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196 Human Rights Essay Topics & Examples

Whether you’re interested in exploring enduring issues, social justice, or democracy, see the ideas below. Along with human rights topics for essays and other papers, our experts have prepared writing tips for you.

If you’re starting a discussion on human rights, essay examples on the subject can really help you with argumentation. And if you’re assigned to come up with a research paper or speech on it, a good idea is a must for an excellent grade. Good thing you’ve found this list of human rights essay topics!

✅ 9 Tips for Writing Essays on Human Rights

The recognition of people’s rights through proper laws preserves human dignity. This broadness means that human rights essay topics range in scope drastically, requiring you to bring together different kinds of ideas in a single paper.

Thus, you may need to keep in mind particular tips, from structural advice to correct terminology, to write an excellent human rights essay.

Tip #1

Do your research before you start working on your outline. Searching for book and journal titles beforehand will not only help you understand your topic better but also help you structure your thoughts, affecting your structure for the better.

Compiling a bibliography early will also save you from the mess, which comes from ordering and standardizing your sources as you go.

Tip #2

After you have your reference page ready, draft a human rights essay outline.

Make it as detailed or as simple as you need, because what is essential is that you divide your topics evenly between your paragraphs or subheadings.

Doing so will ensure that you have a comprehensive essay that helps advance academic knowledge on a particular subject, rather than an overpowered paper aimed at a single problem.

Tip #3

Write your thesis statement as your final prewriting step. Excellent thesis examples should state the theme explicitly and leave your reader with an accurate understanding of what you are trying to achieve in your paper.

Skipping or ignoring this phase may leave your work disoriented and without a definite purpose.

Tip #4

Keep in mind your chosen human rights essay questions when writing. Going off theme will never get you good marks with your instructor.

If you are writing from a cultural relativism point of view, then do you have the word-count to argue about moral relativism? Do not forget that everything you write should advance your central thesis and never undermine it!

Tip #5

Get a good grasp on the relevant terminology. Confusing human nature with the human condition is never a good start to a paper that aspires to shed light on one subject or the other.

You can start writing down the terms that you find useful or intriguing during your research phase to help you gain a better understanding of their meaning.

Tip #6

Understand the correct time and place to qualify or refute certain statements. Arguing against the children’s right to basic needs may never be appropriate in an academic setting. Acknowledge the arguable cases, and subvert these to your benefit, as an essayist.

Tip #7

Interest your audience with essay hooks and exciting facts. Academia is not a dull place, and your readers may find themselves more willing to engage with your work if they find it enjoyable, rather than dry and formalistic. Doing so will also demonstrate your good grasp on the subject!

Tip #8

Remain respectful of your chosen case, and remember that you are writing about a subject that experiences hundreds of daily violations.

Recognizing the dangerous nature of your paper will not only help you separate beneficial facts from superficial ones but may also allow you to hone your academic integrity.

Tip #9

Read sample essays online to gain a better understanding of what essay mechanics will work and which you can leave unused. This extra reading may also give you good human rights essay ideas to begin writing your paper!

