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Texting in Modern Society Expository Essay

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Updated: Aug 7th, 2019

When making a choice of a subject that others have not focused on, I usually reflect on it without any particular method or order. By so doing, the reflections appear in freedom and looseness of an essay more than the regularity of a discourse set. It is in this manner that I consider Texting in my present essay.

All the creations below and above a man are considered serious because he the merriest of all. A man will always see things in a different angle from other beings and, therefore, find his mirth developing from objects that cause things like displeasure or pity in higher nature. Texting is indeed an incredible counterpoise to spleen.

As observed, the master pieces and vast souls of human nature were formed in the worlds first ages, a time when text messaging was not there. Men were strangers to little embellishments and texting which are more fashionable in the present days. They shined from the noble simplicity of their behaviors. Texting has tried to bridge the gap between the unreachable and the civilized world. In the gap, there stretches a treacherous barrier.

There is no accounting for the best text, they spring up from anybody. They can come from people in whom, for many generations never had a slight idea attached to them. A persuasive text is proficient in consoling. A person in deep grief and sorrow will not feel like anybody else. There is nothing that can convince him or her otherwise. It becomes less heartrending than more pitiful to see them immensely cheerful while going about their businesses.

In addition, it becomes particularly poignant to see them humming or whistling as they go, unconscious of their terrible quandary. The text gives them utmost which results to whole humored patience altitude, dutiful words of approval, and praises with pale damns. To cut the long story short, he or she is left with a firm heart that, everything is all right.

The adults’ activities of all the species are much known to us. When you are not feeling well, who is the person that makes haste to your bed side with moods of blancmange which you have hated from childhood with unspeakable loathing? My dear, gentle reader, you are way ahead of me as usual- it is in deed the authentic text.

The entire text effectively smooth out the bolster after you have just worked in the contented shape, screech into the room on less noisy tiptoe, affectionately lay on the delirious forehead damp cloths which trickle incessantly down your neck.

The latest advancement in technology and the increased desire to be wealthy have made people extremely busy. Nowadays there are no people to befriend you. Everybody is busy trying to make ends meet. In times of illness, a text will always act as a comforter which makes the sick have hopes towards fulfillment of destiny.

Texting reveals the truth in the statement that was given by Louis that, ‘we grow weary when idle” (4). A person is not only considered idle because of doing nothing, but it also includes doing great things that are not recognizable by the relevant ruling class. Texting is a great deal that is recognized in the ruling class. A person who drafts a text with an intension of creating an impact to somebody’s life is a hundred times better than a person spending the whole day begging.

Both the beggar and the writer are considered busy but, the result obtained from their work is what matters. This is what makes texting recognizable in the diagnostic formulas of the ruling class. Some people may argue out that texting is time consuming, that is okay because they are right to some extent, but, the effectiveness of their statement is reduced when the benefits of the text are reviewed.

If you look back to your life, am sure most of the time you write a text you realize afterwards how much time have gone. Texting makes your hands and brain so active and the act of being busy results to kinetic stability. I am much sincere that, you would confidently join me when I say that, “texting is a legitimate medicine for killing idleness”.

One evening I was scrolling though my phone as I went through the old massages which I had not discarded. I slowed down to re- read a text which I had received from my former school mate a few months ago. I had not given much concentration to it when he sent me because I was listening to summon. It was a story of a tycoon who took his only son for a picnic to show him how poor one can be.

They spent the whole day in a poor man’s farm exploring from one corner to the other. On their way back home, the tycoon asked the son, “Did you see how poor they are?” The son looked at his father and said, “we have piped water, they have a river; we have a wall to protect us, they have friends to protect them; we use bulbs for lighting, they use stars; we read encyclopedias, they read a bible; I have seen how poor we are”.

The text inspired me a lot, and I felt the need to share it with other friends. I edited a few words and forwarded to my friends whom we had not chatted for long. Later at night, five of the friends replied expressing how they felt after reading the text.

The most startling and shocking thing happened in the morning when another friend appeared to me with a small bottle on his left hand. He was intending to poison himself because of some challenges he was facing. He had spent many days in distress with no one to comfort him. Do you still argue that texting does not encourage?

This is just a single scenario out of many which happen in our daily lives. I am extremely sure that, people are full of stories to tell about how encouraging a text can be. A text can trigger the mind and make it focus on a totally different thing than the one it had. It is a fact that, texting is a productive mental exercise which functions effectively when sent to the right reader.

It is a savior to people who have been dominated by slavery careers, people who have many alternatives and options to choose in life but all of them are the same, ‘giving up’. These are people who live a life of complaints, all they say is, “my strength has failed me”, and they have no better alternative than losing hope.

