Inequality and Development

Introduction Development is slow but gradual process that is marked by changes in lifestyle, processes, technology, policies and other aspects that affect human life. Human beings desire to use modern technology to ensure there is efficiency in production processes. In addition, they hope to move very fast from one place to another and access information […]

Inequality of Development of Saudi Arabia

Introduction Development involves integration of modern advances in technology, democracy, social organizations, values, as well as, ethics into a single humanitarian project of making the world a better place to live. In the strongest sense, development involves using the resources of a country to improve the living standards of the poorest citizens. In the weakest […]

How Can the Objective of Equality at Work be Promoted through Recruitment and Selection?

Introduction There is a new breed of human resource management that is relatively a recent entrant in business expanse due to the globalization of business that allows multi-nationals and corporations to conduct business worldwide. This is advanced business management strategized in congruence with strategic human resource management policies (Gibbon 1992). It is a harmonized blend […]

Were the Goals of Hampton/Tuskegee Consistent with the Democratic Ideals of self-Determination and Equality?

Education is an essential part of human life. Considering the problem of education in different parts of America and the history of its development, the education of Afro-Americans in the ex-slaves status can be interesting to dwell upon. It is possible to consider the problem of democratization of the society and an attempt to make […]

Savage Inequality

Introduction While looked at broadly, all societies require an educational system. The youth have to be taught of what they are likely to face on their way to maturity. When looked at this way, then it becomes clear that socialization and education are no different. However, in numerous preliterate cultures, such difference is not made. […]

“8 Is Not Hate: The Meaning of a Proposition” and “Prop 8 Hurt My Family—Ask Me How; Marriage Equality USA”

The modern day and age offers rights and freedoms that people have not experienced some time before and the majority of official rulings have acknowledged that people have a right to marry whomever they want, as it is their personal and private choice. While both authors address the issue of Proposition 8 and challenges that […]

Gender inequality in Algeria

Historically, men have always dominated in both social and private lives of women and Algeria is not any different. Algerian women had to suffer extreme hardships from French colonizers and then their husbands and government. Women have had a deciding role in Algeria gaining its independence from France but this did not change the matter […]

How harness all the potentiality among the people to ensure there is equality

In the modern world, the workplace has become an important area of focus in management. According to business experts, the workplace is important in influencing productivity of an organization. In this respect, many of the business organizations have ensured that the workplace is well organized and managed. In turn, this ensures an optimal use of […]

The impact of Higher education expansion on Income inequality in China

This is an analysis of impacts of the expansion of higher education on income inequality in China. Introduction Education is often an imperative predictor of a person’s future income (Lee 2006, 1). Basing on the Horace Mann tradition, Lee adds that education paces the society towards achieving a stable equality (1). Qian and Smyth note […]

Building workplace equality

Executive Summary Today, due to the technological advancements, companies prefer expanding their business across the globe. As a result, all global companies have employees from around the world. Hiring employees is not that tough a job as to retain them. Efficient people, irrespective of their ethnicity, caste, creed, colour, nationality, and gender, are always in […]

Income Inequality

The peculiar features of every country’s development should be discussed from the point of the character of the economic relations within the country and from the point of the country’s position within the global economic environment. Thus, one of the main criteria according to which it is possible to analyze international relations theories in their […]

Religious Equality in America

It has been established that the United States compared to other developing nations is exceptionally a religious country. Additionally socialists have held that individuals whose lives is at risk are more likely to be religious, thus countries with high degree of poverty are more religious than wealthier nations, this is contrary to America situation. America […]

Full Frontal Feminism – What is Still Preventing Women from Achieving Equality?