However, remember that plagiarism is a punishable offense, unlike the simple act of becoming inspired by others’ work.
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🏆 Best Human Rights Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Abusing Human Rights: Violence Against Women
    According to the research topic violence against women, the only appropriate approach or method to be used in researching on violence against women is a survey whereby the researcher is supposed to go to the […]
  2. Human Rights in Catholic Teachings
    In this context, the originality of the EncyclicalPopulorumProgressio gives credence to the moral evaluation of the social issue. The concept of development is aptly captured in the concluding paragraph of the document which asserts that […]
  3. The Cold War: Global Prosperity and Human Rights
    The Cold War was one of the most famous and crucially important conflicts between the United States of America and the Soviet Union.
  4. Saddam Hussein Human Rights Abuse
    This paper focuses on the activities that took place under the authority of Saddam Hussein which led to the abuse of human rights.
  5. Ang Lee’s Attempts to Develop an Idea of Human Rights in Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, and Sense and Sensibility
    Brokeback Mountain is the story that touches upon the beginning of the 1960s and people’s inabilities to demonstrate their interests and make use of their rights; the events of Sense and Sensibility are developed during […]
  6. Effects of War on Humanity in Terms of Human Rights
    The effects not only affect the coalition governments in war, but also members of the attacked countries for instance, Iraq people recorded the greatest number of fatalities and casualties during the Iraq war.
  7. Human Rights: Analysis of Ludlow Massacre and the “Valour and the Horror”
    The contemporary society is the product of the history hence historical events and injustices are integral factor that determines the bearing of the society.
  8. Compare Two Movies Related With Human Rights
    In the Name of the Father is a movie that portrays an innocent arrest of Gerry Colon and subsequent torture for him to confess the terrorist’s crimes he did not commit and enduring long legal […]
  9. Global Community and Human Rights
    The development of a global community holds a lot of promise for the improvement of human rights. This is attainable by implementing a common code of human rights across the globe along the lines of […]
  10. Through the Prism of Culture: Human Rights as They Are
    Considering the system of Human Rights that the Chinese government suggests, and comparing it to the one introduced in the United States, one has all the rights to claim that there are certain differences between […]
  11. Human Rights in the Movie Escape From Sobibor
    As a result of the escape, the Nazi Authorities were made to shutdown the camp and planted trees The Second World War was a period during which a lot of violations of the human rights […]
  12. Human Rights in Serial ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’
    Freedom of choice comprises one of the constituents of a wider debate going to the society under the umbrella of human rights.
  13. Basic Human Rights Violation
    The Human Rights Watch was formed in the year 1978 following the creation of the Helsinki Watch. The issue of terrorism has posed the greatest challenge in the operations of the Human Rights Watch.
  14. New “Act on Democracy and Human Rights in Belarus” Passed by the US Congress
    The Act calls for the immediate and unconditioned release of all imprisoned politicians including those who were detained in the repression after the elections and rejected the results of the fraudulent elections.”Act on Democracy and […]
  15. The Taliban and Human Rights
    Classified by most countries as a terrorist group, the Taliban group has been in the international media for serious cases on human rights abuse in form of unlawful detention, assault, decapitation, conspiracy to commit genocide, […]
  16. What is the UN Human Rights Council?
    While the initial proposals to elevate Human rights to the status of a “principal organ” on the same footing with the Security Council, the General Assembly, and ECOSOC were not realized, the Human Rights Council […]
  17. Protection of Human Rights of Immigrants
    As such, policies that protect the political, social, economic, civil and cultural rights of immigrants should be developed and implemented in all countries around the world.
  18. Concerning the Human Rights of Immigrants: Policies, Approaches and Stereotypes
    However, if taking a closer look at the situation in the USA, it is necessary to mark that the immigrants often face the threat of deportation: according to the Associated Press, there is a “policy […]
  19. Social Media: A Force for Political and Human Rights Changes Worldwide
    In this essay, I will discuss the effectiveness of traditional media and social media, and how social media has a better participation in changing the world in terms of politics and human rights.
  20. The Impact of Human Right on Globalization
    On balance, it is necessary to note that there is a link between the development of human rights and globalization. Of course, now globalization contributes to the development of human rights movement.
  21. Disabled Babies Have Human Rights Which We Must Let Them Enjoy
