Communications Essay Examples and Topics

How to Write Essays on Communication Strategies

Talking with friends, peers, and colleagues is a significant part of people’s lives. Communication strategies essays are important because they highlight the significance of the topic and show how people can use communication to achieve their goals.

The possible titles for such papers are: Communication strategies and crisis management; The role of communication skills in individuals’ performance; Barriers to effective communication among parents and children; The role of interpersonal interactions in individuals’ lives.

Here are several ideas on how to write a communication strategies essay:

  • Select the topic of your essay and remember that it should not be too broad. The best communication strategies essay topics are those that discuss only one issue but in detail.
  • Remember to conduct research before starting to work on the essay. The reader should see that you have enough knowledge in the field to make claims on the issue. It is best to support your ideas with evidence.
  • Your audience should understand the concepts you discuss. For example, if you analyze the effectiveness of communication strategies for problem-solving within an organization, provide a communication strategy example to make sure that the reader can follow your arguments.
  • Make your essay engaging by adding explanations and details to the facts you include. The paper should not only list facts; include your reflections and thoughts as well.
  • Do not forget to include a conclusion, in which you discuss the main arguments of your essay. If relevant, provide recommendations for involved parties or suggestions for future research.

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Communication Crisis: Domino’s Pizza, Firestone and Ford

Description of the case situation Effective communication during a crisis is one of the most important instruments that can help a firm, especially if the crisis involves an issue of misinformation. Domino’s Pizza crisis where two employees posted a video on YouTube showing how they handled food in an unsanitary way is a case to […]

Public Relations Techniques

Abstract The field of public relations has been identified by scholars as a very dynamic industry that has been under constant change. This change has been warranted by the particular fact that the target population that public relations depends on is always exposed to a number of environmental factors that are in themselves changing. The […]

Solving ethical dilemmas in public relations

Introduction The profession of public relations involves the control and dissemination of information in a corporate setting. It also involves control of information to the public from individuals or a company. The main objective behind this profession is to ensure that the public maintains a certain image of an individual or company’s products, governance, or […]

The influence of social media

Introduction Social networks are credited for many positive things that have taken place in the last decade. The networks largely depend on the internet as a platform for communication. The networks bring people from all global locations to relate in one way or the other. Friends and family members can be reached in a short […]

Importance Negotiation in Our Life

Negotiation is a part of people’s life. Notably, people start negotiating at a very early age when they first ask their parents to let them watch more TV. Admittedly, business world is based on the principles of mutual interest. Politics is also the world of constant negotiation. Organizations have to negotiate to remain competitive. In […]

Forms of Technical Communication

Introduction There are different forms of technical communication channels that may be sued in an organization. These include business letters, memos, reports and notices among others. Reports and memos are critical because they target a larger audience. A report acts like an advisory paper for the management on what needs to be done in an […]

Argument by Consensus

Quality of communication lies on the ability to encode and decode series of organized sentences. Over time, the society has internalize symbolic interpretation of these arguments and assume that every premise connotes logic at macro-level. However, in the process, parties applying figures of speech have sneaked in fallacies when balancing proportional calculus of combined ‘logical’ […]

Uses of the Internet and Mobile Devices during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Epidemic in 2003 in the PRC

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is considered to be one of the most dangerous biological disasters, having had severe impacts in Asia where its outbreak was reported. The disease emerged in the year 2002 and became a real hazard in the year 2000 when the scale of infection rose to dangerous levels, threatening the […]

Do Social Media Affect People in Saudi Arabia?

Contribution of the Study With the advancement of technology which the world has witnessed in the 21st century, there is no doubt that the impact of social media can be very by everybody around the globe. Of significance is the massive use of the internet at work, home, learning institutions and businesses among other spheres […]

Language Role in Cultural Communication

Introduction Language is one of the most important aspects of culture since it facilitates understanding among members. Language offers meaning to events and situations implying that each language has its own dynamics (Clark 1996, p. 87). In a culture, language permits individuals to view things from a similar perspective, comprehend societal rules and regulations, reproduce […]

The Role of Effective Communication

One of the factors that lead the company to the success is the effective communication. It is important to note that the business in the globalised economy is based on the strong networks between employees and partners; on the understanding of the goal and strategy; on sharing the mutual vision of the course; on the […]

