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110 Facebook Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Facebook Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships
    The amount of sales is often the unit for measuring performance, thus the amount of transactions generated through online advertising determines the capability and effectiveness of this interactive form of medium.
  2. Facebook Is Good, But Real Life Relationships Are Better
    The development of technology has led to such phenomenon as the development of social networks. Many people claim that the social networks are dangerous because of threat of sexual abuse.
  3. Facebook and MySpace: Comparison of the Benefits and Negative Aspects
    If you are searching for a job, it is possible to find some with the help of these two communicators; it turns out to be one of the benefits of MySpace and Facebook as people […]
  4. Facebook Ethics Aspects
    As much as business ethics applies to all issues that are supposed to be undertaken by businesses, they are expected to guide the general conduct of individuals and organizations at a given period of time.
  5. Facebook: Why Add as a Friend and Different Personalities of Strangers on Facebook
    From the results of the survey conducted to determine why several people who are strangers to Joy choose to add her as a friend, various things stands out that motivate different people of differing personalities […]
  6. The Effect of Using Facebook as Background Checks on Job Candidates
    This paper shall argue that while Facebook has some positive contributions to the hiring process, its negative impacts far outweigh the positive and as such, the use of Facebook as a profiling tool is mostly […]
  7. The Effects of Facebook and other Social Media on Group Mind and Social Pressure
    Members of a particular social network have to conform to certain principles that define the social group despite the difference of opinion.
  8. Facebook’s Primary Activity
    Facebook has no control as to the content communicated on the network, hence it is subject to misuse. The new facebook settings were a good start for the administration in the overhaul of its privacy […]
  9. Facebook’s Negative and Positive Effects on Children
    However, Facebook involves mainly the use of text and graphics to communicate; it therefore lessens a child’s time for social interaction and renders the child out of place in practical verbal communications and social skills.
  10. Ethical case: facebook gossip or cyberbullying?
    The best option to Paige is to apologize publicly and withdraw her comments. The final stage is to act and reflect the outcome of the choice made.
  11. Facebook Addiction in the Modern Society
    As a result of these occurrences, it has been proposed that Facebook is addictive since people appear to be hooked to the site and cannot keep away from it even considering the negative consequences.
  12. Social Networking Site: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
    Today, social networking sites, such as Facebook, Orkut, YouTube, Tagged, Twitter, and MySpace, are some of the most important forms of communication, connecting billions of people from all corners of the world at the click […]
  13. How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook
    In conclusion, all these aspects touched race and class that led to the movement of some people from MySpace to Facebook.
  14. Facebook: Change and Innovation
    Moreover, the administrators of Facebook should lobby for a reduction on the charges levied to the company by organizations that monitor online trade.
  15. Facebook Is a Positive Phenomenon
    Notably, Facebook helps people to share their ideas, images and pictures, and this helps them express themselves aesthetically; this social network also has a practical implication as Facebook users may communicate, share news and find […]
  16. Facebook Usage in Business
    The page shows the popularity of Safaricom limited due to the comments made on their Facebook wall and credible attitude designated by the ‘likes’. This makes Safaricom and Facebook trustworthy to the customers.
  17. How Facebook and Other Social Networks Promote Narcissism Culture and Other Dangers in the U.S
    S, the culture of narcissism is promoted by social networks; thus, the dangers of Facebook and other social networks outweigh the benefits involved.
  18. Optus Solutions: Facebook as a Communication Medium
    This information was gathered and documented for use in the report to determine if the company was using the right channels and media of communication to reach existing and potential new customers to the company.
  19. Classification of Facebook as a Communication Media
    Facebook is perhaps the largest and most effective social site that has converted the world into a small village where people can interact, socialize, and exchange information and ideas and do business free of geographical […]
  20. An Analysis of Facebook and Twitter
    I will admit to being a Facebook and Twitter user.as such, I can understand the concerns that the security professionals have and continue to warn people about about the way these social networks seem to […]
  21. Facebook Should Be Banned
    Although, Stay underscores that Facebook has a long way to go before it can be fully advantageous to businesses, the bottom line is that, the advent of Facebook has been of great importance to business […]
  22. Facebook’s Marketing and Communication Patterns
    Speaking of the rhetoric used in the Facebook, one must also consider the peculiarities of the service itself, namely, the subconscious messages that it sends to the users, convincing the users to follow certain prescriptions […]
  23. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook in Modern Society
    The availability and accessibility of Facebook on the mobile phones have aggravated the effect as almost every person can access the internet and be able to chat and interact with his/her friends on the site.