    The compelling views in support of the termination of developing foetus on the grounds of genetic disability are unimportant and the author takes a stance that the action is unjustifiable because people with disability enjoy […]
  22. Advancement of Human Rights from 1865 to Present
    The Thirteenth Amendment of the constitution of the United States did this. Those who fought the abolishment of slavery and equality laid the groundwork for the civil rights movement.
  23. Freedom From Poverty as a Human Right and the Un Declaration of Human Rights
    This reveals the nature of the interrelatedness of the whole boy of human rights and the need to address human rights in that context.
  24. Human Rights Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations
    Previously, the emphasis was put on the volunteerism of the NGOs participants, but with the recognition of the potential of the societal players and the growing size of the movement, the participation of the NGOs […]
  25. On What Grounds is the Idea of Universal Human Rights Challenged?
    The paper will begin by elucidating in a few words the concept of liberal ideology in the way we decipher it here, and reveals the way the insertion of these philosophy’s in human rights is […]
  26. The human rights in the USA and around the world
    Nowadays, we live in the world, in which the most of the leading countries declare the supremacy of law based on the democratic values and the human rights.
  27. Human rights and freedoms
    It was successful because it has several divisions, such as The Constitution itself, the Bill of Rights, basic Articles of Confederation and the government’s guarantee and responsibility to uphold the laws of a person.
  28. Human Rights in Asia
    For example, inhabitants of South East Asia argue that although the notion of human rights is universal both in ideology and in theory, it has so many obstacles due to socio-economic concerns, cultural dissimilarities and […]
  29. Challenges for universal human rights
    These leaders tend to look at interpretations of human rights in the West as distinct to their economic and social backgrounds. Trying to instate universal human rights would therefore be seen as a method of […]
  30. Definition of Human Rights and Trafficking
    One of the infamous abuses of human rights is the practice of human trafficking, which has become prevalent in the current society.
  31. Impact of Human Rights on Society
    Democratic space is an indication of tolerance and consideration of the people on the part of the government, since it shows that the voice of the people has a preference over any single person.
  32. Critique of the U.S & the U.N Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    It is notable to mention that one of the major functions of the United Nations is to see to it that Human Rights of each person in the world are respected.
  33. United Nations Human Rights Council
    The United Nations Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental organization and an organ of the United Nations; all members of the United Nations members are members of UNHRC, the council seat, however, has a membership […]
  34. Debate between John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant theories on the sources of human rights
    The paper looks at how the two philosophers qualify their teachings as the origins of human rights, and concludes that the moral philosophy of Kant is better than that of Mills.
  35. Confucianism and its Effects on Human Rights Development
    Precisely, its ideas on freedom of speech and expression, fair treatment and equality before the law and its humanistic aspects have laid a basis for the propagation and protection of human rights in the world […]
  36. The Challenge of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
    It is however true that the existence of universal human rights is compromised by cultural relativism. In addition, it is wrong to assume that cultural relativism would interfere with the efficacy of these universal human […]
  37. Human Rights in History Teaching
    One of the foremost aspects of how history is being taught to students in Western countries is the fact that teachers usually stress out the full objectiveness of how they evaluate the significance of a […]
  38. Environmental Groups’ and Human Rights Organization Strategies
    The firm has been operating in various countries across the world, especially the third world economies where the percentage of destitute children has remained high over the years.
  39. Human Rights: Universalism, Marxism, Communitarianism
    Marxist and Communitarian do not believe in the existence of human rights. In fact, having and exercising human rights will not benefit the members of the society.
  40. What Are Human Rights?
    Nevertheless, even though that nowadays the concept of ‘human rights’ is being commonly discussed, as such that applies to all people, regardless of what happened to be the specifics of their ethno-cultural affiliation and their […]
  41. The Origin of the Human Rights Concept
    This point out to the fact that there were rights in the document that are common to different parts of the world and that they were not only obtained from the western nations’ practices of […]
  42. The European System of Human Rights
    The system was then to survive the whims of the cold war and the downfall of communism to the modern day contemporary concerns of the European continent.

