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101 Feminism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

📝 Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Feminism Essay

You may find yourself confused by various theories, movements, and even opinions when writing a feminism essay, regardless of your topic. Thus, producing an excellent paper becomes a matter of more than merely knowing your facts.

You should be able to explain difficult concepts while coincidentally touching upon fundamental points of feminist theory. Here are some starter examples of crucial essay-writing points, which can make your work better:

  • Research and create a bibliography before beginning to write. There are various book and journal titles available both online and in libraries, and using them defines your essay’s credibility. You may use both books published long ago, such as “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir, and modern-day publications. Referencing reliable sources throughout your work will help you convince your readers that your approach is factual and in line with the main trends of the academic community.
  • Writing a feminism essay outline beforehand will save you precious time. Not only because it is a tool to get your thoughts in order before beginning to write but also because it allows you to judge whether you have covered the subject thoroughly. Furthermore, structuring beforehand enables you to understand possible drawbacks of your previous research, which you can promptly correct.
  • Explain the history behind your problem. Doing so allows you to set the scene for your essay and quickly introduce it to an audience, who may not be as well versed in feminism essay topics as you. Furthermore, you can use your historical introduction later as a prerequisite to explaining its possible future effects.
  • Be aware of the correct terminology and use it appropriately. This action demonstrates a profound knowledge of your assigned issue to your readers. From women’s empowerment and discrimination to androcentrism and gynocriticism, track the terms you may need to implement throughout your work.
  • Do not overlook your title as a tool to gain your readers’ attention. Your papers should interest people from the beginning and making them want to read more of your work. Writing good feminism essay titles is a great start to both catching their attention and explaining what your central theme is.
  • Read available feminism essay examples to understand the dos and don’ts that will help you write your own paper. Plagiarism and inspiration are different concepts, and you can get great ideas from others’ work, so long as you do not copy them!

After you have done your research, drafted an outline, and read some sample works, you are ready to begin writing. When doing so, you should not avoid opposing opinions on topics regarding feminism, and use them to your advantage by refuting them.

Utilizing feminist criticism will allow you to sway even those with different perspectives to see some aspects worthy of contemplation within your essay. Furthermore, it is a mark of good academism, to be able to defend your points with well-rounded counterarguments!

Remember to remain respectful throughout your essay and only include trusted, credible information in your work. This action ensures that your work is purely academic, rather than dabbling in a tabloid-like approach.

While doing the latter may entertain your readers for longer, the former will help you build a better demonstration of your subject, furthering good academic practices and contributing to the existing body of literature.