People will always ignore many things, but advice is much of this. We find that the people giving the counsel as citizens who present a challenge to our mode of thinking and take us to be children. The instructions given by these people are considered as the zeal and implicit censure with presumption or impertinence. Due for this reasons, the art of making an advice agreeable becomes exceedingly difficult.

It is from this weakness that I take the chance of considering texting the best method to give advices. Advising people through text is easier than through face to face conversations. This is because it is the less shocking and it makes it easier for people to talk about private and personal issues that one would otherwise feel shy to talk about face to face. A reader is also able to read the message several times and reflect on it.

The advice intimates itself barely, the one reading it learns in a surprise, giving him or her wisdom. This simply means that a man is over reached as he follows the dictates of another. Reading the text gives a masterly ambition of the soul as well as gratification. When reading, everything comes out to him as a discovery of his own. He is simply busied to apply the circumstances and characters of the adviser (Addison, 3).

At this stage of the essay, I intend to support the wise men who said that, “every thing that has advantages has disadvantages too”. We can all agree that all the people born after 1980 are digital natives. They have grown up under the influence of the new technology because they use it every day. Texting is as delightful as amateurish especially to learning students.

Text messaging is time consuming because it takes time to write particularly on cellular contrivances like keyboards. Just like all other forms of writing, texting takes time especially on cellular devices like keyboards. For many years, ‘texters’ if so called have been saving time through the use of short hand commonly referred to as ‘chat- speak’.

The form used abbreviations which include numbers, incorrect grammar, and symbols. Students are the most users of texts as they do it most often. This has highly affected them because it has led to extension of the habit to school related projects, job applications and in the real world scenarios.

As Tomita puts it, texting has destroyed the way kids think, read, and write because it has reduced their level of critical thinking (5). Students have gone to the extent of instant messaging, which reduces time, resulting to conversion of formal English to informal one. This has made them unable to pronounce and punctuate correctly and hence poor performance. My question is; where will we get the professionals? Automatically, the answer is ‘no where’.

Gone are the days when people could write compelling grammar and converse correctly. Unless something is urgently done in the learning institutions, we will end up with a society of a few or no competence personnel to work and serve people. This is the generation that uses small letters in place of capital letters. Are they the same people who will teach the future generations? I question the future of literacy. Our generation is ending; we better conclude that.

There are very serious issues that arise from such things as social text sending. I think everybody will support me when I say that, chatting with friends by use of text messaging is as addictive as any drug. It is a natural, human tendency that needs to be responded to. These circumstances are much prevalent in places where the medium for communication are readily available.

In addition to that, text message conversations take longer than face to face conversations. But, is this a problem? This brings us to the second negative effect of text messaging. It has created a lot of problems in the social communication. It is not astonishing to hear a child say to everyone around him that, they are not valuable like the person on the phone.

According to the survey done by Zogby International, there is a serious risk on roads. The survey showed that, out of a hundred people, sixty six text while driving. This is indeed a behavior that can be taken as compulsive as well as obsessive, and a stupid thing to do. People who are much addicted to text messaging do not live a comfortable life.

You try to be in two places at the same time and end up, not in either, this leads to lack of comfort when doing things and it is a lousy way to live your life. To a person driving, texting is a vital distraction. It is devilishly hard for him, or her to maintain focus while texting and driving at the same time. This reduces the competence levels of controlling vehicles and increases the time of response to any danger. Texting while driving is equally risky as driving while drunk.

The prospect of a driver getting into an accident increases while he is texting. It does not matter how well one drives, if one driver on the road is not careful, all of them are exposed to a danger of losing their lives. Even though, it is a not a consistent problem, texting do cause wrecks for which some are fatal. I have a pal who was lately involved in an accident because of texting on the road. It is only because he was not driving fast; otherwise, it would be seriously hazardous (Baggott, 2).

Time wasting is another dissenting that makes my heart sunken. According to the survey conducted in year 2000 by Harris Interactive, forty seven percent of the teenagers felt that, texting reduces the time for socializing. It has led to deteriorating of social life. Fifty four percent of the female crowd concurred with this saying that; it leads to over- communication. A lot of time is spent chatting over pointless things.

In the coming years, literacy will eventually fade away or deteriorate. The various aspects of literacy vary in respect to the types of media being used to pass information to people or to varying audiences. Switching to a linguistic mode from a text massaging language mode will be singularly appropriate to students because it will help them in addressing the teachers and essay writing.

As per facts given in various researches, there is a very dynamic change that is happening in the world of text messaging. We need to act now. ‘Tomorrow’ will never come. It is the high time we settle the battle between the past and present. We need to bring down the texting technology that has dominated communication between young people to a lower level. There is a need to change the necessity and purposes of analyzing audience in a tone that will find intelligence and persuasiveness.

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