🥇 Most Interesting Human Rights Topics for Essays

  1. The UN Human Rights System
    The rights speak of a general importance of the people having the equal rights to others and living together in the spirit of brotherhood.
  2. The concept of Human Rights
    Many of the fundamental initiatives, which animated the human rights movement, emerged in the after effects of the World War II and the mayhem of the Holocaust, leading to the legitimation of the Universal Declaration […]
  3. Torture and Human Rights Violation
    The researcher notes that the government never provided a clear explanation of the events and their position on the possibility of resorting to torture.
  4. The Role of Non-state Actors in the Implementation and Monitoring of Human Rights
    Various human rights international and local organizations have come up with strategies that aid in the implementation of human rights laws and monitoring and evaluation of the standards.
  5. Human Rights and Social Transformation
    Skeptics challenges the origin, contribution of globalization to the advancement of human rights, tension posed on security due to strict adherence to codes of human rights, human rights contribution to universality evaluated in relation to […]
  6. Human Rights Interventions
    Mindful declarations therefore strive to educate and promote the respect for rights and freedoms and implementation of progressive measures that secure the recognition of the importance and observance of the freedoms and rights3.
  7. Current Human Rights Issues
    Social rights go hand in hand with human rights since most of them are defined in declarations and treaties of human rights.
  8. The European Human Rights System
    Despite the efforts of the European human rights system to establish a common system of legislation to guide the implementation of the human rights in all the member states, the specific laws of the states […]
  9. The Effect of Terrorism on Human Rights: The Clash between the human rights advocates and victims of terrorism
    Human Rights organizations have the responsibility to ensure that the governments and other counter terrorism officials respect the human rights and the law in their fight against terrorism.
  10. Human Rights of People With Intellectual Disabilities
    Since disability is not inability, human rights’ advocates argue that perception of people with disabilities as disabled is discriminative and therefore call for their recognition as a minority people with unique abilities that do not […]
  11. Human Rights Violations in Turkey
    It is due to this that the current strategy of the EU is to seek to advance human rights in Turkey in such a way that the most detrimental aspects of preventing the country from […]
  12. The Objectives of Women in the International Community
    The need to increase the participation of women and the girl child in the civil society organisations must aim to strengthen women human rights.
  13. Impacts of the ‘War on Terror’ on Human Rights
    To the rest of the population, Jihad evokes conflict and war and it is the defining factor for making Islam to have the least reception in the minds of such opponents.
  14. The Case of Malala: Is Education a Basic Human Right?
    Additionally, understanding the social and cultural dimensions of gender inequality in education allows one to determine the policy issues that cause the problem and thus establish a mechanism for preventing its reoccurrence in the future.
  15. “Feminism, Peace, Human Rights and Human Security” by Charlotte Bunch
    To help understand the concept of globalization, the author uses the scale, contradictions and the uncertainty associated with globalization. What are the alternative methods that can be applied to demonstrate globalization?
  16. Paul Farmer about the Human Rights
    As a result, Farmer argued that the current struggle for the essential and most vital human rights was to promote the social, as well as the economic rights of the poor individuals around the globe.
  17. Turkey, Media and Human Rights
    According the report, “press freedom, freedom of opinion and expression and presumption of innocence should be exercised within the articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Supreme Court decisions and judgments of […]
  18. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    UDHR is quite relevant to human service professionals in the field of domestic disputes. The assertions of UDHR’s article 25 are important to domestic dispute professionals.
  19. The Politics of International Human Rights Law
    To uphold the reliability of the country’s immigration programs, the policy requires three categories of immigrants to be subjected to compulsory incarceration.
  20. Gender and Human Rights
    The concept of a Human of Rights introduced by Foucault in 1950s, and also referred to as humanity is traditionally defined as a “floating signifier” and is related directly to the idea of human rights.
  21. International Human Rights Law
    The civil and political rights preceded the origins of the economic, social, and cultural rights, and thus they are deemed as second-generation rights.
  22. The Human Rights Violation in the Republic of Korea
    The human rights situation under President Kim Jong-Un in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has remained dire due to the government’s unwillingness to yield to the recommendations by the United Nations Human Rights Council’s […]
  23. Human Rights Issues in Guantanamo Bay
    It is expressed in the article that although the detainees are international criminals, the move by the US to detain them at the Guantanamo Bay is an abuse of international laws on the human rights.
  24. Human Rights and NGOs
    In the world today, there are numerous international human rights treaties which stipulate the obligations of states, and the rights of the citizens in these states and beyond2.
  25. Ethical Relativism in Human Rights
    To support this point of view, the nature of human society, the standardization of human rights and the progress of human rights will be analyzed.
  26. Faith, Justice, War – and Human Rights in the Realm of the Present-Day World
    Quran: The Most Ancient and Sacred Islamic Book as the Basis for the Laws on Human Rights Considering the Issue from a Different Perspective: The Fifteen Postulates Security of life and property: bi-al haqq and […]
  27. Human Rights in 21st Century: China
    Although there have been cases of human rights violations in China, recent events and efforts depict the country as working towards promoting individual rights.
  28. Human Rights Violations in Chile
    In order to confront past abuses and human rights violations, both civilian collaborators and the past military officers who took part in the violations have been taken through the prosecution process owing to the torture […]
  29. Why Migration Cannot Be a Basic Human Right but Always Been a Part of Human Culture
    The United Nations has acknowledged the individual right of movement with Article 13-2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stating, “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return […]
  30. Torture and Human Rights
    However, the full state of affairs in Abu Ghraib prison came to the knowledge of the public when a report by the military into the first pictures leaked to an online magazine.
  31. The Ontario Human Rights Commission
    Application forms for job seekers and the process of interviewing applicants are usually subjected to all the mentioned elements of prejudice and discrimination.
  32. Three Generations of Human Rights Development
    The current legal recognition of human rights attainment originated from various declarations and the most pronounced included the Magna Carta declaration in the thirteenth century that curtailed the royal powers, the American declaration of independence […]
  33. Human Rights in Relation to Catholic Theology
    The church declared the acts of slavery as infamy and conjured to discourage slavery since it was dishonored God and destroyed the lived of many people.
  34. Conflict Over Human Rights
    The following discussion is a description concerning the conflicts between Iran and the United States in the promotion of human rights some violations of human rights by Iran, such as abuse of the captives.
  35. Human Rights Issues in the Bahrain
    Members of the Sunni minority are the rulers of the monarchy; the present king is Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and he has held the office since 1999.
  36. Gender Studies: Queer Politics and Human Rights
    As earlier stated, the idea of queer politics came about to confront injustice and to ensure that the rights of the minority groups in the society are respected.
  37. Human Rights and Intervention in Public Opinion Making
    According to Bloomer, human rights demonstrate the public ideas that are used in the media and politics to ensure that they reflect the true meaning of the intended actions.
  38. Human Rights and Their Role in Public Opinion Making
    The quest for human rights create a mental picture that draws the audience’s assumed knowledge of the need to end the restrictions of human beings in their endeavor to reach out to greatness in life.
  39. The Evolution of Human Rights in Canada
    In addition, the movements aided the treaties to champion for the acquisition of rights of associations and political developments among the indigenous communities living in Canada.
  40. The Human Right to Water: History, Meaning and Controversy
    The utilitarianism theory of ethics relates to the welfare rights and the libertarianism theory of ethics relates to the liberty rights.
  41. Immigrants’ Human Rights in America: The Issue of Immigration as Old as the Country
    In order to make the constitution a living document, America should introduce effective measures in ensuring that the rights of all immigrants are fully recognized, secured and protected.
  42. Women’s Fight for Equal Human Rights
    According to the readings assigned, the term feminist could be used to refer to people who fought for the rights of women.
  43. Human Rights and Legal Framework in Poor Countries
    In this article, Benton traces the origin of international order to the 17th century. Moreover, Benton claims that the two approaches have been utilized to explain effect of imperial administration on trends in international law.