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🏆 Best Feminism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Metropolis’ Women: Analysis of the Movie’s Feminism & Examples
    This film is an endeavor to examine the image of the female depicted, the oppression that they have to endure before they are liberated, as well as the expectations of men with regard to the […]
  2. Concepts of Feminism in the Present Societies
    In addition to libertarian and liberal feminism, there exists a third from of feminism that also fights to ensure not only the society respects women’s rights, but also the society adopt values and practices that […]
  3. Anarchy, Black Nationalism and Feminism
    The site acknowledges that anarchism has been associated with violence and therefore the site is meant to enlighten both anarchists and the public on this misconception.
  4. Comparing Views on the Feminism of Wollstonecraft and Martin Luther King
    This means that if women are given and encouraged to have the same level of education as the men than the society would be a much better place as both the female and male genders […]
  5. Feminism in Roger and Dodger Film
    The plot of the movie tends towards portraying women as inferior to men given majority of the women in the movie fall into traps set by men very easily.
  6. Feminism and Women’s History
    Since power has always been understood from the point of view of men and the ruling class, the task of feminists is therefore to try and reconceptualize power from the point of view of a […]
  7. Feminism in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now [Essay]
    However, one realizes that she is voiceless in the novel, which highlights the insignificance of role of women in Heart of Darkness.
  8. Concept and History of the Liberal Feminism
    Hence, the individual feminism theory stands as a core vehicle that could be exploited to create a favorable condition in which women are treated equally as is men.
  9. Charlotte Gilman’s feminism theory
    Because of the many issues that women face, feminism movements’ seeks equality between men and women in the society. Throughout, the paper will discuss Gilman’s feminism theory and relate it to the issues of women […]
  10. Feminism and Islam
    Part of this worship is the realization that Islam is a way of life and the actions of each believer contribute to the creation of a God-fearing society.
  11. Feminism Interview and the Major Aim of Feminism
    Upon realization that the researcher was taking a feminist course, the respondent supported the study and promised to link up with the researcher in future.
  12. Feminism and Patriarchy
    First of all, it should be stated that these two notions create an opposition as feminism presupposes the domination of women with the restriction of subordination to men while patriarchy is the male domination over […]
  13. Feminism and Evolution or Emergence of Psychology
    The past records, structures as well as the events surrounding the feminist movement are strongly connected to the particular protests of that time, individuals, and the broader alterations witnessed in the American culture.
  14. Feminism in The Yellow Wallpaper
    In an attempt to free her, she rips apart the wallpaper and locks herself in the bedroom. The husband locks her wife in a room because of his beliefs that she needed a rest break.
  15. The Smurfette Principle in the Modern Media: Feminism Is over?
    One of the most obvious changes that have occurred to female characters in media and that seems to have the greatest impact on the destruction of the Smurfette Principle is that most of the female […]
  16. Meaning of feminism
    In essence, shunning and neglecting the capability of women in most sectors has resulted limited their ability to accomplish their potential. Indeed, it is outstanding to foster the participation of women in society.
  17. Feminism builds up in romanticism, realism, modernism
    Exploring the significance of the theme as well as the motifs of this piece, it becomes essential to understand that the era of modernism injected individualism in the literary works.
  18. Full Frontal Feminism – What is Still Preventing Women from Achieving Equality?
    The aim of the book remains relevant in the modern society as young women continue to be the key victims of violence against women.
  19. What Does Feminism Stand For? Who are These Creatures who call themselves Feminists?
    Feminism is a fight for liberty that is one of the larger battles to eliminate all forms of superiority. Paying no attention to the role of women in society is a key to notice inequality.
  20. The Reflection of the Second-Wave Feminism in Scandinavia: “Show Me Love” and “Together”
    If the feminists of the first wave concentrated on their legal rights and freedoms, the feminists of the second wave accentuated their roles in the society as individuals who are equal with men in their […]
  21. Feminism and Gender
    She argues that a work of art is rarely a personal expression of the art and therefore, if we quantify art as a total reflection of both purpose, production and patronage, it will be clearly […]
  22. Feminism in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    Mary Wollstonecraft expressly makes her stand known in advocating for the rights of the women in her novel, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, but her daughter is a bit reluctant to curve a […]
  23. Cross Cultural Analysis of Feminism in the Muslim Community
    The concessions made by Muslim governments have led to the adoption of progressive Muslim laws that are discriminative and oppressive to Muslim women in the Muslim societies.
  24. Feminism in the works of Susan Glaspell and Sophocles
    Feminism as demonstrated in the works of Susan Glaspell is domination of men over women. They are in authority and the representation of women is low.
  25. Feminism has nothing to tell us about the Reality of War, Conflict and Hard, Cold Facts
    Early feminists challenged the field of the international relationships to examine the level of the reorientation and the level of the understanding of the international politics in case gender were a major category for analysis […]
  26. The Fraternal Social Contract on Feminism and Community Formation
    The contract was signed by men to bring to an end the conditions of the state of nature. Life was anarchic and short lived which forced men to sign a social contract that could bring […]
  27. Changes That Feminism and Gender Lenses Can Bring To Global Politics
    Expressly, much of the agitation for gender equality must seek to explore the general concerns of women in the society, singling out the role of women against their male counterparts to inject gender equality in […]
  28. Antonio Gramsci and Feminism: The Elusive Nature of Power
    However, one of the major findings of the article is the author’s three-dimensional model which can help to “explore the intersections of oppression, thereby identifying potential sites of liberation”. Fine and Johnson also touch upon […]
  29. Feminism in China During the Late Twentieth Century
    During the course of this research, I will be able to understand the factors that were responsible for the promotion of feminism in China and the various stages of feminism that were a result of […]
  30. “Feminism, Peace, Human Rights and Human Security” by Charlotte Bunch
    To help understand the concept of globalization, the author uses the scale, contradictions and the uncertainty associated with globalization. What are the alternative methods that can be applied to demonstrate globalization?
  31. Willa Cather and Feminism
    Ability to work and/or supervise oneself as a woman is also quietly depicted through the girl who is able to work in the absence of her father. Cather depicts most of the women in her […]
  32. Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics
    It seems that this approach to this problem is important for discussing the origins of social inequalities existing in the community. This is one of the main points that can be made.
  33. The History of the Pill and Feminism
    The article talks about the history of the pill in the United States and makes references to the 2011 movie “The Pill”.

