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Concept and History of the Liberal Feminism Essay

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2019

Liberal feminism is acknowledged to be the modern model of feminism, symbolized by the belief that women have innate influence to attain equality. That is why in liberal feminism, the aspects or concepts of civil society altering itself to adapt to feminine does not materialize (McElroy, 2002).

However, feminists are of the opinion that changing the existing law would help in eradicating those laws which are hostile to women. Thus exploring the movie-American violet which tells the story surrounding the life of Dee Roberts, we are allowed to delve into the nature and circumstances affecting her life.

Based on the development and deliberations of the popular civil rights legal proceedings regarding Regina Kelly v.John Paschall, which was filed against 15 defendants whose racial background, was African-American. The circumstances surrounding Dee Roberts do indicate that despite the challenges which included false accusations she opted to fight. Consider the fact that after being dragged to the women prison on drug charges she learns that she was charged as drug peddler.

Though, she has no previous drug record she is subjected to choose either to plead guilty and subsequently go home as a convicted criminal or equally remain in jail and opt to challenge the courts decision. This included endangering her custody including the option of having to stay in the prison for a long period due to the anticipated sentence.

As the story gains currency we do note that despite Dee Robert life as well as her freedom and children being at risk she opts to face the district attorney and subsequently challenge the courts rulings. the manner Dee Roberts is presented in the film can be explained by the way diverse liberal feminism argues in relation to gender equality. It ought to be noted that the circumstances surrounding her symbolizes the manner women are treated in the society.

However, her immediate challenge was to secure her freedom. This is demonstrated in the manner she opted to Remain in prison and fight to clear her name against the false accusations.


From such a situation it can thus be said the situation can be made better by employing the dynamics and principals of individual empowerment as is articulated under liberal feminism. This can be allied to the fact that liberal feminism have played a critical role in bridging the gap separated the two sexes.

In regard to Dee Roberts the situation could be corrected by establishing gender sensitive institutions. Consider the fact that lack of apposite legal procedures that guarantees woman equal rights as men played a central role in as far as the discusses individual is concerned.

Note that, by employing the aspects of social theories in regard to feminism Dee Roberts could not have found herself in such a situation. However, due to poor governance, racism and lack of proper procedures of dealing with crime hence she was wrongly charged. Examining the concepts of feminism the apposite way of rectifying the entire issue is for the women to stand against the oppressive legislations. In regard to what Dee Roberts encountered the remedy would be found if women accept to speak against the social evils.

Exploring the films plot it is apparent that the circumstances surrounding Roberts were recurring issues within the black community. She realized that more and more women were being subjected to suffering either through imprisonment or being shamed as drug dealer. It is from such a position she realized that she was not alone and made up her mind to stand firm not only for her problems but also for those helpless women outside.

By waging a war with intent to strike the very heart of the fraudulent Texas justice system she demonstrates that with determination nothing is impossible. Thus, in order to establish lasting solution to such a problem the suitable thing to do is to sensitize and empower women in regard to the rights surrounding their civil liberties. This can be achieved by developing articulate procedures of empowering women. The objectives of such measures would entail creating a common ground on which gender issues would be viewed adequately.

Individual feminism theory

According to the individual feminism theory this situation can be reversed by allowing women as individuals to have unrestricted equality with men. It ought to be noted that Dee Roberts suffered because she was just a woman and more a black woman. Thus, if the stipulations of individual feminism theories could be employed as individual she could demand redress fro the government.

This can be allied to the fact that individual feminism theory as its core focus on individual rights, diversity, autonomy and liberty. The objectives of this theory are to protect the rights and privileges of individual woman. Thus, it can be employed in regard Dee Roberts’s case to fight the legal systems in order to enact changes that are not hostile to women.

In essence, this would help in getting rid of class privileges as well as gender privileges. What this asserts is that all genders would be treated with equal rights, including an equal claim to posses’ property. And this demonstrates why individual feminism would be the suitable tool to rectify the situation in Dee Roberts’s circumstance. The reason being it encourages women to have full control and responsibility for their own survival (Taylor,2000).

More so, the significance of this approach is that it can be employed to oppose any legal or political interference in regard to the choices women make concerning their bodies. Therefore, from such an approach the concepts of racism and hatred for woman as is witnessed in regard to Dee Roberts case can be fought and the women be given a fair treatment before the courts of law.

The situation in the film demonstrates how weak legal legislations can affect the individuals and equally deny them their liberties which are guaranteed by the law. It ought to be noted that no legal legislation ought to be employed to violate the individual liberties.

Hence, the individual feminism theory stands as a core vehicle that could be exploited to create a favorable condition in which women are treated equally as is men. Also it would be prudence to point that what had taken place in Texas was a raw violation of human rights, as a woman Dee Roberts was entitled to be protected and that is why individual feminism theory is essential in providing a suitable ground on which to establish measures of ascertaining women liberties are protected.

Thus, the remedy for the identified problem, which is abuse of human rights, can be remedied by establishing apposite legal mechanisms to guard the basic human rights. As is stipulated under individual feminism theory women do have a right to be treated equally as is with men (Sommers, 1995).


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