Communication Strategies: Image Restoration Theory

Handout The image restoration theory refers to a set of strategies designed to help organizations and/or individuals to restore positive public image. This theory underscores the different strategies that individuals, organization, and countries among others use when faced with the possibility of image destruction. When image is threated, the reputation of the victim is at […]

Great Influence of Social Media

Nowadays, there is no use denying the fact of a great influence of social media on all spheres of our life. People devote more and more time to this mean of communication. Moreover, now it can be used not only for fun, however, people who have occupations connected with public activity can also be involved […]

Diversity Issues Related to Communication Barriers

Introduction Communication barriers lead to challenges in a corporation that is trying to establish a diverse workplace and when United States organizations hire employees with diverse cultural backgrounds. Globalization has forced organizations to recruit staff from different cultural backgrounds. An organization can hardly exploit global market without a diverse workforce. Hence, even though diversity causes […]

Social Media and Its Impacts on Society

Introductory Essay Social media is a communication medium, through which people in different geographical locations can interact freely via the Internet. In the contemporary world, communication technology has grown tremendously with the fast development of the high-speed Internet, high quality mobile phones, and computers that enable people to access the Internet from various parts of […]

Innovative Technologies and Modern Communication

Introduction Innovative technologies have been changing modern world gradually since the day of their emergence. The invention of writing, then typing, telephones and telegraphs, cell phones, computers, the Internet, and we cannot even imagine what can be next, all these means of progress development assist people in communication. Using written letters, telephones, faxes, SMS, and […]

Effective Communication

The success of any organization relies heavily on effective communication. Considering that, a company is a setting in which a large number of people coexist, and that the effective operation of any given department heavily relies on the others, communication channels should be kept open at all times. However, achieving effective communication is not an […]

Communication in Society

Communication is a very critical aspect in any human society. Effective communication ensures that individuals can pass their message to the intended audience. Communication can take different strategies. Communication can be done between junior employees or employees and managers (Reece, 2004). Therefore, it can be noted that communication occurs on either horizontal or vertical axis. […]

Negotiations Between Cultures

International business has immensely been affected by culture, especially by the negotiation between cultures in the sense that it takes place among different nations. Businesses interact with cultures in their endeavor to achieve their objectives. This relationship differs from culture to culture because every culture has a unique effect on the process of running business. […]

International and Intercultural Communication

A Comparison of the United States and Tanzania’s Cultures using Hofstede’s Dimensions The two countries that have been picked for comparison are the United States and Tanzania. The geographical distance between the two countries is huge. However, when the two countries are compared using Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions, there are both similarities and differences. The […]

Conflict Identification and Resolution

Conflict simply refers to a form of disagreement which occurs when an individual or group of people differ significantly as a result of power, values, and practices, among other aspects that matter to them. As it would be observed, conflict is inescapable where two or more people come together, whether at home or in places […]

Organizational Discourse of Social Activities

Introduction Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life, both in daily activities and in the workplace. Therefore, applied linguistics has started to take an active interest in identifying the recurrent patterns of language usage by people in various contexts, with various backgrounds, and in different professional settings. The issue of institutional discourse has come […]

The Concept Politeness in the Cross -cultural Communication

In the contemporarily civilized society, politeness defines the integral aspect of interactive communication to positively facilitate life effectiveness and promote social life interaction. Since the world consist of many cultures, a universal definition of the term politeness is not possible since it depends on the communicative dialects and symbols employed by each culture. As a […]

Observation and Analysis Paper

Non-verbal communication can tell much about people’s attitudes, emotions, feelings, and intentions (Mehrabian 2007, p. 12). In some cases, it can be more informative than people’s words (Mehrabian 2007, p. 12; Fielding, 2005, p. 120). Additionally, it can affect the quality of people’s relations with one another. Non-verbal language is particularly important in those cases, […]

Normal Communication Culture and Deaf Communication Culture

Culture is how human beings relate with each other, how they express themselves in the context of relating with others. Through culture, individuals form a group, and identify themselves as unique and in unity with each other. One distinct value that makes up the deaf culture is the ‘deaf pride’. Deaf people do not consider […]

How Does the Internet Aid Communication?