🥇 Most Interesting Feminism Topics to Write about

  1. Women’s Health and Feminism Theory
    For a woman to be in charge of her reproductive health, she has to know some of the stages and conditions in her life.
  2. Women, Religion, and Feminism
    This instruction has in turn influenced the use of hijab among the Muslim women since the piece of cloth is used to conceal a woman’s beauty, particularly the face, hair, and neck as per the […]
  3. Women and Feminism
    The theory emerged from the imaginations of various women who sought to comprehend the nature of gender inequality through the understanding of social roles and various positions of individuals in society.
  4. Historical Development of Feminism and Patriarchy
    This gain was highly attributed to the undying efforts of women movements, which for the purpose of the discussions of this paper, are considered as belonging to the umbrella that advocates of feminism.
  5. Feminism and Modern Friendship
    While criticizing these individuals, Marilyn asserts that the omission of sex and gender implies that these individuals wanted to affirm that social attachment such as societies, families, and nationalities contribute to identity rather than sex […]
  6. Feminism in the 20th Century: a Literature Perspective. Research Summaries
    For years, the sphere of political, social and economical life of people all over the world was dominated by men, while women’ were restricted to the household domain; more to the point, women were not […]
  7. Chinese Feminism in the Early 20th Century
    It is against this backdrop that this essay gives a succinct discussion of the Chinese feminism in the early 20th century, the roots of feminism in the communist women’s movement, and the demand for human […]
  8. Feminism and Respect for Culture
    A crucial gender aspect that continues to trouble the unity of the people across the world is gender bias, which seems to encourage the formation of the feminist campaigns.
  9. Rebecca Solnit’s Views on Feminism
    However, it appears that she has a deep understanding of the various problems arising from the nature of men.”Men Explain Things to Me” is one of the essays written by Solnit in a book by […]
  10. Concepts of Feminism
    Sexuality is defined as the biological aspect of a person; it is defined by internal and external organs which differentiate a man and a women. It is of the opinion that the existence of perceived […]
  11. The Realization of Third-wave Feminism Ideals
    Third wave feminists may seek to show that it is the fault of those supporting a patriarchal system, but the fault is in the biology of men and women.
  12. Feminism and Film Theory
    John Connor is a boy who is known to play a crucial role in defeating the robots in the future, and the Terminator arrives to save him.
  13. Gender Studies of Feminism: Radical and Liberal Branches
    This type of feminism is the most suitable for me because it states that women have the right to provide for their families and be successful suppliers independently from men.
  14. Feminism in “‘Now We Can Begin” by Crystal Eastman
    That is why, using these words the author wants to underline the importance of this issue and the role of woman in society.
  15. Beyonce and Assata Shakur Feminism Ideas Comparison
    It is paramount to understand that the name of the activist is relevant even today because an enormous percentage of the population does not agree with the decision of the government.
  16. Feminism: the Contraception Movement in Canada
    Similarly, it tries to review the mechanism that led to the conviction of the government to amend the law to incorporate the use of contraceptives within Canada.
  17. Feminism in the Story “Lord of the Rings”
    The movie, in its turn, instead of focusing on the evolution of the female leads, seemed to be concerned with the relationships between the male characters as well as the growth of the latter.
  18. Third World Feminism and Its Challenges
    As a conclusion, Sa’ar states that “it is rooted in the code of familial commitment, which is primarily masculine and includes women only secondarily,” which makes it difficult for women to commit to the family, […]
  19. Post-Feminism in the Wonder Bra Commercial
    The era of post-feminism is believed to start in the 1990s and it differs considerably from the times of feminism. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the advertisement of the Wonder Bra is […]
  20. Axel Honneth Views on Feminism
    Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition is a revision of Hegelian theory of recognition and presents an open support for garnering recognition of women but falls short of identifying the real reason for the continued denigration […]
  21. Feminism and Roles in “A Raisin in the Sun” Play
    These are such questions as: “What does Beneatha’s conduct reveal about her intentions?”, “How does the character treat female’s role in society?”, “How does Beneatha regard poor people?”, “How does the heroine explain her choice […]
  22. Great Awakening, American Civil War, and Feminism
    In this regard, the anti-federalists implied that the bill of rights was not added to the original text of the constitution.
  23. Feminism in Lorber’s, Thompson’s, Hooks’s Views
    The issue that needs to be addressed is that many individuals are not aware of the fact that such problems have an enormous impact on the lives of women and their ability to perform day-to-day […]
  24. Marxism vs Feminism: Human Nature, Power, Conflict
    Marx asserts that the ruling class uses power to exploit the working class and this argument forms the principle of Marxism.
  25. Feminism: Benefits over Disadvantages
    They believe that feminists make the importance of family less critical than it used to be, which affects children’s lives and their psychological state.
  26. Concept of “Western Feminism”
    It is implied that western feminism neglects to take into consideration that other types of feminism exist and that applying the cultural norms and behaviors that formed the ideals of western feminism is just inappropriate […]
  27. Feminism in Laura Esquivel’s “Like Water for Chocolate”
    At the center of this story is Tita, a young woman who is the last born in her family. This is a very unique way of championing the right of women.
  28. Elena Poniatowska and Her Feminism
    Thus, the primary objective of her journalism and fiction was to break the indifference of the society and to open people’s eyes to the problems of those who are silently excluded from public life.
  29. Development of Feminism in Chile
    Chilean women became the first to organize the strongest feminist movement in the entire South American region in the history of the 20th century.
  30. The Theory of Feminism Through the Prism of Time
    Shedding light on the evolution of feminist thought processes, as well as the philosophy of feminism, the authors of the excerpts in question point to the problems in the perceptions of the feminist movement, the […]
  31. Anti-Feminism and Heteropatriarchal Normativity
    For example, in modern society, the government and legislation do not allow the citizens to kill one another, and the citizens obey because this helps for the order in the state.
  32. Feminism in Lorrie Moore’s “You’re Ugly, Too”
    Zoe Hendricks is an excellent example of such a “violation”: she does not allow men to limit her freedom of speech and is not afraid to express her opinions.
  33. Feminism in the “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath
    This piece of writing reveals the concept of gender in general and “the role of female protagonists in a largely patriarchal world” in particular. In Plath’s novel, the bell jar is a metaphor used to […]