🎓 Simple & Easy Human Rights Essay Topics

  1. Human Rights Abuses and Death Penalty in the UAE
    There are many explanations of why a number of Arab people remain to be vulnerable to abuses and violations of human rights. Besides, many people are still challenged by the inability to participate in the […]
  2. Economics and Human Rights: Areas of Overlap
    Theories allied to the two disciplines play a critical role in explaining development because human rights theories give economists an opportunity to employ legal and political concepts in the process of drafting policies aimed at […]
  3. Child Labor Issue According to the Human Rights
    The International Labor Organization defines child labor as “work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development”1 Being a United Nations agency, ILO […]
  4. The Human Right to Privacy: Microsoft and the NSA
    Microsoft had started to collaborate with the NSA to help it to offer services to its customers, but as they progressed, the NSA began to access all the programs of the Microsoft that made private […]
  5. Just War in Human Rights Perspective
    When a war is about to begin, people, who start the war, have to understand the role of human rights in the process of making decisions and clearly identify the peculiarities of the just war.
  6. Human Rights and Climate Change Policy-Making
    Advocates of the inclusion of human rights feel that there is an important link between climate impacts and human rights and as such, integrating the two would promote the formulation of the best policies. Specifically, […]
  7. International Justice for Human Rights Violation
    In order to understand the status of these amendments, it is important to appreciate the relevance of the definition given in reference to acts and the crime of aggression.
  8. The Issues of Human Rights
    The scope of this review starts from the history of Labour Human Rights and examines how various authors have presented their case studies regarding the effectiveness or lack of it of the policies that govern […]
  9. Domestic Legal Traditions and State’ Human Rights
    It is the obligation of every state to adhere to the human rights standard. One of the greatest similarities is that most of the countries have almost the same laws.
  10. Human Rights and Resistance of South Asia
    To get an in-depth understanding of the question and discuss it appropriately, we will refer to the status of women in South Asia where women’s rights are still discriminated in the light of social and […]
  11. Ethical Reasoning Theories and Human Rights
    Utilitarianism involves the assessment of the consequences of any action taken by the business since it involves a common good for the majority.
  12. The Universality of Human Rights
    In contrast to the other institutions that suggest a single form of the notion existing in the given society, the area of human rights allows to switch the shapes of the very notion of human […]
  13. The Evolution of Human Rights: France vs. America
    The Age of Enlightenment made human rights one of the major concerns of the world community, which led to the American and French Revolutions the turning points in the struggle for justice.
  14. Consequentialism and Human Rights
    Ethics is a moral code that governs the behavior or conduct of an activity.”Ethics is thus said to be the science of conduct”.
  15. Culture and Religion in Human Rights Universality
    Fagan asserts that a commitment to the universal legitimacy of human rights is not consistent with the dedication to the principle of respecting cultural diversity.
  16. Syrian Crisis and Human Rights Instruments
    However, the increase in the number of migrants triggers a range of concerns for the states that they choose as the target location.
  17. Equality, Diversity and Human Rights in Healthcare
    Equity can be achieved in a health system that acknowledges the diversity of the population respecting the expectations and needs of the patients, the staff and the services as a whole.
  18. Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for Human Rights
    Established in 1919 as the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the organization has been very instrumental in championing the improvement of human rights and the reduction of human suffering.
  19. History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Things did not look too bright at the time: the condition of Japan after Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings; the divided Koreas; the beginning of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the U.
  20. Theocratic Government’s Census and Human Rights
    The primary idea of the paper is to disclose moral opacities of the issue, conduct stakeholder impact analysis, and speculate on the collision of values of the theocratic governments and people.
  21. Human Rights, Education and Awareness
    But the progress is underway, and while there is still much to be done in terms of securing even the basic human rights, the strategies and the general principles of achieving equality can be outlined.
  22. Islamic Culture, Its History and Human Rights