The Internet has become an integral part of the life of many people. The invention and spread of the Internet changed all aspects of modernity. Thus, the Interned made the life quicker and communication easier. The communication via the Internet is becoming more and more popular nowadays. People prefer sharing their ideas and best moments […]

The Application of Seven Communication Traditions

The Phenomenological Tradition It is a theory that deals with personal experience. People have a way of interpreting the things around them and coming up with a formidable experience (Griffin 2009). The attributes can develop even from the time a person is young (Adler & Rodman 2003). After examining things and testing them, then one […]

The Effect of Social Media on Saudi University Students

The current paper presents the proposal draft for the research of the effect of social media on Saudi university students’ attitudes towards English as a foreign language. As students of the intensive English learning course display various stages of schooling, dissimilar devotions of education, and diverse ranks of preceding preparation, the research should observe different […]

A Major Challenge to Counseling the Culturally Diverse

Introduction Counseling is a professional assistance service offered in a non-judgmental and confidential manner; this is meant to promote an individual’s way of life in a social set-up. When offering counseling assistance, counselors are faced with challenges, and these challenges determine their success in meeting the needs of a person seeking counseling. The society is […]

The Use of Gamification to Improve the Internal Communication

The Use of Gamification to Improve the Internal Communication between Nationals and Expatriates in the Private Sector Companies of Dubai Introduction The improvement of internal communication between representatives of different cultures is a challenging task to address by managers. In Dubai, the percentage of expatriates working in the private companies is extremely high (Srimannarayana & […]

Social Media Use in Internal Communication in Dubai Public Sector Companies

Introduction Nowadays, social media are used by managers in order to inform employees about the coming events, post updates regarding different projects, and initiate discussions (Mount & Martinez, 2014). Therefore, it is possible to speak about the active use of social media to change the patterns of internal communication. This topic needs to be discussed […]

Communication Channel Scenarios

Introduction There are many communication channels that managers can use when conveying vital business messages. However, the effectiveness of a particular channel is determined by the level of authority, type of information, urgency of information, the number of recipients among other factors. This paper focuses on three scenarios in which the managers are expected to […]

The Role of Inter-cultural Communications

Introduction As the world globalizes and trade liberalizes, the exchange of goods, services has been growing at a rapid rate. This has been made possible by the emergence of new markets in Latin America, Africa and the Asian continent. This has led to increased business both at the national level as well as at the […]

Internal Campaign Planning for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Situation Analysis In Japan, there are more than seven million people with disabilities. Most of these people face discrimination when it comes to job recruitment due to the attitudes of most employers towards persons with disabilities. So as to address the situation, the government came up with the disabilities act. The key mandate of the […]

How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others

Raymond S. Nickerson in his article, How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others, reminds us that, “To communicate effectively with other people, one must have a reasonably accurate idea of what they do and do not know that is pertinent to the communication” (p. 737). Therefore, for effective communication one […]

Effective Communication Methods

Methods of Communications for Internal and Externals Groups Communication is regarded as the process by which individuals send and receive thoughts, ideas as well as feelings in a manner in which the recipient comprehends the message in its intended form. Thus, communication is taken as a two way process where the binding force is assumed […]

Turn Taking in Conversations

Introduction Turn-taking entails the doing of something by participants to a particular activity one after the other. The art of turn-taking is indispensable for an orderly life in the society in general. This is no different when it comes to the art of conversing. Turn-taking mechanism is not restricted to conversation only but extends to […]

Discussion on Grunig and Hunt’s Public Relations Model

Introduction Grunig& Hunt (1984) established four models of public relations (PR) that are widely used today. The ‘Four Models of Public Relations’ include: press agency/publicist, public information, two-way asymmetrical and two-way symmetric. These theories were drawn from the systems theory and were based on the authors’ view of organization and management practice. Their approach to […]

Telecom & Comp Net In HC

Technology is currently taking a lead in priority in most organizations and institutions that purpose to improve their customer services as well as the internal operations. One of the key aspects that aid to maximize on utilization of an organization’s resources is data organization and ease in the communication processes. Improving the telecommunication and network […]

International communication in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Communication is among the most important factor that is considered while building business or personal relationships. Throughout the world, people have dedicated much effort in establishing and improving their communication skills. Similarly, Greene and Burleson state that a lot of research has been conducted in order to provide people with the information needed to […]

How Internet Communication, and Social Media influences Politics and Social awareness in the World

Introduction The invention of the internet revolutionised politics and social awareness across the world. The social media has flourished immensely since the inception of the internet. The internet stimulated the formation of web communities. It is these communities that communities that created avenues for communication across the globe. The internet connection enables people to convey […]

The Role of Social Networks in Public Organizations

Social networking has evolved quickly to preoccupy almost every sphere of life. Many researchers have argued that the people’s way of behavior and working relationships have changed to reflect the ongoing changes in communication and social networking arena (Graber, 2003). Today, social networking continues to direct how people create and sustain relationships at the place […]

