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Facebook Company

Introduction Facebook Corporation was established by the current chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. In its inception days, the Facebook Corporation membership was limited to Harvard students though it was later expanded to other institutions in the city of Boston (Veer, 2011, p.271). The company operates as a social networking site connecting users with […]

Facebook Strategy

From its humble beginning in a college room, facebook has managed to be one of the leading social media sites in the world. It is thought to have surpassed Myspace.com in terms of unique customer visits and registered users. Its growth though not rapid, has been steadily rising. A number of strategies could have assisted […]

Facebook an Important Weapon in the Politics of Vietnam

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberger. It was initially meant for students of Harvard University. Over the years, it grew to include all universities in Boston and presently it has become global (Phillips 3). There are no charges for registration on the site. Facebook generates its income from advertising (Phillips 4). It is […]

Social Media – Facebook

Facebook is among the most popular social media networking sites in today’s times. Facebook is highly popular due to its multiple applications and ease of communication it offers to the user. It allows users to share pictures, events and statuses in a single platform. Facebook has a number of benefits such as the ability to […]

Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool

Facebook has come under attack owing to rising cases of privacy issues and its negative influence on people. Critics argue that Facebook’s management is not doing enough to protect people’s privacy and personal information. In addition, it has been criticized for turning people into machine-like beings. Many young people have turned to Facebook for companionship […]

Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies

An Audience Study on the Effectiveness of Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies to Target Local Emirati Females Living in Dubai. Introduction Research question and sub-questions Social media influence many aspects of the people’s life, including the persons’ purchasing behavior. In this context, it is important to conduct a research on the role of Facebook […]

Two Step Flow of Information: Facebook

Introduction Essentially, the two step theory suggests that dissemination of information takes place in two stages. In this light, the theory contends that the social structure comprises of the opinion leaders and the general public. According to the theory, the opinion leaders are the people who get first hand information about the eventualities that take […]

Online Advertising: Facebook and Twitter

Introduction Online advertising has been one of the leading marketing strategies for most organizations in the recent past. It is proper to mention that organizations have had a great time engaging their customers online especially through social media like Twitter blogging, Facebook pages, Google pages and online television services. The moment a new product is […]

Uses and Attitudes of Consumers: Facebook

Client Brief The need to communicate and connect with other people through viable media has been indisputable in the current world. Contextually, the emergence of social networking sites is revolutionizing the world. This sites help in knowing new products in the market, enhancing relationships, passing vital information to masses, and instant chat provisions. Facebook is […]

History of Facebook Transformation

Analysis of Facebook Facebook remains an amazing success as a social network, but the company has not always been the main social network in the world. Even as it enjoys the reputation, Facebook has to change frequently to protect its business interest from the competition. More than 700 million people use the Facebook platform for […]

Role of Facebook in Social movements

Introduction Social movements have characterized most social, political, religious, and cultural struggles in the world history. It is already ten years into the 21st century but it is clear that technology, as a cultural tool, is at the epicenter of an emerging sociocultural struggle in which Facebook is a major player. Facebook tries to persuade […]

Issues Surrounding Facebook IPO

Facebook decision of going public impacts on users Users of Facebook should expect a renewed Facebook with many new applications, and services that will ensure they maximize use of Facebook. The company will create seamless applications using mobile platform for convenience of its users. Facebook will have a challenge of raising money for its shareholders. […]

The marketing excellence and case analysis of Facebook

Facebook is a social network that allows people to communicate to one another irrespective of their location. It lets its users to sign up; create their personal profiles, search and invite friends to be part of their contact list. With the friend list one will effectively communicate to the other through a chat, messaging or […]

Online Policy Primer – Facebook

Social networking has become a whirlwind phenomenon that the 21st century population cannot ignore or suspend (Powell, 2009). Among all demographic categories of people, social networking seems to have no barriers, and today, many people around the worlds have become fast receptors of social networking services (Rutledge, 2008). Social networking has been enabled largely by […]

Web 2.0 Platform: Facebook

The Internet has made the world to become a small place because it provides a platform for people to interact and do business. There are so many websites that have been developed for purposes of interconnecting people using Web 2.0 technology, and they include Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, among several others. Facebook is the most […]

A Discussion of the Strategic Management Practice in Facebook

Executive summary Strategic management practice has emerged as important framework that influences companies’ profitability and overall success (Abu Bakar et al., 2011, p.140). Latest research has shown that if best implemented, strategic management can lead to positive influence. Torun (2011) named Facebook as one of those large global companies where strategic management practice has been […]

Facebook and Nielsen Company

Facts of the case As the need for brand visibility increases in the Arab World, Facebook and Nielsen Company have established a working partnership to assist marketers on the best approaches of online product development and sales. For instance, the Nielsen’ ‘BrandLift’ product allows marketers to make use of streaming Facebook polls on product reception […]

Company Analysis: Facebook

Critically evaluate the business strategy of Facebook in relation to its changing external and competitive environments Facebook has grown tremendously in the last few years. Facebook started as a small website for students to share photos. However, the company is now one of the largest social media network with over one billion users. This growth […]

Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook

Introduction Facebook is a social network site with several online users globally. Since its inception in 2004, it has enhanced social networking provisions between friends, families, and communities. Evidently, facebook has grown tremendously over the years. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg (a Harvard University scholar) who, before creating facebook, had intended to create an […]

