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Communications Essay Examples and Topics

How to Write Essays on Communication Strategies

Talking with friends, peers, and colleagues is a significant part of people’s lives. Communication strategies essays are important because they highlight the significance of the topic and show how people can use communication to achieve their goals.

The possible titles for such papers are: Communication strategies and crisis management; The role of communication skills in individuals’ performance; Barriers to effective communication among parents and children; The role of interpersonal interactions in individuals’ lives.

Here are several ideas on how to write a communication strategies essay:

  • Select the topic of your essay and remember that it should not be too broad. The best communication strategies essay topics are those that discuss only one issue but in detail.
  • Remember to conduct research before starting to work on the essay. The reader should see that you have enough knowledge in the field to make claims on the issue. It is best to support your ideas with evidence.
  • Your audience should understand the concepts you discuss. For example, if you analyze the effectiveness of communication strategies for problem-solving within an organization, provide a communication strategy example to make sure that the reader can follow your arguments.
  • Make your essay engaging by adding explanations and details to the facts you include. The paper should not only list facts; include your reflections and thoughts as well.
  • Do not forget to include a conclusion, in which you discuss the main arguments of your essay. If relevant, provide recommendations for involved parties or suggestions for future research.

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Mobile Phone vs. One-to-One Communication

The author of the book, The Cellphone: the history and technology of the device that changed the world, Guy Klemens, an American engineer, holds that mobile telephony merits outweigh its demerits.

Inclusive Communication in a Sales Company

He or she passes the message across to the recipient, or the person receiving the message. Inclusive communication is essential in passing such information to people in the corporate businesses.

Emotional Intelligence in Social Workers

As Poulin explains, listening is one of the basic tools for building a link between the patient and the social worker and, therefore, contributing to the development of emotional intelligence in the former.

Cultivation Theory Definition

The danger of cultivating a belief that is influenced by watching television is that it leads most of the viewers to have a negative perception of the society.

Interpersonal Communication in the Digital Era

In conflict situations, the study found that it is more appropriate to use digital means of communication than face-to-face conversations. Indeed, the study found that the use of technology to communicate in conflict scenarios is [...]

Negotiation of a Divorce Settlement

The objective of the meeting is to settle the matter of Rex's divorce outside the court. All the parties involved in the negotiation process should be involved in the preparation of the negotiations in order [...]

Concepts in “Representation & Media” by S. Hall

By linking representation to power, Hall makes a statement about the necessity for the participants of a specific communication process to work on identifying the points of contact between their systems of representation, as the [...]

Communication as the Process Defining Reality

Seeing that reality can be viewed as the projection of people's feelings and experiences on the phenomena that the universe is characterized by, the communication as the means to render one's idea of reality and [...]

Third Parties in Conflict Resolution

In addition to the inability of the intervention approach to reduce the time of conflict, it is evident that the use of neutral interveners is also unsuitable when it comes to reducing the time of [...]

Living in the Matrix of Online Communication

Despite an amazing range of opportunities, which IT of the 21st century has to offer, the boundaries, which these technologies set for communication process, are much more restricting than people may conceive; therefore, in order [...]

Nonverbal Communication in Business and Politics

The Body Language Documentary concentrates on and illustrates the use of human body language as a means of communication. Hence, the assumption of dissimilar postures could have at least a slight impact on the way [...]

The Six Persons’ Communication Model

In the communication chain, when the originator sends a message to first person, the message passes on through the communication chain to the last person in the chain without feedback loop.

Public Relations in Not-For-Profit Organisations

In the context of non-profit organisations, PR departments can be viewed as semi-autonomous systems that can make their independent decisions with regard to the type of information that should be shared with the public. It [...]

Intercultural Communication’ Barriers

There is absolutely no way through which one is able to learn all the norms of every culture and their sub-culture all in a bid to understand the various barriers to intercultural communication.

Intercultural Communication: Different Aspects

Discussing the main aspects of the inter-cultural communication, Carol Myers-Scotton focuses on the role of globalisation in the process, on differences between collectivistic and individualistic cultures which influence the particular features of the representatives' communication, [...]

Stenography Concept, History and Usage

Some people who were held hostage in some parts of the world have also used stenography to communicate a form of coded messages to the outer world. The Morse code is one of the codes [...]

Facilitating Listening in the Group

To ensure the member participates in the group discussion effectively, the facilitator should develop ways through which the stubborn individual will be given the chance to speak out his feelings with an aim of assisting [...]

Technology Development and Texting while Driving

Working thesis: Although certain modern gadgets can be used to avoid texting while driving, the development of the sphere of mobile technologies has the negative impact on the dangerous trend of messaging while driving a [...]