How Models of Audience Research Inform Debate on the Use of Social Media

Introduction The brave new world of social media has captured the attention of academics and media industry players around the world, in large part due to its spectacular growth and the public attention commanded (Perez-Latre et al 2011). Social networks such as, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have broken the conventional communication mode, bringing about a […]

Ethnicity and Self-Representation in Social Media: When Cultures Merge

With the advent of the social media and the increase of the information availability, as well as the rapid growth of the intercultural communication, the significance of cultural peculiarities has become surprisingly obvious. Because of the number of ethnicities involved into the intercultural relationships, the necessity to preserve the cultural; features has become as evident […]

Being a Student Communal Perspective of Handling Student’s Behaviour

This paper analyses the above article The social networks have become extremely popular of the past two decades and they pose a particularly high potential of changing people’s lives. This can happen at both community level and interpersonal level. Among the young people and particularly high school, college, and university students, this trend is exceedingly […]

Raising Public Awareness And Reputation: A Pr Campaign Proposal For Nef

Executive Summary This is a PR campaign proposal prepared by Pacific PR group to Newlandia Educational Foundation. This campaign is geared towards getting third-party news coverage for NEF. This will in turn raising its profile to the people of Newlandia. To achieve the stated aim, this campaign clearly identified and described systematic sets of PR […]

Internet- Mediated Information Communication

Introduction Innovations in internet technologies have affected various facets of an individual life, in the flow, transmission of information and enjoyment. Internet technologies improve efficiency, reliability and timely distribution of information as well as shaping “dating world” of people across the globe (Cooper et al, 2000). Mantovani (2001) attests that internet mediated communications provides a […]

Gender and Hedges

Introduction In its simplest sense, hedging refers to inversion of harsh statements involving sentiments, critics or strong voices of commands to sound polite to the hearers while still maintaining the desired massage to be conveyed at the right bandwidth just like Ayodabo (1997, p.257) notes that, “hedging involves the qualification and toning-down of utterances or […]

Language, Communication, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

What are some benefits of using AAC in an early childhood program for children under 5 who have limited spoken language? The opportunity to use AAC can be discussed as rather beneficial for those children under 5 years who have some developmental disabilities and limited spoken language. AAC provides the variety of techniques and methods […]

Emails as a mode of communication

One can define communication as the process of exchanging messages “…views, ideas, knowledge, skills and emotions among others through use of symbols, words, pictures, graphs, figures from a sender to the receiver through a medium with the aim of stimulating a response” (Strawson, 1964, p.450). Communication is an art, which has kept on evolving day-by-day […]

Non-verbal Communication Theory

Introduction Communication is the process of conveying information, which requires the sender of the information, the receiver, and the message to be delivered to the recipient. The process plays an important role in passing of information and interaction between human beings. This can be either verbal or non-verbal and the choice between the two depends […]

Propaganda, Persuasion and Public Relations

Propaganda is a method of communication which is used to influence the attitudes of specific groups of individuals towards a particular cause or position (Propaganda, 2010). In essence, instead of a sense of impartiality propaganda actually presents information in such a way so as to influence an audience through selective dissemination of information in order […]


The solutions offered by IPscape can be of great interest to potential customers because their applications enable the users to reduce the cost on phone calls. The tools provided by this company largely rely on the use of cloud computing which helps the clients minimize the expenses on the procurement of hardware and software (IPscape, […]

Global Health and IT Solutions

Executive Summary In the current society, the number of older people is gradually increasing and these seniors are in most cases living alone. As a consequence, they suffer intense feelings of loneliness that cause common medical problems observed among the older population. Previous studies have shown that older people are afraid of being alone and […]

Online Technologies and “Kizuna”

Technology is becoming increasingly central to the daily routine of individuals (Goode 583), not only in the United States but also globally. In education, the availability of personal computers in the 1980s and a multiplicity of internet-based applications in the 1990s have brought incredible transformation on how college students learn in traditional learning settings (Aziz […]

Group Communication in Modern Society

Communication in a group or in mass of people depends on the means of communication or in short model of communication used. Group is smaller than mass of people and communicating will be easier than in mass. Hence there will be a great need of networking to relay the information faster and more effectively. Mostly […]

Ellen Goodman’s “In Praise of a Snail’s Pace”

