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Gender Roles in Cartoons Essay

Cartoons are one of the ways through which children learn. They play a very important role in shaping up a child’s mind on what kind of a person he would like to become when he or she would grow up. Cartoon characters shape the psychological difference between the thinking of a male and a female. However, different types of cartoons impact differently.

There is a massive difference shown between the thinking of genders in cartoons. In a popular cartoon series named Dexter’s laboratory, there is a blend of male and female characters. In this particular series, females are shown as softhearted individuals unless angry and it is shown that they shake everyone with rage in angry mood.

Dexter, one of the main male characters, loves to elude himself from the world and spend time making inventions which are highly advanced. Dexter has a secret lab where he spends time inventing, and no matter what measures he takes to protect his lab from intruders, his sister Dee Dee always manages to easily enter the lab one way or the other. Once inside, Dee Dee plays with Dexter’s inventions until she breaks them.

Boys are shown to prefer logical arguments whereas girls are portrayed for being witty and react upon opportunities when given with the chance. Though the males are portrayed to be logical, but it is shown that the females are more successful because of simple blunders or miscalculations which males fail to understand, females are able to beat males at their own area of expertise.

One other point analyzed is that males hesitate very much in accepting their own mistakes whereas females are not much hesitant in accepting their mistakes compared to males.

In one of the episodes, Dexter and Dee Dee are trying to earn money. Dexter tries to print money but his rate of production was very slow and it is portrayed that females are better salespersons compared to their male counterparts.

As far as their status between friends and family is concerned, Dee Dee is more loved by dad and Dexter is more favored by mom. However, dad sometimes support Dexter when gender argument arises and so is portrayed that people always back their own genders arguing it to be the only best one rather than accepting that both are good in different ways.

It is usually seen that mothers support their sons while fathers on the other hand prove supporters of their daughters. Males in this series are mostly portrayed as serious characters having fun only at the right time, whereas females though cheerful most of the time, do not know when to take control of the situation.

The pattern can be found in the personalities of almost all the characters of this cartoon. This cartoon portrays that females show lament more than their male counterparts and would rather forgive or forget by hearing an apology in a fight. Males when fighting would always be planning on for taking revenge. It is shown that males would choose to take something secretly from another person’s room rather than asking, whereas females would ask the person concerned very loveably and insist on it.

The producer portrays that girls at a young age are more energetic and more involved in sports than boys. I would rather disagree with the idea as boys are more involved in outside activities and games of different kinds.

To conclude, I would like to identify the role of fiction. Although many aspects are real as far as daily life is concerned, but it should not be fully adopted by people as the ultimate way of thinking and should rather be taken as an entertainment. Besides cartoons, children should be taught by verbal advices and different exercises to ensure their mental development.

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