Etic and Emic Culture in Communication

To be more precise, I will analyze the peculiarities of communication in America and in Slavic countries, like Bulgaria of Poland in order to show that there is a great number of differences in the [...]

First Aid in the Workplace

The document carefully described the basic terms in first aid. Several sections of the document discussed the usefulness of the first aid guide.

Public Speaking Skills

Proper application of public speaking knowledge will allow the new member of a group to move through the stage of getting to know the colleagues and feel comfortable talking with new people in unfamiliar situations.

Interpersonal Communication Importance

It is important to note that interpersonal communication is helpful in enhancing the understanding of the words that people use within conversations thus avoiding misunderstanding and misjudgments.

Transmission vs Ritual Communication

In addition, a contrast to the transmission view of communication, in the ritual communication model, "communication is linked to terms such as 'sharing,' 'participation,' 'association,' 'fellowship,' and the 'possession of a common faith1 When it [...]

“The Fine Art of Small Talk” by Debra Fine

Prevent Pregnant Pauses with Preparation In this chapter, Fine provides readers with several advice, as to what may be considered the effective strategies of ensuring the conversation's uninterrupted fluidity.

Visual Literacy and Its Significance

The definition of visual literacy provided in the book, in its turn, can be viewed as less restricting in terms of the perception of images by the representatives of different cultures. The use of visual [...]

Aviation Security Operations

Security in the aviation industry, and in any other places, should enhance continuity of operations and service provision to all stakeholders and protection of vital data and equipment.

Ethics and Skills of Organizational Communication

In relation to this philosophy, the elements of aspiration and principles form the underlying regulatory mechanism. Periodically, the organization will restructure these goals in consistency with the changing markets and requirement of its staff.

Eight Phases of Communication

He did not decode the message correctly hence the aspects of miscommunication noticed in the entire context. It is important to understand the significance of proper communication in the entire context.

Persuasion, Manipulation and Seduction

In human communication, people use varied communication strategies as a way of interaction. To achieve effective human communication, the behavior and attitude of a human being ought to change.

Effective Listening

This is a reflective paper in which I am going to share views on the importance of listening in communication, barriers to listening, and strategies of perfecting listening skills.

Jay Lacouture’ Effective Communication

The goal of the speech, Jingdezhen: The Porcelain City, by professor Jay Lacouture is to discuss the experience in China as a visiting artist in the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, under the International Ceramic Program between [...]

Communication Strategies: the UAE Oral History

The purpose of this report is to discuss the aspects in the history of communications and media in the UAE from the interviewee's perspective, to provide personal reflections on the discussed points, and to support [...]

Nonverbal Aspects and Communication Climate

Though people rarely give an account of the nonverbal elements of their speech and the effects that these elements have on their perception of the opponent, these elements, define the communication climate to a considerable [...]

Role of Communication in Our Life

However, the scholars argue that hate is a feeling supporting clear thinking, cools the minds, and strengthens the will."There are two factors at the root of hatred: the devaluation of the victim and the ideology [...]

Online Social Networking: Benefits and Drawbacks

In spite of the fact that social networks are closely connected with the issues of free speech and negative changes in the role of the face-to-face communication, the development of social networking can be discussed [...]

Breast Cancer Public Relations Campaign

Audiences It is clear that the breast cancer campaign will target at women in their 30-40s as this is one of the most vulnerable categories of women as they often pay little attention to the [...]

Dealing with Other People

When it comes to my family members and relatives, I am very close to them, and dealing with them has been very easy, as they understand me wholesomely, as I likewise understand them.

Shifts in Communication Patterns

Most of the researchers have managed to discuss the variables relevant for exploring the role of technology and media in shaping communication and conversation patterns.

The Etiquette of E-mail Correspondence

Considering e-mails as one of the main means for delivering information, it should be stated that this way of communication has different kinds of expression, it is used in various spheres of human life and [...]

Public Relations Techniques

The current developments in technology that have warranted the development of the internet has reduced the amount of money invested in communication as well as increased the number of people that are communicated to and [...]

Solving ethical dilemmas in public relations

In the case study, the main problem arises from the client's deceit concerning the independent nature of the scientist testing the products in a bid to ensure a favorable public image of the products to [...]

The Influence of Social Media

The contribution of social networking in the creation of social identity has not been fully explored. The modern mobile technology has contributed to the increase in the usage of social networks.

Importance Negotiation in Our Life

Development of proper relationships between people and groups of people is one of the most important reasons why negotiation is important. Thus, negotiation is the process that leads to continuous development of the society.

Argument by Consensus

Factually, the proportional calculus is a product of substitution-instance in generalization and quantification of what the society considers as logic irrespective of hidden fallacies surrounding the limits of the decision procedure.