    The Christian and Jewish cultures gradually reshaped the Arabian Peninsula; people of Arabia became more accustomed to the concept of Abrahamic religion, while paganism was on the decline. Various forms of arts flourished in the […]
  23. Chile’s Human Rights Violations in 1973-90
    After the death of the president, the military took office and a state of civil unrest engulfed the country. Human rights violations experienced in Chile have been highlighted and the actions are taken to address […]
  24. Human Rights in Naturalistic and Political Conceptions
    Conferring to one venerable explanation, the Naturalistic Conception of Human rights, human rights are the privileges and rights that we enjoy by the mere fact that we are humans.
  25. The Human Rights and Its Basic Principles
    There is a perspective that the initiation of the given process can be justified by the need to protect citizens and the state.
  26. China’s Land Grabs and Human Rights Violation
    What interested you about the article and how is the content of the article related to aspects of global citizenship? Upon reading the news article from Amnesty International’s website about Chinese officials’ land grabbing […]
  27. Human Rights and Relations in Education and Career
    The information is located on the left and above and is easy to navigate. This is useful to the employees as it makes them aware of the key needs to the job and the benefits.
  28. Communication as a Human Right and Its Violations
    According to the international laws, every person has a range of rights which should be met in the society completely, and the right to communicate is one of the most significant ways for a person […]
  29. Human Rights of Poor in Developing Countries
    Their interactions with those in authority and the decision makers in the society have been marred with many obstacles and denied the rights to freedom of speech and expression that is being enjoyed by the […]
  30. Human Rights Poster Design and Analysis
    First, I realised that placing the title or theme of the poster at a strategic point goes a long way to draw the attention of the target audience.
  31. Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice
    It is essential to highlight the contributions of Ghonim because he was one of the first to leverage the use of social media.
  32. R. Lemkin and E. Roosevelt as Human Rights Activists
    He devoted all his time and energy to trying to persuade the new delegates of the United Nations of the importance of the fight against genocide.
  33. Human Rights Issues During the Holiday Season
    Should we stick to the habitual “Merry Christmas” and stay loyal to the traditions of the majority or embrace a more neutral “Happy Holidays” and show respect to the cultural diversity?
  34. Human Rights and Dignity: Non-Western Conceptions
    It has been accepted that human rights are the notion which was developed in the West, however, some scientists tried to contradict this idea presenting the arguments that many nations battled for human rights many […]
  35. Human Rights and Laws on the International Level
    Zewei provides a characterization of the Tributary System and the concept of the Celestial Order of China, the impact of international law on China’s Confucianism worldview, and the process of integration of international law into […]
  36. Malala Yousafzai – Pakistani Human Rights Activist
    The world learned about the girl after a gunman burst into a school bus and shot the girl in the head, thereby avenging her criticism of the Taliban and neglecting the prohibition to attend school.
  37. Monsanto: Profits, Laws, and Human Rights
    Although the majority of multinational giants have affirmed their conviction in upholding the letter of the law and professional ethics, in practice, a good portion of them has issues with either the ethical or the […]
  38. United States and UAE Human Rights Comparison
    The nation’s denial of freedom of expression and religion, as well as its discrimination against women and the punishment of same-sex intercourse with the death penalty, are among the most prominent issues.
  39. The U.S. and the UAE Human Rights Comparison
    A detailed analysis of the two nations can reveal significant and noteworthy differences between the overall attitudes of the U.S.and UAE.
  40. Human Rights of Migrants by Francois Crepeau
    The report by Francois Crepeau addresses the deaths of migrants in the central Mediterranean Sea and evaluates the European Union border control analysis, migration policy, and the application of values and human rights in the […]
  41. Prisoners’ Basic Human Rights and Their Violation
    In the report, McKelvie et al.highlight the important contradictions behind the blanket ban, namely the lack of understanding behind the purpose of the prison, the influence of the media and the public press, as well […]
  42. Global and Regional Human Rights Institutions
    Overall, the topic of human rights and their protection through economic sanctions and other strategies requires additional attention from the states and international institutions.
  43. Prisoners’ Human Rights Denial
    Human rights watch is required to create a standardized list of rights and guarantees that should affect both domestic and international institutions in order to ensure the application of basic human rights, such as the […]