Issues Surrounding Facebook IPO

Despite the success and public appraisal, Facebook is still reluctant to become public. The IPO opportunities and advantages for the public, however, will still be enormous because can also share this success with the company. However, the profit of distributing share among individuals can be beneficial for those who buy shares, but for a short […]

Facebook Should Be Banned

Introduction Admittedly, social networks have become an indispensible part of human life. On one hand, such networks as Facebook provide many great opportunities to communicate and share opinions. On the other hand, Facebook may lead to many negative outcomes. Almost unlimited access to information often becomes a great problem for personal and social life. Thus, […]

Facebook’s Marketing and Communication Patterns

Introduction One of the most grandeur and influential technologies of the XX and XXI century, Internet has changed people’s lies completely, broadening the horizon of their communication opportunities. Creating the world of their own where they act as semi-gods, people influence the communication patterns and are influenced by the latter; the process if mutual and […]

Facebook Should Be Banned

Introduction For the last five years or so, social networking sites have escalated both in numbers and popularity as millions register at these sites for various reasons. Consequently, several sites have materialized such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, each with its own slant and users’ appeal. However, Facebook has received most attention from over 500 […]

Classification of Facebook as a Communication Media

As the demand for instant communication increases, technological developments have made it possible for people and organizations to satisfy their communication and interactive needs using social media. In the recent past, major social websites have emerged (Funk, 2012). Large corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and LinkedIn are some of the major organizations that […]

OPTUS on Facebook

Introduction Communication is extremely vital in information dissemination and thus many companies rely heavily on it for clientele outreach (Fielding, 2006). The quest for efficiency, therefore, becomes a major concern for many businesses when choosing the right forms of communication in order to maximize effectiveness and wider market reach. This dictates the need for market […]

How Facebook and other social networks promote Narcissism Culture and other dangers in the U.S

Introduction In the current rapid development of social networks, is the Internet safe? Well, Narcissism is a culture that is spreading so speedily especially in the US. It mainly depicts those individuals who only care about themselves; as a result, they experience a constant need for approbation and mostly relate to their peers. This attribute […]

Facebook Usage in Business

Introduction Information Technology (IT) is becoming a fundamental requirement for people with desires to align with the modern world. It has been established in a multidimensional perspective that incorporates a variety of fields. These advances in IT are facilitated by mass media, cloud and mobile computing, business analytic, and social media among others (Voss, 2011). […]

Facebook Is a Positive Phenomenon

Introduction Many people still think that Facebook as well as other social networks is something highly negative. These people mention security hazards, creating a digital world and escaping from reality. However, now it is clear that Facebook is a positive phenomenon that helps many people in their (professional, academic and private) lives. It is possible […]

Change/innovation of Facebook

Introduction to Change/innovation of Facebook Facebook should devise new strategies to meet the changing demands among the clients. Innovation is a fundamental process because it enhances profitability within online corporations. Over the years, the company has been relying solely on revenues from basic advertisements and campaigns that promote different organizational processes. This signifies that the […]

How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook

There was a thought once that Internet would eradicate social divisions and inequalities among the Americans but the emergency of Facebook after MySpace showed that this was far from reaching. The movement of teens from MySpace to Facebook brought about this reality. The introduction of Internet did not make people colorblind. In essence, the internet […]

Ethical case: facebook gossip or cyberbullying?

Gossip is unethical behavior based on the various approaches in evaluating what is ethical and what is not ethical. According to the rights approach in evaluating ethical cases, ethical actions should respect and protect moral rights of other people. This view stresses that people have dignity based on their nature or their ability to decide […]

Facebook’s Negative and Positive Effects on Children

Introduction Social networking is the most important tool in modern day communication and advertising. One such great social media is Facebook that has numerous subscribers worldwide. However, the question that needs to be answered concerning the social networking is the required subscription age. This essay is mainly going to reflect on the negative effect of […]

Facebook’s Primary Activity

It is imperative to avow that Facebook is amongst the most visited social group sites. Initiate by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003, this site has expanded exponentially in the last few years. Created with the help of fellow students, Facebook was initially used in Harvard University only and later in other colleges. Realizing that the primary […]

The Effects of Facebook and other Social Media on Group Mind and Social Pressure

Introduction Online technology tools including the social media have extensive influence on people’s opinions and choices. It creates new forms of social pressure, which is extensive in scope compared to face-to-face interactions. Social pressure is the peer group influence that encourages an individual to change his/her behavior, values, and attitudes in conformity with those of […]

The Effect of Using Facebook as Background Checks on Job Candidates

Abstract Employers are increasingly using Facebook as a profiling tool to assist in the hiring process. This report analyzes the effects of using Facebook for background checks on job candidates. This paper establishes that there are dangers in Facebook profiling for both the employer and the potential hire. These dangers include: inaccurate information, mistrust by […]

Facebook Pages And Local Saudi Car Dealerships

Introduction Interactive or online marketing is quickly gaining focus of most contemporary marketing strategies. Online marketing involve websites and other electronic commerce transactions potentials. The amount of sales is often the unit for measuring performance, thus the amount of transactions generated through online advertising determines the capability and effectiveness of this interactive form of medium […]