Introduction Ellen Goodman’s article ‘In praise of a Snail’s Pace’ appeared on the Washington Post on 13 August 2005. The author is a frequent contributor to the newspaper, which has earned her a reputation as a columnist. In this article, Goodman (24) attempts to show how hyperactive technology in such areas as communication has captivated […]

Cross-culture communication

Introduction Various reasons explain why people from diverse countries have different modes of communication. In fact, the manners in which people communicate have greater influence on their daily activities. Essentially, the mode of communication also determines the conduct, perceptions as well as activities undertaken in everyday life (Gudykunst & Ting-Toomey, 2008). The differences in the […]

Communication Perspectives

Definition Interpersonal interactions occur through symbols or gestures. During communication, the sender is often unconscious of the subtle symbols he or she is communicates to the receiver. These symbols form the unconscious communication that develops into language. Thus, ‘language as communication’ is the “communication through significant symbols” (Márkova & Foppa 2007, p. 11). Significant communication […]

Effect of Social Media on Depression

Mock Data Analysis In research on the effects of social media on depression, the results from the questionnaire can be analyzed to facilitate the answering of the research questions and interpretation to make appropriate conclusions. In the research, a sample that represented the population under study was selected for a number of reasons. According to […]

Social Networks Application in Smartphone

In the recent years, researchers have expressed concerns over the alarming rate in the spread of the use of social network applications. Most researchers agree that the issue deserves attention, which could be attributed to the widespread use of mobile phones due to their availability. With the recent developments and innovations on mobile phones, more […]

Culturally Competent

Ways of teaching cultural competency to jurors A critical reflection on cultural assumptions is necessary in forming a culturally responsive learning strategy. From this perspective, jurors are taught to reflect on cultural assumptions that lead to stereotyping and widely accepted misconceptions. Culturally-responsive teaching is critical in instilling self-awareness among the jurors. In this regard, jurors […]

Demonstrative Communication

Introduction Demonstrative (nonverbal) language refers to the practice of communicating by means of wordless signals (Hargie, 2012). This form of communication comprises all non-worded messages that are employed in everyday communication. When communicating orally these non-worded messages are conveyed through accentuation, tonal variation, pauses during speech, the posture of the body during conversation, gestures, and […]

Data Communication

Introduction Since time immemorial, the need to convey messages has been an integral part of human life. Today, communication is almost a basic necessity. Communication, which is the transmission of messages, takes different methods. Throughout the ages, the methods of communication have continuously evolved. This communication evolution has moved from the early development of language […]

Verbal Communication in Legal Institution

Introduction Communication is an integral process in a legal institution. It is a process by which information is relayed from one link to another. It bonds two separate entities. In law, communication may link the prosecution and the defense, the jury and the prosecution and the jury and the judge. Verbal communication refers to the […]

Barriers to Effective Communication

Introduction Communication refers to the process of transferring verbal or non-verbal messages from a sender to a recipient through an appropriate medium (Adair, 2009). Effective communication is an important aspect that determines an individual’s level of success. Communication follows a process that comprises several components that facilitate the transfer of messages between a sender and […]

Textual Research Analysis: “Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets” by Dave McNally, Tony Wakefield, Alan Mayne, and David Bowler

Today, mobile communications are connected with a lot of spheres of the people’s life. In their book Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets, Dave McNally, Tony Wakefield, Alan Mayne, and David Bowler present the discussion of the main aspects of the modern telecommunication industry. The research question associated with mobile technologies can be formulated […]

How to get audience attention

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most well established show hosts in the world and her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, is one of the most successful talk shows. She uses a number of techniques to get the attention of her audience. To get the audience’s attention at the beginning of the show is asking […]

Social Media amongst the Student Population

Executive Summary This is a formal report about the way students use social media as a common aspect of modern the informational era. The report begins with an introduction of the subject in the given context, with a brief description of the current trends in social media amongst the student population. There is a detailed […]

A Short Paper on Interpersonal Communication

To date, many communication scholars investigate the concept of communication from the standpoint of the traditions that have considered context as the fundamental component for the most favorable understanding of meaning in any communicative behavior (Romero-Trillo & Maguire, 2011). The present paper illuminates contexts that give any instance of communication its meaning. The term ‘context’ […]

The biggest collaborative projects that exist because of social media

Introduction According to Aggarwal (2011), a social network refers to a set of internet-centered applications to create and interchange user-generated materials. Currently, everybody is likely to accept that social network has become authentic in the recent past. Even though, sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube were not available prior to 2004, it is currently incredible […]