One of the key issues addressed by Jessica Valenti in her book “Full Frontal Feminism” is violence against women. The book mainly addresses young women by encouraging them to participate in feminism. Other people that the book speaks to include: young women, young people of color and people who identify as queers. Valenti explains that […]

Greater equality: the hidden key to better health and higher scores

Main arguments of the authors In their article, “Greater equality: the hidden key to better health and higher scores”, Wilkinson and Picket (2011) argue that equality in terms of income levels among the population is more important to better higher life expectancy and that the more egalitarian a society is, the healthier its population tends […]

Social Inequality

It is evident in almost all organizations today. “Forms of social inequality include gender inequality, racial inequality and even caste inequality” (Dines & Humez 24). This concept paper will examine media patterns in relation to social inequality. The media sector has evolved and broadened in all continents, with regard to both the job sector and […]

Discrimination and Fight for Equality

Introduction American history since 1865 covers various aspects of live including modernization, Golden Age and the progressive era. America witnessed various aspects of development such as industrialization during these eras, which facilitated migration. The country witnessed high prosperity, especially in the northern and western parts. The US became a global dominant financial, manufacturing and agricultural […]

Social Inequality

A Stereotype: Every Day Practice In the US, the issue of stereotyping still remains a problem in the society despite the evident activism and advocacy for equality and no tolerance to discrimination of any form. Since stereotyping is an everyday practice, it is imperative to know where the stereotyping starts. Social inequality is a reflection […]

There will Never be Equality in the World; There will Always be Very Rich and Very Poor People

Introduction Inequality has been a feature of human civilization and for centuries, there has been the very rich and the very poor. However, modern day society has strived to do away with inequality with an ideal society characterized by equality being envisioned. These ideals have failed to be realized and inequality continues to be rife […]

The Influence on Health of Economic Inequality

The argument that economic inequality is bad to our health has absolute truth based on the reality in our society today. Individuals’ status in society determines the kind of lifestyle one leads, a factor that dictates the health conditions of a person. However, financial status determines an individual’s consumption pattern, living conditions, as well as […]

Economic inequality

Introduction Nowadays, we have the opportunities to be the active participants of the social problems solving. In the past, people struggled for gaining these opportunities. However, it does not mean that the nature of social issues changed dramatically. Quite the opposite, the nature is, essentially, the same but the methods of their solving and the […]

Freedom and equality

Freedom and equality are a prerogative of all the citizens in democratic states. The rule of law must be upheld and applied impartially to all the people irrespective of their color, race or social status. Oppression and discrimination of any kind must be eliminated to build a society that values freedom and equality of its […]

Obtaining Objective Truth in Regards to Martin Luther King’s Role in the Fight for Equality in the United States

Introduction Martin Luther King is one of the most celebrated human rights fighters who fought for the second liberation in the United States. Historians and journalists have written a lot about his life and the contributions he made towards the fight against racial discrimination in this country. Martin Luther King came out strongly to fight […]

Education in Australia as a Tool of Promoting Equality of Opportunity

Abstract Education in Australia is provided and delivered in different forms but the traditional mode of acquiring education is considered conventional and widely accepted. This traditional mode entails provision of education through the school system which may be public or private and may be a primary or elementary as it is known in some countries; […]

Inequality of Women in China

Traditionally, a Chinese woman is known to have lived a very tough life, through continuous humiliation from their men. No woman had a right to education, but they were supposed to live according to the Confucian guidelines. These guidelines stated clearly that women should not be equal to men, and during her childhood she should […]

Employment relations: effects of unitarism on inequality

Introduction During the early 1990s, most organizations integrated the decentralized bargaining system as a competitive business strategy. This arose from the fact that it was considered to be necessary vehicle through which organizations could implement change so as to remain competitive. The effect was emergence of a new organizational culture whereby a firm was supposed […]

Inequality in Society

Introduction There is no question that inequality is prevalent in all sorts of human society. No matter the level of human development, inequality seems to be existent. It is even present in simple cultures where there is minimal variation in wealth. Some individuals in such cultures may have privilege because of their prowess in certain […]

Racial Inequality

Introduction The United States is one of the nations where racial discrimination has been a common practice for a very long time. However, there has been a concerted effort in this society to fight this vice. This country is composed of people of different races. Many people from other nations around the world have acquired […]