📌 Good Essay Topics on Feminism

  1. Methods of Feminism Education and Its Modern Theories
    Therefore, it is important to grow in the child the understanding that the opportunities of men and women are the same, and everyone can achieve results in different areas.
  2. “Feminism and Modern Friendship” by Marilyn Friedman
    Individualism denies that the identity and nature of human beings as individuals is a product of the roles of communities as well as social relationships.
  3. Planet B-Girl: Community Building and Feminism in Hip-Hop
    The main idea of the article under analysis is the intentions of female hip-hop artists to prove their choices and demonstrate their abilities by using the same rights male hip-hop artists have already got.
  4. Feminism in Latin America
    Nonetheless, feminism movements surfaced in the middle of the 20th century campaigning for identity and equality of women in Latin America.
  5. Feminism in the Past and Nowadays
    The definition of liberal feminism is the following: “a particular approach to achieving equality between men and women that emphasizes the power of an individual person to alter discriminatory practices against women”.
  6. Conceptualization of Difference in Feminism
    However, it is the duty of feminists as of those trying to reach fairness and justice to draw attention to the problem of difference at all levels and not only at the level of gender.
  7. Feminism in the United Arab Emirates
    It aims at the investigation of recent movements in the state and explains of the idea that a significant improvement of views on women and the decrease of sexism could be observed.
  8. Feminism and Gender Studies in Science
    The first of them is concerned with the empirical observation of the fact that the particulars of one’s gender affiliation have a notable effect on how he or she tends to perceive the surrounding reality, […]
  9. Feminism in Tunisia and Jordan in Comparison
    Thus, the sources of support for women in Jordan and Tunisia are quite different due to the discrepancies in the administrative issues associated with the feminist movement.
  10. The History of Feminism in the 1960
    The author speaks on the feminist movement in the 1960’s and the good things that happened as a result of the movement. She demonstrates the achievements of the feminist movement despite the contradictions and shortcomings […]
  11. Ageism and Feminism in Career and Family Expectations
    Interviewer: “According to your opinion, does providing a woman with higher education strengthen or weaken marriage?” Interviewee: “I am of the opinion that education plays a critical role in strengthening marriage because a woman is […]
  12. Feminism in Advertisements of the 1950s and Today
    In the paper, the author discussed how the whole process of advertising and feminism is depicted in print advertisements. The common characteristic is the advertisements’ illustration of feminism in the media.
  13. Feminism: Exposing Women to the Public Sphere
    All the women in the videos seek a way out of the evident economic, social, and physical oppression as well as the awkward traditional practices, some of which people have relied on since time immemorial.
  14. Feminism: “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir
    According to post-structural feminism structures in society still hold the woman back.de Beauvoir states that this is because structures still exist in the minds of people as to the place of women in society.
  15. Black Women in Feminism and the Media
    This paper examines the myths of Black women’s sexuality in the U.S.and Africa. The paper further discusses the differences and similarities in issues related to sexuality in Black feminism in the U.S.and Africa.
  16. Education and Feminism in the Arabian Peninsula
    Despite the academic boom in the Arabian Peninsula, a number of obstacles have hindered the development of education and institutions of higher learning.
  17. Ecological Feminism and Environmental Ethics
    Because of the effects that the process of globalization has had on the environment, including the increase in the speed of global warming and the scope of its outcomes, environmental ethics has gained significance.