Concept of International Assignment in Cross-Cultural Management

International Assignment is the designation of managers or other staffing employees to work in a culture different from their own. The specifics of the country which is not native to the person, such as cultural differences, ethical considerations, beliefs, traditions and even language are all factors that will play a role in the way work […]

SMS Technology and Its Effect on Literacy

The advent of SMS technology was a means to enhance effective and efficient communication. Unfortunately, this has not been the case because SMS have been associated with some issues that tend to affect English proficiency. Individuals tend to use a language that they easily understand, which in most cases is not Englsih. Text messages are […]

Potential threats to children on social networking sites

In the modern times, the world has become a global village and people are connected more than ever before. Today, people depend on the internet to do almost everything. Individuals are using modern technology to communicate and to run businesses. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have exploded in the last few years […]

Effects of Mobile Culture in Relational Maintenance and Behavioral Patterns

Mobile phone is critical in human communication due to its affordability, reliability, and connectivity. As the world steadily becomes a global village, communication experts have embraced mobile phone communication in providing communication solutions and enhancing interaction between socializing agents. The prime principle is featured by interconnected holistic phenomenon. The conscientious citizenship need to perceive the […]

Facial Gestures

Introduction Most studies on nonverbal communication revolve around face-to-face interaction. However, modern communication goes beyond face-to-face interaction. Facial expressions are explicit ways of passing information from one individual to the other. It accounts for a larger part of nonverbal communication. A number of factors such as environmental conditions, physical characteristics, and behavioral factors influence communication. […]

ICT and Free Speech

Introduction ICT technologies have provided a new paradigm in the way individuals engage in democracy through free speech, propagation of ideas and opinions rallying for social actions that concern them. ICTs boost freedom of speech when the parties involved have established a framework that support and control its uptake and utilization. When ICT technologies are […]

New Media and Popular Youth Culture in China

Introduction Culture reflects the beliefs, lifestyle, art, traditions, and customs which define a group of people. It has been noted that youth culture originated from youth who “resisted subordination through the production of their own culturally subverse styles” (Yang 2011 p.1048). Compared to earlier perceptions about youth culture as reflecting a political sign of deviance, […]

Buying a Laptop: Priorities and Criteria

1. To make a right choice while purchasing a laptop, it is important to determine the priorities and criteria on which the choice will be based. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the purpose of laptop’s using. It is possible to orient to different specifications in relation to using the laptop for having […]

Skype: A Huge Advancement in Communication Systems

Introduction Skype can be considered a significant advancement in information technologies because it offers a number of efficient communication devices promoting interaction between people (Skype, 2012). The software has a number of useful functions ensuring successful information exchange, including video calling, conference calling, calling from ordinary phones and calling from Skype to telephones (Skype, 2012). […]

Computer-Mediated Communication

Computer-Mediated communication (CMC) is critical in human communication due to its affordability, reliability, and connectivity. As the world steadily becomes a global village, communication experts have embraced computer-Mediated communication in providing communication solutions and enhancing interaction between socializing agents. Therefore, what factors directly affect the success of different CMC modes in relational maintenance and behavioral […]

Foreign Language and Communication

Introduction Being aware of issues involved in cross communication has become increasingly crucial. Communication across cultures is usually affected by assumptions, interpretations as well as expectations. Traditionally, the study of intercultural communication was approached from a social science approach (Nishida 1999, pp. 753-777). Understanding people’s culture, language and their behaviors is quite important. Culture has […]

Literature Review: Communication Theories

There has been a lot of active research in the area communication. In fact, communication is a multidisciplinary field with scholars from both social and technical sciences concentrating on different aspects. The role of this paper is to examine the application of selected communication theories at Ped’s Kafe to appreciate the role that theories play […]

Online social networks

Introduction Social networking is perhaps the most popular computing phenomenon in the contemporary society. It is a relatively new phenomenon and thus most governments have few or no legislations for regulating its use. This has made social networking services counterproductive because some people may misuse these services. The issue of whether social networking services are […]

How Cultural Beliefs, Values, Norms and Practices Influence Communication

Cultural beliefs, values, norms, and practices play an important role in the communication processes in every society. Some of these practices span entire continents, but most of them are context specific. Aspects of culture come about as a means of attaining social cohesion. Their role is to create a predictable social environment, which is fundamental […]

