Feminism Essay, Research Paper Examples

Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Feminism Essay

You may find yourself confused by various theories, movements, and even opinions when writing a feminism essay, regardless of your topic. Thus, producing an excellent paper becomes a matter of more than merely knowing your facts.

You should be able to explain difficult concepts while coincidentally touching upon fundamental points of feminist theory. Here are some starter examples of crucial essay-writing points, which can make your work better:

  • Research and create a bibliography before beginning to write. There are various book and journal titles available both online and in libraries, and using them defines your essay’s credibility. You may use both books published long ago, such as “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir, and modern-day publications. Referencing reliable sources throughout your work will help you convince your readers that your approach is factual and in line with the main trends of the academic community.
  • Writing a feminism essay outline beforehand will save you precious time. Not only because it is a tool to get your thoughts in order before beginning to write but also because it allows you to judge whether you have covered the subject thoroughly. Furthermore, structuring beforehand enables you to understand possible drawbacks of your previous research, which you can promptly correct.
  • Explain the history behind your problem. Doing so allows you to set the scene for your essay and quickly introduce it to an audience, who may not be as well versed in feminism essay topics as you. Furthermore, you can use your historical introduction later as a prerequisite to explaining its possible future effects.
  • Be aware of the correct terminology and use it appropriately. This action demonstrates a profound knowledge of your assigned issue to your readers. From women’s empowerment and discrimination to androcentrism and gynocriticism, track the terms you may need to implement throughout your work.
  • Do not overlook your title as a tool to gain your readers’ attention. Your papers should interest people from the beginning and making them want to read more of your work. Writing good feminism essay titles is a great start to both catching their attention and explaining what your central theme is.
  • Read available feminism essay examples to understand the dos and don’ts that will help you write your own paper. Plagiarism and inspiration are different concepts, and you can get great ideas from others’ work, so long as you do not copy them!

After you have done your research, drafted an outline, and read some sample works, you are ready to begin writing. When doing so, you should not avoid opposing opinions on topics regarding feminism, and use them to your advantage by refuting them.

Utilizing feminist criticism will allow you to sway even those with different perspectives to see some aspects worthy of contemplation within your essay. Furthermore, it is a mark of good academism, to be able to defend your points with well-rounded counterarguments!

Remember to remain respectful throughout your essay and only include trusted, credible information in your work. This action ensures that your work is purely academic, rather than dabbling in a tabloid-like approach.

While doing the latter may entertain your readers for longer, the former will help you build a better demonstration of your subject, furthering good academic practices and contributing to the existing body of literature.

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Antonio Gramsci and Feminism: The Elusive Nature of Power

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Cross Cultural Analysis of Feminism in the Muslim Community

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The Reflection of the Second-Wave Feminism in Scandinavia: “Show Me Love” and “Together”

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A layman views feminism as being focused on women gaining equal rights to men. However, this is a very simplistic way of addressing feminism. In reality, feminism is much more complex and larger than merely describing equality for women (Weisberg 234). Feminist philosophy espouses various hidden as well as non-expressed desires of all the people […]

Full Frontal Feminism – What is Still Preventing Women from Achieving Equality?

One of the key issues addressed by Jessica Valenti in her book “Full Frontal Feminism” is violence against women. The book mainly addresses young women by encouraging them to participate in feminism. Other people that the book speaks to include: young women, young people of color and people who identify as queers. Valenti explains that […]

Feminism builds up in romanticism, realism, modernism

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Meaning of feminism

According to my interviewee who is an activist, feminism is a movement that seeks to empower the female gender. The movement began in late 18th century thus championing against oppression directed towards women. It sought to eliminate rape and gender based cruelty, which are rampant. These evil tendencies have limited the capability of women to […]

The Smurfette Principle in the Modern Media: Feminism Is over?

Coined by Katha Pollitt in the distant 1991, the term “Smurfette Principle” described the phenomenon of female characters existing in media for the sole purpose of being the male counterparts and having no identity other than that: “The message is clear. Boys are the norm, girls the variation; boys are central, girls peripheral; boys are […]

Feminism and Evolution or Emergence of Psychology

Introduction Feminism has contributed in the formation and shaping of developmental psychology. In addition, feminist study has made its most important contributions to the learning of child maturity in the areas touching on research and theory with regard to sex responsibilities as well as socialization (Crawford 26). Contribution to Psychology The past records, structures as […]

Feminism and Patriarchy

There are many specific explanations and definitions of terms feminism and patriarchy. First of all, it should be stated that these two notions create an opposition as feminism presupposes the domination of women with the restriction of subordination to men while patriarchy is the male domination over women. However, the explanation to these notions is […]

Feminism and Islam

The recent events in the Middle East and the war on terror forced the spotlight on Islam. The whole world had a sudden interest over this religion. In the process, it was discovered that therewere Islamic societies that considered women as inferior to men. Their beliefs led them to develop rigid rules that were oppressive […]

Charlotte Gilman’s feminism theory

Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at seeking, creating, and defending rights for women (Madsen, 2000). Mainly, feminism movements campaigns for equality. Because of the many issues that women face, feminism movements’ seeks equality between men and women in the society (Allen, 2009). Over the years, women have been oppressed while men have been […]

Concept and History of the Liberal Feminism

Liberal feminism is acknowledged to be the modern model of feminism, symbolized by the belief that women have innate influence to attain equality. That is why in liberal feminism, the aspects or concepts of civil society altering itself to adapt to feminine does not materialize (McElroy, 2002). However, feminists are of the opinion that changing […]

Feminism in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now [Essay]

Introduction Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now epitomize female stereotypes. Both pieces lack progressive and unconventional women as they are meant for male audiences. They propagate the objectification and domination of women. However, Apocalypse Now– which is more recent – perpetuates these stereotypes even more than the novella. Analysis of Feminism in Heart of Darkness […]

Feminism and Women’s History

Out of the three types of feminisms namely, social, radical, and liberal feminism, I am of the opinion that social feminism would be the most effective in terms of eliminating gender discrimination, improving women’s economic and political position in society and helping to bring equality between men and women. Social feminism is the perhaps the […]

Feminism in Roger and Dodger Film

Introduction This essay evaluates feminism as depicted in the film ‘Roger Dodger’ by Dylan. In his film, Dylan Kidd presents the two genders in a scintillating and amusing way. The theme of gender is captured in scenes in a plot that invoke drama, comedy, romance and sex. Throughout the film, the actors, both the men […]

Anarchy, Black Nationalism and Feminism

“Anarchists Against Terrorism”. In this site, there is criticism of terrorist methods that are common with anarchists as a means of meeting their political aspirations. The most contradictory thing is that this website is owned and run by anarchists. As such, the site seeks to “defend” anarchism by claiming that anarchists are not terrorists and […]

Concepts of Feminism in the Present Societies

Since time memorial, equality has always been an issue of contention between men and women. Gender differentiations form the main basis that societies use in determining roles it assigns each individual, with little considerations on individuals’ capabilities. Although some individuals can argue that, globalization and civilization have brought many tidings as far as gender-based roles […]

Metropolis’ Women: Analysis of the Movie’s Feminism & Examples

Introduction Fritz Lang’s 1927 movie, Metropolis, was introduced and created following the industrial revolution that affected Europe in the 20th century. The creation of the film also coincided with the 10th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. As such, the Industrial Revolution had a huge impact many of the film’s aspects. The background of the […]