  18. Feminism and Sexuality in the “Lila Says” Film
    She seems to be opposing the system and traditions, but instead, she is a product of the existing values and norms.
  19. Feminism and the Relational Approach to Autonomy
    The relational approach to autonomy is a crucial aspect in the process of analyzing people’s behaviors and relations. Understanding the peculiarities of agency and autonomy is necessary to build ethical connections and avoid harming others.
  20. Postcolonial Feminism Among Epistemological Views
    Due to the growing resistance to various forms of differentiation and the negative attitude to the image of a third world woman traditionally promoted in Western countries, feminist activists started to realize the necessity to […]
  21. Is Power Feminism a Feminist Movement?
    Feminism is one of the most significant movements of the 20th century as it resulted in the reconsideration of the role of women and the emergence of multiple opportunities for their personal and professional development.
  22. Feminism: Liberal, Black, Radical, and Lesbian
    2 In the 1960s and the 1970s, liberal feminism focused on working women’s issues and the impact of experiences that females of any race could have.
  23. Feminism and Support of Gender Equality
    Nowadays, it involves advocacy and a set of activities aimed to protect the rights of a plethora of discriminated groups, including LGBT community members and racial minorities.
  24. Liberal Feminism Movement Analysis
    The outcome of eradicating the concept of a patriarchy can only result in the liberation of women, gays, minorities and men as well.
  25. Feminism in Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler
    Hedda Gabler, upon the discovery that her imaginary world of free-living and noble dying lies in shivers about her, no longer has the vitality to continue existence in the real world and chooses self-annihilation. At […]
  26. Modern Feminism as the Part of Intellectual Life
    Feminism In France has split lots of features recognizable to the anglophone world by the means of the feminist movements in the UK and the USA: on the one hand, the wish and the fight […]
  27. American Women in History: Feminism and Suffrage
    It is important to note that the key sharp issues discussed in this chapter are: a finding of the independent women suffrage movement, the role of the constituency in this process, the role of war […]
  28. Social Justice and Feminism in America
    So as to make a change in this situation, the feminists in America took efforts to improve the condition of women.
  29. Positive Changes That Feminism Brought to America
    And when, in 1919, the American Constitution was amended such that the women in all the States were given the right to vote, it was then that the first period of feminism officially ended, their […]
  30. Popular Culture From the Fifties to Heroin Chic: Feminism
    The women have become aware of their legal rights and disabilities as a consequence of the inclusion of educated women in movements to repair the legal disabilities.
  31. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Works and Feminism
    The woman’s role is depicted ever so poignantly in the works of Divakaruni and this also reflects the importance of reclaiming the understanding of the role of women in society.
  32. Frankenstein and Feminism
    One of these issues and the subject of this paper is the theme of feminism in Shelley’s novel. It is time to separate unchangeable morals from local manners”.- Mary Wollstonecraft in A Vindication of the […]
  33. Feminism – Women and Work in the Middle East
    The history of feminism consists of different movements and theories for the rights of women. The first wave of this phenomenon began in the 19th century and saw the end only in the early 20th […]
  34. “Feminism and Religion: The Introduction” by R. Gross
    Gross critically in order to see the essence of the book and the competence of the author in the current issue.
  35. Top Themes About Feminism
    It’s a movement that is mainly concerned with fighting for women’s rights in terms of gender equality and equity in the distribution of resources and opportunities in society.

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