💡 Great Human Rights Research Topics

  1. Human Rights and Security in Post-Soviet Russia
    The collapse of the Soviet Union marked the end of the Cold War and the polarization of the world. On the one hand, the collapse of the Soviet Union led to the rapid acceleration of […]
  2. Human Rights: Fredin v. Sweden Legal Case
    In this situation, the court considered a case that affected the protection of nature and the human right to own property and sentenced in favor of the state.
  3. Human Systems. Technology as a Human Right
    Since most of the world bodies continue to use the basic technology to communicate with the world e.g.about health and safety, access to these amodern’ basic technology should be regarded as a human right and […]
  4. Refugee Women and Their Human Rights
    According to the researches have been made by UNHCR, 1998, found that 80% of the refugees immigrating to the United States and other countries of second asylum are women or children.
  5. Basic Technology and Human Rights
    If some people are able to enjoy the facilities being introduced as a result of technological improvisations, and it reaches to a chosen few, with no chance in sight of reaching out to large number […]
  6. Protecting America: Security and Human Rights
    2007) After the 9/11 bombings of the World Trade Center, the US government under President Bush executed and implemented a series of actions that catapulted the country to a period of war.
  7. How Has Globalization Impacted on Issues of Human Rights
    William Adler closely examines the disrupted lives of the three women who occupy an assembly-line job as the job and its company moves from New Jersey to rural Mississippi and to Matamoros, Mexico, across the […]
  8. Human Rights Violation in Kosovo
    The paper has discussed the massive violation of Human Rights in Kosovo, The International Community’s reaction and actions to the Kosovo crisis, and i have given my suggestions to the community on regard to Kosovo […]
  9. Human Rights and International Business
    The article deals with the crisis in Burma and the role of India and China in this crisis. Even though it might appear that the major theme of discussion is international politics, from the first […]
  10. Global Human Rights: The European Court of Human Rights
    The European Convention on Human Rights, or officially called Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms became one of the most significant documents accepted by the Council of Europe.
  11. Vehicle Impoundment “HOON” Laws Are an Infringement of People’s Human Rights
    The other dimension presents the argument that the laws are meant for the well being of the pepole articulating that the legislation is in fact designed for the protection of the civil rights of the […]
  12. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be analyzed within the context of the political, cultural, and religious situation, emerging in the middle of the twentieth century.
  13. Human Rights in China, Tibet and Dafur
    In spite of the progress, achieved in the process of regulating the situation, and the ongoing process of peaceful settlement, the atmosphere of intensity is preserved in the country, and scale military attacks on innocent […]
  14. Human Rights: Development, Commission, Listening, Monitoring
    The final draft of the Declaration was handed to the Commission being held in Geneva, therefore, the draft declaration that was sent to all UN member states for commentary is known as the Geneva draft.
  15. Human Rights in the Disaster Capitalism Context
    By the word human rights, it is generally meant to be the protection of individual rights against the encroachment by the state and it also means the basic rights and freedom of individuals.
  16. South Africa: Human Rights in the Constitution
    The Bill of Rights serves as the foundation upon which the democratic character of the Republic of South Africa is built.
  17. A “Human Rights” Approach to Imprisonment
    In Europe human rights in prisons are overseen by the Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.
  18. Human Rights: Humanitarian Intervention
    Some of these are the right to liberty, the right to life, the right of the freedom to think and express oneself, and finally the right to receive equal handling as regards issues relating to […]
  19. Universal Jurisdiction for Human Rights
    One of the most prominent roles in this process was played by the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, by the development of the national and intercultural awareness of various […]
  20. United States Role in Support of Universal Human Rights
    The first thing is to put an end to extrajudicial killings and detentions which will be in a bid to end intrusion to the freedom and the right to truth and justice.
  21. Human Rights Violations in Today’s World
    This paper addresses questions regarding human rights, including the United Nations’ involvement in enforcing those rights violations and the role of non-governmental organizations in addressing the issue.
  22. Cultural Values vs. the UN Declaration of Human Rights
    With the rise in diversity and the focus on the cross-cultural dialogue, the importance of acknowledging cultural values has risen.
  23. Shirin Ebadi’s Perspective on Women’s Human Rights Activism and Islam
    It is worth noting that Shirin Ebadi’s self-identity as an Iranian woman and a Muslim empowers her experience and perspective in women’s rights activism.
  24. Is FGM a Human Rights Issue in the Development of Humanism and Equality?
    Among the problems faced by developed states that receive migrants from third-world countries, the protection of women’s and girls’ rights in the field of reproductive health stands out.
  25. Human Rights and Global Democracy by Michael Goodhart
    Considering that the current human rights bodies focus mostly on rights of individuals, there is needs for translating the rights in a global context.
  26. Tortures as the Form of Human Rights Abuse
    The law of the country must allow persons tortured in any form to be permitted to make an official complaint and investigation to be started on the credibility of the person.
  27. Human Rights Issues in Australia: Bullying Among School-Going Age and Young People
    The focus of the topic of the day is on bullying. It is used to prevent or avoid the occurrence of a bullying experience.
  28. Human Rights Obligations of Multinational Corporations
    The argument of whether it is valid to impose obligations on violation of human rights on MNCs calls to reason the minimum caliber MNCs should maintain in their obligations towards human rights.
  29. Human Rights Violations by Police: Accountable in Discharging Their Duties
    Corey in his study and reflection on two mass exonerations, that is, the Rampart and Tulia exonerations, identified police misconduct, and in particular perjury as the primary cause for wrongful convictions.
  30. Universal Human Rights on The Case of MV Tampa
    On the other hand, the country was enforcing its own right to protect the citizens from the perceived danger a justified precaution in light of numerous cases of illegal immigration and terrorist attacks.
  31. History II, Early Human Rights Debates: The Truth About Pirates and the Social Justification
    The reading by Mark Roth describes the hidden historical truth behind pirates and their deceptive view by the modern society. This historical document depicts one of the earliest accounts of the mistreatment of Native Americans […]
  32. St. Johns Agency and Human Rights: Universal Policies to Support Human Rights
    The right to health as an inclusive right is one of the elements which states that the right is not only associated with access to health care facilities and services. The company incorporates various aspects […]
  33. Will the Development of Artificial Intelligence Endanger Global Human Rights?
    The contradiction between the advantages of AI and the limitation of human rights manifests in the field of personal privacy to a larger extent.
  34. Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Daily Briefs
    UN experts and ambassadors of foreign countries, including the US and the EU, responded to this violation, calling not to use weapons and allow the people to express their will.
  35. Human Rights in Russia: A 2020 Report Concentrating on the Last Changes
    Overall, expert opinion on the outcomes of human rights in Russia in the future shows a lack of certainty the country’s record of infringements is going to improve. It is imperative to support the promotion […]
  36. Human Rights Act 1998 in British Legal System
    The safeguard of British liberty is in the good sense of the people and in the system of representative and responsible government which has been evolved”.[The Business of Judging] Such an approach isolated British constitutional […]
  37. International Human Rights Opinion and Removing a Constitutionally Elected Government in Fiji
    It is believed that the gross overreaction of the military in the internal affairs of the Methodist church in Fiji has paved the way for international focus to be centered in this island, especially in […]
  38. Dignity: Is It a Basic Human Right and How to Protect of Self-Worth and Self-Determination?
    The problem has raised the issue of assisted suicide to end a life of suffering and the role of such a patient in deciding when and how they will die rather than waiting for the […]

