Texting and Driving Essay, Research Paper Examples

The Texting and Driving Essay Structure

A texting and driving essay requires a unique approach because it is not merely an academic take on an important subject.

Your paper’s goal is to prevent people from taking a particular course of action, which will harm them, their passengers, and even innocent bystanders.

Thus, from your title to your conclusion, your argument must be easy to apperceive, just as any possible advice that you may give should be easy to follow.

Begin your topic by drafting a texting and driving essay outline and thesis statement, which will later become your structural backbone.

During this process, you need to keep in mind your primary goal; assess each sentence you write with your pre-defined argument and how it may help support your central theme.

For example, you can mention the statistics of road accidents induced by phone-related circumstances and the mechanism behind distracted driving. You can even cite the law on using cell phones and driving.

After you have decided on your main points, do some research on each, amassing a thorough bibliography, which will help convince your readers of your position’s soundness and ethicality.

Book titles are essential but do not forget to search for scientific research that relates to your central theme. Integrating vivid examples from studies on texting and driving may help you sway even the most obstinate of readers.

Furthermore, you can draw inspiration from researchers’ structural choices, especially if you feel like their outline was part of why their argument felt convincing to you personally.

Finally, if you feel like your paper is still lacking something inexplicable, read sample essays online. Doing so will help you see for yourself what techniques do and do not work when convincing a broad audience.

During the body-writing process, remove any ideas that do not relate to your texting and driving essay thesis.

If you are talking about the dangers of texting and driving, then drunk driving is not a useful addition to your essay. To maintain a well-planned essay structure, your writing should be:

  • Factual and supported by research;
  • Logically interconnected;
  • Memorable and expressive;
  • With no unrelated topics.

Your texting and driving essay conclusion should bring together all of your points into a single paragraph. In this section, you have to summarize your findings and their implications for your readers explicitly, especially for those who partake in such dangerous practices.

If you feel like your argument is especially compelling, then you may even try to convince your audience to take on the role of spreading information about the dangers of texting and driving themselves. After all, it does affect even pedestrians.

Therefore, appealing to the fact that it may alter the life of any person, who is unfortunate enough to be close to a distracted driver, may be the main idea of your paper.

Finally, there is the matter of choosing your title. Texting and driving essay titles should immediately give your readers an idea of what they will encounter in your work and what kind of knowledge they will gain from it.

Be honest, but do not be afraid to write an attention-catching title. There is nothing academically worse than writing a well-structured and thought-out essay that readers overlook because it lacks a catchy title.

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