  24. Facebook Should Be Banned
    Thus, Facebook can have such negative effects as privacy invasion, the destruction of relationships and it can even influence the development of society.
  25. Facebook Initial Public Offering: What Went Wrong?
    Receiving share of the company, one can face the risk of lawsuits because the possession of the company’s asset imposes a legal responsibility on all activities and operations carried out with Facebook.
  26. Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook
    It is important to agree that facebook has revolutionized the world in the realms of communication and other relevant networking provisions.
  27. Company Analysis: Facebook
    With the cooperation and support from the colleges, the company was able to bring in new users, for instance, by advising freshmen to check the school Facebook groups.

🥇 Most Interesting Facebook Topics to Write about

  1. Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick
    The article discusses the issue of privacy on the Internet taking Facebook as a bright example of how your interests and activity can be revealed to other users of this global social network.
  2. Facebook and Nielsen Company
    The objective of the case study is to explore the significance of online marketing in the expansive Arab world marketing industry.
  3. A Discussion of the Strategic Management Practice in Facebook
    The following was the breakdown of the paper: The author began with an introduction that reviewed the background literature and revisited the problem statement.
  4. Web 2.0 Platform: Facebook
    Greenstein argues that the popularity of Facebook has made many companies to include a link to the site in their websites.
  5. Online Policy Primer – Facebook
    And in order to effectively use the services provided by Facebook, users have been required regularly to agree to terms and conditions that Facebook, as a company, has established.
  6. The marketing excellence and case analysis of Facebook
    Facebook also helps in management due to the response of the consumers on the product being sold. Facebook is also an addictive site and can lead to the waste of professional life.
  7. Issues Surrounding Facebook IPO
    Most investors did not like the extent to which Facebook exercised control over its IPO and the action of the company’s underwriters. The price of $1 billion shows that Facebook has a niche for mobile […]
  8. Role of Facebook in Social movements
    The paper traces the origin of the phenomenon of social movements and social media, provides evidence for the recent influence, and concludes by recapping some of the key discussions in the body of the paper […]
  9. Banning of Social Media Such as Facebook from Schools
    Students, who spend most time using social media, such as Facebook and twitter, find it hard to concentrate in class because of the addictive nature of the social media.
  10. History of Facebook Transformation
    Service activities for Facebook are the management of user interaction and presentation of different features and designs, as well as delivery of the advertisements within the Facebook platform.
  11. Uses and Attitudes of Consumers: Facebook
    Identifying the research objectives This research intends to unveil various facts related to the application of social networks in the society with respect to facebook.
  12. Online Advertising: Facebook and Twitter
    It is therefore paramount that a firm with a website can apply these search engines techniques to increase the visibilities of the results enlisted during the search for the same by potential customers.
  13. Two Step Flow of Information: Facebook
    In principle, therefore, the opinion leaders are responsible of disseminating the information they have gathered to the rest of the people in the community.
  14. Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies
    In this research proposal, I will discuss the research methodology with the focus on data collection and analysis of the appropriateness of close reading and focus group methods to answer the formulated research questions in […]
  15. Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool
    It is the responsibility of users to handle their privacy issues and not the responsibility of Facebook. It is necessary for people to learn to use Facebook effectively and appropriately.
  16. Social Media – Facebook
    Talking to friends and relatives or family members is now possible with a single Facebook account which is a perfect platform to chat and communicate.
  17. Facebook an Important Weapon in the Politics of Vietnam
    A key aspect in the success of any media platform in a country is knowledge of the spoken indigenous language. There is a rampant use of social media use in Vietnam, and Facebook has the […]
  18. Facebook’s Business Strategies
    From its humble beginning in a college room, facebook has managed to be one of the leading social media sites in the world. Facebook has managed to capitalize on this fact to increase the number […]
  19. Facebook Company
    Since the establishment of Facebook Inc, the company has been facing legal proceeding in regard to the use of the social networking idea.