❓ Essay Questions on Human Rights

  1. What if Environmental Rights Are More Important Than Human Rights?
  2. How Did the Development of Human Rights Affect the Caste System in India?
  3. Should Men and Women Have Equal Human Rights?
  4. How Are Human Rights Observed During Early Childhood?
  5. What Are the Barriers to Human Rights Being Recognised as Truly Universal in Application?
  6. How Does Criminal Justice in the United Kingdom Respect Human Rights?
  7. What Is the Role of the National Human Rights Commission?
  8. How Are Human Rights Abused in India?
  9. What Is the Relationship Between Human Rights and State Sovereignty?
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  12. How Were Human Rights Violated During the French Revolution?
  13. How Human Rights Affect Administrative Law?
  14. What Human Rights Dilemmas Do Social Workers Face?
  15. How Does Political Corruption Violate Human Rights?
  16. Who Practices Rights-based Development?
  17. When Religious Beliefs Overpower Human Rights?
  18. Why Does China Have Such a Poor Record of Human Rights?
  19. How Does Human Rights Affect Multi-national Companies on Their Marketing Strategies?
  20. What Is the History of the Spread of Human Rights in the World and the Obstacles in Its Way?
  21. What Are the Human Rights for Persons With Mental Disorders?
  22. How Are Human Rights Abused in the Absence of Oversight?
  23. What Is the Economic Impact on Human Rights in China?
  24. Why Have Many Human Rights Issues Remained Unaddressed?
  25. What Are the Concepts and Meaning of Human Rights in Society?
  26. What Effect Has the Human Rights Act 1998 Had on UK Law?
  27. How Do Self-determination Issues Affect Human Rights?
  28. Impact of Economic Liberalization on Human Rights?
  29. How Does Global Politics Affect Human Rights?
  30. Should Nature Have Constitutionally Protected Rights Equal to Human Rights?

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