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Updated: Dec 3rd, 2019

According to my interviewee who is an activist, feminism is a movement that seeks to empower the female gender. The movement began in late 18th century thus championing against oppression directed towards women. It sought to eliminate rape and gender based cruelty, which are rampant.

These evil tendencies have limited the capability of women to achieve their full potential. In essence, shunning and neglecting the capability of women in most sectors has resulted limited their ability to accomplish their potential. The feminist movement is vocal in western countries where women have made significant strides in attaining equality (Kensinger 186).

Nonetheless, the movement has failed to shun criticism. Critics have asserted that the movement’s ideologies have resulted in increases in divorce rates and the proportions of fatherless children. Indeed, I agree with the interviewee on the goal of such a movement, which entails empowering the female gender on all fronts. Although, my interviewee believes that the movement ought to be more radical and aggressive, I disagree with such thoughts because it would tear the foundation of the society, which is marriage.

This is because men would feel threatened. Indeed, it is outstanding to foster the participation of women in society. Despite not being an inactive participant in feminist activities, I am a believer in their course and values. This insinuates that, I conform to feminism tendencies. Indeed, the movement has fostered human rights that relate to a gender, which was widely overlooked.

Involvement in the movement

The interviewee, a renowned feminist has participated in a variety of activities with the intent of promoting feminism. The interest group has hosted various seminars, which have primarily aimed at educating women on the position in society. Such seminars have encouraged women to explore divisions previously dominated by men.

Enhancing women’s rights can only be successful when anchored by appropriate legislation. The above legislations would entrench affirmative action that would give women more opportunities. Affirmative action would ensure that distribution of jobs and resources is equitable. The interviewee participated in multiple rallies that aimed at creating awareness among members of the public. Being a conservative believer in feminism, I have not participated in many rallies.

The rallies are for a worthy course because they have enabled women to compete equally with their counterparts by changing their mentality. However, it is imperative that the goals of these seminars are reasonable thus giving realistic hope on possible changes that would occur if feminism continues (Gardiner)

Achievements of feminism

Feminism fundamentally focuses on championing women’s rights. My interviewee asserts that the most significant change is entrenchment or women’s rights through various legislations thus fostering human privileges. Previously, the law did not effectively protect women.

This is against rape and violence but these new legislations have reversed the trend by issuing unsympathetic penalties to violators. Evidently, the prevalence of rape and marital violence cases is decreasing. Therefore, feminism has succeeded in significantly reducing rape and marital violence incidences against women (Gardiner). Feminism has been critical in fighting for fiscal empowerment. This means that they challenge women to take up position that were dominantly masculine.

This has changed the top managements in the recent past with the entry of women into such positions. This means that women can equally challenge and pursue high-income jobs (Bulbeck 27). Feminism focuses on empowering the female gender in various areas and politics is not an exception. Leadership was primarily in the hands of men, and the few female leaders selected were representatives of women.

However, now the Congress contains more women in various capacities. This realization has resulted from concerted efforts from voters and the government. Significant changes are evident on the fiscal, collective and biased fronts due to feminism. Nonetheless, the interviewee thinks that for feminism to accomplish its goals many changes need to occur.

Feminism and health

According to my interviewee, feminism had significant impact on health because it has championed for allocation of additional resources to hospital for research on some ailment that affect women. This has led to development of new medicines that have saved lives of women thus reducing mortality among women.

Furthermore, the interviewee asserts that feminism has led to significant change in the workforce in the health by encouraging many women to take up medicine a sector dominated by men (Blackford & Street 668). Rich Caucasian women receive the best medical care because of their race and their resources since they can access the best medical care. Conversely, poor nonwhites receive unsatisfactory medical care.

Therefore, rich Caucasian ought to have the highest life expectancy. Capitalism has contributed significantly to this situation because health care is not uniform allowing those are well off economically to receive preeminent medical care. It had to fight this discrimination and the only way to do it is by bridging the economic gap, which is one of feminism’s goals. Learning of cultural trends has been pivotal in researching on some diseases and the way it spreads.

Impacts of feminism on women’s self-identity

Previously, women remained at home caring for the family and doing minimal economic work. Very few women took up employment and men constituted a big proportion of employees. However, this tendency has changed, as women are educated and empowered. This means that they can now compete effectively with men.

These changes influence women thus altering their identity. The modern woman is sophisticated, aggressive and intelligent. In addition, she can now assume responsibilities held by men (Bulbeck 27). First, women and men should equal chances in this society and secondly, women have a crucial role to play and need protection because they are vulnerable.

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