  20. Facebook and Infidelity Behaviors
    Because of the increase in the use of social networking sites, it would be helpful to comprehend how Facebook unfaithfulness is comparable or dissimilar to other infidelity conducts.
  21. The Challenges and Advantages of Facebook
    Kate Wadas studied the possible reasons as to why a student organization or educational institution should have a Facebook account in her article “The Challenges and Advantages of Facebook”.
  22. Social Media: Facebook Problems, Decisions and Actions
    Facebook experienced the third problem of the internationalization and globalization. The process of Facebook internationalization is the most challenging.
  23. Facebook Online Marketing Manager’s Functions
    Understanding the underlying subject and the tone of the discussions will help the company adjust to the needs of customers and come up with their best voices in social media.
  24. Facebook Advantages over MySpace
    Facebook had a number of advantages entering into a market that was not completely unaware of the functionalities of a social networking site.
  25. Facebook: Web Page’ Ethical Statement
    The statement reads that the company has all the rights to use the information that is uploaded by the users for research purposes.
  26. What Drives Advertising Success on Facebook?
    The analysis of the data utilized direct aggression approach to calculate the compound advertising effect for each of the stimulus that was studied. The findings of the study indicated that advertising on Facebook had an […]
  27. Facebook and the Well-Being of College Students
    This experiment focused on determining the impact of the use of Facebook on attitudes, self-esteem, social adjustments, and performance of the undergraduate college students.

📌 Good Essay Topics on Facebook

  1. Facebook’s Purchase of WhatsApp: Strategy Analysis
    In this case, the re-invention of the business model is expected to be achieved through the acquisition of the disruptive technology that changes the way in which people use text messages.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook Entrepreneur
    The son of Karen, a psychiatrist, and Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist, Zuckerberg co-founded the social networking website, Facebook, out of his college dorm room following his successes with two earlier projects, one of which was […]
  3. The Right to Privacy is Not a Right to Facebook
    Through the article The Right to Privacy is Not a Right to Facebook Castro tries to explore the issue of online privacy by focusing on a Facebook company that recently came up with new privacy […]
  4. Facebook Effects on Our Self-Esteem
    The title of the article “Facebook envy: how the social network affects our self-esteem” speaks for itself: the author Andrea Shea reflects on the impact that the social media has on its users, and in […]
  5. Facebook: Marketing Objectives, Tactics and Strategies
    It is likely that Facebook users with pets follow such pages and will see the project P.A.W.S.mentioned in some of the posts.
  6. Kalimah Brand’s Facebook Networking Group
    The garments are modified with embroidery and print to add the value and quality of all the company’s merchandise. By using the site it is easy to know the number of people liking your product […]
  7. Google, Apple and Facebook Companies Competition
    The point of the article is that mobile computing and Internet services can be very profitable and that the company that dominates the market can earn a lot of money.
  8. Facebook Communication and Social Capital
    The purpose of the study by Ellison, Vitak, Gray, and Lampe was to scrutinize the relationship between certain types of Facebook-enabled communication, and the perceived bridging social capital.
  9. Social Anxiety and Facebook Time Spending
    I chose social anxiety as the concept that might have an effect on the amount of time spent on Facebook each day because of the increasing number of teenagers and young adults who identify themselves […]
  10. Facebook’s Role of in Establishing Relations
    The appearance of social networking sites has changed the life of people and their relations. Nevertheless, these capabilities of Facebook might have a harmful effect on the people’s relations with their relatives and friends in […]
  11. Facebook and Employees Political Bias
    Additionally, he refers to her personal opinions not discussed in her actual announcements, such as her posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  12. Facebook’s Usage and Disordered Eating
    There is a potential to use this type of research not just to increase the understanding of the issue, but also to support strategies for solving it, and the fact that the authors did not […]
  13. Facebook’s Strategic Management and Competitiveness
    The undeniable fact is that the company’s growth and success are attributable to the explosion of the Internet. The founders of the company must have been inspired by the need to support the goals of […]
  14. Facebook Company’s PESTEL, SWOT, Five Forces Analyses
    All of the mentioned factors are opportunities for the company: stable economies will let the company expand, and the economic growth and raised incomes will allow users from developed countries purchase products and services.