Cross-Cultural Communication between the French and German communities in Switzerland

Introduction Cross- cultural communication occurs when a person in one culture converse or sends a message to another person in a different culture. Cross-cultural communication can cause miscommunications when the message or the receiver misinterprets the content being passed across. For example, when a person from one culture fails to receive the meaning of the […]

Crisis Communication in Asian Cultures

Abstract Crises communications vary from culture to culture. Most organisations have various methods of managing crises. Crisis communications can build or damage reputations of organisations depending on how crises communication teams handle crises. The Asian culture of handling communication varies from country to country. There are those Asian countries that have handled their crises poorly. […]

Language Barrier in Education and Social Life

Introduction Immigration causes differences in language and lifestyle. Language barriers refer to challenges experienced when one tries to communicate with an individual or people who speak a different language. This phenomenon is common in areas where there is a conglomeration of people from diverse backgrounds like culture and nationality. The term is also used to […]

Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication

Introduction Intercultural communication is the process of study and research that seeks to understand how people all the world think about their neighbors. Emanating from the knowledge gained realistic efforts in application of such results helps the different parts of the world to interact and engage in constructive activities. This field must concern itself with […]

Online Social Networks and Deontology

When talking about the social networking and the ethical issues concerning the business element in the given sphere, it is most appropriate to consider the existing controversies from the point of deontology, since the latter, according to the definition provided by Brooks & Dunn (2009), “Deontology is different from consequentialism in that deontologists focus on […]

Technical Communication Summary

Social exchange theory as an example of principle of interpersonal communication, proposes that people tend to weigh relationships by putting into account the ratio of their returns to that of their expenses. Communication within an organisation has been used by writers to draw conclusions of the theory for places of work. Insightful assumptions can be […]

Impact of Social Media on Society

In the recent years, social networking and social media have become important topics. Any site that enhances social interaction including MySpace, face book and twitter is considered a social media (O’Keeffe & Pearson, 2011). Other virtual words and gaming sites including Second Life, Club Penguin, Sims, You tube and blogs also offer opportunities for social […]

University Assessment: Grice’s Cooperative Principle and the Turn-Taking Mechanism

Introduction The use of Grice’s cooperative principle and the turn-taking mechanisms are two of the most used and discussed principles of communication. Generally speaking, the cooperative principle refers to a communication code used mostly in linguistics and social studies to refer to a certain set of principles (maxims) set by Paul Grice to help govern […]

Chinese Communities Culture in Canada

Introduction This research paper will discuss how the spirit of multiculturalism in Canada has impacted the Chinese community in Vancouver. The research paper will analyze the impact of allowing expression of ethnically distinct cultures freely in a multicultural society. The essay will argue that a society that allows for freedom of expression of cultures of […]

Visualization for Thinking, Planning, and Problem Solving

Complexity is now not what it used to be in the past; problems of today cannot be solved using the old ways of thinking. People who solve problems in face lots of challenges when it comes to decision making having to go through a large amount of information that they need to look at. Words […]

Communication Theories

Social Exchange Theory Social Exchange Theory explains social stability as a negotiated exchange process between two parties. The theory majorly addresses how people perceive cost and reward of interaction with the others. Costs are negative values that a person sees in a relationship for example the negative sides of a partner and the amount of […]

Communication Principles and Barriers Contributing to Poor Communication between People of Different Cultures

Due to the rise of the globalization process, as well as development of social networks on the internet, there is a growing tendency of cross-cultural communication. People from various cultures engage into communication and, therefore, the emerging problems and barriers in communication is a frequent occasion. Cultural differences, ethical concerns, personal judgments, and theoretical approaches […]

Electronic Communication

Communication in organisations encompasses all the means, both formal and informal, by which information is passed down, up, and across the network. These various modes of communication may be used to disseminate official information between employees and management. It is widely believed that the use of information and communications technology (ICT). Looking back at the […]

Texting in Modern Society

When making a choice of a subject that others have not focused on, I usually reflect on it without any particular method or order. By so doing, the reflections appear in freedom and looseness of an essay more than the regularity of a discourse set. It is in this manner that I consider Texting in […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook in Modern Society

Introduction Facebook is one of the most important current forms of Information Technology. Facebook is a social network that was invented in 2004 by a Harvard student called Mark Zuckerberg. The membership expanded to other colleges such as Boston, Ivy League, Stanford University, and many others before extending to the rest of people across the […]