
    Due to the influences of his uncle, he had a lot of acquaintances in the government that put him in a position of power and status.
  22. The Research Of Animal Behavior And Its Impact On Understanding Human Nature
    The impact of Darwin’s theory of evolution on the modern understanding of nature is immeasurable. The author often fails to cite the source or support its claims with proper research, and part of his findings […]

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