  15. Facebook’s Business and Corporate-Level Strategies
    Some of the strategies on this level include the use of information that the users of Facebook provide to the company as a way to deliver targeted advertisements to their profile pages.
  16. Facebook’s Privacy Policy and Ethical Controversy
    The momentous benefits of Facebook covered up for the shortcomings of the media. Since many people use this media to connect globally, companies have made the maximum advantage out of it by advertising their products […]
  17. Fake Facebook News: Awareness and Protection
    In the case with youth, it is of huge importance for the service to double-check the uploaded information since public opinion is usually formed of the knowledge people receive.
  18. Facebook and Twitter: Privacy Policy
    The popularity of the networks, and the fact that they collect so much data, constitute the rationale for choosing Facebook and Twitter as the objects for the present research.
  19. Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?
    The attractiveness of Facebook, the cause of its influence, is that it allows us to be social while getting us out of the disconcerting reality of the world – the unintentional revelations we make, the […]
  20. Facebook and Twitter Usage for E-Commerce
    This paper aims to discuss the question of Facebook and Twitter use for customer service and marketing, with the purpose to understand which companies are best suited for the mentioned platforms.
  21. Facebook as a Social Network and Its Privacy Policy
    The case study explains that the privacy policy and privacy settings on Facebook are such that they considerably violate the privacy of the social network’s users by selling their data to third parties for a […]
  22. Social Networks Diversity Analysis: Facebook
    In particular, regarding the criterion of a social class, the overwhelming majority is similar. In this context, it is appropriate to use the concept of “the wisdom of crowds” suggesting that larger groups can offer […]
  23. Facebook Company’s Financial Position, Performance and Liquidity
    This investment report seeks to present information about the financial position, performance, and liquidity of Facebook, Inc, as well as its relation to the industry and major competitors to provide recommendations for investing in the […]
  24. Stanford University’s vs. Facebook Inc.’s Administration
    The term “public administration” refers to the implementation of appropriate policies that can meet citizens’ needs. In public organizations, the term “external culture” can be used to refer to the environment served.
  25. Plagiarism and Facebook Use in Students
    Despite the view that the current generation of students is somewhat neglecting the seriousness of plagiarism, it is still viewed that originality must be emphasized and not to allow digital technology to violate principles of […]
  26. Facebook as a Successful Social and Business Platform
    This, coupled with their ability to diversify user engagement levels in current and potential markets, is certain to place the company ahead of its competitors in the technology industry.
  27. Saudi Female Students’ Facebook Usage
    In one case, the husband of the respondent encouraged her to join the SNS and in other cases, brothers, cousins, and uncles of the Saudi women were active participants of the SNS and this encouraged […]

✅ Simple & Easy Facebook Essay Titles

  1. Facebook Network Globalization
    Perhaps, due to its easy and wide access to many people and the availability of web-enabled cellphones, Facebook has been a target by some authorities, mainly China and a host of Arab countries. In fact, […]
  2. Service Marketing at Myspace, Twitter, Facebook
    This is an effective way for a firm to determine the impacts that their products have and the changes that they need to put to improve the overall quality of their products hence achieving consumer […]
  3. Law: Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal
    The scandal triggered the growth of users dissatisfaction with the quality of services suggested to them and the lack of protection that resulted in the leak of information.
  4. Kakao Brand Marketing Communication on Facebook
    However, the “shop” page is arranged very nicely and allows the visitors to see all the splendor of the shop’s offerings.
  5. Facebook as an Advertising and Online Marketing Platform
    By enabling people to share marketing information, Facebook also benefits the companies behind the marketing campaigns, contributing to the reliability of their content and the users’ interest in that specific type of content.
  6. Facebook Revealed User Data: Satirical Ad
    As the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Zuckerberg also answers to the public for the controversies and scandals surrounding his company.
  7. Zuckerberg in Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal
    A recent scenario is the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal in which the Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was summoned to explain the data breach.
  8. Fired Over Facebook: Using Social Media to Complain
    As a result, the solution to the problem received a mixed response from the general public that was aware of the case.
  9. Profit and Capitalism on the Facebook Example
    Milton and Friedman’s school of thought discusses the power of the market in the sense that the majority of economic fallacies are driven by the lack of attention to simple insight and the tendency to […]
  10. Streaming Murder on Facebook Live
    The discourse in the media is that people must not see the violent content under the guise of “safety”. However, the researchers that study online disinhibition make a point that it is situated firmly online, […]
  11. Op-Ed Piece: Facebook and Political Content
    That is why the public should promote the idea of adopting regulations and censorship for Facebook to protect users from the manipulation of information.
  12. Facebook: What Does It Need for a New Face?
    Their interactions with social media, for example the Facebook, is a preparation for their later lives that will later be filled with excitement and frustration as they battle the competition and the “survival-of-the-fittest” strategies in […]
  13. Strategic Management. Facebook Faces Up
    In that sense Strategic management could be considered as the issue of decision making which with the use of flexible management would provide adaptation of the enterprise to the changing environment.
  14. Facebook Social Network: Participant Observation
    However, this viewing is limited to users who are approved friends or are in the same network, and individual users have the option of allowing their friends to view their information.
  15. Impact of Wiki and Facebook on Business Communication
    The use of wikis and facebook can be used to enhance the success of business organizations. Through the use of facebook, it is possible for the management of the firm establish an effective customer to […]
  16. Monetization of Facebook Application ‘Fit-Ify’
    Facebook application means providing the optional opportunities for which the users are to pay, which could be effective on the condition that the interests of the audience are taken into consideration and the right moment […]
  17. Changes of Facebook’s Policies Over Time
    Facebook has not always managed its users’ data well and this is the main reason as to why the Facebook team has come and reason together on the new policies in order to manage and […]
  18. Should People Cancel Facebook?
    This seems to be a good and easy connection and it has attracted very many people who have registered and even uploaded their photographs. To solve the above problems it is important that people cancel […]
  19. Facebook: The Latest Addiction
    Most delegates had laptops in the room connected to the internet and my surprise a good number of them were misusing the privileges of the internet provided by the UN by accessing Facebook and other […]
  20. Facebook Addiction Problem Overview
    This paper is an in-depth analysis of the risks that Facebook poses to children and the steps that parents should take to ensure that their children do not become victims of Facebook use.
  21. Powerful Benefits of Facebook
    It means that it is a popular social network, and what I believe is that it owes its popularity with young people to the fact that it was launched by the students, who knew how […]
  22. The Facebook Historical Background
    The number of registered users reached 500 million, and Facebook was valued at $41 billion, becoming the third-largest web company in the United States after Google and Amazon. Thus, Facebook became the whale of the […]
  23. Connection Strategies: Social Capital Implications of Facebook-Enabled Communication Practices by Ellison
    Social capital is the essential foundation of social networks and the placement of individuals in the social structures, with the ability to reshape them and communicate.
  24. Violence and Facebook Posts Among Young People
    There are many ways of how this type of communication may be organization, and the use of media is one of the options.
  25. Libra by Facebook Analysis
    The simplicity of the mechanism is a valuable aspect that explains the intention of Facebook management to include this system as a single platform for paying for goods and services via the social network.
  26. Facebook Corporate Social Responsibility Health Check
    No business can operate in a vacuum, so it is in a company’s long-term self-interest to ensure the prosperity and stability of the society it operates in.
  27. Conformity in Social Media: Facebook Consensus
    The need for convenience in communication and the sharing of information has led to the rapid technological advancement in the communication sector, hence, a number of other social media platforms are being created to satisfy […]
  28. “She Argued Facebook Is a Monopoly” by Dina Srinivasan
    The article refers to the protection of personal data that may be inappropriately used by large social networks against the will of their users.
  29. Facebook, Government Control, and Privacy
    The right to privacy is one of the most fundamental freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of the United States. This freedom is guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution that states that “the […]

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